Wednesday, April 23, 2008


5 1/2 months later, the EPD officers enter a plea of not guilty

I'm not clear as to why the arraignment took so long, and given that there isn't even a status review until August, the trial probably won't be scheduled until next year. I understand the need for the production of discovery, but was there ever a possibility that the officers would plead guilty? If they would have pled not guilty right away, yesterday's court hearing probably wouldn't have made the news, let alone the front page. I'm not sure whom the media attention benefits, if anybody (but the public).

The manslaughter charges stem from the Cheri Moore killing which has been discussed in great detail on this blog and others. I noticed it came up at the Code Enforcement meeting when one of the speakers said something to the effect of "I guess they're bothering us because they don't have any more crazy ladies with flare guns in Eureka." Not an easy time to be a law enforcement officer around here.

I noticed that Greg Rael has joined the defense team. The officers seem to be putting together their own Humboldt Count defense "dream team."

It's a very very unusual case that will break new legal ground. The stakes are so high for the defendants and the law enforcement community as a whole that a legal "dream team" is an absolute must. I can't help but predict an acquittal right now but it will be a long and complicated trial for sure. A tragedy for the Moore family and a tragedy for Chief Douglas and Lt. Zanotti.
There is obviously not enough psychological training for law enforcement in Humboldt County. Trigger happy and bulldozer happy enforcement abounds or is at least too pervasive to make it a safe place to live. Too high a percentage of the murders and violence is by law enforcement. Stop them.
Gee Eric - seems you are out of the loop. Rael has been in on the case all along.

This case isn't going to break legal ground. It is circling the drain.
Baby Killers
Is this a thread about abortion?
I thought Rael was a drug lawyer. I guess ya'll do it there any lawyer out there who actually refuses to defend those they know suck (oh, I mean are guilty, of course)?
Don't give me that 'everyone deserves a good defense' stuff- let'em use public defenders.
Not that the county would be so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHA
is there any lawyer out there who actually refuses to defend those they know suck (oh, I mean are guilty, of course)?

It's actually a breach of ethics to refuse to represent somebody because you think they're guilty. You're not supposed to be their judge or jury. That's the philosophy of the adversarial system as a theoretical crucible of truth - the dialectic of an impartial decision maker evaluating two sides in their purity.

The real question is as a juror could you let a child molester go free with merely a doubt about the evidence? How about a terrorist who more likely than not murdered thousands? Several of the OJ jurors thought he was guilty, but had doubt because of the police conduct around the crucial evidence. Not an easy thing to do.
No matter what, this has sent a clear message to those in charge that they should think twice before using deadly force.

This lady offered to come out if her friend would be allowed to bring her a cigarette.

Next time they will act differently. Of course, the city council never should have given Douglas the job in the first place.
This case has sent a clear message to anyone thinking of a career in law enforcement to avoid Humboldt county.
No. What ever a police chief does is defendable.
Put up a blue light and support all police chiefs.
Like this stuff on Chief Gundersen

At the end of Tuesday’s session, Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos questioned Doe 1 about nude photographs found on Gundersen’s computer hard drive taken without her consent while sleeping.

During examination, Doe 1 testified that Gundersen had non-consensual sex with her around once a month between 2005 and 2007.

She suspected that Gundersen had sex with her after she went to sleep, because she would wake up without her clothes on and would find semen in her genital area.

She testified that she used a light sleeping aid, Lunesta, to help fall asleep. She said she used it in the presence of her husband and would sometimes partially wake up to him having sex with her.

“I’d just be waiting for him to finish,” she said.

Prior to their marital problems, Doe 1 testified that she allowed Gundersen to have sex with her if she was sleeping because an irregular work schedule caused difficulty in their sex life.

On the topic of photographs, Gundersen did take photos of her semi-nude but never completely nude, she testified. There were also videos of them engaging in sexual acts, but nothing graphic.
Right 11:37

We use to get such good chiefs, but now that they know that killing and rape may get you prosecuted, we will only get chiefs like Nielson who actually expect their officers to follow the law.
Gosh- y'all don't even have the rights of a crummy restaurant to 'refuse service to anyone'?

(You could lie about why you weren't taking the case- beats the lying you'd have to do to try to win such a case...........)

My Father wanted me to be a lawyer and that's why I wouldn't think of it.
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