Thursday, March 13, 2008


Say it ain't so Mary Ann!

Thanks to Fred for the heads-up about one of my childhood crushes (after Emma Peele and the Mary Tyler Moore character in Dick Van Dyke).

Due to illegal substances left in her car by hitchhikers (if Mary Ann says it's true, I believe it!), she will be spending a few days in jail. Even if she has a 215 card, it obviously doesn't help her in Idaho.

And, no, she couldn't afford a high profile attorney. Those actors were screwed over when it comes to royalties.

Damn you hitchhikers!

The photo comes from the Chronic Curmudgeon.

Oh, yes; Emma Peel! I also had the hots for a short time for that gal that played Honey West, the blond detective gal, if you remember that show.
I wasn't a fan of Ginger, but Tina Louise was hot in other films!
Hmmm. I don't remember her in any movies. She made guest appearances on a slew of television shows in the 1970s, but I don't recall seeing much else of her.

She refused to be in the Gilligan's Island reunion movies. I think I remember reading that she hated the Ginger part.
Girls who stand on their tiptoes really turn me on!
Louise's Wikipedia page makes it sound like she just didn't like the role of Ginger because she felt it would type cast her. I read other things that made it sound like she was much more hostile to her Gilligan's Island role and was a downright bitch about it.

I remember seeing one of those Gilligan's Island specials. I think it was maybe 5 or 10 years ago, before Bob Denver died. Both Wells and Denver hosted the show and told a bunch of stories about it. Bob Denver had white hair and Wells looked much like she did in the series to me, despite her age.

They had actors play the parts of all the real players and, when doing scenes that involved Tina Louise, they showed her as somewhat hateful of the role and embarrassed about doing it. Kind of made it look like she felt the role was beneath her.

Dawn Wells seemed to appreciate her role and the fans of the show. I don't see how Louise could be such a bitch about it and not want anything to do with the show after it was all over.
Ah, Emma Peel -- glad to see Fred already corrected you on the spelling without a lecture, Eric. So I'll spare you one as well in spirit of the formidable Miss Peel fighting the forces of chaos and her way into my heart.
Emma Peel definitely number1.
Eric, I thought you might be interested in reading her side of the story. How accurate it is, I don't know.
Ahgg. Broken link. Let me try this.
Thought you all might be interested in her side of the story.
I give up. I'm not a fan anyway;>
Click here
Oh come on. I know you had more fantasies about Ginger than Mary Ann.
Thanks to Kym and her helper.

See, I told you it was the hitchhikers! The hitchhikers were real!

As for the reckless, I'm a little confused. Is it like a Californian "wet reckless" where there's evidence of intoxication, but difficulty with proof beyond a reasonable doubt? Because reckless for a "weave" seems pretty extreme, even for Idaho.

And 1:36 I was absolutely much more attracted to Mary Ann than Ginger. I'd have been annoyed with the part too, especially if I wasn't going to get royalties.
Time for you lonely boys to add some reality to your pretty girl fantasies
Say it ain't so. I'm heartbroken. Weaving? For real? 69 years old too. When will these dopers learn? If she was in So Hum in the summer she would probably swim neked in the river.
How come this guy wasn't on Gilligan's isle? He certainly seems to be dressed for it.
Eric you dickhead now you remove my posts without even saying you removed a post. I asked why you assumed she was lying about the hitchhiker, and suggested that it is because you are such an inveterate liar you assume others are too.

You suck!
And your mama dresses you funny!
And you're an idiot and a sleazebag.

Oh yeah, you suck!
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