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New Reggae article in NCJ

I have been told that the North Coast Journal has a "10 page" article about Mateel v. Dimmick. I have not seen it and it is not yet up at the website. When it is, I'll post a link and maybe some thoughts.

Addendum: Thanks to the poster who provided the link.

Here it is.
Great. Just what we need. Another dim witted analysis from the cheesefry crew.
I for one am glad to see this article. It is terrific to read facts without the Maragret filter.
Sometimes it's interesting to hear what the tabloids have to say about a situation. I suspect the Journal will have some funny anecdotes about alien mind reading. Or the use of volunteers as sex slaves. Seriously though, this is tabloid trash.
Seriously though, what this article contains is the truth as it has been presented in the court. Even in black and white in front of you, you find a way to discredit, distract, and spin.
So this whole mess has esentially a battle of two Alpha females. "This town aint big enough for the both of us sister."
For the first time I feel like I have a clue as to what really happened. Great article!
It sounds like Tawny was getting ready to do Carol and vice versa but Carol beat her the punch. The poor little blameless Mateel looks a little different now dont it?
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For the record, nobody at the Co-op has substantiated the rumors spread about Taunya around here, and the only Co-op person who has put a name to words has denied them. Accordingly, I'm not going to allow posts repeating those rumors, at least not anonymously.
This is the most complete and unbiased report of the history and current developments regarding this case that I have seen. I don't know how 12:43 and 1:00 can call it spin or even analysis. It just lays out the events as they took place.
As someone who has zero affiliation with either side, I can assure you that if this account made you upset, it is your own emotions that are getting the better of your reason.
The bottom line is, both "sides" have behaved very badly and arrogantly and that's what's caused this whole mess. They are all equally guilty of supreme foolishness and lack of humility.

There are better festivals anyway - RotR lost its soul about 10 years ago.
"Nobody comes out of this a hero," the judge concluded.

Both sides may be sorry they didn't settle.
"There are better festivals anyway - RotR lost its soul about 10 years ago."

2:47, Obviously you are entitled to your opinion, but you don't represent everyone. '95-2000 were definitely some of the best years, but the recent years have been awesome also...ask the thousands who come from around the world to experience it... there is no other festival that compares to this one. Maybe you can't handle the party anymore, or maybe it is you who has lost your soul.
This reads like tabloid trash! Shame on the Northcoast Urinal!
Tell me who is a lha-saw op-so?
OK, all you guys that think it's tabloid trash, let's see your article. The way I read it was just telling how it all went got a different version? Let's hear it.
As far as soul goes, whatever that is, these people seem to be having a great time.
If this account isnt factual would one of you who say its rubbish enlighten us as to why you think its "tabloid" journalism.
This is one of the most biased articles I've ever read. It is completely slanted towards PP. Not surprising, though. I've come to expect this of the NCJ. Remember the article acusing Ed Denson of various unethical and illegal deeds? The attack machine mentality towards Gallegos? It's why I NEVER advertise in the NCJ.
Exactly 3:47.
If people think this article is inaccurate, please enlighten us with specifics.
Funny how the Mateel supporters always get so upset and defensive when someone says or writes something logical, coherent and intelligent. This account isn't emotional or even editorializing, but is only reporting events that happened and what was said in conversations, emails and testimony. If the events that are reported here or the quotes are inaccurate, please provide the corrections and site your sources.

Those people were having a great time and we will be having a great time again this August!
FWIW, Doran is a PP supporter, so what.
The article leaves out a lot that supports the Mateel. Where does Doran talk about the original lease drawn up between Tom and Carol, excluding the Mateel? I don't believe he was in the court room that day. I'm sure he got a rundown of the day from his friend Carol.
So, it is not what he did write, but what he didn't write?
What did you all expect from Bob Doran and the NCJ. Doran is People Productions' boy. The NCJ is and always has been a propaganda arm for one purpose or another. I lined my parakeet's cage with it a few months ago and and within 48 hours he started sounding like a lobbyist.
Nuance and opinion are very important towards slanting an article. For example Doran writes that "For most of that quarter century.....unity prevailed."(Not true).Continuing "Carol Bruno .... nurtured the festival, turning it...." ( A lot of other people were part of that, too.) Doran starts by giving a flattering portrayal of Carol. Real objective.
Doran over-simplfies when describing "how did it all come to this?" He also talks about Bruno/Dimmick not being pleased with settlement terms not kept confidential. He never tells you what the deal breaker was (3rd party ticket sales) and never mentions that PP also discussed the settlement details publicly.
Doran never talks about Tom's statement that he felt entitled to the Mateel's $33,000 either. Nor does he mention the judge's raised eyebrows over that statement, though he is quick to quote him when he says something that might be deemed negative to the Mateel. I could go on, paragraph after paragraph, but I'm too annoyed.

Can't wait to see how he spins Susie's testimony.
I'm still waiting for the fashion update. Who is wearing what designer. Who looked fab and who didn't make the cut. Who's hair is setting the trend and who needs a stylist. Please let's get down to the real nuts and bolts: fashion.
Maybe, just maybe, if the BOD and membership weren't so damn lazy the MCC wouldn't be in the shape it is today.

Maybe, just maybe, if any of you actually worked for a living you would know the value of a dollar.

Maybe, just maybe, if any on you had more than a South Fork dope grower education you would have gotten off of your lazy asses and did some real work in order to keep the MCC sustainable.

But no, it was easier to just sit back and ride the good ride instead of doing any real work. Now all you do is beg for the communities hard earned $$$ while the MCC continues to spend money frivolously on expenditures that it shouldn't.

Who's writing grants up their, anyone? How much is being spent on salaries vs. being put into the hall and community programs?

Maybe, just maybe, if the BOD didn't let Mz. TS make decisions without their approval and without their knowledge we would have taken a different road. But no, the BOD was too afraid of Mz. TS to stand up to her. In private you'll hear them admit to it. Maybe, just maybe, it's time for them to go public about the real story behind Mz. TS. Is it possible that the money for the MFOC was embezzled? Blank Blank has questions to that effect so did Blank Blank Blank. What other misappropriation of funding and misrepresentation of facts took place during her tenure?
4:42 I'd be very careful about calling anyone an embezzler. You know about the cat calling the kettle black?

And I work, and have done so all of my life. In a regular legal job, and I'm educated as are most of my friends. Who all do you hang with?
Thu Feb 21, 04:42:00 PM

You are being redundant and annoying. rest assured, my little narcissistic friend, anyone that is in this thread has most likely read your lame ass post on the other thread...Can you at least try to be original?

Re: BD's article;
Carol Bruno, a 61-year-old grandmother, nurtured the festival, turning it into a multimillion dollar...

This is about all the further I could read without gagging. Little butt kisser Doran.

After reading on, I will concede he tried, at times, to be neutral. Though I generally agree with you, Thu Feb 21, 04:35:00 PM. Bob did at least mention the damning "Let's do Reggae and not do Mateel " email. And also the fact that the event had poor income documentation, and ran over budget. And Carol's lies about delivering final report to MR via email when in fact she hand delivered it.

Seriously Tom, a perceived threat in an aquarium fish eating tale? Ridiculous.
Good one Bo Bo.
Sure Doran has a lot of facts that show that the Mateel was looking out for themselves. Ok so the Mateel and Stapp were looking for a way out. They were doing what they should have been doing after being run over. Nothing to be embarrassed about.
Regarding the drift of the article; No mention of the fact that the Mateel were told over and over to expect over $200 large all the way up until there was nothing. No mention of what Suzi had to say. Nothing. And don’t give me that crap that he wasn’t there. He was reporting on the trial. Get the story from somebody else if you can’t make it. It was a very important part of the trial. No mention of the $33,000 dollars and being entitled to it. There was at least one email from Sister Carol when she was talking about taking flight before giving the Mateel the bird or some such thing. If he thought it was so important to put the thing about the big fish eating the small fish maybe he should have put in some of PB’s rants (I realize it would have been 10 more pages but he buys ink by the railcar doesn’t he?) Doran did not do a very good job but his article didn’t change my mind between right and wrong.
We will see what happens when it is over… at least this part of it.
Having attended much of the trial, this is not a bad article at all. I think if you've read what Margaret has posted and what Bob wrote you have a pretty good understanding of what has transpired in the courtroom. This fire was fueled by both sides, 'nobody comes out a hero'.

Ms Stapp's testimony this week has not been any more comforting. She can't answer 'yes' or 'no' to anything but has to qualify every answer with long-winded explanations. It often feels as if she is desperately trying to cover her tracks.

I can understand her frustrations dealing with Carol--and I can understand Carol's frustrations dealing with her. If, as has been suggested, Taunya was hired for her ability to deal with Carol, it was a huge mistake.

What about the statement

"Carol Bruno, a 61-year-old grandmother, nurtured the festival, turning it into a multi million dollar.."

did you find so repugnant?
Taunya's settlement with the Co-op includes a non-disclosure agreement. Nobody is going to say anything about it.
I haven't had the chance to do anything but skim the article yet, but I noticed there was no mention of Boots' testimony. Is it a consensus that his testimony was superfluous?

Really, it's going to come down to an interpretation of the lease agreement, and as interesting as it is, only about 10 percent of what I've read in any article or posting here directly applies to that issue.
Taunya's settlement with the Co-op includes a non-disclosure agreement. Nobody is going to say anything about it.

Whether that's true or not, it's really irresponsible to spread rumors which can't be confirmed by someone willing to put a name on it. And I'm not aware of any "settlement" with the Co-op. Do you have any sources for that?
I'm still waiting for some hard facts that dispute this account. This is basically what has gone down in the hearing room. Is there any media out there that isnt biased in your eyes. Does the word paranoia sound familiar.
Thu Feb 21, 05:41:00 PM

Because it's what? Can we say BULLSHIT??

No one person nurtured ROTR to become a multimillion dollar world class entity. And if you can't figure that out you are denser and more of a blind lemming (or is that lami-ing) than I thought was possible. I am sorry for your disability. Try some open eyes and honor, and call me in the morning.

There is no bullshit about it. Unless you are too blinded by your allegiance to a failing organization to recognize and respect hard work, you will admit that there is no single person who made Reggae what it is more than Carol.
Have some respect. Without her, you would have nothing to fight about. Yes, there have been many people over the years who worked on making it what it is, but it was Carol who really took it to the next level.... And by the way... I have never had a "lami" as you put it, and have paid full price for tickets since I started going in 1990.
What happened in court today?
The bias is evident in how he lays out the evidence, what he focuses on, and what he ignored. I have attended the trial and it was readily apparent that Carol and Tom were trying to coerce the Matteel into giving up ROR under threat that Carol would never produce it again for them anyway and that time was running out for any other solution than to sell out to Tom and Carol. Note that he mentions PB's inflmmatory comments and hard sell that Carol would never produce the festival gain yet Doran says narry a word about such facts. Little of the evidence that compels the obvious foregoing conclusions was discussed in the article by Mr. Doran. This article is as biased as it gets. It makes me wonder how many wrist bands the NCJ people have received from Carol.
Focus weedhoppers. As Mr. Kirk has stated. The crux of this hearing is the lease. It's not about 90+% of the posts in these threads. If a law professor wanted to demonstrate the nature of here say these threads could be the gold standard. It comes down to who broke the contract and why. At least we seem to have moved into a place where "morality, ethics and evil'" don't appear in every other post. The 30K or verbal assurances of income have nothing to do what is being decided.
Where to begin. Bob Doran is not really a lackey, like the rest of us he started with a perspective. Which he is open to small degrees of change on. When I asked him why he left out Susie and Boots's testimonies after requesting mine and Felix's notes he said he lacked space but would get to it. He wasn't there for Carol's testimony either and didn't use the notes or he would have known CB's proposal wasn't about licensing but terminating. 1)MCC walks away, 2)PP walks away, 3) We all walk away at the same time. Knowles read it out again today. The real question I have about his article is the $365,000 loan which both sides have always maintained was $100,000. He said his source was secret but rarely inaccurate. Both sides say he's wrong. Sure he picks his quotes, so do I.
That said today we heard the famous damning emails we've all been waiting for. There are endless pages of serious soul searching by the MCC board as they make the decision to actually accept Carol's resignation rather than mediate some more (and more, and more). The board meeting did take place, in two parts, it was 2 and 3 days after Christmas. Was Taunya worried about the letter arriving simultaneous with Carol saying she had wrapped up the permits? Yes, because she knew they hadn't been delivered yet. Taunya will resume the stand tomorrow but the judge has limited Knowles to 2 hours on finances and Bragg has 2 hours to clean up the rest of Knowles' mess. As Mr. Bragg said, it takes a long time to try and prove something happened when it didn't. At this point there is no indication of a plot to get rid of Carol. And certainly no indication Taunya could have talked the BOD into doing anything against their will. I appreciate much of what she's done but if I were trying to paint Taunya as Svengali I'd get her off the stand quickly.
The fish story. According to TD , TS told him a story about a NEW fish her friend put in the aquarium and it ate the old fish. TS doesn't remember the story. B Bragg and B Stern say there is a story about a fish that rams other fish in the aquarium and is called Rambo. Thus these little stories change with people retelling over time.
No known date for resuming right now and Bragg won't know if he's free in March until Monday.
Margaret you insult our intellegence.
Bob isn't... but you called him one. No, not really.
I don't think I would use your notes as background on the proceedings after reading what you reported on the blog about what happened on the days I was present in the court room. Perhaps Bob felt the same way.
The loan was not for $100,000. It was definitely way more. Bob is quite correct. What he doesn't mention is the interest rate for the loan. It is time for you to ask a few more direct questions. Who was the money lent to?
No one said TS talked the bod into something against their will. She did not pass info on to them. She did pursue her own ideas and agendas. She did shuffle the papers and incur a financial penalty for the Mateel legal fee contibutors to pay.
She did have a conversation at Debs about the big fish. It was testified about.
No matter what you say the case is going to be decided on facts not your opinion or interpretation of what is said to the judge.
So here's my take on the weaknesses in Bob Doran's article. I hope it's not too hard to follow without the entire text of the article included.

Some of the errors in Bob’s story are technical, or perhaps just sloppy journalism. He also omitted to mention that he was not able to attend several days worth of testimony(like CB’s) due to prior plans. My examples of his reporting appear below, with quotes from his article followed by my parenthetical comments.

At issue in Mateel Community Center vs. Dimmick Ranch (A common error made by many who listen to Tom call himself Dimmick Ranch, an LLC not even formed til after this whole thing blew up a year and a half ago. The case could only be called Mateel Community Center vs Tom Dimmick, a single person who terminated the Mateel’s lease, not some larger entity suggested by the name Dimmick Ranch. Tom may not want to take individual responsibility for his actions, but…)

They'd rather go to court than agree to unspecified Mateel demands. (Did Bob check out Dimmick’s claim of “unspecified Mateel demands” with anyone but Tom or Carol? Sloppy reporting)

Dimmick's lawyers also complained that they had not been able to complete depositions on Mateel board president Bruce Champie and Vice President Garth Epling. (More sloppy reporting. Knowles cited his inability to properly depose Taunya Stapp, Bob Stern and Eryn Snodgrass.)

While the Mateel board had met and decided to move on the Dimmick lease, she was "quietly pursuing the Tooby Ranch property," the home of the Southern Humboldt Community Park. A Mateel committee looked at that possibility, but it was not made public. (The ROTR site search group, made up of staff from both PP and Mateel, looked into the Community Park site, and it was primarily PP who thought it not viable.)

Stapp wanted language asserting his—Dimmick’s-- right to "reasonable doubt" (No mention of “reasonable doubt” anywhere. There was discussion about the right of Tom to have consent for a new producer, but that his consent could “not unreasonably be withheld”.)about the competency of the producer fearing he would have "veto power."

It would seem that Dimmick's side prevailed. Language giving Mateel a stronger role in selecting a replacement producer was stricken from the final contract. (The language stricken from the final contract was a clause giving Dimmick the right to change the terms of the lease--read “raise the rent”—if the Mateel changed producers. Does that mean that Dimmick’s side prevailed?)

Bruno arranged a deal in which Danny Scher, a former partner in Bill
Graham Presents, loaned $365,000 seed money to the Mateel. (Don’t know where Bob got his info about the amount of this loan, but CB told Mateel she borrowed $100,000 for ROTR seed money. Bob says his info comes from an otherwise reliable source—maybe it was Danny Scher himself. If he gave CB $365,000, just what did he get for his money?)

At the end of breakfast meeting Stapp paused on the way out the door and pointed out the burger shop's tropical aquarium. She told Dimmick about a friend who'd bought a big fish and put it in his fish tank. The next morning all the little fish were gone. Dimmick interpreted this parable as a threat. "Taunya Stapp was the big fish," he said. (This entire story should be attributed to Tom Dimmick, who’s the only one who tells it.)

Stapp considered the possibility of going over the last few years' Reggae accounts in detail, hoping to uncover evidence of fraud.
In winter 2006, Stapp did commission an audit of the Reggae books. An incomplete version was sent to the press. (Mateel told CB in February 2005 that MCC would exercise the clauses in the contract providing for audits of the books. This is a normal business practice MCC wanted to use for straightforward business integrity—not as a search for fraud. Some people might find it interesting that it was immediately after Stapp told PP the books would be audited annually—required by CA state law—that PB announced he was leaving PP. And the only reason the released audit was incomplete was because the MCC’s auditor reports that PP did not give her sufficient info to complete the audit in a professional manner.)
Bob Doran signed his name and therefore has credibility. Who the fuck are you to give your (opinion) anonymously expecting your words to have any weight? Fiction. Taunya denies the story? She also told you the MCC bought the intellectual rights to the Festival of Courage. How many times does she have to lie and get caught before you consider she has hoodwinked a lot of people? TS is no straight shooter as has been shown in court and reported by Bob Doran.
It was a NEW fish. And Bob asked for my notes. I don't know any more about the loan and if you did you would sign. In the interests of total truth and transparency some of us have arranged to purchase the trial transcripts and you can all judge for yourselves. I admit to supporting the MCC. It should be obvious from Bob's photos who his friends are. The court ones were provided by Felix.
But I digress. I checked back in because other than the many emails 3 other interesting things happened. One was Knowles questioned Taunya about the actual lack of a guarantee for financial performance. TS said when the production contract was written Hannah, then lawyer for both parties, told her the guarantee was embedded in the financial oversight structure set up by the MCC. Susie told us what happened to that. will admit that there is no single person who made Reggae what it is more than Carol...

I will do no such thing!!

A true Rasta gives the praise to whom?
By what power are all good things accomplished?

It is Jah! What a pity that even on "Thank Jah" Mr. Bassis would mock any true prayers of thanksgiving or praise. The lack of spiritual depth in this community is laughable. Carol this, Carol that, Carol mortal like you or I. Jah Live.

Jah empowered us all to create and motivate and donate. Carol is just a woman.

You idolize and fail to give praise.

Notice. And again, try open eyes and some honor, then call me back later.

Hint: It may take longer than 20 minutes to flex your honor muscle or truly open your eyes. Be patient and don't give up so quickly this time.(and above all don't bother to personalize any references to lami's etc. Man! like we care if you bought a ticket..there are some running themes here, feeble attempts a humrrr, its not all about you. Hard to believe, I know.)

I bet your a white boy who's never been to Jamaica.
The real question I have about his article is the $365,000 loan which both sides have always maintained was $100,000. He said his source was secret but rarely inaccurate.

I'm fairly certain his source is wrong this time.
So Tommeh sees himself as a little fishie, heh?
Yeah, he certainly has been doing his damndest to stay out from under the shadows of the big fish in all of this.
Well anon 7:50 I am protecting myself from ht heads like you. That is why I remain anonymous.
BoB Doran often writes crap and this is no exception. He did in fact state privately that he is pro Carol.
Bob is always at he urinal pissing out the PP Kool Ade. It's a wonder he has time to write anything at all.
I lined my parakeet's cage with it a few months ago and and within 48 hours he started sounding like a lobbyist.

Finally, a witty put-down! I've been waiting for this moment for years.
Another bit of northcoast journal schlock! That news paper has gone from fairly good to the bottom of the trash heap over the last few years. Humboldt county's own National Enquirer. Like the nasty piece about ed denson last year. Bob Doran only told oneside of what went on in the courtroom. He left out an half of the entire story, and he certainly needs to check the veracity of his sources. He's almost as silly a journalist as the town dandy.( Who I never bother to read.) Cristina Bauss does a far better job at being unbiased and is a far better journalist.They should hire her.
Remember when the kid in the Courtship of Eddie's Father pretended to eat the gold fish?
Actually i read the town dandy more often than Bob D. The coverage of the palco bankrupcy has been fairly good.
6:20 pm, It is our community that made Reggae special and a special place to be. The MCC is a part of that community but Club Reggae thinks it is theirs to own.

This article is almost useless. The NCJ has had some poor gossipy reporting that can be found in the Town Dandy, the editor of the NCJ. It reminds me of the folksy style from Bruce Anderson when he wrote for the AVA and may have been inspired by that guy who lives on the north coast and writes for the nation. The first time I heard of Hank Sims he was doing a report on KMUD and he was pro but look what all these past years in humboldt have done to his journalism. Bob is just giving us something to entertain the editor with and his perspective is weak and needs some work. Only a reporter from so hum can have enough perspective to give us something to think about and reporting almost trash is not helping.
Bruce Anderson is back with the AVA by the way.

So far, he hasn't stepped into this crap. But it's only a matter of time.
i thought bob's article was very confusing. it doesn't help me understand the legal issues at all. is dimmick trying to prove the mateel was trying to get rid of carol? if so, so what? does that violate the contract, or some other law? what do working drafts of the contract have to do with the legality of the final contract that dimmick signed?

overall i see this article as a bunch of random clips from the various testimonies, but there's no real overview.
My read on the Doran article was that it was a waste of paper and ink. I think the front page headline was it's whole point In other words, to get readers to grab and open up the paper and maybe read some advertising. It was blah, blah, blah. He actually might have been paid for it. The guy has been a PP good laminated good buddy for a while and really should have let someone else deal with this subject.
I thought it was a very poor article. Confusing for those who aren't "paying attention", slanted to his pp side, and lots of huge holes of testimony missing.
Tough crowd!
The trial is a bit of a mystery to me, legally. I think the crux of it is the following: the contract is vague and it is unclear whether PP has to be the producer (paragraph 10). I think what the lawyers are trying to prove is intent. Who really ended the relationship between PP and the Mateel? I wonder if the lawyers aren't in danger of doing the same thing that OJ's prosecutors' did; overkill.

Personally I think that the Mateel's actions where defensive, and I haven't heard any testimony to the contrary.
I just read it and think if one didn't know much about the case, it would sound reasonable. However, as others have alreday pointed out, there are ommissions that clearly direct the story in favor or PP and TD. There are also some very sloppy mistakes, such as in a one sentence paragraph, Doran refers to Stapp.. then with "he" and "his" pronouns in a sentence which clearly was refering to something Dimmick was saying..."Stapp wanted language asserting his right to 'reasonable doubt' about the competency of the producer fearing he would have 'veto power.'"

There's more, but I'm bored with it.
I bet your a white boy who's never...
Thu Feb 21, 07:59:00 PM

Don't bet the farm on that, because you are wrong again. Care to make another wager? Like how about we bet on the existence of Jah outside Jamaica?

I win again. For Jah Love and Jah Live eternal. Jah Live in the open hearts of loving brothers and sisters everywhere. If you need travel to find I-Jah you no find I-Jah. Jah right here my friend.

Some eyes too blind to see. Some ears too closed to hear. Some hearts hardened and no know Jah.

Be still and know.
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Careful! Using the f word is not allowed.
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Your pseudo rasta sermon does not impress anyone. I wasn't the one who called you a "white boy", but I will stand by my earlier statement that there is no one who has done as much to make Reggae what it is as Carol. Obviously, by "Reggae" I mean the festival ROTR and now RR and not the music in general.

You are obviously living in a fantasy world and without a real connection to a culture of your own you have adopted another. It is ironic that in these cases imitation is not a form of flattery, but rather an insult to those whose culture you are plagiarizing.
One can plagiarize the existence of god?

Keep it up, insults will get you everywhere.
And indeed, how do you know that the sistah doesn't have deep roots into that culture?
Who said anything about plagiarizing the existence of God? I was talking about plagiarizing a culture. I don't know about plagiarizing god's existence, but one almost always sounds ridiculous trying to explain it, especially in pseudo patois.
Take my advice and be still. You will then begin to understand what I-I are talking about. Sad part is your ego never shut-I up. It is going going going. But you get nowhere. Jah live, my insistent authority on all things Pat-Wah, and no insult from Idren will ever take that away. Know it in your heart and perhaps you will lose the need to dominate others. Jah praise, Carol is mortal too. No idolizer here. Praise Jah. In all things let Jah be praised.
Well I don't know how one would plagerize Jamacian culture, but I think I now know how it can be exploited.
Any news from the court room today?
Reggae Rising----A bunch of whites once again exploiting black culture for their own profit
Bob Doran has lost my respect. What a half-ass article. His setup is superficial even though there is plenty of reliable info to draw from that could easily be succinctly summarized to explain why so many feel ripped off. When he gets into the current trial, it's incomplete since he missed so much crucial testimony. How about starting with this: Millions of dollars are unaccounted at Reggae On The River because a simple basic business practice was chronically circumvented for decades. Why and to what end?
well, Fri Feb 22, 08:01:00 PM, the accounting skills were perfected at the Mateel, just like the production skills.
What happened in court today, please??Nothing on the news tonight.
Taunya's testimony was finished today, but the Court Reporter had been dismissed. So-

No new witness. Weeks(?)months(?) delay.........

I believe there are only 7 more witnesses planned.

Too much info and too much bitching to respond now.

When proceedings resume you ALL should really come check it out.

Yeah 7:32, just like ROTR, same old, same old, except it's not exploiting if everyone is doing it of their own free will and having fun doing it, which it looked like they were to me, I had a blast and fully intend to again this summer, sorry you're so negative, must be hard. It's all about jealousy really, otherwise everyone might not be so inclined to not even think about or mention the millions of dollars that did come to the mateel, built it, and paid for it. I just hope the negativity ends if the outcome is not in your favor.
White people the exploit people of color the world over and its at its worst in the entertainment industry. At least upstate reggae on the riveris produced by a black jamaican woman.
White people exploit people of color the world over and its at its worst in the entertainment industry. At least upstate reggae on the riveris produced by a black jamaican woman.
The judge,"Today we have a foreseeable conclusion to Miss Stapp's testimony". Knowles moved on with the infrastructure, who would pay for it, who would own it. Apparently even though the production contract says PP will own and pay for it, Hannah told Taunya they wouldn't. Taunya says she was under the impression there would be no permanent infrastructure for several years which agrees with what TD said when he testified. Anyway, there is permanent infrastructure and it wasn't reported to the MCC because they weren't required to inform us until they went 10% out of the range of the projected budget and they didn't know that until after the show. Then Knowles implied Taunya just didn't understand Quik books. His time was up.
Bragg established that Taunya did know how to use Quik books Susie just didn't give her any information. Also that PP was supposed to buy the infrastructure (per production contract) then rent it to MCC for the event, the lease says whoever buys it owns it, the MCC spent approximately $300,000 on it. Also the whole board did meet and agree to terminate with PP before entering mediation with Dimmick. We're done until March 17 at the earliest.
Although this trial is about the Dimmick lease, from where Knowles is going it would appear that the breaching of that lease is dependent on the sanity of MCC retaining PP as producer. For instance, when TD talked to DS about Boots he was supposedly told that if the MCC had hired a competent producer he might be in trouble. So now the arguments seem to hinge around whether TD and CB were plotting to harm the MCC in which case the MCC's actions were understandable. Or was the MCC plotting to get rid of CB first. In which case TD is justified in breaking the contract. And it may end up being as simple as whether any organization could work with PP in any reasonable way. The judge was not impressed with the storming of the boardroom. Nor did he seem to understand how the MCC could not trust these people based on their actions but want to trust them to keep the family together. It was all quite sad in a way.
Sorry to post twice but memory is what it is. We also revisited the letter to the community and, in fact, the MCC never does accuse PP of malfeasance or anything. It just says that with ROTR coming up short 2 years in a row they need to discuss how to move forward with the membership.
So what is the plan for the CUP hearing?
The plan is that we're going to go in there and tell the planning commission how much smoother it ran on the second year at the new we mitigated many of the problems that we had the first year there because our experienced crew of people, many of whom are local fire, medical, and rescue people, continues to critique ourselves on how we can do it better and we are always looking for ways to make improvements that will not only make it easier for us, but safer for our patrons. And that how the drugs and violence were down because our security crews really responded to those problems and it made an immediate difference. Based on that we know we can handle more people.
Oh please, oh please, tell me what is being planned, or per chance has already been planned and filed for the March 6 hearing? And is there anything I can help with or facilitate this process. Can the MCC apply for Reggae on the River permit ( we are on the Cup request/before reggae Rising) for an attendance less likely to overwhelm our local community? I don't know... 8,000 rather than 14,000 people? Can we remind the Planning Commission that despite that silly co-mingling of ownership assignation.i.e. Reggae on the River/Reggae Rising Festival which slipped through last year with the help of a bit of white out and marginalia, there are 2 separate entities who don't play well together, both applying for a permit for that weekend at the same place ( appropriate leasee being determined in court by Judge Watson at this moment - well weekment. How can the Planning Commission conceive of the wisdom they will need to visualize the repercussions of eeny meeny miney moeing until they pick a producer. Oh my... the shit will fly.

Love to all.

This is not about jealousy at all. At least not on my part. It is about accountability and entitlement.
Suzi says she gave virtually no accounting, Knowles says Taunya didn’t understand the software of the virtually no accounting, Bragg says Tauyna understood the software but that the accounting was nowhere like Suzi said. And around and around and around in a circle we go again. I find it funny that Knowles brought up Suzi’s accounting with Quick Books. She certainly used quick books, no argument there. Lol
I find is outrageous that the People’s Production defenders keep claiming that the Mateel deserve to go under because they did not spend their money wisely. PP spent $300,000 of the Mateel money when PP was supposed to use their own money. Just think, if the Mateel’s $300,000 was not spent on infratsrtucture then the Mateel would have had $300,000 in the bank and probably would not have had to put a notice in the newspaper to say that they were broke because PP did not pay off like they said they would.
Margaret, my memory was exactly what you said about the letter to the community. The Mateel only announced that they were in financial dire straights because they did not receive money for Reggae on the River® for two years and that they were going to have a meeting to figure out what to do. Then PB went on the radio and the rest is history.
For the PP supporter(s) to come on here and say that the letter (Wed Feb 20, 08:13:00 PM) was “inflammatory, innuendo-filled”… and “ is the catalyst to blame for the current situation” is ludicrous. The comment even compared the announcement/letter to WMD in Iraq; “It's sad that MCC decided to send out that letter, which only served to fuel the rumor mill, and was similar to the "WMD" case that the Bush administration used to sell their pre-emptive war on Iraq.” It would have been funny if it was not so insane.
I think it would be safe to say the People’s Production partner/supporter Paul Bassis’ comments and actions are a huge reason we are where we are today.
so why didn't the MCC tell us after the First Year (2005) that we didn't make hardly anything on Reggae?
I suggest you re read the letter. Your memories are poor.
A personal story. What got me involved. In 2002 I heard rumblings from the then MCC board and administration that all was not well. They were being pushed very hard to sign a contract that their lawyer told them could land them in court with their membership. They were being called at all hours of the day and night, the kind of board storming tactics reported by TS were a regular occurrence, they were being threatened with loss of reputation... I suggested that they go public and let the membership decide. I was told that if they did it would divide the community forever, the non-profits would suffer, and they personally might have to leave SoHum forever. So, when I read the Open Letter to the Community I felt that things had reached the point where the MCC had no choice but to go public. The inflammatory knowledge I had was old and the letter did not really touch on it. I only went to the membership meeting because I had heard from PP insiders that they planned to storm the building and demand the resignations of Taunya and the BOD. Does any of that sound like what tried to happen that night? Yes. I went to defend the MCC. And imagine my thankful surprise when I discovered that the vast majority of people were there for the same reason. We were told Reggae would never happen again because we wouldn't let them rearrange the MCC administration. If only it had been that simple.
I almost cried yesterday when I heard Taunya testify that she really wanted to believe, in spite of all concrete evidence, that PP was going to come through and she should just stay cool and we would all be one happy family. "I wanted to be part of that family". What she never got to experience was the much bigger family that just believes the PP tactics are wrong. That the way PP treats people is like some ugly little high school clique carried on way past the appropriate age. And I really have no personal grounds for complaint, but I can remember having friends who I ceased being able to relate to because of the way they treated others.
I still believe this community divided itself a long time ago, we just maintained outward forms of common courtesy and politeness because we all live here. We still can.
Right on, Margaret. I don't know who you are, but I do know you describe my experience of recent years, and you state just why I went to the Mateel meeting too, and what I saw there. I haven't been to the trial and I have no stake in the outcome but I sure see what you see, for years now. Thanks for describing it so clearly!
People’s Production partner/supporter Paul Bassis’ comments and actions are a huge reason we are where we are today.

The same PB who claims NO ASSOCIATION with Reggae on the River since 2004? (as reported somewhere...kmud? the courtroom?) Did I really hear that right? So what, sponsorship $kimming is just a hobby for him? PB you are a greedy and dishonest babbler. For you I've no respect.
Yep, one in the same. PB, alias Mr Ankle Braclet Floor Sweeper Groupie.
While I certainly disagree with the tactics PB has taken with regards to all this Reggae mess (and I agree he added excellerent (spelling?) to the fires... leave his ankle wearing time out of it. It really is unrelated. He did his time. I doubt you even know all the details about how that all went down and perhaps if you did you might not be so quick to judge... or maybe you would. I guess I'm saying- stick to the issues at hand... Or have you never ever broken a law that you could have been punished for? If so, good for you. Now evolve and try compassion.
The previous 2 posts are clearly a case of the same person who is not able to spell or spell check, posting to themselves. Repeating yourself makes it as if someone else besides you shares your nasty anonymous ways.
No one in your community should be throwing any stones. I find it so absolutely appalling that in a community which clearly "flies under the radar screen"(or at least once did) in so many ways, and has clearly always represented the path of alternative lifestyles is now so reliant on an answer from a system we (at least I) despise. This Warren guy is stated to be a descendant of a guy who got promoted for sweeping truth under the carpet. Anybody remember the Warren Commission?

So no matter what the decision no one side will be content. The lawyers make their cash and the system wins once again. Victorious, with a great community, of life and souls forever divided. Please make no correlations of this community strife and battle with war in Iraq where people die and lives are forever horribly changed and physically altered. Please do not compare it to where the cradle of civilization lies bombed and to those that caused and profit from this.

I am an inside outsider, a man who came to love Humboldt over thirty years ago and still does. I love a great many folks there on both sides of the fence. I am proud to say I am a personal friend of PB’, his family extended and not. You all make me feel like Boot’s’ son- all this shit talking about ones I love I want to open a can of whoop ass on someone- but hey, I’m not like that and I empathize with emotions on both sides and see all the hate and really feel hurt from all of this. I truly do. I know I can’t convince doubters of PB’s heart and soul and his love for the community that was and even for his contributions. I know I open up an opportunity for more negative rants but this ankle bracelet stuff needs to stop. It is such a low blow all I can say is please stop.

That’s all, one man’s lame attempt to say just please stop. I wish I could wave a magic wand straight from Brooklyn and cure this all, I really do but you know I cannot. I also know that my request will be trashed and kicked around and even some anons will now have an opportunity to take some more shots at a guy in Brooklyn who is on the outside looking in. But, I thought I’d give it a try I just could not help it. So, while I’m here, I say hello to all who of you that know me and even those that don’t. My poor little foolish broken heart has hopes that it is never to late for UNITY. As a dreamer I see all of you rising above this crap and telling the lawyers and judges to go to hell cut your collective losses and move back to unity and one love……but then I pinch myself
This community is sick and tired of re-purchasing the Brooklyn Bridge from p.p. P.B. and company!!!!!!!
Hi Pete. Go Giants.
Thank you again, Margaret
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Compassion?????????????????Surely you jest!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yo! Brooklyn!

Is the system better back there?
Sat. Feb. 23 12:48!
Rat smells his own hole first!
This Warren guy is stated to be a descendant of a guy who got promoted for sweeping truth under the carpet. Anybody remember the Warren Commission?

His Court is also the one which brought us Brown v. Board of Education; Miranda v. the State of Arizona, Griswold v. Connecticut, and Roe v. Wade among others.
Thanks Mararet. You said it very well!!!
Hey Brooklyn, you just can't take it, or yourself that seriously man. PB made the bed he is sleeping in. He chose. Go have a good life.

While you are at it I am sure if you think about it you will remember one enters into the dreaded system as soon as any sort of contracts are signed. In committing by that format, we enter into a binding legal arrangement which the courts ultimately control. If you don't want any part of the system, you'd need to avoid signing any contracts. Unfortunately it is hard to broker with any professional without one. Would YOU agree to perform on a handshake?
Things happened around here "on a handshake" for years. Those were the good old days. I count myself lucky that I still have trusted friends who think a handshake is sufficient. We never let each other down. And no lawyer takes a percentage.
Can the Journal write anything anymore without an egotistical bias? Yikes!
Any of you legal types know. Does Carol's statement that "she can't work with these people" constitute the end of the lease agreement. I know in my line of work a contract cannot be nullified by a verbal declaration it must be in writing. Anyone know what the law is in this case?
Just read this yesterday and I think people need to know that Doran picked sides long ago. So for this article to be a "backstage" look at what happened and is happening, well, it's "Backhanded". Pretty slimy, but what's new?
Whether Carol put her resignation in writing may not be the point. Remember, this is an arbitration hearing, which gives the judge more leeway to impose a reasonable settlement on the two parties than a full-on civil trial would. He gets to consider, I believe, whether the MCC could reasonably expect Carol to properly fulfill her contractual obligations.
And didn't cb send a written letter to the MCC before she quit in public? And the letter/statement from td saying the same thing about cb "won't work for you under any circumstances". (something along that line anyway...)
Thought #2-- sorry for the double post--To Bob Doran, when you check in here to see the goings on, I would appreciate a comment from you about your feeling on TS testimony, how you feel now about hearing cb quitting, and your feeling on the sm testimony your read in Margaret's notes.

Who all is getting together to buy the trial transcript? If someone wanted to pitch in $$$ towards that end, where/who would they send it to?
Any of you legal types know. Does Carol's statement that "she can't work with these people" constitute the end of the lease agreement. I know in my line of work a contract cannot be nullified by a verbal declaration it must be in writing. Anyone know what the law is in this case?

The Mateel argument is "anticipatory breach" which means that they believe Carol said something or acted in a manner which gave them reasonable notice of her intention not to fulfill her contractual obligations. Tom is making a similar argument with all the "out" talk. Secret e-mails put out by either side actually have limited value as they obviously didn't impact the Mateel or Tom if they didn't know about them. But they could be relevant to corroborate an interpretation of intention.

So the issue for Tom is, what did he know about the Mateel's intentions to ditch Carol, and when did he know about it? But before the judge gets there he has to find that the parties had intended that PP would be the guaranteed producer when they signed the lease. I'm about to read the Doran article more carefully, but if the Mateel signed a contract in which they were anticipating an "out," that could actually hurt Tom's case.

But I feel like with all of the coverage I'm missing a lot of pertinent testimony. The problem is while all of the reporters are very capable, none of them are attorneys and may not know what to focus on. We need Gretta Van Sustern covering it!
i have made deals with a all the time
One of the littler tid bits in Doran's article, Eric, was TD stating that his father was not too keen about having ROTR on the Dimmick Ranch from the beginning. It would have been an interesting query as to why specifically John felt that way. I mean, isn't ROTR the biggest, bestest thing around here for everyone since the invention of sensimilla? Why would anyone not want it on their property?

Maybe I've answered my own question.
The Journals stock just keeps going lower and lower.
Only if you choose to believe the interpretation of Margaret over the facts.
The NCJ has stock? Jeez, I hope I don't own any.
Eric no need to worry. We have Cristina Van Sustern, Greta’s long lost cousin. And don’t forget Terri Van Sustern. Not to mention Sustern Van Margaret. The blogs personal journalist on the spot.
Not only did Carol send a letter to the Mateel Board seeking and end to their agreemen, she left a written copy of her statement at the November 06 membership meeting with the Board and anyone else who could pick up a copy.
We are actually learning what to listen for. I believe the real MCC case hinges on whether they could reasonably accept Carol's resignation due to her own stated desires and a combination of lease breaches that had already occurred and that they felt were not open to "cure". Accounting issues. Refusal to follow permit regulations, required by both the production and lease contracts. Their belief that they were being squeezed out with no chance of any real guarantee.
Dimmick's case seems to hinge on 2 main points. Whether he had a line item in his contract demanding that PP produce no matter what the circumstances. Whether the MCC was conspiring to get rid of Carol and take over the show themselves.
Given this to be what's going on I also am confused as to why they didn't run the 2 suits concurrently. It would appear that whatever determines this one will greatly affect the next one, or cause it to disappear.
Not to mention NOT paying the Mateel for two years running!
no real factual information here
FACT is the Mateel was not paid the last two years!
Dude, like the money was all spent on innerfratstructure for the show. Rite? and they knew, like, pretty much a couple weeks after they were suppozed to be paid, that like, there woodent be much of eny money for them this tyme. And eny way Tawnya coodent add, and she lide, so the festival of cursage is all to blame. What i want to aks you, is what eggsactly is the big deal here? Jest go with the vibe ok? You are not positiv at all. Like, you should listento me, and I totally agree with that other persoin who said It's all about jealousy really, otherwise everyone might not be so inclined to not even think about or mention the millions of dollars, that made cents to me, you are all jest jelaous of us better people that know how to do stuff good. And we've been doing the show the hole tyme ok? It'z the same peeple.
I heard them say it was because of Katrina!
I still believe this community divided itself a long time ago,

Sat Feb 23, 10:34:00 AM

Damn right! when all the stinkin hippies poured out into the hills our beloved fire hall became a mecca for the unbathed hillfolk, now whats a redneck supposed to think about that?
When is the next trial date? Could Tom still settle this thing,, as it looks like it is not going good for him, imho?
Margaret said, at Sat Feb 23, 10:34:00 AM:

"I almost cried yesterday when I heard Taunya testify that she really wanted to believe, in spite of all concrete evidence, that PP was going to come through and she should just stay cool and we would all be one happy family... and Margaret reported that Taunya said "I wanted to be part of that family"."

Ummmmm, excuse me, but Taunya blew off any attempts from the general community to "get to know her" and "make her a part of 'that family'.

Instead, she spent a lot of energy courting the favor of the Mateel staff. When she allowed them to blow through $500,000 in less than two years, she purchased a lot of devotion. They all got fat paychecks, while putting on all those shows and events that made Mateel have to hock the building.

It would have been nice if Taunya would have been willing to get to know the community at large. Many people express the frustration that she wouldn't look you in the eye, or would act like she didn't see you.

I just don't buy it, that Taunya really wanted to be a part of the sohum community.
One of the reasons that I keep coming back here and responding over and over is because these assholes keep spewing their bullshit. Just like when PB came on the radio and spewed his crap after the Mateel made an announcement that they were in trouble and when the meeting was. Now this turd at 11:37 PM has upped the anti and instead of ranting about the Mateel over spending $300,000 over two years, this floater upped it to $500,000. IN LESS THAN TWO YEARS! Don’t forget the “fat paychecks” too. Because of this dipshit I have to come here and remind her/him that the Mateel was forced to pour WELL OVER $300,000 dollars into Tom Dimmick’s land and were not even told they were doing it. They were hoodwinked, bullshitted, lied to or defrauded (pick your adjective). They were told for two years to expect more than $500,000. They got zilch. Just like a worker who gets paid every week and buys a house or a car on credit the Mateel spent money on their mission as if what they were told was the truth. Their “fat paychecks” included $37,000 a year to the executive director. If this poster (poser) was not such an idiot I would explain why this is not a “fat paycheck” for the job. From what I have seen it could be said that People Productions and Tom Dimmick conspired to bring the Mateel down into bankruptcy. They have tried to blame everything on Taunya Stapp and the jackasses who come here and repeat the party line think that the informed community are going to forget the other board members and directors over the years who have been brow beaten and pressured and forced out because of PP’s hubris. When fools like 11:37 PM come here and throw their truck load of manure hoping some will stick they lose all credibility for themselves and for their side. Their argument becomes invalid the moment they spray their nonsense. Everything they say cannot be believed and their side of the story becomes blah blah blah. And when they say “take the guarantee” or “settlement settlement settlement” then say they could not come to a settlement becaue the Mateel wanted a real and realistic failsafe guarantee they blame the Mateel. This is the reason a huge majority of this community will never forget and never forgive.
Remember the Reggaecaust!
Taunya, the only individual who stood firm against the P.P party line in 23 years! Thank-you Taunya from our hearts!
Now the Mateel can "Spread our wings." FLY BE FREE!
Where can I get a Taunya Staupp super hero action figure? I want my own Ms. Director doll!

Dude, it really was Katrina's fault.
Why? Is "Katrina" Tuanya's middle name?
you mateel supporters remind me of Extreme fundamentalists....You are just like those who still continue to support the war and the so called reasons we are there. It's hard to imagine how anyone (Mccain, and the rest of his lackey's, along with most of middle america) can after hearing all the lies and spins and facts over the past few years, choose to ignore all that and say, well Sadam was bad and he was going to get us so we had to do something. You Mateel Supporters seem to be so righteous and remind me of those same dimwits that we all (I am assuming think are nuts). How many of the current BOD actually ever did anything at Reggae? Tawnya - No Joe - No Garth - No Bob - No Snodgras - No Elana - Yes Heather - Yes Rainbow - yes...You call Bob Doran a PP boy. Please give me a break he is one of the only non biased reporters in the county. Do you not consider your Independent or Redwood Times Biased??? Or is it like fox news as long as they are saying what you want to hear, it is considered good journalism. How many of those people actually have degrees in journalism (I don't know maybe all of them but I wouldn't be surprised if it's none of them). This whole thing is so stupid. The amount of money being spent on this whole thing could have built two new community centers...Tom and Carol tired all along to negotiate either a settlement or a way out of the contract. The MCC on the other hand plotted and schemed behind the scenes trying to figure out a way to get rid of Carol so they could make more money by themselves...what they forgot or what they did was to put weigh too much value into the four words Reggae on the River. They failed to value the spirit of the event or the people who actually made that event. Millions of dollars came to the MCC over the years. If greed and Tawnya never came into the picture, the MCC would be sitting very pretty this year looking at a nice profit that would continue to sustain them long into the future. Now they have a worthless name, tons of debt, a small membership, and the whole thing is truly very sad....Reggae Rising will go on, it will continue to benefit the community as a whole, maybe not the MCC, but the MCC is not the whole community.
The mateel board and directors signed the contract .no one else is to blame they did not have to sign it
Did anyone read that Katrina link?

the price of PVC pipe almost doubled between 05 and 06 because of the destruction caused by the hurricane.

But don't worry your MCC heads about real problems on this planet you have to fight the Reggae War!
To 8:29--who care if the BOD or anybody else from the MCC staff worked at ROTR. PP WAS PAID TO DO THAT!!! And you are mistaken about nobody from the MCC working there. Maybe you had better get out your photo albums and look at the pictures. I am looking at one tight now with Kathryn Manspeaker/Lobato and cb working together AT ROTR. And there is one with guys really are the pot calling the kettle black....
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And how much pvc pipe was donated? And how much did Blue Star Gas donate?
Is this all going to boil down to the sentence that said something like---
"if the MCC gets another producer they would notify td"?
Did anyone hear about TS getting a job at the casino?

Apparently she was hired because she was very good at SHUFFLING the cards, but got fired because her deals all lost money.
So Eric, are you gonna let the slander about Justin and the hours thing go by, or zap it like you do the ones with shit about the pp side?
and why does everyone forget that the pp side shuffled papers too?
I love it! Slander is when it isn't true. These are facts. Do your friggin homework. This is not slander.
BTW Garth may have worked in the info booth but he never worked for the festival itself. I don't care if you have a photo of him at the show. Lots of people go there.
Hey 9:13
If PP shuffled papers then why did the judge fine the Mateel for doing it and not People Productions? Facts just don't convince you do they? 3 days wages for a lawyer was the fine.
I wonder what a lawyer gets per hour?
The way I figue it the total fine for TS paper shuffling has cost the membership plenty. Is this what the friends of the lawsuit think is good?
I don't think anyone but the MCC actually shuffled documents and they also wrongly withheld supposedly incriminating emails. Are those available to the publiic anywhere? We just got to hear about them in court.

There is one where Garth says something like, "it's the riskiest plan, but also the one with the most reward. If Tom doesn't go along with us we're screwed."

anyone remember the time frame on that one?
Guess who is the new Shuffle Board coordinator on the good ship Titanic?
During the trial everything gets real quiet here and then in between dates the spin machine reorganizes around the facts and starts a fresh pile flowing. Yes, Katrina definitely raised construction prices, as did the war in Iraq. It only took the price of one sheet of plywood to figure that out, or pipe if you prefer, and get back to money central with the information that a revised estimate was required. Did that happen? No. That's really the only issue here, letting the MCC know what they were spending.
I read back through November 2006 the other day looking for the letter and meeting facts. I saw Eric talking about mediators, EDs, and board members reporting the same experiences in their attempts to deal with PP that we are experiencing now. The healing will begin when PP groupies grow up and stop blaming everything on someone else. Your tactics are those of thugs and bullies. People don't like it. I have never heard one of you say anything about maybe being even a little heavy handed or off the wall. Any ED or board member who objected to your behavior is "waging a war of hate". The MCC staff is greedy and spendthrift. Well, none of them drive Escalades or spew the kind of vile crap that seems to come from the PP side with such pride and righteousness. And saying they didn't have to sign the contract is conveniently ignoring all previous attempts not to sign contracts. I'm over it.
for real...hey, Mon Feb 25, 08:29:00 AM/Mon Feb 25, 09:06:00 AM ...ugly pie for breakfast again?

the insistent badgering of good folks and the 'what did you ever do 4 reggae' shtick is so old. Gawd! it makes me want to barf. look yourself in the mirror and say dickhead, because you sure are acting like one.
If the MCC can't produce shows, then the best show ever at the hall(George Clinton) was put on by... who? Do I sense a little envy or perhaps... fear? "We got the funk!"
Boy there are some people with poor math around. $500,000 reserve minus $300,000 for infrastructure minus three years of no income-actually negative income, because in 2006- PP handed over the $16,000 check but then there were something like an additional $80,000 in bills that came in afterwards. (I hear there were other negative cash flows in the years previous, but for simplicity-we'll leave that out)

So that would leave ~$146,000 for three years of operating costs and building maintenance. That's a ittle over $48,000/yr to cover everything. There must have been some additional income coming into the Mateel Or maybe they were actually pretty good at managing money if they could take what had been a $200,000+ annual budget organization and string it out for so long before being sucked into to the hole it was in when it printed the letter to the community in 2006.

And there were all the ongoing programs that were being funded...Mateel Meal, subsidizing other non-profit's use of the hall, and also including Recycled Youth who the the primaries were getting paid $20,00/hr to do.

I suppose at the first sign of no income the staff and Board should have shut everything else off... Oh- but they were being told there would be money next year-trust us- haven't we always provided?

Quit blaming the victim here. I also resent being liken to an extreme fundamentalist because I support the Mateel.
12:31:00 PM George Clinton was NOT the biggest show at the MCC.
Seriously. Not even close. Back in the day we had Dave Lindley. Now that was a big event. Then there was 3rd World, Steel Pulse, Hugh Masekela, Southern Pacific, Hank Ballard, etc.
We all had those experiences together. Where were you?
Redundant much?

Where were you??

Where were you?

NO ONE CARES! Besides my concern is where were you when they handed out the polite genes? MIA I guess. You obviously have a case of adolescent arrested development. I'm sorry. It's probably not even your fault. Your parents were just too f-ed up drunk to care for you properly. Maybe try prayer. Jah live, I heard it here.
9:21 AM-- That would be October 6, 2006. See the NCJ article for the quotes--"Yeah this is the best sounding scenario but also the most risky. We need to make sure we have a place to hold ROR before heading down that road. If Tom will not work with us then we are screwed." Garth--The prophet. Didn't Tom write the MCC about CB on October 17, 2006 or something like that? Hmmmm.
And Friday afternoon glib Taunya, "yes" "no" Mr. Bragg, without one need to "characterize" one answer, complaining about the June 2005 assault at the MCC meeting by PP. Didn't this fine ED, who just wants to believe and be part of the group, didn't she bring the champagne about a month later to the big signing at Dimmick Ranch? How traumatic was June 2005? Hmmm.
Is she a credible witness to Mr. Warren? He is the only one that matters.
Yeah, 1:53 pm, David Lindley back in the day was a much bigger show. I know, because I was at both of them. I also know that G Clinton was a sell-out crowd and that D Lindley way bigger crowd was SCARY, not to mention uncomfortable as hell.
Why would you think that selling tickets way beyond what the fire marshall said was the maximum safe crowd size means that it was a BETTER show?
This may come close to the crux of the matter.
I was at all those shows. They were good but, George Clinton: best sound system, + best presentation (so much talent on one stage) + great vibes + the most fun = best show, hands down.
The Clinton show was terrific! The sound was AMAZING! and it was sold out, but not uncomfortable inside the venue.

I too have been to many of those other shows that were listed (love Daivd Lindley-seen him a ton) and yeah, they were a lot of fun, but I stopped going to soem of the shows I knew would sell out after a while, because they were so over-packed (over sold? or poor security?) that the Hall was too uncomfortable for me. I like having room to dance and to be able to walk to the bathroom from upstairs without it taking a half hour to wade through the crowd. (i know, i must be getting old...)

But this is all irrelevant. PP has put on some terrific shows at the Mateel and they're still putting on great shows else where. And great shows can be put on at the MCC by its staff as benefits for the Mateel and by other promotors too. This should not be a competition between the two over who can do shows better- in my opinion. This is about responsibilities. Let's try and stay focused people.

Oh but while we're talking shows- how about doing David Byrne at the Mateel next time he's touring about??!! He does a great show!
I was driving along today thinking about the ROTR/RR/PP/CB/PB/TD etc mess.

One of the things that has been very irritating since this mess erupted is the claim by PP etc that not only did they do such a good job over the years, but that no one else could do the job.

It seems to me that the MCC has co-produced the event all along since they put up the front money, signed the leases,got permits, paid for the infrastructure and supplied a huge and low cost labor force of volunteers.

I would still like to see a settlement along with recognition by CB/PB of what they have recieved from the MCC over the years. I'm not talking about $$$---I'm talking about the chance to learn their craft, which they claim to be very good at.
We've heard quite a bit about what they have given and nothing about what they've received.
I'd also like to see an apology from the MCC and PP/CB/PB/TD for what they have dragged us all through.

I won't hold my breath on the acknowledgment and apology, but co-production point is valid.
Hey Margret the material prices where changing daily and most of the contractors did not even receive there charge account bills till after the show .Charge materials in July get bill by the 10 of August .It was a huge job to build a new site that took 20 years at Frenches and to get it done in 3 months in the new location.The county also held up the construction permit till the last minute so that when they got the go ahead it was full steam ahead and hope to get it done on time with the safety of the patrons being number one on the agenda
to answer the question of who can put on a better reggae show? the answer is me PHINEUS J,WHOOPIE.thats right,i put on a good stack of cd;z,turn the lights down low,and rock out without the hassle of all of this madness....
Well, ya know what they say, 5:22, it doesn't matter how big a dog ate your homework..... In the real world of musical events production, delays and unforeseen cost increases go with the territory. The production company sometimes eats shit, financially, through no fault of their own. I'd have thought PP had learned that hard lesson with the Unity Tour. And yes, the MCC had been told many times to "take the guarantee" rather than banking on the projected profit.
So there we all were, in 2006, battered by circumstance, probably with all parties having done their best, such as it was.....
My beef is that when the MCC simply informed their membership that they were in dire financial straits, I don't get why PP and TD attacked them. It was TRUE that MCC didn't get the money they'd anticipated. I don't get why PP and TD weren't right up there in front explaining what had happened, acknowledging that their projections had not been accurate, apologizing for their role in the crisis (as any experienced, savvy, responsible adults would do)and offering to work more closely with the MCC to get past this major bump in their shared road.
I don't get why any suggestion that PP doesn't stand for Production Perfection is taken as a hit below the belt, a personal attack on Carol's integrity..... Hell, we all make mistakes! It's only when we try to hide our fallibility that we risk ending up exposed like the emperor who wore no clothes.
Lotsa old hippies standin' around here naked these days. And "YUCK!" say our children.
Here here! I totally agree with you 6:08. Why couldn't they all come to the membership and try and explain what was going on and provide some productive solutions? Sounds like a bunch of egos (probably on both sides), years of hurt and mistrust and a mutual desire to divorce. It is so sad it's gotten so ugly.
It's mine, my precious give it to me, it's mine I say. My precious..slobber, covet...sell it to me, the license, my precious, I own it it's precious..
6:08 PM
So true. The unity that would have happened if PB didn’t go on the radio and rant (I won’t go into it again. You’re welcome.) set the tone right away. Can you imagine the different scenario if Carol and PB and Tom came on and said how sorry they were that things worked out the way they did and had a ten point plan to make it work the next time and offered a budget instead of saying what they did. The tone of the radio show and the meeting is what got us here. It could have been much different. And they are still doing it. In the end they are going to be the big losers no matter how you look at it. Just wait and see.
Mon Feb 25, 06:08:00 PM:

Carol and Tom DID set up a meeting with the MCC board, and their ED, in September 2006, for the very purpose of trying to amortize the unexpected costs of moving to the new site, and to try and troubleshoot a way to keep the Mateel healthy. They wanted to take the burden off of the Mateel, and stretch the costs over a few years, so that in the meantime, the Mateel could do "business as usual", until ROTR evolved into a secure nest egg again, after a couple of years at the new site.

The board and ED sat at the table, with bored, stony-faced expressions.

When the amortization idea was presented, Taunya responded by saying that "MCC doesn't need or want your help, because we have a new business plan that will free us from being dependant on ROTR"

Carol and Tom attended the meeting in good faith, to try and find a positive way to lessen the financial impact upon MCC of the reduced bottom line of the 2006 festival. They left the meeting pretty puzzled, as you can imagine.

If you had been in Carol's shoes, walking out of that meeting after trying to be helpful, how would YOU have felt several weeks later when MCC's "open letter" hit everyone's p.o. boxes, the Redwood Times, and the Indie?
And what about Carol and her shitty budgeting. I would think after years and years of putting this show on like the world class promoter she and all her minions like to think she is, I would think that things would get cheaper. You know, save a little here and save a little there because we already bought this and that and we figured out we can save on this if we do it this way and since out payroll is so low because so much of the labor is donated and/or given at cut rate prices. What the hell does Sister Carol and her defenders think is going to happen when Danny Scher wants to know what happened to the money and want to see the books. Even lame brain Tom Dimmick is going to want to see the books. You jokers better watch out for what you wish. You just may get it. You are like the followers of Jim Jones.
I thought everything would be AOK if Taunya left. Now it has to be Justin. Take the Guarantee. Ok, we will take the Guarantee. Well, then you talked to too many people.
There seems to be a pattern here. Jump through this hoop. Ok, now hop on one foot. Ok now hold your nose and tug on your ear. Ok, now bend over.
Your post was interesting until you brought up the “open letter”. Because the”open letter” was such a non issue until PB went off. The “open letter” was nothing. What got everybody’s dander up and stirred the pot was PB’s response to the “open letter”. Again, if PB would not have done that and what he did at the meeting and Carol and Tom would have done something else at the meeting there would have been a huge amount of people wanting to listen to what PP had to say and would have given them the benefit of the doubt… again. But they poisoned the whole dialog. It was too hard to come back from that. The shirt and the signs and the “fuck the band…” comment and even Hanna’s attitude. By the time the meeting was over it was “fuck these people. Get the hell out of here.”
7:27 You lost all your credibility you may have gained when you tried to blame the problem on the “open letter”.
Mon Feb 25, 07:59:00 PM, I was responding to Mon Feb 25, 06:08:00 PM's question about why Carol, PP, etc. were so offended by the "open letter".

PB was not at the board meeting with Carol and Tom in Sept. 2006. PB was not part of People Productions by then, and he was not part of the group trying to come up with a solution that would keep the Mateel solvent.

Think about Carol trying to work something out with the Mateel in Sept. 06. She was told that her help wasn't needed, because the Mateel had a vision and a business plan. Carol must have been pretty blown away when the Mateel published that letter a few weeks later, begging the community for help. Wait a minute... 6 weeks ago you privately said you were fine, and didn't need help. Now you are making a public cry for help, and saying the folks (who offered you help last month) aren't coming through for you?

Who wouldn't be a bit offended by that? If PB chose to rant on the radio, etc, that's hardly Carol's fault. He left the partnership a few years ago. Yes, he's over the top. Yes, he can be offensive. But you can't consider him a PP mouthpiece, just because he used to be Carol's business partner, just like you can't hold Garth responsible for his step dad organizing the protest flotilla.

I got mad at PB's antics at that meeting, too. The signs, the t-shirt, his "F" the band comments, all of it. But he is NOT Carol. He is a former business partner, and a longtime friend of hers. If he was trying to "show his loyalty and friendship" by blowing off steam, just like he's always done, for decades in this community, why should it reflect on Carol? She's not his mother, ya know?
I got mad at PB's antics at that meeting, too.

what? I expected nothing less from PB, What do you expect from a radical protester like him, he has always been loud mouthed, but his anti-establishment rhetoric was completely wasted on the pseudo intellectual establishmentfolk who did not like what he had to say, and instead of realizing that his behavior was a response to behavior that he found offensive they used his antics as an excuse to walk away from the table and into court.

shame on all of us for letting this go this far, we are a bunch of shameless jackasses who are getting our jollies off the misery of our neighbors. if it weren't so much fun wallowing in this filth I would probably be kicking my ass.
Where do you people make this crap up? TD and CB by their own words in court never talked to the MCC board in group. TD talked to TS about deferring payments and using the line of credit on the hall, always a popular notion. Then they dropped their ever popular licensing proposal on them. They stole the show, plotted it out and did it. Their wings are free. Now you're all willing to pitch PB to the wolves like he was some random wingnut. But I was told by CB's friends what the plan for the meeting was, she won't work for these people. So change them now or she walks. A bunch of spoiled brats. Are we feeling irritable because only one of the headliners and one replacement made it to our Reggae fest?
So what if the Mateel asked for membership input and not want Carol’s help. After so many years of stress and tension and fighting it is perfectly logical that they didn’t want her help. Or at least asked for the membership’s input. Carol could have still come to the meeting with some kind of viable plan to get things in order instead of telling everybody she would not work with the Mateel again and they would have to sell the event to her. Whether you like it or not PB represents PP and Carol Bruno. He knows this and cannot hide behind “former business partner” nonsense. Perception is reality.
11:24 PM It is a good thing you aren't the judge, since you obviously have not listened to the trial and your statement is flat wrong. TD and CB were at the Sept. meeting together. The first lic. proposal was in April 2006, long before this mess bagan and long before the private "big fish eats little fish" meeting TS had with TD before the Sept. meeting. Get your facts right.
you should get your"wrrds" straight before you lecture us. "bagan" isn't a "wrrd".
As soon as Doug gets back from Mexico he will be subpoenaed. Then we will hear the truth. Won't we?
And what ullimination do you (8:36 am) expect Doug to give us all when he returns, assuming he's back before the trial is over...??
Words, words, words. Over a year of words flying around this blog now. And he asked "what has been settled"? I will tell you. Absolutely nothing!! That's right, nothing written here has settled one damn thing, nor will it. What has been clear for more than a year is that this will be settled in court, the legal kind not the public opinion kind. No words from here will change anything.

The future is before us. The past lies deader than the Direville Giant and yet we persist in going over the same stuff ad infinitum. REALLY PEOPLE get a hobby already!!

Here is the deal. Reggae and it's future will be decided by the Honorable Mr. Warren. He will make his decision and we will live with it. We could spend the next 5 years pissing and moaning here about this or that and it would be just as effective as all the words of the past year+.

Once again I say, come on people, let it go. Let the chips fall where they may. Get out, enjoy or little corner of the world protected by the big trees. Go to the next music performance/festival and get down. Stop wasting your life at the keyboard and go out and live.

I got my 2008 Mateel membership card in the mail yesterday. Great plans for this year coming from our community center. Let me join the board in encouraging each of us to sign up 5 new members to keep our center going. the meantime I encourage Peace, here at home and in the world!! Now get out of the house you kids!!

Thank you Mr. Kirk for keeping this forum open. As much as it has been a pain for you I know you do a community service just by being here and I know I am not alone in my appreaciation.
OKay 8:45 Who said ultimatum? I spoke of truth. Remember his speech at the MCC meeting where he stood up and told us he had already been to see lawyers about the contracts? That was prior to the meeting. Why, tell me why, was he involved in this before Carol spoke or sent any letters to anyone?
Doug Green was the first person to admit to talking to lawyers. He did so at the infamous November 17th meeting. He, admitted, was the one who brought Boots on board long before Carol and her now infamous speech at the November 17th meeting. Doug Green was the mover and shaker behind the MCC/BOD conspiracy to remove Carol/PP. Part of this MCC/BOD conspiracy has already come out in the court hearings. Luckily things are continued far into March and luckily this will have Doug Green back in the country to be subpoenaed.
A pain for him?He loves this
Anonymous "wrrd" wizard said...

you should get your"wrrds" straight before you lecture us. "bagan" isn't a "wrrd".

Yes it is. It's the term for someone who maintains a strict bagels only diet - with a free range choice of toppings, of course.
8:49 PM
You said: “Carol must have been pretty blown away when the Mateel published that letter a few weeks later, begging the community for help.”
The Mateel must have been pretty blown away when People’s Productions told them that the money that they promised and promised and promised was not there (for the second year in a row I might add)!!! And we won’t do the event for you anymore. In fact you better sell it to us or we will take it (as the story has played out). Was it later that PP or one of their lackeys labeled a request for an audit as an accusation of fraud? Just wondering who should have been blown away.
So does a “bagan” only eat begals or is a “bagan” able to supplement?
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