Thursday, February 21, 2008


Tonight's radio topic - Cuba and the American left

I've interviewed him previously. Leo Casey, a left wing union activist based in New York City, will talk about the recent change in power (specifically Fidel Castro's resignation), its implications, and most importantly how the American left should respond.

A few years back Casey was involved in an e-mail exchange with a number of activists who "support" Cuba and I found one of his posts particularly compelling and posted it on this blog. It'll give you an idea of where he's coming from. He also drafted this Statement on Cuba which was signed by progressives across the country (including me) and is posted at the Nation Magazine site.

Please feel free to call in to argue the points respectfully. The last show was fairly contentious. 7:00 this evening on KMUD of course.

Addendum: The international union movement is relieved over the release of union activist Pedro Pablo Alvarez Ramos, out of prison after 5 years. Only about 70 political prisoners arrested in that 2003 crackdown left.

It is not too late to invade and string up infidel by a rope.
Just to be clear, setting aside the law and morality of it, an invasion of Cuba would potentially be more problematic than Iraq. You wouldn't be facing suicide bombers in any significant numbers, but it would be an easy walk into Havana. And then the war would begin.

And Cuba hasn't bothered to build up armored artillery. They've invested in shoulder held missile launchers. Loads of them.

It's not an option.
Nonsense, we could take out the Castro regime and leave the field wide open for the Cuban people to have a fresh start. A few days of well placed shock and awe bombs will get us regime change.
Nuke them during a rainstorm, that way we could contain the radioactivity and begin harvesting their natural resources. Some may hide in the mineshafts but it is likely the ratio of men to women would be 1:100 (For repopulation purposes). They would be easy pickings.
Because that worked so well in Iraq?
That was intended for 8:34
What was that about liking the callers in this show as being more "sophisticated" than last time? Were you saying that your previous callers were stupid?
"A few days of well placed shock and awe bombs will get us regime change."

The Neo-con wet-dream was interrupted in Afghanistan and Iraq, but Anonymous, obviously, hasn't yet noticed.

A steady diet of Fox News will do that to you.
What was that about liking the callers in this show as being more "sophisticated" than last time? Were you saying that your previous callers were stupid?

Not stupid. More dogmatic. And excitable.
Well I listened last night for awhile. I thought the weakest part of the show was Casey. I cant say I disagree with him but I think we could have had a better more lively dialogue without him. The Cuban "revolution" was hot house communism. It was always an artificial creation of the U.S.S.R. Without the massive and constant support of the soviets it would have burned out in a few years if that long.
It has become just another Carribean dictatorship with an ever descending standard of living. So far less corrupt than most but that may not last.
He's definitely better in print.
The last show was more lively, but that's partly because we were inundated with calls calling us "neoconservatives" and telling us that we don't have the right to judge a third world government being oppressed by our own government.

There was too much agreement last night. I'd say that maybe I've lost the sectarian listenership except that it was just a few months ago that I got slammed with callers screaming at me about the evils of Fluoride.
Cuba libre!
Cuba has stood up remarkably well to sustained economic and political attacks from the US.

If you wish to see how lovely things could have been for Cuba if they'd simply remained under the thumb of Uncle Sam, spend some time in the free-market wonderlands of Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, et al.
Well, there's also a third model in Costa Rica and much of continental South America.
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