Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Reggae trial resumes tomorrow

For another three days. Use this thread to report on the proceedings. Or you could just repeat the same lamoid arguments and accusations you've been making for a year and a half. Or you could come up with something new to say, though I wonder if there actually is anything new to say. Comments about private individuals who aren't actually major players in the case will be deleted, as well as over-the-top insults and of course anything which appears to be libelous or threatening.

I'm looking forward to the conclusion of this thing, however it ends.

Is it expected to move out of the testimony stage this
week, like end on Friday? Or will It likely be moving on to next week? Still be at the Red Lion?
I don't think we will see a conclusion for a long, long time, Eric. Figure another week or two or three for this hearing. Then the judge's decision. Then an appeal. Then...And there are how many other court cases still pending? Two or three or four? Each with weeks of testimony and deliberation, eventual decision, probable appeal, and so on.
I know this isn't ending in the next 3 days, there is definitely a part three scheduled. When and how long will probably be determined by how many witnesses they get through this week. I'm not so sure about appeals, and even if people want to spend the money to go there they will take time. Whoever wins round 1 probably determines the fate of the 2008 festival.
Danger Mr. Robinson!!!

If the fire walker has to swear on the Bible to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, I wouldn't want to be to close. You never know what might happen!!!!
Spontaneous combustion is a remote possibility....
cancel the party,thats all it is anyway...stay home,eat cookies,hug ur chirrins...
Eric, there will be no “conclusion of this thing” as you call it. Your lawyer buddies have set it up so the decision will be appealable. Those same ten people ON BOTH SIDES will keep this going on forever. The lawyers should have a job into perpetuity, or the death of the Reggae event, whichever comes first. Meanwhile the whole community suffers and becomes divided.
Spot on, Ernie. That is the truest most concise statement I've ever read of yours. Keep it up. Maybe you're a visionary after all.
I'm not so sure Ernie. Sooner or later one or both sides is going to run out of money. I think the conclusion of this trial will set up a new round of negotiations. Somebody will probably have more leverage. I have no idea which side. But the energy of the fight has been sapped.
MIK's hero.
Word Nazi Please Help The Mateel
What do you suggest, Ernie? How can this be ended by both parties in a fair and equitable way?
Does anybody know who is on the stand today?
Taunya was to continue her testimony, and then I believe Garth and Bob were going to be next, but I don't know in which order.
When Dimmick loses does he have to put up a bond if he wants to appeal? A bond equal to the amount the Mateel wins? Last year’s payday plus lawyer fees plus this year’s payday? Because if he appeals the Mateel will surely not be able to put on Reggae on the River® while the appeal is going on and Dimmick will be responsible for that too. Just asken.
*pacing back and forth waiting for felix or margaret to post*
Tryin to think,

You should try a little harder. You are blind if you think this is even close to being decided in favor of the Mateel.
I know what you mean. A non profit stealing from a for profit company is a slam dunk victory for the Profiteers. Kenny Lay would be very happy if he were around to see it.

On Thursday, March 6, 2008 at 6:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard, the Humboldt County Planning Commission will hold public hearings in the Board of Supervisors’ Chamber, Humboldt County Courthouse, Eureka, California, to consider the matters listed below. It is being recommended that the Planning Commission adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration (finding of no significant adverse environmental effect) on the indicated project. For further information regarding the proposed project and the draft Mitigated Negative Declaration may be obtained from the Planning Division of the Humboldt County Community Development Services, 3015 “H” Street, Eureka, California 95501. Telephone (707) 445-7541 (Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

2. Review of the Annual Report for the 2007 Reggae on the River/Reggae Rising Music Festival; Case No. CUP-04-38M; MATEEL COMMUNITY CENTER (REGGAE ON THE RIVER EVENT) PEOPLE PRODUCTIONS (REGGAE RISING EVENT); applicant; File Nos. APN 33-271-05, 33-271-07 & 33-041-23; Cooks Valley area. Review of the Annual Report for the 2007 Reggae on the River/Reggae Rising music festival. The approved Conditional Use Permit allows the event to be held over the first weekend of August, from Friday to Sunday for the next eight (8) years on the 120 acre property known as Dimmick Ranch (a portion of the former site east of the river will still be used for camping). Attendance approved for 2007 was 12,400 persons, which was 2,000 less than the previous year. Campers were allowed to enter the site a day earlier (Thursday), although the hours of performance remained the same. The Planning Commission will be setting the attendance levels for the 2008 event; the applicant is requesting ticket sales be allowed to increase back to the 2006 levels of 12,000, and with the commensurate increase in staff and volunteers, the total number of persons at the event would be 14,400 persons. THE PROJECT SITE FOR THE MUSIC FESTIVAL IS LOCATED IN THE COOKS VALLEY AREA ON THE EAST SIDE OF US HIGHWAY 101 EXTENDING EAST FROM THE INTERSECTION OF COOKS VALLEY ROAD WITH US HIGHWAY 101 ON THE PROPERTY KNOWN AS THE “DIMMICK RANCH” (240 COOKS VALLEY ROAD). NOTE: Environmental Review for the project was completed on March 3, 2006 with the adoption of a Supplemental Environmental Impact Report.

Any person may appear and present testimony in regard to these matters at these hearings. The Planning Commission needs ONE ORIGINAL AND 14 COPIES of any materials submitted either prior to or at the meeting. The Commission’s decisions will become effective if an appeal is not filed within the appropriate filing period. An appeal may be filed by any aggrieved person and must be submitted in writing with the required fees to the Planning Division of the Humboldt County Community Development Services before the effective date. If appealed, the decision will not become effective until the appeal is resolved. If you challenge the nature of the proposed action in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at the public hearing described in this notice, or in written correspondence delivered to the Planning Commission, at, or prior to, the public hearing. Note: Appeals may be filed in the Planning Division.
Oh,goody! The Lefarge Knitting Society is back in the front seats again.
Mr.Knowles is grasping at straws. Festival of Courage? GOD!Is that all you've got? Lets compare a $10,000 loss to $280,000. (Like it has any relevance in the first place!)The judge must be full of snickers in his knickers. I sure am. And the PC? They obviously are confused, and suffering from some kind of double vision or duel personality disorder. I don't remember a Reggae on the River event last year that may have had environmental effects. Oh right, Carol, Tom, PB and Y'vonne changed the name, to Reggae Rising. "Contact us early to get information out about the name change etc." Mine eyes have seen the glory...
Well, here's what I learned today. The court was set up backwards, we traded ends with the actual court officials. Everyone was disoriented. The judge reassured us that the rearrangement of the court had nothing to do with the merits of the case. Knowles called Taunya Ms. Bruno. There was no tea, coffee, etc... because the lawyers refused to pay for it. Be prepared to donate if you come. It was a rocky start to a bad day.
Knowles then followed the PP party line, all of which you've seen before. We were all one big happy family until Taunya and the BOD published the letter that defamed Carol's company and divided the community. The MCC wasted all it's money on the FOC and the Hoedown and there are emails from Eryn Snodgrass that show his concern about those events. The BOD and Taunya were plotting to get rid of Carol. PB is being nasty on Thank Jah. Is Taunya encouraging the BOD to encourage the community to speculate? Is Estelle biased.
Taunya, who is giving way more irrelevant info than she needs to, is still on the stand tomorrow because we still haven't made it to the membership meeting. Someone asked me if this had changed my position. No. I knew the problems at the MCC. But I also knew about the ongoing problems between the 2 organizations for years. I had urged past BODs and EDs to go public and take these problems to the membership. They seemed pretty sure their lives would be ruined. I guess I grew up watching too many movies where the big ranchers held the little town hostage until the super good guy comes and frees them. Taunya's an unlikely savior but many are grateful.
Oh yeah, there's another week, maybe mid-March.
Thanks, Margaret. Felix, do you have anything to add?
What I would like to know is, Which entity filed the paper work for the planning commission CUP hearing?
The Mateel? (not)
pp ?
td ?
The dimmick ranch?
The Planning Commission ?
Michael Richardson?
Doesn't having the Mateel's name on the CUP make the Mateel liable/culpable for any
negavitve impact that might occur even though the Mateel is not compensated for the use of their name?
Wouldn't using the Mateel's name without it's permission constitute some kind of fraud especially if something should happen that left the Mateel liable?
Did/has/is the Mateel contesting the the use of it's name on the permit?
Is the county committing/allowing malfeasance in the filing of the permit as written?
From a legal stand point what does it all mean or isn't it worth asking for some kind of legal clarity? Is it to lamoid to ask? Any legal experts care to opine?
Knit, knit, knit.....
I agree with what does FOC have to do with any of this?? WE/MCC tried a new event that didn't make the cut.Why didn't Knowles bring up the fact that the first 3 ROTRs lost money too. It takes awhile for new events to gain a foothold. I know of lots of people who absolutely love the Hoe Down. It is my understanding it never lost money, but broke even, and then last year made some $$. Yippee. The MCC is/needs/wants to be more than just reggae. I am grateful for that as a member of this community and the MCC. The MCC did not get paid for TWO years, now 3 from ROTR. At least TS saw the loss in one year, and moved on. I hope the community center still tries to expand its "vision" of what the MCC is in our community.
The relationship between PP and MCC has been difficult for some time, but no one can deny that the inflammatory, innuendo-filled "open letter to the community" the MCC chose to mail out to community members, and publish in both local papers, in the fall of 2006, is the catalyst to blame for the current situation.

It's not Carol or PP's fault that PB "got nasty" on Thank Jah. If you haven't noticed by now, no one can shut him up. He speaks his mind. He may not speak for me, he may not speak for PP, he may not speak for you, but it's free speech, right? Tune him out if you don't agree.

It's sad that MCC decided to send out that letter, which only served to fuel the rumor mill, and was similar to the "WMD" case that the Bush administration used to sell their pre-emptive war on Iraq.

Just as letting the UN do its job would have better served the world in the case of Iraq, opting for mediation, BEFORE publishing that inflammatory letter, would have better served our community.

I am a card-carrying, current member of the Mateel, but I am embarrassed by the path they have chosen these past 16 or 17 months.

I will continue to donate to the Mateel, and renew my membership, but I will not contribute one penny for their legal folly.
"Mr.Knowles is grasping at straws"

Not at all. Mr Knowles is involved in the lawyerly pursuit called 'laying out a case' or perhaps 'presenting a case.' It happens piece by piece--and Bill Bragg is involved in the same game. If you choose to try to decide the game yourself based on one piece, you lose and show yourself to be an unthinking loser (which I think we already knew).

Please remember that Mr Bragg has not yet even concluded his case--right now Taunya is being CROSS-EXAMINED by Mr Knowles. (If you don't know what that means, Google it before you show further ignorance!) After Mr Bragg is done with his case, Mr Knowles will have an opportunity to present HIS case, call his witnesses, etc.

After a week of Mr Bragg presenting his case, I think it might be fairly clever of Mr Knowles to use the opportunity to Cross-Examine Taunya as a way to begin to state his case, and interrupt the flow of what Mr Bragg was about. Again, a lawyerly thing that I don't know much about---but it has now been something like 12 days since Bragg has gotten to move his case forward.

How about waiting until the trial is over to make your decision---and then look around for someone who cares. The only opinion that matters in this instance is the Judge's. And he keeps bringing up Taunya's shuffling of documents, and is not any too pleased by the artifice of paying a lover $1 a year to try to claim attorney/client privilege.
I'm sure we would all be ecstatic to move forward. Mr. Knowles objected to a 2 hour cross examination of Boots after a 3 hour direct. We are now moving into the fourth day of a cross on a 4 hour direct. And Bragg still has Bob and Garth.
The letter did not divide the community, it merely pointed out an already existing situation. As long as the MCC refused to stand up for itself no one else was going to do it for them. Like in those westerns. Bush's WMDs did not exist. The ongoing abuse of the MCC by PP, combined with no monetary reward is a reality. Calling board members at all hours of the day and night and threatening and badgering them until you get what you want is a long standing PP tactic. When the MCC could take no more, was broke, and pretty sure they were being shoved out, they published a letter.
The stuff about PB and the radio etc... was just stuff Knowles and Taunya were going round and round about. So I reported it.
I think the fact that both Tawny and TomyD have contracted "I cant recall" Reaganitis the aspect of "Driven Snow is" out of the picture. Seems to be enough dirty linen to keep the barristers well fed for awhile. Call me thick but what the heck is the Festival of Cougars? A car show?
Blind believers in the MCC spin see and hear only what they want to see and hear.

There is so much more to this story.

That "open letter to the community" was just like the nigerian yellow-flake .... have we been flamed, or plamed?
Simodus Titanticus,
from what I understand, the Festival of Courage happened after some Blue Lake school teachers who'd been producing a small Rennaissance Festival for 3 years, got tired of doing it. They didn't want to see it die and after seeing how successful MCC's Summer Arts Fair was, decided to ask MCC to take it over. Taunya wanted to expand it and to produce it up in north county. Unfortunately, she lost some key volunteers and staff before the event, it rained and tanked.
Margaret said: " The letter did not divide the community, it merely pointed out an already existing situation."

That's BS. The "letter" was propaganda... with a full-tilt spin... with hints about a damning "audit" which was launched, by MCC, improperly, untimely, and never completed. The poor CPA Debra, who was supposed to conduct it, was played like a puppet on a string by MCC... and, for some reason, she never asked PP for more info, or to clarify any questions she had. Hmmm, I wonder why.

It's really easy to root for MCC, and say they are the underdog, and a poor little NPO... but if you look closely, you will see that it has always been Carol Bruno, and People Productions, who have consistently looked out for the best interests of the Mateel.

Back when Susie Mattila was bookkeeper for the MCC, she never would have allowed them to blow all their money on a hoe down... she also would have counselled them that, instead of using their "rainy day fund" to repair the roof, we could hold a community fund raiser.

Instead, the Mateel went their own way, and here we are... after their "shock and awe".

Wow.......PP's public relations drama mavens are working overtime. Tell it to the Judge. I'm sure he will see it exactly your way.
SM's testimony of PP's adherence to SAAP has no bearing on anything?
Didn't she also quit in the NCJ interview?
No wonder Eric is looking for the conclusion, however it ends. Me too...
Same old lamoid.
When was the date that this letter was sent out and made public? Sent out in the "Fall of 2006" is ambigious.
No over the top insults, good idea. Only underhanded insults will be allowed here from now on. It makes me feel safer to know that a licensed attorney is censoring this blog.
A fair and reasonable solution would be for CB and PP to disgorge their ill-gotten profits to the MCC.
CB has never looked out for anyone's interests but her own.
May those who love us love us,
and those who do not love us,
may God turn their hearts,
and if He cannot turn their hearts
may He turn their ankles
that we may know them by their limping.
~Irish Prayer
11:01 pm wrote "...hints about a damning 'audit' which was launched, by MCC, improperly, untimely, and never completed."

Odd innit that an audit, such a basic symbol of integrity, could ever be characterized as above, except by those with something to hide.

Once again, who manufactured the various wrist bands over all the years and have those records been made available for the public record? Now that is an audit that is proper, timely, completable and not subject to shenanigans.

How many bands and others were underpaid based on falsified attendance figures or similar misrepresentations?

How does this honestly & properly support reggae music without which none of you bumpkins would have anything to fight about?

Oh I forgot, reggae is just a means to an end where personal profit trumps all. It's a vehicle baby! Whatever gets you through the night is all right, right? Unity delivered with hugs, kisses, platitudes and a picked pocket!
I don't think alot of you even know what this lawsuit is about.It's NOT about a non=profit against a for profit.It's about a breach of contract.Do you think a non profit can breach a contract?Ok,. let the lies begain. H. PHUN
To tout a win on a single letter that was based in truth, is a foolish assumption.
The Judge will render his decision on the tier of evidence not one truthful letter.

Yellow Cake not "Yellow Flake". "Shock and Awe?"
So much drama!!!
I can't wait for the encore!
FYI, The bill for the coffee was over $600 last session. As for the Lawyers paying for it, they are the owns doing the work at this point and that cost will be charged to both parties. $$$$$$$$$$

What would you buy with $600? Just bringing your own bagged lunch would help as well. Stop whining about not getting a "free" cup of coffee or "free" chocolates.
6:57 A.M.
"own's doing the work
wrong wrrd! "
Yes, Howard. This lawsuit is about a breach of contract. I heard CB quit. Eveything the MCC did after that time were defensive moves to protect itself. I, for one, am really tired of cb's theatrics, and hysterics. You are blind.
BTW according to the ex Ms. Director's own statement to us at the Nov. 17 meeting the intellectual rights to the Festival of Courage were purchased by the MCC. That was a direct lie. The loss was not ten thousand dollars. Her statement that night told us it was a 20 thousand dollar loss. Lets deal in truths here. The whole idea was a bad one and the MCC BOD had it rammed down their collective throats by giving TS too much autonomy. They should have been able to control her but TS worked on her own way too often. Her agenda was not the best for the community. The mediation should have happened before any letter was grandstanded in any newspaper.
Hey, 7:54am..you, for one, are an ANONYMOUS coward. At least Mr. Phun signed his name. You must know him or you wouldn't have used his first name. Who are you?
After 13 years of abuse from club reggae it was about time the MCC wrote a letter to the community.
I read that letter in the paper. I did not rake it as grandstanding. I wasn't really paying much attention to the inner workings of pp/mcc. then I read the letter to the community, and thought "the community center is in trouble". So I started donating more money to them, and paying a little bit of attention to what was going on. It was pb's rant on Thank Jah that made me realize what a bunch of goons and pushy-pushy people the pp crowd is. And then Kevin Arnoul and all his yelling and screaming. To me, whether the MCC outright purchased, or licensed the MFOC, makes no difference. As an uneducated "promoter" of things, they sound the same. The MCC tried to help out someone, another local np, and didn't succeed. SO WHAT. PP has failed the MCC 2(now 3) years in a row. THAT MATTERS. And they are stealing the MCC's major asset. So now little local np's, some of them can't afford the rent at the hall. Money that ROTR used to subsidize.
The letter could not have happened after mediation. The Mateel had to have a meeting. The Mateel members (you and I) had a right to be told that the Mateel was in dire straights and that the subject would be covered at the meeting. I don’t remember the letter being so inflammatory even though some on the People Production side may have felt that way because the community was being told that the promised Reggae money was not forthcoming for the second year in a row. The letter did not mention anything about the emails from Dimmick and Bruno about not doing Reggae for the Mateel any more. The letter only mentioned that the Mateel was not getting its money and needed to figure out what to do. At least that is my memory.
No fashion report?
I couldn’t find the letter but I found this in the NCJ about the whole thing in 2006.

"A letter sent out by the Mateel board of directors and its executive director, Taunya Stapp, explained that this year the event's production company, People Productions, had projected a net income from Reggae of $250,000, then on Oct. 21, the board had been told that "perhaps there would be a profit of $16,000."
This is a major blow for the Mateel, since the festival typically provides the bulk of the organization's operating budget. The board asked for community input, in particular at the Mateel's upcoming annual meeting, set for this Friday, Nov. 17.
While some saw the letter as a cry for help, others took it as a slap in the face to longtime Reggae producers People Productions. Battle lines were drawn, and counter-accusations showed up on the letter to the editor pages of the local papers from People Productions' CEO Carol Bruno and her supporters and staff.
The dispute heated up on "Thank Jah, It's Friday," a morning talk radio show hosted by former People Productions partner Paul "P.B." Bassis.
Responding to a caller, Bassis argued, "What is so disturbing about Taunya Stapp's finger-pointing at People Productions for the Mateel's unbelievable account of financial woes -- this organization, and I will only speak to what I factually know -- this organization received in proceeds from Reggae on the River in a 10-year period of time, in the neighborhood of $2.25 million. How that organization possibly squandered that much money to run a community center in Redway is astounding. It can only point to mismanagement of the organization."
Speaking directly to Stapp (who was not, in fact, listening to the show) Bassis said she should be ashamed, concluding, "You came to this community two years ago to take the job of director of the Mateel, and if you take us for fools and dumb-asses, you are absolutely wrong.""
8:21 AM
The money that Tom Dimmick has refused to return ($33,000 U.S. Dollars) to the Mateel was a whole lot more than the Mateel lost trying to do another community program. The rent for the infrastructure for the Reggae Rising event that People’s Productions has not paid is a lot more than what the Mateel lost on FOC. Of course you probably think that that is just ok. The FOC could possibly been a success if the Mateel would have received the money that it should have for Reggae on the River®. They didn’t have money to continue their participation becaseu of what PP/CB/TD/PB have done to them IMO.
Your opinion? The MFOC rights were never purchased. They were never available to buy. SHE LIED TO YOU.
Continue to participate? Get a clue. How many other lies did the membership believe? This credibility gap is nothing new to those people who have had to deal with her TS, er BS, in the past. The MCC is just another victim of her inept business practices. Shuffling, obfuscation, bad leadership.
And now a big court case. Believe me, if coffee bills come to 600 bucks, the legal bills will be so big that one successful Clinton concert can't even begin to pay the attorney. The MCC deserves better results than the past ED produced.
My money is on the community waking up to the foolishness of believing blindly in what Ms. Staup says. Sooner or later it has to happen.
Even if the MCC was bad at managing its money, and even if they made a bad hiring decision by bringing in TS as ED, that does not justify PP's grossly inaccurate profit projections nor PP's refusal to share financial information. It certainly may justify Carol's unwillingness to work with MCC again, and the MCC was perfectly reasonable, after all her complaints to take her at her word when she said she was quitting.
Knit one, pearl two......
So the pearls are winning? Which side are the pearls on?
Did Paul Bassis really say this on the air? "Speaking directly to Stapp (who was not, in fact, listening to the show) Bassis said she should be ashamed, concluding, "You came to this community two years ago to take the job of director of the Mateel, and if you take us for fools and dumb-asses, you are absolutely wrong."
Is this the same Paul Bassis that came to the MCC many years ago wearing an ankle bracelet after being busted for dope dealing in our community? Could that be the same guy? Seems like a criminal came to sweep the MCC's floor and ended up stealing the Golden Goose and all the eggs!
Ha, life is funny!
If instead of Taunya the Mateel had hired Santa Claus, or Beelzebub, or Sampson and Delilah, or any other available professional of any stripe, we would be hearing endlessly about Santa Claus instead of the cause of the problem, which is PP.

Whatever Taunya was, talking about her is just sand thrown in our eyes. She was hired to run a center whose funding source stopped sending the money it said it would. That was not Taunya's fault. It was her job to respond. Case closed. Now, back to the real case.
Yep, case closed, the Mateel will never be an all-inclusive 'community' center again.
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Oh Goody, the thieves are accusing the victims of robbing themselves. Great theatre for a rainy day. Bring on the spin and Bullshit. What fun!

How about we set up another cow pie Bingo to bet on who gets shit on next?
I've started a new thread in anticipation of the NCJ story, presumably by Bob Doran, which is not yet available online. I'll post a link when it becomes available.
Number 23,nexxt! Knit, knit, knit....
It's "purl" when you are knitting and purling. Anyone have any good patterns?
Dear 10:46- Boy you are presumptious... I happen to live in this community, work a good paying straight job (I do have to travel a lot in order to work here and work for my employeers..but anyway) I have an engineering degree and graduated Magna Cum Laude (with honors) and I have many friends here in similiar positions and many of us support the Mateel. Quit pigeon holing the entire community into being "nothing more" than uneducated pot growers! There is do much more going on in this community than that. Please try and evolve.

But more to the point: If you are so concerned about the MCC missing out on grant writing opportunities, please find some foundations or agencies that are funding the work the MCC is trying to do and help out rather than bitch and complain.
Maybe I'm missing something Anon Feb 21, 12:14:00 PM but, isn't that what their paid staff is suppose to be doing?
10:44am. The Mateel was never an all inclusive organization. Even though there was the word "Community" attached to the title, it really was a private club run by the same group who now feel ROTR is really their property anyway. How else can one explain such arrogance?
it has always been Carol Bruno, and People Productions, who have consistently looked out for the best interests of the Mateel.

Oh yea? Is that why they were engaged in business negotiations to benefit only themselves? As in "Lets do Reggae and not do the Mateel," And how about the French's lease debacle brought on by none other than pp'er PB, who then went and negotiated on behalf of Tommy?!?!?! WTF! Sounds f-ing corrupt to me!

Only an blind lemming idiot would say that Carol and PP consistently looked out for the best for the Mateel. You are so full of shit. It is getting really getting deep, I have to go put on my farm boots so I can slog through all the crap around here.

Oh, and I love it when you bitch about Taunya (as ED) pushing the BOD around (They should have been able to control her but TS worked on her own way too often.) WHAT do you think Carol did to the BOD for the 10 years she was at the helm?

Good for the goose, not good for the gander? Golden goosey loosy logic (like that there wristband and$$ accounting) I reckin'.
Hey,"ms.lefarge" poser, I'm ms. lefarge and now I have to tear out all the rows I started today because you broke my skein of concentration.
Darling, it's "poseur" and I'm not. *pauses to untangle the many skeins*
LeFarge. As long as you're changing "poser" to "poseur."
Anyway, it's Mm LeFarge, ms. poser.
OK 12:44pm, I stand corrected, it was never an all-inclusive 'community' center...I've been under the wrong impression all these years. And now it's becoming a production company I see..hmmm
I removed a rather long statement for one sentence really. It attributed statements to an individual who called me up and denied having made them.
Anyway, it's Mm LeFarge, ms. poser.

You tell me how I spell my name? How droll. It would be Mme. LaFarge, should I use that doubtful honorific, which use I decline, trying to keep up with these Modern Times.

Back to the knitting.
I love all of this good natured ribbing. It slips a whole new intarsia into the cast on cable.
Ms. Lafarge, I think you mean DeFarge.
intarsia: technique of decorating a surface with inlaid patterns
When intarsia, do as the tarsians do.
Me tarsian, you jane?
Speaking of inlaid intricate patterns. I just read on Ernie's blog that the Harley Run and the Rodeo are being held on the same weekend this summer. Who gets the streets? Bikes or the parade? Do the bikers participate? This could be the party of the year!
I didn't renew my mateel membership for years, because i felt is was all going to CB and PB's pockets and not doing much toward making the mateel a community center. I felt I was subsidising PP and getting nothing in return. I actually started out liking reggae music and ended up getting sick to death of its boring oom papa rythm because that's the only music CB ever brought. The Mcc is functioning more as a community center now than it ever has since the firemans hall days.
So does that mean you won't be going to the Mateel produced reggae shows? I hope not cause that would be kinda hypocritical, dontcha think? Seems like they're having alot of them too, maybe because that's what sells around here?
They may be having a lot of reggae, but they are doing other music as well.The Hoe Down, which I love, and other cultural events trying to branch out from being "PP club". I like the direction they have been trying to take, and becoming more inclusive to the whole community. Other parts of our community may be smaller than reggae, but they are still a part of OUR community. pp I feel like never wanted a WHOLE community.

I remember that Thank Jah program where pb ranted, and was very offended by the "you come into this town" comment, pb came into this town to, and finagled his way to where he is now. I found all of his rants of Thank Jah offensive,and figured about pp "birds of a feather".
flying in, any reports yet from today's session?
Frankly , no, I don't go to reggae shows, not even "Reggae on the River" thankfuly the mateel is putting on other types of music, and theater, comedy etc. now that the years booking schedule isn't hogged by PP.
What happened in court today,,please??Nothing on the news tonight.
Yes, still waiting for some word about today's session. And is the hearing continuing on Saturday? Anyone know?
Of course, I could just make up some interesting rumors and see if sparks fly.
There will be new witnesses when court resumes. TBD per schedules of the lawyers.

This is just too much to even begin to comment upon.

I posted another couple of photos in the KMUD gallery.

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