Sunday, April 27, 2008


Obama on the elitist meme - and Reverend Wright on "different is not deficient"

I don't know how else he could respond to it. He just paid off his student loans a few years ago. His opponents have been loaded all their lives.

I was actually looking for a clip from his Fox interview with Chris Wallace. Mostly more of the same: Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, flag pins, elitism, etc. Oh, and he was asked if he would leave Iraq policy to the military.

I did find the transcript.

Addendum: Um. I've been watching Reverend Wright's address to the NAACP on CNN. The guy is brilliant. A little nutty, but brilliant. The singing points will probably make the news clips.

I have no idea how middle America is going to receive him. This could make or break Obama's campaign.

Second addendum: So, did Wright help Obama or hurt him? We won't know tonight. Both Dick Durbin (Obama super delegate) and some woman I don't know representing Clinton were asked about the potential impact of tonight's speech. Durbin moved right into a canned response about how Obama disagrees with Wright's divisive philosophy. The CNN reporter (Sanchez I believe his name was) interrupted and asked him to comment on tonight's speech. The response? "Well, I didn't really see it all..."

So I expected the Clinton stand rep to tear into Durbin for his weaselly evasiveness. But jumped right it to say "I didn't see it either."

Um, like, did CNN drop the ball by failing to check with them ahead of time? Surely they were asked to comment on tonight's speech, and if they weren't prepared they should have said so.

The truth is, they don't know how the speech is going to be received. They don't want to praise it or condemn it. Even the Republican strategist was very tentative saying that Wright is doing Obama a disservice by staying in the news. But her only substantive criticism was over Rev. Wright's pedagogic culture theories, which may or may not be valid but certainly won't excite anybody like "God damn America."

Now Reverend Wright is somebody besides the Youtube milibites. He may be dead as a campaign issue.

Third addendum: The youtubings are trickling in. First we have a very fiery introduction by Rev. Wendel Anthony, which was notable in its own right.

Here's the a part of Rev. Wright's speech

And another.

Here's a singing clip

And totally off topic, but this is another video produced by the bald guy in the last one. It's O'Reilly vs. Geraldo - chipmonked.

Why did he agree to an interview to lend Fox any credibility?
Precisely so that he doesn't keep getting hit with the "élitist" tag.
Wallace was definitely trying to get BO to say that he would fire Petreaus if elected. He gave a good answer as he would be the commander guy and overall military strategy is HIS job. Unlike the present, now apparently, former commander guy, who defers to the generals for everything now.
Btw, has anyone seen or heard from the War Czar, Lt.Gen Lute, lately? And where exactly in Bush's multi-layered bullet-proof vest of no longer responsible for what happens over there, does he fit in? Over the heart, ass, or codpiece?

Wallace will never ask.
anonymous said...
Is this “anonymous said…” some sort of disease on your blog?

Whenever I see all those “anonymous said…” lined up I’m reminded of the measles.

You said: "A little nutty, but brilliant."

What makes him "nutty"?
What makes him "brilliant"?
The content was brilliant. The delivery was a bit, well, eccentric.

Watch it and decide for yourself. It's extremely entertaining.
I can't find any commentary on Wright's speech. It's left everybody speechless.
I heard Wright for the first time on the overnight network news, which ran an extended clip. I'd vote for him over Hillary or McCain.

What he said is unimportant. Most people don't watch the news, especially cable network news. They simply hear the buzz, and if the buzz is bad, that's all that matters.
I like O'Reilly and Geraldo better as chipmunks.
I'm also finding very little commentary on the speech, although I'm hearing that Wright was less impressive at his press conference today than his talk last night.

Still, 10 thousand NAACP members rigorously clapping for him - that's not something the media nor any of the campaigns want to deal with. If whites were offended by the speech, and blacks were moved by it, it reinforces the racial divide.
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