Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The hiatus is over

The race is back on. And it looks like one side got a head start. I received the following e-mail last night.
Today has been a very active day in our small little corner of the political world.

As you probably know, Johanna Rodoni has officially requested the governor to "suspend normal protocol" and immediately appoint her has Roger's successor for the balance of his term.

Additionally, I understand the Supervisor Jill Geist, using Chair's discretion, has also written the Governor, supporting this request, without the action or approval of the rest of the Board of Supervisors.

I also understand that at least 3 other letters in support of Johanna's request have been received by the Governor this day. These have been written by Joe Russ IV, Rob Arkley and Archie "Red" Emerson.

It would appear to me that there is a considerable effort being applied to make this appointment happen, and quickly.

While I really don't have any objections to Johanna being considered to fill Roger's vacant term, I really feel the decision should be made by the Governor using the standard protocol, which allows for a request for applicants, time for submissions of resumes or CV's, time to research and consideration, interviews and a final decision. There doesn't appear to be any overwhelming reason that Humboldt County Board of Supervisors can't wait a few weeks for an appointment to this vacancy. If the appointment was to happen after the June 3rd election, the will of the people could also be considered.

I urge you to write the Governor, copied to others, asking that:

1. The process not be rushed,
2. That normal protocol be followed and
3. To hear the will of the voters on June 3rd before making a decision.

Should either Clendenen or Fennel win a 50+% margin in June, wouldn't it make sense to appoint that person to fill the next 8 months, then taking their rightful seat in January, thereby creating continuity on the Board.

Please address your letters to:

Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger
Governor of the State of California
State Capital Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-558-3160

Cc: Humboldt County Board of Supervisors
Congressman Mike Thompson
Senator Patricia Wiggins

Assemblymember Patty Berg
Loretta Nickolaus, Humboldt County Administrative Officer

BCC: Bill Thorington, tcgroup@suddenlink.net

And or call me at 496-4703 if you have any thoughts.

Bill Thoringon, Manager
Clendenen for Supervisor
707-496-4703 Cell
707-725-4146 Campaign Office
Que sera sera. In the end, it's just politics. Still, Clif's campaign will wait until after the memorial to resume phone banking. I have no word on whether Thursday night's debate is still on.

Here is the TS coverage.

Oddly enough, there's no coverage from the Eureka Reporter.

Addendum: Whew! The letters attached to the TS article make this thread look like a Bible study!

I am not a Rodoni supporter but anyone who thinks Estelle or Clif have a remote chance of getting 50% +1 June 3rd are really out of touch. It will be difficult to keep Roger under that number. So much for the "shattered" Johanna. He's not even in the ground yet and she's running.
Eric... I am a supporter of Estelle's campaign. Nevertheless, I cannot agree with your delay and I will write supporting Johanna's appointment. We live in a democracy and Roger's constituency must be represented in this election. Johanna's appointment seems appropriate to me.
8:01 - Johanna has placed herself in the political realm, which legitimately opens her up to scrutiny about her political positions and qualifications. But it doesn't entitle you to take cheap shots about her grieving. We all grieve differently, and bear in mind she' probably been under enormous pressure from some of Roger's supporters.

Both Clif and Estelle have run very positive campaigns to date. Let's keep that record intact.
ben - the "protocols" have a purpose, and that's to decide who is best for job. It is a very crucial position in this county and should not be granted out of sympathy, consideration of anyone's "constituency," or any concern other than the county's best interest.

And with all due respect democracy is a process. Nobody is entitled to anything.
I believe Johanna is qualified. She has a good background and certainly knows the issues in the 2nd District.
It's just sour grapes. He can see the road ahead. Johanna serves 8 months and is then elected as a write-in candidate.

Stick a fork in it. This election is done.
Oh, the election is far from over. But the appointment will give her a serious advantage.
She is not "in the running" until she signs up to be a write-in candidate.
I am a bit disgusted by some of you. Roger's seat is his come whatever until January 1st. That Cliff Clendendon thinks he should have it even if he were to win is simply and outright outrageous.

I am a moderate and hadn't made up my mind when Roger died. But Cliff will NOT get my vote over this bullcrap.

Johanna has more skill and experience than both Estelle and Cliff put together. You people embarass me and especially Thorington.
Correct, whe would still have to qualify and run as a write-in. A vote for Roger would not be a vote for his widow. But she is sounding like a candidate and let's remember she has been a very active Republican throughout the Bush years.

Joe Russ IV, Rob Arkley and Archie "Red" Emerson - all big, very rich, very active Bush Republicans. If that's what you SoHum people want...

Google "Sierra Pacific" if you want to know about Emmerson. Of course they want Johanna, or ANY Republican. Clif is DTS and Estelle is the official Democratic Party pick in this race.
The newspaper coverage of her "qualifications" pretty much spells out why she will get the appointment. And while the Governor will follow the process, that just means the appointment won't happen for a week or so to allow the appearance of deliberation, acceptance of applications, etc. I predict she will be gathering signatures as a write in by Thursday.
This is Emmerson:

She is not "in the running" until she signs up to be a write-in candidate.

Actually, she may not sign up at all. That would actually split the vote. She might do better to simply run in spirit knowing that if Roger wins in June or November, the Governor will appoint her. Naturally, they would have to get that assurance from the Governor.
No Maxxam, so Arkley, Emmerson and Russ are stepping in to control the 2nd District seat.
The Eureka Reporter had the Tooby story 4 days ago ...

McKee, County settle Tooby Ranch dispute out-of-court
Well good,,, Congratulations Johanna.

It's my feeling that it makes little difference who's appointed. Rodoni the man was a great person, but Rodoni's record is "beatable".

It's strange that they would put the Tooby Ranch fiasco, that will cost county taxpayers maybe three million dollars or more, right next to Johanna’s request.

While we are being respectful, lets not talk about the redevelopment plan that cost the county hundreds of thousands of dollars, and if it had passed, it would have taken much needed revenue from the fire districts. His record is beatable.

My sympathy to Johanna, I think she is being played like a pawn.
Well Ernie - who cares what you think. We know that you were not a supporter of Roger and that you support Fennel and Lovelace.

And actually you are a quite condescending to say that Johanna is being played like a pawn. You don't know her well - no one plays her at all. She is one of the strongest women I know and incredibly intelligent. You, sir, are a toad. Frankly, I would pay big to see her take you on for that remark. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel.
Guys. Let's not make this personal. Johanna is doing what she believes to be in the best interests of the Second District. We should all do the same.

For my part, I intend to emphasize that the Second District isn't what it was 12 years ago. We need somebody who can take us forward. That's what politics are about.
Go Johanna! Estelle and Clif are history and poor Eric knows it but his ego just won't let go. Making an ass of yourself, Eric, 'cause whatever it takes to get Johanna into her husband's seat to fill out his elected term of office is valid. You just wanted to take advantage of Roger's death to slip in a Prog tool.

Hardy-har-har, Progs. No respect democratic process-Roger was elected, Remember?-so you deserve to lose.
I'm giving the Tooby case it's own thread. I just happened to see the article while I was looking for coverage of Johanna.

And Stephen - famous last words.
Eric, you haven't been paying attention. My predictions have been spot on except for the NH primary. Clif is history. So is Estelle. You can take it to the bank. Only Johanna following Roger to the grave could stop her from being elected 2nd District Supervisor now. Your compulsive need for conflict has again colored your political eyes.
Eric, they are side by side in the TS also.

Anon 9:47
I don't know lovelace,

I rather be a "Toad" sir/ma'mm, than a toady.
Here's a sop to your personality disorder of which I share some sympathy. I will challenge you to the 2nd District Supervisor race in four years. You were the logical choice that you Progs should have run instead of dividing yourselves into two warring camps--Clif against Estelle. Run against me in four years and get it out of your system..
For me it's the presidency or nothing.

Maybe I'd settle for senator.
Steve, have another 215 biscuit. Try to show a little class. Gloating is unbecoming, and you are choosing your words with remarkable insensitivity.
eric doesn't want to be supervisor...he wants to be a judge...Go VANG!...
"I am the toad. You are the toad. We are all the toad."

Don't sweat it Ernie. Anything we say can and will be construed in negative fashion by somebody. There are those who will believe that Clif and Estelle ought to simply drop out in respect.

I doubt that's what Roger would want however. Same with Johanna.
Thank-you Eric. I look forward to a fair fight amongst the candidates, based on what politics should be based on, the issues.
eric doesn't want to be supervisor...he wants to be a judge...Go VANG!...

Now that might be fun! I'd reintroduce the gavel! Gotta have a gavel!
Are you calling Johanna a toady? Hope not sugar!
I think I'll do the opposite of whatever Steven says

First rate nut job, that guy-
Isn't it funny that just a few days ago Stephen was demanding a special election rather than an appointment but today he is cheering interference with the political process because the prospective appointee is his favorite. Look up HYPOCRITE. It should have Stephen Lewis as one of the definitions.
Did you also notice that Stephen didn't say a WORD about non-2nd district people like Arkley and Geist advocating for Johanna? What happened to his "mind your own business and let 2nd district people decide" stance?
Are you calling Johanna a toady? Hope not sugar!

Absolutely not!

Johanna is an honorable person. But, I am calling anonymous a “Toady”.

I can have a certain amount of respect for anyone that would sign their name to a statement, as I’m sure Johanna would.

I am glad to see that I’ve moved up from “Toad” to “Sugar”. That’s sweet
Well we knew Stephen was a hypocrite. He obviously didn't mind that Roger Rodoni thought that the Heartlands Project was a joke.

Stephen and others see themselves losing the conservative grip on the county. This is their last stand. They are going to fight for it tooth and nail.
You will move up from being a toad when you apologize for your sexist remark referring to Johanna as being a pawn.
So my letter to the Governor has been faxed. Has anybody else written him? This is where you can make a difference. Don't assume it's a foregone conclusion. The Governor is facing some hard political issues these days.
As a Taxpayer from the second district, I would like to know which of the candidates for BOS will address the strange relationship between the BOS and the county council which is costing the county millions of dollars in legal fees.
What is a joke are Prog hopes for either of their two candidates to win against Johanna.

Of course I backed and will back a political course that keeps Roger's elected position intact. You guys are vultures seeking to exploit a good man's death and justify your ugliness with more of the same slander of me.

Doesn't do you guys a bit of good because your cause is toast and Johanna is going to waltz right into the 2nd District Supe's chair practically on air as your Prog candidates reel and stumble against each other clawing one another on their way to the floor.
So let it be written
So let it be done

That seals it, folks.
My understanding is that Rodoni opposed the interim county counsel and also voted in favor of firing Kirk Girard.

Bonnie and John have been protecting both the interim county counsel and Girard for sometime now. Also well known is that Bonnie threw a lot of money and support at Clif because she wanted to stop Rodoni from thwarting her regarding Chaitin and Girard. This is one of the reasons that I can’t support Clif Clendendon and will probably vote for either Rodoni out of principle or for Estelle.

News is that Neely was conspiring to move Clif into Rodoni's seat ON THE NIGHT OF RODONI'S DEATH. Word is also out that she sent her own private request to the governor to have Clendendon fill Roger's seat even before the current chair sent a letter asking that any appointment be made soon.

Everyone in the “know” knows this Eric. They “know” why Neely and Wooley and Berg (yes folks it was Berg) wanted the former county counsel out. Everyone in the “know” is talking about it.
What a great question, Taxpayer. Every truly loony decision of the Supes seems to be made in closed session.

County Counsel is so easy to blame and so hard to fire.

Why was Tamara Falor so teary about Roger last week? How many County Counsels should have been fired, anyway? And how did the current Counsel Wendy Chaitin scheme out her predecessor, as Roger charged?
“You will move up from being a toad when you apologize for your sexist remark referring to Johanna as being a pawn“.

Sorry, no apology there. I think that her handlers would like to use her as pawn. And, that's why she has my sympathy, I don't think that it is fair for people to hang all their hopes on someone that is in the depths of extreme grief. Whatever is put her way I’m sure she has the strength to deal with it. It’s just sad that she has to. And you, “Toady”, are one of the ones that is pressuring her to fulfill your own ambitions.

But, you have enlighten me in one respect, until now I had no idea that a pawn was female, and I sincerely apologize for that error.
So is it ok for Arkley and Co. to work toward putting Johanna in Rodger's seat within hours of his death, but not ok for Neely and Co. to come up with a plan as well?

Please explain, without bias if at all possible-

I too would like to

“know” why Neely and Wooley and Berg (yes folks it was Berg) wanted the former county counsel out.

Since you're anonymous you don't have to explain it politely.
News is that Neely was conspiring to move Clif into Rodoni's seat ON THE NIGHT OF RODONI'S DEATH. Word is also out that she sent her own private request to the governor to have Clendendon fill Roger's seat even before the current chair sent a letter asking that any appointment be made soon.

Everyone in the “know” knows this Eric. They “know” why Neely and Wooley and Berg (yes folks it was Berg) wanted the former county counsel out. Everyone in the “know” is talking about it.

Well, I'm definitely not "in the know." Do you have any sources?
11:15 doesn't "know" a damn thing.
Why was a former county council given $250,000 to move on without any explanation to the public?
Yes I do have sources Eric.

You and others also need to start asking questions about this. It is slowly leaking out. Roger was pretty frank in telling people at events what happened.

and 11:25 - you are "assuming" things that you shouldn't.

Why don't you do a public records act request for Bonnies letter to the governator Eric?
The timing of it is quite illuminating.
Get it right Stephen. Slander is spoken word, libel is written. But it isn't libel if it is true. You have shown yourself to be a hypocrite with your previous demands for a special election and that everyone shut up about the appointment to let 2nd district voters decide until Arkley and Geist got involved and because you support their choice, you don't care that they don't live in your district. SHAMELESS HYPOCRISY STEPHEN
You and others also need to start asking questions about this. It is slowly leaking out. Roger was pretty frank in telling people at events what happened.

Well, he certainly wasn't forthcoming about the details of the Code Enforcement Unit and his voting history thereon, but we'll let that one go.

The point is, you're posting anonymously about something there is no way for me to verify. If you're willing to at least put your own name to your allegations I might give them some credence. Otherwise, I'm just going to treat them as what they are - anonymous rumors with no context.
Sounds like the board of supervisors and the county council are are playing some sort of shell game with public information.
Something Stinks!!!!!!
This is EXACTLY what I thought was going to happen!!! Johanna gets the seat and campaigns under Rogers name with the Governors backing! The election is all over. Neither Clif or Estelle stands a chance. This election is done. This was all speculation up to this point, now its cold hard fact. The Conservatives are making power moves while the Liberals fear to tread during this time.

This election will be over in 5 weeks. Oh, and you have a right to feel trampled on by the circumstances. Too bad you can't voice it.
Okay, now we've heard from the sky is falling contingent.

Nobody knows how the voters are going to deal with this. Relax and do your best to stand up for what you believe. That's all you can do.
Eric, you know it's bad. Now I haven't looked at any poll numbers, but barring the disappearance of Fortuna, I suspect Rodoni is competitive. Add to that the fact the Liberal vote is split... add to that the sympathy factor... and quite frankly it ain't looking good. Johanna getting over 50% is a real possibility. I don't think you could say that about Clif or Estelle. In fact, you can't.
On the brighter side for the Liberals, the DCC organizing machine is pretty strong and might be able to run out the vote and get organized. But that would require Clif and Estelle to work together (hint hint).

In the letter, Johanna Rodoni goes on to state that her work as the executive director of the Buckeye Conservancy, as the manager of the family cattle ranch and her having served as president of the Humboldt County Cattlewomen's Association, chair of the Humboldt County Fish and Game Advisory Commission and a Fortuna Chamber of Commerce board member give her the experience necessary to represent the 2nd District. But most of all, Johanna Rodoni pointed to her position as Roger's wife, advisor and campaign manager to make her case.
”Roger and I were partners in his political career,” she wrote. “Our 30-year partnership will make my transition from Roger's partner to Roger's replacement on the board a seamless one. There is no one else who is in the position to carry forward Roger's vision.”

According to the Times-Standard.
Eric, you know it's bad. Now I haven't looked at any poll numbers, but barring the disappearance of Fortuna, I suspect Rodoni is competitive. Add to that the fact the Liberal vote is split.

First of all, it doesn't matter if the vote is split in June. If Roger gets 50 percent, it's over regardless of how the rest of the votes are distributed.

Secondly, when we were phone banking for Clif before the tragedy, we found that among Democrats, independents, and third parties (everyone except the Republicans) who had requested absentee ballots, about 65 percent of those in Fortuna were supporting Clif. Not really scientific, but a good indication.

Here in the south, as of the first two nights, it was about 50 percent for Estelle, maybe half that for Clif, and we had heard from only one voter supporting Roger. There were quite a few undecideds.

So yeah, I'm hopeful. The district has changed and continues to change. And I think most voters vote on issues and qualifications, not out of sympathy.
There is no one else who is in the position to carry forward Roger's vision.

And that vision will be the issue. As well as her Hillary Clintonesque arguments for experience and qualifications.
The most qualified person is Roy Heider. A perfect fit as interim Supe. Experienced and a Republican. I don't know if he'd be willing.
Well, Clif and Estelle are going to have to contend with a news cycle that's going to be very favorable to Johanna. Funeral. Announcement of appointment. First day on the job. How a vote for Roger is a vote for Johanna. A day in the life of Johanna....
I think 11:15 does know. Especially with the Berg comment.

A couple of months (or maybe less) on Rose's blog someone posted the details of what happened to Falor. Maybe Rose could look that one up and post it here.

I just can't remember any of the titles it would take on her blog to find it now.
I agree, gramps, Roy Heider wold be the ideal candidate, if an appointment is made.
"On the brighter side for the Liberals, the DCC organizing machine is pretty strong and might be able to run out the vote and get organized. But that would require Clif and Estelle to work together (hint hint)."

The ONLY Democrat in this race is Estelle Fennell, and she has the enthusiastic support of the DCC (Democratic Central Committee). The people who anointed Clif picked the wrong guy to start with. Go Estelle! Don't let Stephen's Republibuddies win!
agree that it would be better if the guv stayed out of the runoff race, and appointed someone who is not running for the next term.

my own preference is that johanna ought to run as a write-in candidate in june, rather than trying to get appinted. it is my understanding that if she placed in the top two in june (quite likely) her name would appear on the runoff ballot in the fall, just like the other candidate's name. this would be pretty close to the dynamics of the original race, with everyone having a fair chance to run in the first round, followed (if necessary) by a run-off in the fall to get a clear majority winner.

the only catch is that it could be difficult for her and her supporters to convince people to write in her name in june, rather than voting for roger, because he'll still be on the ballot. so she and her supporters may not want to risk "splitting" her potential vote. if she just leaves roger's name on there alone, and doesn't do a write-in candidacy, and roger's name wins, she might be appointed to serve out the entire term.

we'll see what happens. as i see it the possibilities are: no appointment for johanna; a temporary appointment only; temporary appointment or no appointment, followed by a write-in candidacy and (maybe) a runoff in the fall, or; temporary appointment with no write-in candidacy, and then seeking a full-term appointment if roger's name wins the election. perhaps the weirdest possibility is that she runs a write-in candidacy in june, and places in the top two, alongside her dead husband's name, but neither gets 50%. then it seems that there would be a runoff between her and her dead husband's name. that would be truly bizarre.

lots of possibilities. what will happen is not at all clear at this point.
I think I found Rose's thread on Falor, but guess what? It's gossip!


It suggests that Roger's bete noir Bonnie fired Falor because she pissed off Patty Berg by writing a thank-you letter to the governor. Huh? This doesn't sound worth $289k to me. More gossip!
Whoa - Heider was ousted by Rodoni. Why in hell would it make sense to appoint him.

Hell - that would be a terrible choice under the circumstances.

No - Johanna should do this.
Then 2:00 you should have spent more time with Roger. He was very forthcoming in the last couple months about Falor. Told lots of people about it.

Told a whole bunch of folks at a dinner that I was at. No, this is no longer gossip, but confirmed.
Not only will Johanna get my support. The letter was sent today.It is important to know that powerful people in this county government had been activly trying to do the same thing in support of someone all ready on the ballot,in mere hours after Rogers death. This was a stealth move,dirty and underhanded,without first speaking to Mrs. Rodoni. This is the type of rotten politics at work in Humboldt Co and has forced Mrs. Rodoni to qiuck action on our behalf. It has also made her suffering worse. Shame on YOU. You know who you are.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
There's no call for that.
2:06 - You're spreading rumors without providing a source. If I can't confirm this by tonight I'm going to remove those posts. You should put your name to accusations like that.
2:06 pm - you are right on the money. I know what and who.

go back up and check 11:24 - that actually happened and most decent folk should be outraged about it.

I am so disappointed that you aren't Eric. I simply don't understand you sometimes.
Thank you for removing that comment, Eric, but I had already read it.
I don't know what the rumor was that you erased, but there are plenty of other rumors on here that you seem fit to keep.
Have to agree with 2:03 p.m. Too many people got told what actually happened and you can just read the "what happened" in the link to Rose's blog because that was true and exactly what I got told too.
Please help me here. I read Rose's thread, and I don't understand. Why was Falor fired? Why was it worth almost $300k? Thanks!
Eric - what is going on in your head. You don't like what 2:06 wrote so are going to delete it unless they put their name on it?

Are you going to do that to everyone who posts things you disagree with or all anonymous posters? Really?

I am sorry for you that it is common knowledge right now what went on the night Roger was killed and the day after. I am sorry for you it involves Neely and Wooley and implicates Clif. He is the one who threw in with these despicable folks. Frankly, I don't believe that he knows about it, but I am sure that his campaign manager must know.

No this is all awful and tragic, but don't think it is going to go away if you just hit the delete button.

Frankly, I have saved these posts and will forward them on. Maybe the Mirror will like to library them for you.
go back up and check 11:24 - that actually happened and most decent folk should be outraged about it.

I am so disappointed that you aren't Eric. I simply don't understand you sometimes.

Maybe I'll be outraged if I know what you're talking about, in full context, with names put to the allegations.
Roses blog is full of lies and half truths. Look at the way that woman conducts herself. So much hate and disgust with a good helping of obsession. She was debunked and proven a liar long ago.
I don't know what the rumor was that you erased, but there are plenty of other rumors on here that you seem fit to keep.

I didn't delete a rumor, but a pointless insult against another poster. Generally speaking I'll allow rumors if there's something to base them on. Right now, I've got a couple of anonymous posts claiming that there was a conspiracy to get the governor to appoint Clif on the evening of Roger's death. It's coming from an anonymous person and it's citing nobody. I find that very irresponsible. If it's true, then what is there to hide? Put your name on it.
3:01 - I've actually found Rose to be fair in her posts factually. I don't agree with the conclusions she's drawn, but I have never had cause to believe she was deliberately spreading misinformation.
Well Eric, maybe you should read Roses blog when she spreads rumors that she could never back up about PG's marriage. Or maybe you should check out Roses blog when she claims PG is trying to murder her.

Yes, She's "fair and Balanced" all right.
Haven't seen those posts. Can you give me a link?
Give me a few minutes.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Eric - do this - send a public records act request to the governors office for the Neely letter. You will get your verification.
Please Eric do what you can to clear this up. I'm a Clif supporter and I'm really getting confused.
" am sorry for you that it is common knowledge right now what went on the night Roger was killed and the day after. I am sorry for you it involves Neely and Wooley and implicates Clif. He is the one who threw in with these despicable folks."

Someone please tell me why it is ok for Arkley and Co. to do this, but not Bonnie and Co.

Could it be because you endorse Johanna?
This is how I see it. Bonnie hand picked Clif in order to get rid of her opposition on the Board which was Roger. She sent money and staff to help him and he has accepted it. OK - politics as usual. (at least what it has denegrated to in this county over the last five years!)

But, when Neely, Berg and Wooley didn't even wait for his body to be driven back to Eureka before they started to move their boy in, well then there is the rub.

I would be thunderstruck if Clif really understood who he has thrown in with. Just thunderstruck. But that is of no consequence now.

BTW - Johanna isn't running for that seat. Estelle and Clif are. Johanna is trying to finish her husbands term in the manner that he would. Frankly, I admire her for it and respect her for what must be so very difficult now.

Now if Arkley was backing Estelle and made the same maneuver as Neely/Wooley/Berg then I would object to.

What also bothers me is the behind the scenes and sneakiness of it. Come on Eric - make that public record act request and then post it here.
It would take weeks to get a letter out of the governor. Why don't you simply send me an e-mail with your name and some basis for what you're saying. I would keep your secret even if I came to the conclusion it was B.S.
Just post your secret over at the mirror.
Eric, regarding Rose:

Heres the post where she pushes rumors about PG and his family. Note that it's on the post where she wants people to stop the rape 'rumors' about Gunderson. This was when Rose was convinced the whole Gunderson thing was a ploy to help throw money to Joan Gallegos, and/or it was all her idea.

2/12/2008 1:30 PM


Here is the post where someone jokes that Gallegos may be purchasing rifles to come after Rose. Rose does not take it as a joke, but rather seriously.

Wed May 16 3:39 pm


I don't know how to put these into link formats, so tell me how if you cannot read them. Also, please read a little of the thread so you can put the comments into context.

I will say it again. Rose is a liar. Rose spreads rumors about people she cannot back up. Rose has mental stability issues.

Be aware of who you're backing up Eric.
Actually, 4:13 - me thinkest that you may be the one with mental instability issues.
When is Bonnie Neely's term up? She really needs to be voted out!
4:13 - you really need to hyperlink. The blog commenting format doesn't accommodate the long addresses.
Rose Spreads Rumors!

Rose a Nutjob!
2/12/2008 1:30 PM

For the top

Wed May 16 3:39 pm

for the bottom
Attempting to smear Rose doesn't do anything to counter the facts she consistently digs up.

"For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed."

-Jn 3:20
Must be time for another 215 biscuit, Stephen.
Oh, go guzzle yer beer and get fat and stupid.
I'm 64. I don't do alcohol, nicotine or caffeine or any other mind altering drugs. Pot has been my only intoxicant for most of my adult life and I will match my mind with anyone in Humboldt County for quickness of response, accuracy of memory, and problem solving ability. God gave us marijuana as the best intoxicant herb in the world, one with many uses. Mari was the name of the Great Goddess throughout much of the Near East and the Gospel of John is the most accurate spiritual description of the Son of God.
It is time for Stephen to take his other medications and take a much needed coma...
Come on Eric - make that public record act request and then post it here.

For what it's worth, I pursued this matter this morning. I even made a call to our trade association's attorneys in Sacramento.

Here's the deal: The governor's correspondence is not public record. Seems crazy, but it's true. See 6254(l) of the Government Code. (That's a little 'L'.)

There's even case law on the subject, from a remarkably similar case in Plumas County in 1995.

I heard a couple of different versions of this story today, and I wasn't able to confirm them with people who were said to know about it -- third parties who will support Johanna. They said they didn't know anything about it.

I'm not saying it didn't happen. Maybe it did. But it is the kind of story that tends to spread and mutate quickly when people are grief-stricken and stressed. Maybe there's a kernel of something there, but the versions I heard were false in many particulars.
Thank you Hank!
And what makes the story seem doubtful is the notion that Neely would think the Governor would go along with it, knowing all the local Republican connections to him.
Still, the poster seems pretty insistent.
Well, like I said -- I don't know. I checked the parts that were checkable, but they weren't the core parts.

Known unknowns.
But Hank, everybody who knows anything is supposed to know!
Who knows what Bonnie,John,Patti and(?) have in their bag of political tricks or what they might be able to trade or promise. Politics can be a wonderful exercise for public good. All to often when politicians are thinking only of their own gain it's the slim pit of hell. The ability to prove it may be imposible what these villians tried is true.
Yeah, well. Wake me up when you have some evidence.
While we're at it, how about the evidence that Arkley and Emmerson and crew sent letters to the governor?

All I've seen so far is Thorington saying "as I understand." But everyone's taking it like gospel.

Once again -- very possible, as likely as not, etc. But where's the beef?
Good point. But Bill put his name to the claim. There's a difference.
You poor saps. It must be hard for Prog political gangsters to know, deep down, Johanna has already won the 2nd District Supervisor election. She's already outclassed both her opponents without even trying. What in the world can they possibly say against her that isn't attacking a popular dead man's widow? Attack her record as if she's incapable of establishing the fact she's not Roger and has an independent mind of her own? If Johanna was some ordinary housewife you guys might have had half a chance but Johanna isn't. She's a capable woman in her own right.

So, my condolences, Progs. You won't get your anti-Arkley, anti-corporate, anti-jobs, anti-this, anti-that, Prog agenda foisted on Fortuna and the northern end of the 2nd District this time around. The Arcata-izing of the north end of the 2nd District won't be on the play bill this season.
And Hank, while you're schmoozing with bud Eric, why don't you explain to blog readers here why your NCJ wouldn't publish any news except your snide editorial comments about the Heartlands Reorganization Plan representing Bear River tribe and Palco workers?

Why don't you explain why Heartlands Reorganization Plan with official court docket No. 2255 in the Palco Bankruptcy hearings in Corpus Christi, wasn't worthy of reporting objectively for citizens in Humboldt County?

Why don't you explain why you haven't checked recent Palco bankruptcy documents to see that Palco workers now have their voice in the Palco bankruptcy proceedings?

You're an editor of a news magazine supposedly providing news for your NCJ readers. Why censor news just because you seem to have a personality conflict with the source of news?
It is the NCJ's kind of abuse of community power that creates fear of Progressives in mainstream leadership. We saw abuse of the public trust in the Progressive's usage of the DA's office to carry on their anti-Palco war. Sparky and I saw it at KMUD. Censorship of people and ideas for political or petty reasons so that important news never reaches the community that needs to hear it exists.
Steve, Steve, Steve...

When you wrote this earlier today --

Bow to fate like a mensch and stop your whining about being rightfully squeezed out of a dishonorable Prog political opportunity.

-- I really thought that some part of you was talking to the rest. Now I see that it is sadly not the case.

Tell you what. Work your revolutionary feces treatment concepts into the Heartlands Proposal and maybe we can have another go.

Unless you get that going, you remain banned from the NCJ. We're still pissed that you took us on that story about your magic sword bringing peace to the Middle East. We had such high hopes.
Facile words, Hank, that say zip about what I asked you. You are a fucking joke of a news magazine editor.

Did you even read the other newspapers this morning? Maxxam and MRC are working out a deal. Does the community want that? Use your farooking brains, editor.

Go back to college and learn how to report news and stop being an asshole at the helm of a community news source.
Stephen, you are an insult to both Roger and Johanna Rodoni.
Can we please ban Steven from this forum?
Can we please ban Steven from this forum?

I don't have that capability. This was all predicted by researchers.
Try again.
"So, my condolences, Progs. You won't get your anti-Arkley,"

Arkley and Emmerson now both reside in the 2nd district?
Actually that was the most rational rebuke I have ever heard from Stephen. Good job!
A million monkeys banging on the computer keys are also going to say something rational. With about the same odds.
Thanks, anon 10:41. These Progs have a gang mentality and like high school kids they think being in or out of their political cliques means jack to adults.

It is a terrible shame the counterculture community relies on such political clique thinkers as Hank or KMUD to give them news about what's happening in their community. Censorship of any news from some outside the clique is what KMUD and NCJ readers and listeners get. And that's sad because when irresponsible people mess with a community's information flow, that community cannot make adequate responses.
You really need to stop insulting people and organizations if you want your points and issues heard.
Try using less hurtful verbs.
As to will Johanna go write in or try for 50+1 in June for Roger:

You can bet that someone's deep pocket will fork out the money for a poll so that Rodoni's supporters know in advance which is the safer bet.

If you get polled, be sure to take careful notes and write down each question so that you can share them here.
are the rumors about clif, neely, berg, starting and coming from and being perpetuated by the fennell campaign?
I saw those rumors days ago on the Humboldt Mirror, which seems to be Roger's official mourning site.
Yeah, I doubt that they're coming from Estelle's campaign, although some of them have apparently bought into them.
Sorry, anon 1:00, but I am well past the point of having any desire to cater to a bunch of power trippers trying to control local news. No citizen should. News is news and shouldn't be handled on any basis other than that. It's absurd to think news people shouldn't have their feeling hurt when they don't do their jobs right.
Speaking of news, Eric's usually all of the board when some community news event happens but where's the Roger Memorial coverage here? Perhaps a thousand people honored Roger and Johanna in Ferndale today.

Estelle and Clif do not have a chance in hell of winning the votes of those people I saw today. Roger and Johanna have a lifetime's worth of friendships, all based on Roger's helping someone somewhere along the line and there are hundreds of these people out there. What have Estelle or Clif ever done to help so many different people from all walks of life? And Johanna's been right there with him and so she's inheriting all of Roger's immense good will.

Johanna will be our next 2nd District Supervisor.

So shall be written
So shall it be done

For you, Johanna.
God Bless.
Behold his Mighty Hands Stephen! The answer is they havent helped anyone but themselves. The same with Eric. He is a cowering little atheist who snipes from the comfort of his office. The more you confront him and others, the more they cower. The more they realize their vapid existence has been forsaken by the lord. You have been touched by the lord quite clearly. What can Estelle, Eric or Clif point to? Well, Clif does grow apples, but other than that they spread negativity fake promises.
The Father was quite present at Roger's memorial. Quite a few people mentioned Roger's seriousness about the Bible and faith in God. You don't become a statesman like Roger was without knowing God. Otherwise a politician is just a politician.
An atheist? Since when?
Was the Mother present, too, Stephen?
Billy an me went too the pawn shop in Erureka today but we couldnt find it and we drove around and round and got hungry so we scoped out this seefood restuarant you
know athe one Earnie behind the gas station take right at the blue
gate and its across from the 3 story apartment building .....its been there for like forever LOL ... an i ordered frogtoes and shrimp so teh waitress says we dont have any frog toes miss... would yuo like frogs legs? an i say no just giveme the toes an she goes back to the kichten an comes back an says we can cut the feet off the frogs
legs for you miss --the cook says that they are well toed... an i
say but i dont want toad i want frog an she says no i dont mean the
animal toad i mean the things under your ankels an i say no i have
plenty of that stuff hidden in my socks but im hungry an want some
frog tows an she goes to the kichten an this time the cook comes to our tabel an says he wants to know whats in my socks an i say
trainwreck LOL an he says he want a nugget so i givve him one an he
goes back to the kichten an the waitress comes to our tabel and asks if we have another nugget an i say OK an then she dissapeers an then the manaeger comes to teh tabel an says he heard there was a wreck an some one needed to be towed an i say no not toad we have wreck an need frog an he says would you like some of our fine frogs legs then miss? an i say forget it just bring me some shrimp... an so later .. .. .. .. .. ..
the waitress comes to our tabel smiling an says hears your prawns
miss an i say i didnt order pawns i wanted shrimp an she says oh
there the same thing anyway an i say OK wahtever im hungry an i
could eat a horse an she says shes hoarse from the nuggets an horny
too would i like to eat her an i say no i have Billy an she says oh
im probably just his pawn an hes a sexist an just then Billiy
comes back from the bathroom smelling like trainwreck an says whad r you dudes talking about and the wiatress says i donno i lost my
train of ... of... and i say Billy she says im just a prawn in there game and Billy says suzy yr wrecked and the mangr says heres the check and ... i say why is it so much and he says its a female prawn not just a male and Billy says all we have is females we get clones from ah um i lost my train of uh... and the cook says its time for my siesta (this was that mexican seefood place) which is like a hiatus and the prawns say she got hi-n-ate-us LOL and now im at the other side of the chessbored so make me a queen ;)
Suzy, you're a sight for sore eyes!
Yes, anything to change the subject, Suzy.

Don't want to linger on Roger's immense popularity as seen by well over a thousand people at the Ferndale Fairgrounds yesterday. And anon 6:53, if I'm such an insult to Roger and Johanna, why did Johanna give me such a warm hug and confirm our friendship?

I feel sorry for you people who seem to need to trash other people with slander because you have nothing else to give to the community but schoolyard behavior.

And anon 8:08, of course She was there. "Father" makes no sense unless there's a "Mother" too. God is a Holy Family but I'm a man and worship God through the Father.
Who was the Son on earth but is the Father in heaven.
Suzy didn't change the subject. She just brought a small bit of relief from the grimness, ah, certain people bring around here.

Meanwhile, I resume phone banking for Clif tonight.
The difference between Suzy and Stephen is the fact that you can make some sense out of what Suzy say's.

I can always find good in people that are never mean. We could take some lessons. Myself included!
Is this a record number of comments?
Not even close Ed. One Reggae thread reached 500. Excluding Reggae threads I've had about 5 or 6 go over 200.
Oh, that Reggae thread was probably artificially induced by a bunch of posters who scrambled to be 420.
If you want someone to tell you what you want to hear, don't read my comments. I'm not here to please anyone but my Father in heaven. Harsh criticism is the traditional role God's given my kind in life. Without people like me, societies stagnate and die because truth has been overwhelmed because it was found inconvenient and disturbing the status quo.
That was for you, Ernie. I guess my opposition to Estelle makes me a target for slander for you too.
Stephen, I often side with you, but politically you have been less than fair to Estelle, and Clif. and I might add that you have not been quite fair with Johanna. Or KMUD, or Eric.

So where do you want me to supoort you?
Or Cristine

I don't think STEPHEN has been fair with Cristine...
If people who work in the communications media can't stand criticism we are in big trouble. Cristina has handed me the Nazi soldier's line, "I vass only following orders". If the orders from on high are making bigots out of SoHum newspapers and radio which I claim they are by censoring alternative points of view, that seems to me to be reason enough to walk away or demand changes.
The universe revolves around you Stephen. We get it.
Stephen, I will take your advice you shared on your 1:59 PM post from now on! SCROLL SCROLL SCROLL SCROLL
Eric, you are so lame some times with your petty need to slander me. I criticize your actions and your political philosophy but you join your low-life buds in slander without addressing the issues because you have no defense to offer that wouldn't expose your bigotry and political manipulative nature.

But go ahead, call me some more names, Eric. What else can you do?
No Eric! The world revolves around the Lord our God in Heaven. For you to say something like that belies your own belief that the world revolves around Eric Kirk. Well it doesn't. And the sooner you realize that the sooner you will be saved from the fate of being discarded into the pit of fire when you pass. You better try hard Eric. You better pray. You better ask forgiveness for sliming Stephen. Sooner or later you will be on your knee's Eric Kirk.
It's the pit of darkness Stephen, not pit of fire. Lake of fire. Pit of darkness.

Read the Bible.
"And think of the long-suffering of our Lord as salvation, as also our beloved brother Paul wrote to you, according to the wisdom given to him; as also in all his epistles, speaking in them concerning these things, in which are some things hard to understand, which the unlearned and unsettled pervert, as also they do the rest of the Scriptures, to their own destruction" (2 Peter 3:15-16)

You are condemned Eric and you know it. You are the Harlot of all Harlots here in this county with your fake prog con artistry. But keep trying to usurp the word of the lord. Judgment day is near.
Thanks Stephen. You're a bundle of light as usual.
This is not Stephen, as Stephen can attest to. Stephen is not the only one who loves God in this community. There is still time for you Eric. There is still time for you to get right with the Lord, to take him into your heart. You don't have to live in the shadows. You don't have to be beholden to a local agenda which places ego over human freedom and creativity. You don't have to divide an entire community in order to feel satisfaction. Get right with the Lord and show you the path to salvation. It isn't to late for you, but that fork in the road is coming.
There's a famous story of a kid who wanted to stay home from school one day. He called up the school and tried to deepen his voice.

Tommy: "Hello, this is Tommy's father. My son is too sick to come to school."

School secretary: "Is this Tommy?"

Tommy: "No! This is my father!"
Eric, if you keep this up, you're going to have to get counseling, counselor.

I know your ego doesn't allow certain facts to slip into your consciousness but believe it or not, there are actually other people out there who agree with me and they aren't me.

But you go ahead if it gives you some comfort to tell yourself another fib.
Uh huh.
Stephen, my brother in Sin-(simillia) ...no body- not even Suzy- can ever change the Subject -- but --the Subject can change us-- thats because we have free will... LOL

Earnie, "Treat everyone nice, even those who are rude to you -not because they are nice, but because you are ..." Book of Suzy chpt.4
verse 20.

Tommy, can yuo come over at noon today and help me make some brownies for arts alive?

Unsettled Pervert-- The Haralot awaits yuo in the pit of darkness come and fire one up with me...
It's called "prejudice" or "bigotry", Eric, when you think all black look alike. It's the same thing when you, Eric, think all Christians think alike. Bigot or hallucinating loony who thinks there's a Steve Lewis conspiracy of blog posters, that's the inappropriate behavior you're showing. Again, if you ever, ever, think to run for judgeship in this County, you will find me a constant opponent because you abuse critical thinking constantly plus resort to slander at the drop of a hat when you think you can get away with it.
Nope. I've never met another Christian who thinks anything like you. Not even one.
Eric along with all of your faults of pride and your doubts and unqualified opinions you have a certain quality of intelligence that the mob sees as leadership, rebellion, and slyness. Which makes you a sort of hero to some. Many find themselves attracted to a hero and identify with him.
But does a true hero say,"I am better than him. Thou createdst me of fire, whilst him Thou didst create of clay"?
Nope, a true hero is capable of intelligent critical thinking and valid judgment. He does not sacrifice his moral appointment for the applause of the masses.
Eric, did you ever stop to think that perhaps you never met a Gnostic Christian before? Huh? Huh?

Humboldt County has quite a few of us Gnostic Christians. It's a very old tradition, as old if not older than traditional Christianity. The Gospel of Thomas is considered by most modern Bible scholars as a legitimate 5th Gospel.

In the Gnostic tradition self-revelation is considered the norm but obviously you have no experience with Gnostic Christianity so you automatically assumed in your bigoted mind that beliefs like mine were not shared.

Sorry to have to enlighten you once again, counselor, but you really don't know everything like you seem to imagine you do.
I am a modern Johannine Gnostic Christian which means I consider the Gospel of John as the most accurate spiritual (not historical) description of the coming of the Spirit of Christ as the Son of God.

This is why I can read and quote John's Jesus and fully identify with what Jesus is telling us. He was sent by the Father to tell us the spiritual Truth which He embodies in himself, in his brief Life Story on earth. While on earth Jesus is the Face of the Father in Heaven. In Heaven, Jesus and his Father are One.
Time for your sound-bite comment, Eric. You know, something like "uh huh", or "sure, Steven", some little snotty remark that shows you're trying to own even your own ignorance of Christian theology instead of owning up honestly to your lack of knowledge.
Again, a whole lot about "the Father," but not a word about any Mother.

Guess that's one reason I remain Agnostic about Christianity in general.
Ok, anon 9:03, just for you just so you know God knows the problem quite well and is doing something about it.

While I myself do worship the Father as God that is because I am a man and the Father and the Son are my spiritual role models.

In an age of patriarchal domination of religion, God is given male imagery and behavior patterns so even women must see God as a Man. But we have gained enough knowledge now to comprehend that "God" is what prophets have told us God is and really no one knows for certain because God is a Great Spirit and we are material beings.

Anon, the reason I call myself a prophet is because God has given me prophecies and spiritual visions to bear witness to. One of my strongest visions is of Her arrival. She is coming! I have seen Her. Her Signs are here.
Brother Stephen, the Mother has been hear with us for a long long long time now --she arrived in Humbolt in 1968 although some argue that it raelly was 67. Her name is Sin. This is the true God(dess) that all of us enlighetened ones worship. Her last name is Simillia . She is also worshipped by the name Bud ... not to be confuzed with the old redneck god bud-wiser who is full of pride and claims to be wiser than the true Bud who is also know as Sin or Sinsy or Sinsimillia... When she is in heaven (not far from Honey Dew) her name is The Big Mama. When she sends her daughter whose name is Clones to Earth --the Daughter is worshiped without any need for The Father whose name is Jah-pollen.. In Autumn the mystery rite known as the Fall of Woman takes place and Sin's dark attendant Death has her Day. The Fall of the Mother who is also the Daughter is redeemed by her being hung on a line for three days and three nights, an then.... we disciples of Sin take our little pipes and celibrate the return of our Savior the Holy HerbSpirit ---whose secret name is THE LIGHT. Peace be with yuo.

Suzy, mj is the sacrament of the Goddess in my spiritual understanding.

Consider this mystic meaning for the word "marijuana": "Mari", a Middle Eastern name for the Goddess Mari who shows up in Christianity as the Mother of the Son of God, Mary.

Consider "Juana", the feminine form of "John" meaning, "God is gracious". "Gracious" comes from the attributes of the Three Graces, female aspects of the Triple Goddess, as Aglia, "Brilliance", Euphrosyne, "Heart's Joy", and Thalia, "Flower Bringer". For me, the Goddess walks with God in gardens of sensimilla.
We have two Great Goddess iconic plants growing here in Humboldt County. Sensimilla, without male seed, and our giant redwood trees as in ancient days, tree types determined human community beliefs with the Cedars of Lebanon becoming totally eclipsed by our giant redwoods. The Goddess is very strong here now in order to start the overthrow of too much male yang energy that keeps societies at war.
the Goddess walks with God in gardens of sensimilla.
Sun May 04, 01:17:00 PM

--"Let he who is wihtout sinse be cast teh primo stone by she who is withuot seed." LOL!
Book of Suzy 4:20
ps --Suzy knows that yuor interested Stephen ...so hears a explanation of the verse... Suzy was tripping on shrooms and it was haravest time and BIlly and me were staying on this land where we scored a job trimming for this dude who that year grew this humongus --no kidding -- 12 lb plant!!! and i was tripping and looking at the plant how beautiful she was and like that and then from nowhare comes a very verry colorful serpent like all dayglowing and psychedelic and it slithered up the plant like a 12 dimensinal neon stream of energy ... yuoknowwhatimean ... and i was trippping on the Serpant and it slithered to the tiptop of the 12lb plant and it said , pick this top-bud Suzy --its ready ... and I picked it and dryed it and me and Billy took just one little hit of it and wegot sooooooooooooooooooooo
fucking stoned @Wow! and so then the dude that owned the garden --i forgot his name but nbody ever knew his real name anyway expept maybe Bob McCee knew it but thats another story that starts way back before the Goddess and everything hit the fan ... but so anyway we got reaally high and the dude appears and says you shouldnt of smoked any of that top-bud --the big tops are for my special customers in LA... and then he tells us the harvest is over and now its time to trim -- time to go to work ... and then he cast us from the garden into the trimming cabin and so forth it went and it was written on a scroll that hung down from the heavens in the drying shed that Suzy wuold rite the story of casting the 1st (teh primo) stone --:) LOL!
and specially for yuo Stephen --hears another verse:)
"Beware of Grace --if its the same Grace that Suzy hung out with for a spel once in Gopherville --she may be charming --but shes a rippoff and a floozy and she will take yr man if she can ... And if theirs 3 of them --thats even worse!" Book of Suzy 4:21
S, (prinsess of teh extended suond byte)--LOL
Thanks, Suzy, for the story. Yes, the class system of trimmers vs. plant owners sucks big time. But then there's trimmers making per hour so much more money than their working counterparts at the assembly lines that that too sucks creating together with hill pot snobs a huge class division between townies (generally poor unless Eric and a lawyer) and hill people (rich).

I was a trimmer for years. And I can honestly claim that the most powerful bud I have ever smoked anywhere was from a plant I grew myself. "Eyed" it often to keep it small out in the open veggie garden so the buds were tiny but they were so damn strong..

Also grew the most aromatic pot plant I've ever come across, one with the grape smell and taste you sometimes find but in this one plant it was really GRAPE like cool-aid grape, great smoke too.

Ah, the memories of the Goddess plants I have known and loved..
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