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Clif at Beginnings

March 7, 2008


Beginnings in Briceland Hosts Equinox Event Featuring Clendenen, Live Entertainment
on Friday, March 21

To mark the equinox and the arrival of spring, Beginnings in Briceland will play
host to a celebration open to all community members featuring dinner, a silent
auction and live music from the Steel Toed Slippers and the Whitethorn Players and
the opportunity for all in attendance to meet, listen to and talk to Clif Clendenen,
candidate for Second District supervisor, on Friday, March 21.

Residents of all ages in the area are urged to come to the community event and
fundraiser, eat dinner, meet the candidate and have a great time. Doors open at 6
p.m., with a gourmet Italian dinner served at 6:30 in the Octogon community center
hall at Beginnings. Donations for admission will be accepted, all are welcome.
Dinner tickets are on a sliding scale. Door prizes, a raffle and a silent auction
will be among the evening's entertainment, along with acoustic music from the
Whitethorn Players and a performance from the Steel Toed Slippers starting around 9

Critically acclaimed young local band Steel Toed Slippers, who released their
eponymously titled first album last month, have just completed a nine-day tour of
Southern California, finishing up at the renowned Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood. The
four-member band has played more than 50 gigs in Humboldt and Mendocino County in
the past year, and in 2007 played onstage at a benefit show alongside legendary
Little Feat guitarists Paul Barrere and Fred Tacket and participated in a national
battle of the bands on CBS' "The Early Show."

Clendenen has been holding a series of well-attended public events and forums this
year to meet and talk with residents of the Second District, and this will be an
fantastic chance for South County residents to meet him again or for the first time,
and to ask questions and talk to him about the issues surrounding the district they
believe are the most important.

Clendenen was born and raised in the Second District and has for the past 30 years
been the owner of his family business Clendenen's Cider Works in Fortuna, and he
strongly backs a sustainable economy with responsible use of agricultural and forest
lands and supports well-planned, smart growth in the district's towns and
communities. He is also an active advocate for the restoration of the Eel and
Mattole rivers, with restoration of salmon and steelhead habitats and water flows
restored to their natural levels.

Beginnings, which includes the 1,800-sq. ft. Octogon hall, the Children's House
preschool, the K-6 Skyfish School, the Yin Yang martial arts pavillion and several
other community-geared programs, was founded as an educational alternative and
community service program in the South County in 1974, with the existing site
purchased in 1977. It is located on Briceland Road approximately eight miles west of

For more information on Clendenen and his campaign, or to volunteer or donate,
contact his campaign headquarters in Fortuna at 725-4146 or visit his website at

For more information contact:

Bill Thorington, campaign manager

(707) 496-4703

David Jervis, media relations

(707) 498-0260

Great event, sort of a SoHum version of wrapping oneself in the flag.
Kind of getting old. Can you just put a banner on the blog that says "I LOVE CLIF" and be done with it?
Cliff will be there if he doesn't get a flat tire or run off the road becasue of the pot holes.
Go Estelle!
Estelle is more than welcome.
It's great to see a candidate that is really interested in all of SoHum and the folks who live here. He is running an excellent campaign. He's got my vote.
Rodoni will fill the pot holes just before the election. Then he'll empty them again right after the election.
Dear Rumor Control,
I heard yesterday that Estelle hired a campaign manager from Iowa for $40,000. True or false?
Go Estelle!
Estelle's campaign is working with Kerrigan and Associates (Chris Kerrigan). Chris and Alec, one of his associates, recently worked for John Edwards' presidential campaign in Iowa. Forty grand seems unlikely, but sure they get paid. Everyone has to eat.

People will take their shots, especially since they can be anonymous in blogland. My business is located in the 2nd and I live out in the county. If we have a fire, it's the Loleta VFD. If we need to call 911, the first responder is usually CHP. When the roads wash out, we drive up to the freeway through Loleta (at least we can always get in and out at our place). From my perspective, I want Estelle Fennell on the board.

Roger and Clif will listen when we complain, and no doubt do their best, but I believe Estelle has the capability to do a better job. Her support from the fire chief association and from stalwarts like Harold, Donna & Ernie speaks volumes to me.
40 grand seems like a lot. I would think that Roger will have the really big bucks behind him since he has the big special interests backing him. Hopefully there's enough of us 'little' guys to out vote Roger and Bill Barnun and the Maxxam crowd.
40 grand seems high for a supervisors election, but then it's not getting cheaper each election. How about publicly funded campaigns at the local level?
Who is Rodoni's campaign manager and how much is he being paid?
He doesn't need one. Just has to stand back and watch the two other candidates take votes away from each other and walk away with another term of office.
Roger's wife is his campaign manager. Humboldt County Supervisors make well over $70,000 a year. Nice gig. The median "household" income in Humboldt is around $33,000.
It is nice to see some good alternatives in the 2nd Sup. Dist.

I don't live in your district, but as a Hum. Co. resident your race affects me and everyone else in the county, especially with the General Plan in play. From that standpoint, I think either Estelle or Clif would be much, much better than Rodoni.

It'll be good to "follow the money" on this one. Quilez was outspent 4 to 1 mostly by the gravel miners supporting Curlisss. Let's see who is supporting Rodoni. I think it will be a classic case of people versus special interest with special interest weighing in with huge amounts of money. If Estelle is spending that much on Kerrigan and company, it'll be interesting to see where her money is coming from too. That may be a key to who is really the 'peoples' candidate and who has been bought off.
How will SoHum get the vote out? Dave Kirby is Estelle's campaign manager. He managed Roy Heider's campaigns and was on the Planning Commission during Heider's term. He is motivated to beat Rodoni. Rodoni is running against two good candidates. No way he'll get 50%. It'll be a runoff, but only if SoHum votes.
It would be great to set the Supervisors salaries to the county median income. Of course, folks like Rodoni always find ways to soak up more, like living rent free care of Maxxam.
Estelle who?
Wait a minute! Isn't Steel Toed Slippers managed by PP stalwart Mossman? What does this mean? Could it be that the PP/Estelle cabal crumbling already? How much is STS being paid? Will they donate any portion of that to Estelle's campaign? Or could it be that the kids want to play at this nice venue, and David Moss realizes that either Estelle or Clif would be a much better supervisor than Roger? Nah, that can't be it.....
Or maybe trying to reduce this race along the lines of PP vs. the Mateel is an oversimplification.
The oversimplification is "Clif can beat Rodoni".

No way. Estelle, maybe.
At 6,200/month it ain't exactly "well over" but it is up there, at $74,400/yr.
Do you really think Kerrigan is involved in this because he wants what's good for SoHum?
No way. Estelle, maybe.

Estelle will be lucky to collect more than a dozen votes north of Scotia.
It's great. Lets just hope that Beginning actually gave the endorsement the campaign claims and this is not Clif's folks taking advantage of the name of a hall they rented.

Either way, Eric is posting notice by both campaigns, and he is entitled to endorse who he wants. In fact, that's just being patriotic, that you take a position.

Estelle's people are not doubt welcome to submit there announcements also, right Eric?

More the 50% are ready to vote for "Anybody But Roger", sorry Stephen, it does not help Roger to have two challengers.
Hey I heard someone say Estelle is paying $200,000 to Kerrigan.

Now you can debate if that is a proper amount.
You read here!

Or, maybe after the 460s get filed you will know the actually amount, if any that is paid and for what (consultation, printing, media buys, etc.)
Roger voted for Camp, again.
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