Saturday, March 29, 2008


We're still here!

What happened to the PG&E power outtage?

I don't know, I'm not there.
I'm not sure. I'm over here.

Maybe they decided the upgrade wasn't worth it for small communities like Redway?
over here, we went off about 1:00am, and came back on this morning about 8:02. Yeah!
I don't know when it went out but it did not come back on until 8:50 am in Redway. so I guess it was worth it for small communities like Redway. We do use alot of electricity afterall.
It went off minutes after I made the post. Almost as if they were watching!
I want to announce the opening of a new e-forum for Humboldt County residents. You can find it at Note there is no 'www'.
The purpose of this page is for people who have ideas and solutions for problems in Humboldt County. I believe that as a community, we can solve our own stuff if we just have a place to work on it together.
Please vist this page and start solving! Thanks!
Eric, can we discuss the MCC's last show? Can we talk about the under aged drinking, the fighting, the police 3chp, 1 sherrif, the out of control way the hall is being used?
Who is responsible?
I haven't heard anything about it. Send me an e-mail summarizing what you know and I can confirm and I'll post something.
There has been a problem of underage drinking off the premises for years at many events. I've walked Redwood Drive and seen much of it, and often there are bottles and other items left all around Redway, including on the playground at Redway School. Don't make this a partisan thing, because man there are a lot of glass houses standing around.
I used to sneak booze into the mateel and drink while underage until I turned 21, and I even snuck booze into the garberville theater and got so loaded I puked all over myself and didn't remember getting home. I am sure if peter lawsky was there he would have taken away all the booze he could get his hands on. He was quite the nemesis for those wishing to get boozed up at the hall. I am sure security tries to stop the flow of booze, but the feds couldn't do it during prohibition and so the sneaky get drunk and thrown out, sounds like the good old days.
Hahahahah... Peter a toughie on booze? Hahahahahahah. Okay I can't stop laughing about that. Wait... no, I just can't sorry. I guess it depends on who you know doesn't it. Or what you want people reading to believe. Misinformation or experience. I say it is a 50/50 gamble.
It does seem the MCC sells as much beer as it can at shows at the hall.
I guess they need the money.
Still, it used to be that events that attracted a mixed crowd, over and under 21, didn't have beer for sale, or not for very long.
It's not just the booze. The morons who got into the melee might just as well have done so without it. Booze does lower inhibitions, but it still takes a cro-mag to think you have the right to throw a punch because somebody insulted you, hit on your girlfriend, or transgressed in any way verbally.
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