Saturday, May 31, 2008


DNC Rules Committee

I just returned from the Summer Arts Festival to hear the final vote on seating the Michigan and Florida delegates. The Florida issue was easy to resolve - they will simply seat the chosen delegates and each will get a 1/2 vote (what the Republicans did).

Michigan was a little more complicated because Obama was not even on the ballot. The motion passed involved a reallocation of the delegates which essentially took 4 delegates away from Clinton. I wasn't around for the discussion so I don't know the formula that was used. Harold Ickes threw a fit on behalf of Hillary Clinton claiming that the committee was imposing its judgment over 600,000 voters. Apparently he believes that zero Democrats in Michigan would have voted for Obama. A number of Clinton supporters disrupted the meeting for the duration, taking a page from the Bush people in Florida in 2000.

Ickes left threatening to take the matter to the Credentials Committee at the convention, but none of the blathering heads are taking it seriously. By all accounts the "undecided" super delegates are going to put the matter to rest on Wednesday once all the voters have had their say.

Daily Kos covers the proceedings from a pro-Obama perspective. MYDD looks at it more favorably to Clinton.

If Clinton somehow wins, maybe it's time to consider moving. Canada isn't safe anymore. Where then?
Clinton lost today even a remote mathematical chance today.
Maybe it's time to dump the Iowa/New Hampshire stranglehold on party politics.
Clintons supporters chanting "Go McCain" after the DNC ruled in the only fair way open to them. Talk about burning down the house on your way out... ugly, ugly.
Some of those "feminists" are willing to sink choice for their daughters just to spite Obama.
If it comes down to four votes there will be a fight. Obama probably should have lobbied the committee to just give her those votes. Probably Clinton would have found something else to whine about just to leave it unresolved.

Looks like she took Puerto Rico.
I think Hillary has deserved the benefit of the doubt up until now. But it is clearly time to bow out and bow out very gracefully. Anything less will be unforgivable.
yes, she took Puerto Rico in the primary, but since Puerto Rico doesn't vote in November, how meaningful is that?
It adds to her "popular vote" argument, which is all she has left.

I suspect it will be over by Wednesday.
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