Monday, May 19, 2008


How could I have forgotten?!!

Wasn't today a Mateel/Dimmick trial day? Please post any news.

Oh, and don't forget the adolescent sniping! It wouldn't be a Reggae thread without the sniping.

Addendum: Meanwhile, Bob Doran is reporting that Reggae on the River will be held at the Benbow on July 19, 2008. But as of this posting there's no mention at the Mateel site.

Well Eric, you made the first move.
Will there be a fashion report?
Couldn't even finish the news. Did Cynthia say that BOTH td and cb had computer crashes so they have nothing about the bookkeeping of rr????? Whose idea was that? How convenient is that?snipe, snipe, snipe, snipe,
Actually rumor has it was a crashed computer belonging to the lawyer who represented both the MCC and PP at the same time when the lease renegotiation contract for Frenche's Camp did not get renewed.
Oh yea, I think PP's computer was also involved in the pile up somewhere along 101.
I thiink myyy ccoommppuutteerr iiss ccccrrraaasssiiiinnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggg
I got an email from the Mateel saying that they are doing RoR at Benbow on Jul 19. Anyone know any details?
Another exciting day in court. Started with lawyer noises. Knowles is giving up the five extra subpeonaed people but he's bringing us John Bruno to explain how really very little money was spent on the site, certainly nothing you could call infrastructure. Then he called Susie M. and Bragg made noises because they were using Taunya's disc (Susie' being lost in the now famous crash) which Susie had gotten information off of on her (Susie's) computer that Bragg hadn't seen yet. It was all finances. At one point the judge called the material 'riveting" but everyone knew he was kidding.
We learned that since ROTR is not an entity it can't have capital assets, only money in-money out. We learned that non-entitys don't have personnel so the details of those expenditures are lost in the ether,they would have been in PPs records. There was no way to produce monthly financials, money just flows in until the last minute and flows out after, and during, the event. Those earlier bills were either estimates or maybe left over from the year before. There were a lot of little cost over runs. Then Bragg pointed out that they hardly accounted for the over 740,000 in gross profit loss between 05 and 06.
SM does now know GAAP accounting, although not according to the judge who's never seen a category called shit happens. Danny Sher loaned PP the seed money for 2006 who then loaned it to the MCC. Someone made 22 and1/2% on the loan, Bragg called it usury. It came out to 15,000 on a 3 month loan. Bragg just started but SM is busy tomorrow and will resume Wed. Maybe Bragg will find out why there's a 740,000 difference with a budget projection of 21,000. Or not.
Screw this! The President has been abducted onboard the Cylon Basestar!

Priorities people!
Margaret, as ever, thank you for keeping those of us unable to travel to Eureka informed.
Screw this! The President has been abducted onboard the Cylon Basestar!

Yes, and by the Hybrid. What is her agenda?
Well computer crashes or not where are the hard copy ( re = paper) records SM has always kept at ROTR - esp at the site during the event? If no one has ever seen those maybe they conveniently went up in smoke somewhere along the way. Those books would show the real story from day one. She works from those records after the event to figure it all out.
And there would be tell tell signs if they were the real documents invoicing all $$ in and out During the weekend.
Any sign of anything like that in the discussions? I KNOW they existed.
What a drag. Both sides have spent enough on lawyer and court fees to build "phase II", fund the Mateel for 20 years, and keep PP from going bankrupt. And, for WHAT???

Not a Jah-damned thing.

Oh yeah... Anna gets to keep on writing letters to the editor, and Margaret gets to keep going to Eureka, to impersonate a "court reporter"... and share her nuggets of wisdom with all of us lesser beings on this blog spot. What a progressive community we are.
What a shell game PP has provided the Mateel with. They really are looking bad at this point.
The computers crashed because the Resurrection Ship is out of range. And the sixes are airheads.
Is this thing really still going on?
Absolutely. But it's the last season. They find Earth.
"I got an email from the Mateel saying that they are doing RoR at Benbow on Jul 19. Anyone know any details?"

It's on the mateel's website
actually it's not there - it's on bob doran's reggae on the river website
good lineup and great price
What line up?
The show that has the line up is Reggae Rising. Now that's a killer line up!!!
you know all those computers would not be crashing if they weren't freebies from the spirit of unity tour.
In case 8:24pm does not remember the Mateel took a 2 year financial hit at the hands of the individuals who organized the spreading of the wings fiasco.
Personally I feel the Mateel is recreating its self in a much more community oriented manner.
Anybody know a forensic tech who could take a look at the hard drive of the crashed computer?
Has anybody figured out if cb quit?
What is the MCC going to do about pp/td using the MCC bridges not only for rr, but Willy Nelson?
Right on ROTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Garth can get info off a frozen hard drive. Do they think it cant be done?
That's it 8:24, keep attacking the messengers. God forbid you should listen to the facts, start to see the picture, or get a clue.
Garth the super hero? Oh boy. I gotta get my action figure.
Thank you Margaret.
People would not snipe at Eric so much if he ever acted like a mensch instead of a schmendrick.
Hi Stephen.
When a computer has a frozen hard drive, does it feel like an ice cream headache?
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So, PP has no records for an event(s) that grossed $?,???,???, ?
I wonder what they claimed on their tax returns?
Ya know, there's a 10% discovery fee paid to anyone who informs on those who defraud the IRS of it's rightful share. Without hard records to back up any of their "we didn't make any money" claims, PP and possibly, TD, could really be in a world of shiite. For the more vindictive and cash strapped:

Drop a dime time.
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Darn, And I had so much hope for the secret settlement conference held a PP's office a couple of weeks ago.
(Eric 7:58)
I think she has joined forces with the Klingon Warrior but still isn't clear on her agenda affecting the issues of this thread.
Margaret and Hoy had no authority to settle anything. It was no secret. It was a social call with tears.
Now I'm gonna cry....
If ROTR is a non entity, that still means that MCC owns the infrastructure, bridges, etc.?
What about those bridges?
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That's not productive.
If you want a REALLY great Reggae lineup, go to the site. June 20-22 in Booneville.
Bob Doran wrote a decent article for the ROTR '08! This one day event at Benbow, July 19, 2008 sounds exciting and the price is right.
I can't wait!
I had a great dream...

In it, Carol admitted that Reggae on the River was created as an event to support the Mateel. She cried, as she admitted that she was wrong to represent her crappy, money losing show (her words) as one in the same, as Reggae on the River. She admitted to being overcome with greed and said some very funny things about Pb and Tom. Her ilk in the game evidently had led her down this miscreant path - but in the end her good heart seemed to win out, as she offered profuse apologies and a check to the Mateel for $500,000! She said she wished it were more. I thanked her, and she said, "I love you."
Cum by ya Lord
Cum by ya
"crappy, money losing show"???

I don't know about the financial success, but RR 2007 was one of the best reggae shows I have ever been to and most there would agree, and I have been to ROTR for 17 years, Reggae Sunsplash 2 times and Sierra Nevada many times and many other less impressive festivals. RR 2008 will amazing as well. If you are going to insult something, please base it on something you can back up.
What a beautiful dream. I wish I'd had it. I believe some of it is reality based.
I liked the $500,000 check written to the Mateel part of the dream!
I could write you a $500,000 check. Hell, I could write it out for a million!
I have a dream.
I wish at 10:40 am on a workday, I was not at work and I could afford to tell everyone that I have so much money and time on my hands that for 17 years I have traveled to all parts of the world so that I could listen to mostly rich musicians sing about the oppressed and downtrodden peoples of the world.
.."going to insult something, please base it on something you can back up..."

It was HER words. You are going to argue with Carol? She must know.....there might even be paperwork to back it up, then again maybe not.
I love the dream sequences, but it WAS ONLY A DREAM!
Just a word of caution. For those of you planning to attend the Benbow Lake affair. You might think about renaming the event Reggae on the Natch. Those state park cops have zero tolerance for dope of any kind. It might be a lot like a friend who watched a Grateful Dead show clean and sober and found out that they really couldn't carry a tune. Probably wont be a lot of comp wristbands around. You may have to actually pay for a ticket. What a concept.
If we didn't dream, there wouldn't ever have been a RoR in the first place.
1:48 they were never so heavy-handed during Jazz on the Lake.
Funny how 1:48 is worried about how much dope they can consume and whether or not someone might have to pay for a ticket.
At least we won't have to deal with the heavy gang vibe mentality that has continued to grow with the unrestricted heavy drug use that has permeated the August event in the last 5 years.
To me the new "Reggae On The River" sounds like a safe concert to bring my grand kids to.
Besides if one must get high to enjoy the day brownies make for a longer lasting experience and you don't need a lighter.
Oh, pleeze,1:48. There's been that stanky, pungent aroma wafting around the SAMF for 30 years now. With the river so low and no convenient hoosgow,(would have to impose on HCSD), at worst it would be a catch and release even if what you say is partly true.
But I agree, reggae music is best served when stoned.
Reggae's okay without the ego tripping musicians and the Rasta concept.
The river should be everyone's big concern. This small RotR event has the potential to have a detrimental impact on this fragile eco system. Does anyone know if the MCC plans on doing an EIR? Or if they'll have people on hand monitoring the water quality?

It's a valid point about the cops. Reggae shows attract a weed smoking crowd. It could be quite disastrous if a bunch of people get arrested for smoking herb. Especially if one of the artist gets arrested.
Anyone who remembers the Electric on the Eel concert knows that the potential for out of town visitors to stay in the area in order to attend both reggae events is something to prepare for. Some of those visitors are very broke. They have the potential to become quite a problem.
The downstream river quality is a factor as well. Two reggae concerts will be hard on the river and the neighbors. Is the dam going in this year? If so, when?
I like Reggae on the River but I really question the impact the show will have on this community this year.
now lissin up,you muleheaded varmints..ah been lisnin to regay fo nigh on thutty yers,never smoked a drap o thet ah-ll be married to a cockeyed,boll weeval if.n thet muzic makes mah feetz go a jumpin..whoooooooooo-weeeeeeeeee
I really can't believe that someone is worried about this year's RoR event's impact on the river. After PP squeezed 25-30,000 reggaeittes into French's for several years. Seems like some PPPropaganda.

And doesn't the EIR belong to the Mateel as well. They paid for that too.

And where's the Mateel's rent money from last year anyway.

And bridges and stuff shucks, this is getting really tiring and what river anyway? We let Sonoma steal that. Why does everything keep getting stolen around here?
May 20, 10:40:00 AM
I don’t know how good the show was but for Carol, her success is measured by the bottom line. She has failed miserably. She has failed miserably for years now. She is a failure. If you think she is so good you should throw some money her way so she can put another show on this year. She will surely lose it again. Of course the money NEVER comes out of her pocket.
Lost the records just like Bush lost the emails leading up to the invasion of Iraq.
RR 2008 will have 14,000 participants IF they sell out this year, now THATS some impact on the river!
If you all are so worried about the river and the 2 reggae festivals, what ya gonna do when willy nelson comes to town? rr and willy nelson at td's place sounds like a very baaaaad idea. there is no river this year!
Maybe the dingos ate her hard drive?
"Does anyone know if the MCC plans on doing an EIR?"

Why, so Tommy and Carol can come and take possession of it?
Meanwhile the corporate sponser guy once again gets away without any culpability. Some guys have all the luck.
Wasn't he the one that allegedly conspired with the alleged conflict of interest attorney when they made negotiations impossible for the lease renewal at French's Camp and then miraculously came up with the other lease?
Is it true that her computer really crashed?
I bet the State Parks are ecstatic about all the events they are hosting this summer. With all the budget cuts in California this will be a financial boost for our LOCAL state operated parks.
yes the concerts at the "lake" will be a nice boost to the state park revenue, and with all the additional folks hanging out around the area the Sheriff's office will have plenty more work to do kicking the houseless out of the bushes. maybe the bridges will be put to good use and we can build a bridge to fantasy land where we can have 47 concerts a summer and they will all be sold out and the cash will flow like the eel river in february.
The more homeless people our community attracts via all of these showss. The more potential for a seriously bad fire. I find that thought really scary.
The homeless situation is going to get worse no matter who is having concerts! Predictions have been made that some 7.2 million FAMILIES will become homeless in the next ten years!
Well, court went okay for most of us today. The Bruno's were understandably concerned about their dog but she can be healed so it ended on an up note. At least that part of it.
The rest is a little shaky as Knowles continues to drag things out interminably and most of us know it won't end this week no matter what he says.
Today started with Mr. Bruno who testified that nothing that went into the 06 site was in any way permanent or lasting. Well, yes it did last through last year and this year and hopefully they'll get an EIR extension for a 5000 people Willie Nelson show with the same infrastructure. But other than that it could fall apart at any minute. Well, maybe not the bridges. Short form, he's just there to make sure the show happens not keep track of costs or worker hours. He doesn't see budgets. He doesn't ask people what they charge. We looked at pictures of kitchens (taken quite recently) and Bruce Champie seeing work happen. The most interesting thing, to me, was that a worker who spends a weekend building a kitchen gets 4 wristbands and TD used to get 80 to 200. TD is sure lucky. Oh yes, and we did move out of French's camp fall of 05 and back in Spring of 06. Who could know?
Then Carol testified which we've all heard last time she testified. Knowles will finish her direct tomorrow, taking her through the financials. I might just have to miss that. Then Bragg will cross-examine both her and Susie. And Knowles will finish either Jim Aste or PB. Right, even the judge doesn't believe that. Because PB is Knowleses star. He is going to explain to us what's really going on. How Taunya, Bob S., and Doug Green have all been plotting to steal the show from Carol for 2 years. I admit to an uncontrolled outburst at that point. We have wasted so much time and money on THIS? And he dropped Doug from his witness list.
So there you have it. The great Reggae conspiracy theory in a nutshell. I really hope there's something else because this is like reading a really long book with a very bad ending.
I bet PB doesn't want Doug Green to testify because that would be the end of his theories or smoke screen, whatever you want to call his rant. Why is he so like George Bush?
Doug is like George?
At least get your facts straight
about the state park, it's not a national park: Nobody will get arrested for smoking pot, unless they're selling it or holding a lot. State law says they'll get a ticket and a fine for small amounts.
However don't base how the rangers will handle it on what happened in the past. There is a new (couple of years) head ranger, and she does like to see the laws enforced.
I expect she will require that beer be consumed only in a fenced beer garden, for both SAMF and ROTR.
Last year at SAMF rangers seemed to think that underage people were getting beer, and they won't let that happen again.
215 patients will probably have to prove it. I'l guess others will get a warning to put out the doobie, rather than a ticket.
Do you really think there will be a problem with ticketless people hanging out for weeks?
Isn't this ROTR a one day event? Will it really be advertised in the Bay Area without overnight camping? I think it is intended to be a local event, with mostly Humboldt and Mendo locals who will go home after.
Of course I don't really know anything about it. I ended my relationship with the MCC when they decided to become a musical promotion company rather than a community center.
I used to go to the SAMF when I could take my family in the gate for under $30. Now, instead of an evening concert, with a seperate ticket (like it was for years), they are having the ticket price underwrite bigger musical acts. It's become unaffordable for those of us who want to shop with the vendors and maybe see Feet First and some local musicians.
I'd spend money with the vendors, but two adults and two teenagers cost $48 in the gate. It used to be the Summer Arts Fair and it was local and affordable. Now it's all about big name muscians and has priced families out of going.
Seems like Beginnings is back to being the local community center.
ok ok, just priming the pump...

man am i making a fool of myself?

glad i'm unanimous...

or AM i...

maybe i'm too late...maybe it doesn't matter if i can just find it on the podcasts...we'll see...
Hey 8:05 you maybe got your threads mixed up.
ah caint wate til ya/ll hav the hillbilly hootnanny,the chawain contes is always tha bes,then the muzic by hot dang and tha jo-joz...hotdiggety dawg///
Anon 7:52,
I'm really with you on the Arts Fair thing, and I mean really. It's a local, family event that's all about seeing the people you never see anywhere else, local favorite musicians, a pair of earrings, incredibly cute kids in tutus, belly dancers... Instead of giving up on the Mateel though let them know how you feel about that. I'm tired of feeling like the lone fighter on that one. We should be able to do okay with the other events (which they do need to survive) and as long as they're not huge and involve lots of musical variety so everyone feels like they get something they like I think it's all good. And they are very reasonably priced.
Stand up and be heard. A lot of people share your feelings about the Arts Fair.
Anon 7:52,
I'm really with you on the Arts Fair thing, and I mean really. It's a local, family event that's all about seeing the people you never see anywhere else, local favorite musicians, a pair of earrings, incredibly cute kids in tutus, belly dancers... Instead of giving up on the Mateel though let them know how you feel about that. I'm tired of feeling like the lone fighter on that one. We should be able to do okay with the other events (which they do need to survive) and as long as they're not huge and involve lots of musical variety so everyone feels like they get something they like I think it's all good. And they are very reasonably priced.
Stand up and be heard. A lot of people share your feelings about the Arts Fair.
Suzy Bla Bla your husband anonymous E has escaped out of the closet again.
Margaret said:
"Blogger Margaret said...

Anon 7:52,
I'm really with you on the Arts Fair thing, and I mean really. It's a local, family event that's all about seeing the people you never see anywhere else, local favorite musicians, a pair of earrings, incredibly cute kids in tutus, belly dancers..."

Right on, Margaret. Summer Arts used to be such a kind and mellow event... long before the "Reggae" controversy. I've watched the admission fee go up, up, up, and up! year after year... and, while they might be hiring "out of town" headliners to perform, the stage has never been my reason to attend. Just like you said, for me, it was a social event... and a chance to check out vendors.. perhaps watch a friend, or a friend's kid in some kind of performance on stage.

Every year, it is harder and harder to drive in and park. I don't want to stay all night to boogie... I just want to see my neighbors at a nice event, and maybe watch feet first, and other locals, perform on stage.

PB, hello?
I agree about the Summer Arts Faire and the price going up to pay for the concert that most of us don't stick around for. In fact, I think they should only play local talent at the faire, but that's just my opinion.
i hope that this year they don't have competing sound systems near each other; last year there was a childrens story teller practically screaming out the story to be heard over the din of a nearby music performance- any improvement this year?
It's really bad when you're down by the river. You really learn to appreciate the word "cacophony."
Great. And the sabotage begins. I was rather dreaming that people would act like grown-ups.
It's a constructive criticism, not a sabotage. If the Mateel can't take criticism, it might as well fold up shop.
I like a big Summer Arts Fair. The bigger the better. I remember the days when dust devils and some hippie playing a flute would be the highlight of the day. It was boring. Bring on the Stones!
Blogger Eric V. Kirk said...@ Tue May 20, 08:53:00 PM

"I agree about the Summer Arts Faire and the price going up to pay for the concert that most of us don't stick around for. In fact, I think they should only play local talent at the faire, but that's just my opinion."

Eric, I agree 100%. In the early days, the fair was free. Then they started charging for it, when they decided to "hire talent", which, as you say, most of us don't stick around for.
I agree. If you old farts want a smaller show start one in your own backyard. You know, some Kool Ade and lawn darts would be a real fun fair. Not!!!!
And by the way, I will attend. I just wish there was less emphasis on loud music. I still love the community, the food, the kids corner, and the local talent, especially the feet first kids.

I wish they'd get some of the theater kids to act out a scene or two of the play.
Right. Old hippies will kill a good thing for sure if you give them half a chance and a bong hit.
Eric, if you can't take loud music borrow your wife's ear plugs (your snoring problem) and drink six beers. You'll be fine.
I don't get it Margaret. Carol Bruno quit. Her anticipatory breach. What else matters? And they did conspire to get rid of the MCC, look at now. What else is necessary?
I could be way off base on this one and correct me if I'm wrong. When the fair and concert receipts were separate, wasn't the concert receipts percentaged out to, or a fee paid out to the production company (AKA) PP. And didn't the MCC underwrite the whole two days worth of expenses and provide staff and volunteers so that PP was able to pocket handsomely for their part.
I think that there should be an open discussion as to the separation of ticketing of the arts fair along with an extra fee for a main act. But not this time around. And for me, I am glad that the MCC is standing on its own and keeping all off it's own receipts. They have to pay back a lot of bills caused by the breakup or what ever it has now morphed into.
The best part now is that the BOD can be approached with change without the threat of the producer quitting if the MCC did not coddle to the whims of PB & CB. And now reading the newest posts, I'm sure that there is need for the Summer Art Fair's mission to be re examined. As said above, at least the BOD can change when needed without the previous constraints.
Hopefully the person that is disturbed with the combining of the whole package can talk to someone and get a sliding scale entry fee or they could always volunteer. Besides being a volunteer assures the prudent shopper first pick of the artisans goods.
The MCC is a membership. If you have criticisms or suggestions concerning events, bring them before the BOD. It is now a democracy not an autocracy as it was before the separation from its rulers.

PS. The price for tickets and expenses for talent can be directly correlated to the promotional endeavors of the production team/company that kept the MCC BOD in step with their plans. Eric you have previously related about the pressures put upon the BOD by none other than the aforementioned producers.
At least the MCC staff and BOD are trying to stay alive and pay their bills.
Kudos for them!!!
Anon 9:45,
That's our case and I'm with you. But now Knowles, TD's case, is that three people conspired to steal the show from PP and PB is going to tell us how it all was. Hopefully this year. Knowles is slow and there are still many financial sheets to look at and not understand. That's Tom's case.
Margaret, is this the same old CB, PB, song and dance about how the Mateel somehow was trying to take the event away from them? Give it up already.
I wish I could be in court to watch the Judges face and body language.
I am surprised he is giving Knowles so much redundant rope.
I wish the Judge would rein Knowles in!
what in tarnation is wrong wid ye?taint nothin wrong with sum good,dirt kickin,knee slappin,toe tappin jug music....beginnin ta feel like taint no good bug juggerz round here==
an if,n youz wodern who ah am, it is me..DUDALASCIOUS C.KORNPONE. the raffinis riff tha ever rouzed tha raff......
The judge is reigning Knowles in, subtly. But substantially. When he tried to have Carol do the MCC history from 1983 the judge confined him to the time frame we've been in. Hasn't set limits on Bragg's cross exam times because Knowles had Taunya on for 3 days and Bob for almost two. The judge is good and if he doesn't let Knowles present, no matter how ludicrous, they could get a mistrial. It's the three named conspirators that make it so funny. But, maybe PB will convince me.
to,9:49- You are off base.
It used to be Summer Arts Fair during the day, and Jazz on the Lake at night. Jazz on the Lake was sponsored by The Backwoods Jazz Assoc., a non profit, which was really Les Scher underwriting it. If it made money, it went to the non profits. If it lost money, Les paid for it.
I believe the only one which made money was the year with the Neville Bros, but my favorite was the year with Ira Kyrie, the band from Cuba.
Jazz on the Lake is for old hairy eared, hippies. When do we get Death Metal on the Lake?
The park didn't close at ten then either.
When enough headbangers come down off their crack high to organize one.
Why don't you take your disrespectful ass off line and call it a night? I think we've heard more than enough from the youth of this county.
Hey pus balls. I will distroy you..
Margarette, The park closes at ten because old hippies in flip flips and straw hats have to medittate.
Thanks for the correction as to who lost money on the Jazz bands. Learn something new every day.

So what I am lead to believe is that as soon as the Arts Fair closed down for the day. A whole new crew showed up, set up the lighting, a new sound system was brought in, and the parking/security/shuttles from town/ticketing/and cleanup was underwritten and by Les so that if there was a profit some monies would go to the non profits?
I made the sabotage reference and it wasn't to your opinion Eric. Sorry I didn't make that clear. I was talking about talking down the Mateel's Reggae at Benbow show. Putting wrong and misleading information out there so people will tell their friends about the evil park rangers and not being able to do their own thing. Baloney.
Actually, when Jazz on the Lake lost money, the Mateel paid for it. That's why when PP was formed there were no more Jazz on the Lakes. PP didn't want to cover the losses.
Another questions--John Bruno is in construction, right? How could he::
1)not have any idea of what building things cost.
2) being of a safe mind about the event, build infrastructure that might fall apart at any given moment?
3) are there codes for building/infrastructure that need to be looked into?
4)why doesn't the MCC call pb to the stand, and what is going on to prevent pp from using the MCC owned bridges, kids play things, and everything else MCC owns?
P.S.--Isn't John Bruno in charge of the sight, all the oversight, so doesn't the buck stop with him about charges, over charges, and how could they build an infrastructure that cost soooooooo much money, as they told us that is why there was no money, and it is ready to fall apart, maybe now?
The Mateel was plotting to take the show? Tell me why this makes sense. I thought it was the Mateel's show, boy am I dense.
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That's Irakere. A legendary band in the history of jazz and Cuban music.
I am so looking forward to SAMF. I hear your criticisms about the loud music, especially from the riverside - people should always feel free to voice their opinion and discuss their thoughts. But personally, I LOVE the blend of crafts, local artists/musicians and larger music acts - that's what gives it that very special "something for everyone feel". Last year's Melvin Seals and JGB were out-of-sight! And this year I'm a big fan of Al Howard and K23 orchestra, they have a very positive message along with a very funky beat.

As for river concerns at rotr, let's keep things in perspective - the mcc is talking about a one-day event with no on-site camping and a max attendance of under 5,000. If you are concerned about the natural environment around the event, then it seems like a state park is the ideal place to have it as it is their job to manage that land. Whereas Dimmick will have how many tents and cars parked on his riverside? And it's my understanding that if Dimmick were to get a fresh new permit today, they would not allow cars on the riverside as that is something grandfathered-in with the old permit.

See you at SAMF (and SumFunk)!
I can see it now: The MCC revives RotR with a one day event. They expand it to two. Ticket price goes up. They expand it to three. Ticket price goes up. Justin starts getting pissed because he's doing all of this hard work, the show is grossing big $$$$$ and he's getting paid minimum wage. The community is getting pissed because it's no longer this quaint little community event. Justin forms his own production company. Gets the exclusive contract with the MCC. Justin return to the MCC continues to be less and less. He claims unforeseen cost raises. The fate of the MCC repeats itself.
...And it's my understanding that if Dimmick were to get a fresh new permit today...

Oh but that would be such a bother. Besides, we like the Mateel's stuff so much better. Why should we do hard work when we can just suck off the hard work and investments of others?
The capacity of Benbow is around 1,500.
11:07, Yeah, I'm not certain what the max capacity is for Benbow honestly, nor how many tickets are available to sell for rotr there. That would be a question for the mcc staff. It's certainly significantly less than what's permitted on Dimmick's land.
This comment has been removed by the author.
The other question is when PP/TD apply for Willie at the Ranch it will be outside the scope of the existent EIR. So they should have to amend the EIR which is based on length of time the impacts are taking place and the # of times the impacts take place. There should be a public input period and a hearing for such an amendment and someone should remind the Planning Dept. and Commission, who seem to work for PP.
Benbow State Park has set the capacity at 5,000 and they already have permits in place for events such as this so no EIR is necessary. Also there is no parking on the gravel bars in the River which is one of the biggest impacts of the Dimmick ranch show.
Benbow DOES NOT have a 5,000 capacity. They only have 2,500 person capacity. There is also a big hump to deal with. Where the stage is only about 400 people are able to see it. Anyone on the other side of the hump has no view.
What happens if TD does not prevail in litigation and the MCC's lease is still valid?
Back to the Summer Arts Fair, the sliding scale of $12 per day or $20 for two days is really not that expensive considering all the entertainment, vendors, and activities that is going on all day. For a concert which is about four hours long the tickets can range from $25 per person, all the way up to say Willie Nelson which is $75. Even RR charges well over $150 which amounts to at least $50 a day with all day entertainment ( one stage with generally one type of music) vendors, and a kiddie corner. Camping is extra. Since the Mateel lost their main fundraiser, the SMAMF is now the main source of funding. They apparently are trying to increase attendance by providing more entertainment. I am amazed at how much stuff they have going on nowadays since over 30 years ago when I first went. Over time, things seem to progress doesn't it?
how many people did pp have at the ub40 concert last year at Benbow?
how is it that the 2 year old rr festival is "carrying on with a 25 year tradition.....", didn't pp/cb/td/pb/yh tell us last year that rr is a different festival? this story and quote in todays newspapers.
the samf is totally enjoyable. the music is loud for my taste, I don't get to close the bands. everything else is just marvelous.
Where is the "court report?"
I was not referring to Benbow. I was referring to the Dimmick Ranch.
Where and what time is court on thursday? I want to see and hear what PB has to say about all this for myself.
So is it really true that PB is finally going to be on the stand tomorrow?

What will he testify about?

Some hearsay conspericy against CB?

Will he be questioned in cross about his involvement with the lawyer for PP in which he and she both represented the MCC in the French's Camp lease renewal negotiations. And why was the end result of those negotiations the non renewal of the French's Camp lease?

I wonder if he will be given the opportunity to explain what his words meant in the You Tube video?

If there was one day that the masses should attend the court proceedings it should be when PB is to testify. Although these proceedings are not about him, this is the best opportunity to have PB set in judgement before his peers.

As much as you can, please look him in the eye and let him feel the love.

Better yet, as he is called to the stand and rises to do so, every one should give a cough to remind him of his "FU" cough that he gave everyone at the 2006 MCC annual meeting where CB didn't quit and he didn't reiterate her intent to quit on video.
Can we bring signs?
So, I did in fact sleep in and miss the rest of Knowles' direct examination and some of Bragg's cross. But I got the gist. No one at PP gets work estimates, well maybe Hannah, but we didn't know that when she was here. Carol doesn't read what she signs, remember what she wrote, or recognize her own handwriting. She doesn't deal with finances or contracts. Susie, whose cross was finished today also doesn't remember where she was, what she said, or read the contracts she signs. If you think I'm being harsh you should have heard the judge. We have a bunch of people who sign things they don't read because they are going to keep on doing it the way they want anyway and an organization that doesn't try to exercise control until it's gone over the top.
I would have been offended if he weren't so right. There were some moments. Carol sent TD an email in Sept. 06 saying she hadn't wanted to re-negotiate her contract, for the ten years, but Taunya made her. Little hole in the conspiracy theory. Points for MCC. Prior to that she'd said she did it for TD.
Not much real information since no one remembers anything. Hannah seems to have told the MCC that since Carol was the agent of the MCC there would be no conflict of interest in her acting as agent for MCC in negotiating the lease. But, the earlier lease between TD and PP clearly stated who would pay what on the infrastructure and the later lease with the MCC had no such protective clause. Carol invoked attorney client privilege. Judge said sketchy but okay. Susie said the 245,000 clearly charged for infrastructure would have wiped out PP. Bragg asked her if she, or anyone had considered what it would do to MCC. Knowles objected that she couldn't know. Susie looked like a deer in the headlights. Bragg dropped it. The judge made his speech.
Tomorrow PB.
Back to the Summer Arts Fair, the sliding scale of $12 per day or $20 for two days is really not that expensive considering all the entertainment, vendors, and activities that is going on all day. For a concert which is about four hours long the tickets can range from $25 per person, all the way up to say Willie Nelson which is $75.

That's the whole point. Most of us don't view the event as a concert. I watch the kids, and maybe a few local artists. But the music is really completely beside the point to me. For what I get out of it, seven or eight bucks would be more in line. But I'm willing to pay more for a good cause.
Why in the name of all that is just would Bragg drop that? If Susie knew if would wipe out pp, of course she knew it would wipe out the MCC. He should have pressed her. What a ball drop imho. I hope Bragg has a plan as that seems idiotic. Too late now though. pb, I hope the judge sees the real you that is not a very nice man.
Sounds like in court that PP people are stonewalling with the "I don't remember what I did". Is that how you run the business? No wonder they couldn't make any money. How can you make a decent court appearance/ credibilty with that kind of attitude? So Eric, you're a lawyer, do you see that pretty often in the courtroom? Is it normal that people can't remember anything? Or is that a technique to bluff their way through.
I bet you that PB will be disappointing too he won't remember anything either!
Compare what $1 bought you at the Summer Arts Fair in 1987 to what $20 will get you today. It is equitable?
The summer Arts Fair is not just a party for locals to hang out with their friends , it is a great fund raiser and craft fair . People come from all over because it is such a bargain for the amount of entertainment ( of all sorts and all different styles and age appeal). True there is some mixing of the sounds from the stages but that is the nature of Benbow. If we all work together maybe we can move the Fair to the Community Park where the stages could be isolated from one another like the Oregon Country fair.
We need the money that outsiders bring to our community and the variety of music acts is the big draw. If you want a mellow fair go to the May Fair at Beginnings or even more laid back groovy hang out at the May Day Trade Fair in Whale Gulch. Volunteer if you can't afford the price. Ride the free shuttle(another reason for price increase) to avoid parking hassles. Stop your complaining and get involved. Help your local non-profits , volunteer fire departments, schools etc.
Happy to Be A Mateel Volunteer.
After what appears to be a conspiracy to take over a concert which was the main fund raiser for most non profits in So. Hum., I promised myself I would not attend any for profit events hosted by PP on TD property.
Therefore I am grateful that the Mateel is hosting musical events this summer at Benbow so I can attend these events with a clear conscience.
The real thing about bringing in the outside world is diversity. I don't want to go to the same old same old thing every year and our local music scene only changes so much each year.
Back to the court thingy.

It appears that all of the witnesses have early onset alzheimer's.

Even the computers got it.

Maybe its an epi-Dimmick.

I for one think the Centers for Dieseas Control should called in to investigate its cause.
Now I've got it. I couldn't even properly finish my last sentence.
In your last nights 9:47 post you mention that judge made references that the MCC did not exercise control until it went over the top.
Isn't that pretty much the root cause of all the problems over the years between PP and the MCC.

Every time the BOD tried to get a handle on the spending, PP and its minions/employees threatened to quit. And when Tanya tried to finally put a stop to the no accountable accounting, every one did in fact quit.

Maybe revisiting the Northcoast Journal November 16, 2006 article by Mr. Doran should be revisited.
The People Production's staff practically if not truly admit that they were insulted when asked to be accountable.
They are quoted in that article.
My guess is PB will remember everything and deliver it with arrogance and anger. That's so his style.
At the beginning, didn't Susie, and Carol brought more information to the table? Perhaps they are eating their words now?
jah help us all
Blueberry scones at Flavors everybody! Try one!

whoa, whoa, back the truck up.....When has anyone MADE cb do anything???And we are expected tho believe that Taunya MADE cb sign another contract that cb did not want to? What's wrong with that picture??
We don't neeeeeeeeeeeeeed no more trouble,We don't need no trouble, dadadadada da daaa,dadadadada what we need is Looooooooooove!!!!!!!!!

Jah Love ps PB,hey Bra
it would be da poop to hear your wonderful voice & charm...on TJIF agin
its like Muddy Waters said "Every thang is gonna be alright this mornin"
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Flavors does make a mean scone!
Egg salad at Flavors!!
And Treats makes a mean ice cream cone.
Please start a new thread about todays trial/hearing/arbitration. Who can afford $40 in gas to go to Eureka? (rhetorical)
Rhetoric or not? Margaret.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I'm very interested in that ocean front property in Arizona. Does it have water?

It would be nice to have anyone, who was there, report on the proceedings. Please stop attacking the messengers so that people that care can get some information. Your insinuations are of the basest level and a poor diversionary tactic. Grow up.
Thank you 7:01 pm for your RIGHT ON statement. Let's not let one TOXIC minded person influence the dialogue!
By ignoring this individual you diminish any power they may think they have.
HA by commenting on my remark in any form feeds my power hungry self. Keep commenting and so will I !!!
So how did pb do on the stand today? What happened?
A question about another day and topic. Somewhere it was said that cb or hn said there was no conflict of interest having hn represent cb and MCC because cb was the agent for the MCC. But when hn testified did not say that she felt cb had no fiduciary responsibility to MCC, but how can that be if cb was the agent for the MCC? I'm so confused...
To Both Margaret and Felix
Of course she had fiduciary responsibility.
Maybe we'll soon hear what creative spin The PBster had today. I just bet his memory will be different from anybody else's. I can hardly wait to hear what sinuous path he takes to come out on top.
Eric, What the is wrong with you? You missed one that is definetly in need of deleting.
Here is a clue for you. If you go back 8 from this one you have got it.
And hey f--k face your Margie comment identifies you. We all know about your past and where you come from.
Ahhh. How well I remember being a starving mother of 2, commuting to HSU 5 days a week, for five years.
It is with a sad and heavy heart that I appear before you tonight. The morning went okay, Bragg x-exam of CB. Pointed out the budget given MCC for 06 was totally unrealistic, not even double 05 with twice the area and no infrastructure in place. Pointed out that a guarantee of 200,000 if the bottom line is at least 300,000 probably didn't look so great to people who had just seen a 16,000 bottom line. Asked if anything in Open Letter to Community was false. Pointed out that the 345,000 figure the MCC gave that so confused her probably came from her assurance that the 350,000 that had been spent on site improvements was a one time expense. Carol cried, we were looking good. PB was next,
And that seemed okay. We watched the video, the judge remembered why he didn't want to do closing arguments in Garberville. PB called the open letter to the community the "shot heard round the world", dropping heavy file on the floor for emphasis. He said bad things about Boots and then admitted he knew no one in the Bay area entertainment industry. I relaxed and fell asleep, the judge made Felix take a picture of me. PB kept saying the lease was no good without PP, even if CB died. Then he remembered all the stuff he didn't remember when he was deposed. Remember the interrupted board meeting? Well, when it got all crazy they sent PB to pour oil on troubled waters. And he told the board that TD would concede to only 6 years of mandatory PP if they would just sign the contract. So, the board was so happy they signed knowing if CB quit or died it was all over. He was dismissed and all Hell broke loose and no matter what happens court will not end tomorrow. Knowles immediately said he would recall Hannah to back up his shiny new witness and re-open his case in light of this shiny new evidence. Bragg said it wasn't necessary because, fearing sudden weird memory recovery, he'd done some inquiring and there is a tape of that meeting although no one is sure how much information can be retrieved. Knowles screamed he should have had the tape in discovery and threatened mistrials and starting all over. The tape will go to him if it has anything on it, but it will not end tomorrow.
I'm tired, sad, and very disappointed that all these people who scream for peace just won't let it happen. We'll probably still win with a second trial but it will be very expensive.
We'll probably still win with a second trial but it will be very expensive.

Thu May 22, 09:17:00 PM

Very expensive indeed, not merely financially but I am running out of Hubris and I need some more, it seems in short supply, perhaps one of George Clinton's Roadies has a little stash that he's willing to share, and I know Willie's biofuel powered bus has a whole case of it under the drivers seat.
Thank you Eric.
Update. The tape is not of that meeting.
Dropped file, what a drama queen. Why does the board meeting make any difference if she quit? Sure, it was another rehearsed PP gambit, but she quit. Where did that argument go? Was there no cross examination of PP on the Arthur lease loss fiasco? May the tape hold the truth. Anyway, thank you Margaret. Get some sleep.
"The shot heard round the world". I wonder what references he took that one from. Wikipedia has a whole boatload of references to that saying, mostly in sports, and if you Google there are many references to that saying being used in movies. I wonder how many times he practiced the file drop, and by the way how was it that the files were conveniently next to him to drop?
PB Barnum lives on in his on infamy.
The issue is whether the tape recording was within the scope of the discovery requests. If so, Knowles gets a mistrial. If not, then it may be admissible. But really, why did it take until the end of the trial (or what was supposed to be the end) to come out? I think it's a fair question for the Dimmick side to ask.
The Shot Heard Round the World was the first shot at the Battle of Lexington. Unknown is who made the first shot, or even which side. One theory is that it wasn't even one of the soldiers facing each other off, but a shot taken by nearby British sentries at a colonist trying to escape them.
OK don't admit the tape. What did PB say that made any difference? Is what he said today corroborated by anyone else but him?
And... Please... don't insult P.T. Barnum.
So does the trial start up again next week?
PB said the BOD signed the contract with full knowledge that no matter how it came about, including death, if PP stopped producing the lease was invalid. No one else corroborates him but Knowles, whose case is still open, is going to keep it open until he finds someone who does. Not next week, the next time they all have open schedules. Cheers.
At this point who really cares about a huge three day festival that is bound to loose more and more every year. Hasn't anyone been listening to the news. Oil is being sold at over $130.00 per barrel. Gas is going to cost way over $6.00 a gallon by August. Predictions of up to $12.00 per gallon next year. The cost of airfare for the artists and their luggage will rise dramatically. Fuel(diesel) for their buses will probably be double this summer from the cost two years ago. Tripple next year. All goods shipped in will have to reflect those shipping costs to the non profits and then passed on to the concert attendees. People are loosing their jobs and homes. A reggae concert that cost over a thousand dollars for a family of four or four friends will soon loose its appeal. And lets face it most of the people that reggae once had its large appeal to are dying off.

The Mateel is turning the corner and is going to do just fine keeping the events affordable and appealing to a smaller local market.

We should all be grateful that the Mateel doesn't have the albatross around its neck and a lease that binds them to more years of assured losses and probable bankrupcy.

Sometimes blessings come in mysterious ways.

Stand up get up. No more need to fight.
I was at the trial. I think the tape was something that could have been requested during the discovery session. Bragg said something in regards to that to Knowles when he flipped. There's a problem with what PB said in his deposition to what he testified today during questioning from Bragg or maybe it was after that with Knowles and then brought to light later by Bragg. It has to do with HN. When Knowles said she may need to be called back to clear things up Bragg said that wasn't needed because of this tape. Reactions were mixed and PB and Carol were absent and Carol came in alittle after. I may be wrong on this but it appeared to me that the contract lacked an out for TD so it was weighted far too much in favor of PP. PB had less replies of,"I don't remember" and favored the word "explicitly". He had on his devilish grin at times and took charge as well as he could for a witness. He only blurted once and it was in reference to the Mateel board whom he called "sheltered". He won't be there tomorrow. The court starts an hour later so Knowles can get a copy of the tape before it opens.
I don't think the Mateel is fighting for the show. They might like their money back though. And both sides are suing so both sides would have to drop. And that just doesn't seem to be in the cards.
I guess I shouldn't have left early (not that 5:30 is all that early). Can someone who was there be more specific, which meeting do they have on tape?
Hypocrites will eat crow scones when PB returns to TJIF. You know who you are.
While we are on the subject of crow scones, someone had better inform Suzy Bla Bla's significant other that there is another Poker Night alert. Texas Hold em at the old Benbow restaurant. A fundraiser for a Rodeo Queen. Saw the flyer at Ray's this morning.
Thank you once again Bob for only attending and covering only the parts you want to hear.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Truth is, I have a life outside of obsessing over Reggae. And I have a full time job. I didn't really have time to attend yesterday, but I did. So shoot me. I have other things to do today, and in general.
someone is not walking her talk.
all these people who scream for peace just won't let it happen
MCC too?
CB and PB weren't there? I thought they were both on the stand.

This train of thought, that even if CB were to die, PP would still have the production contract just doesn't make sense. Who would produce the show? PB couldn't produce his way out of a paper bag. Temper tantrums don't go a long way in this business. Pros would laugh and walk away.
Bob - what I was told last night is that the meeting which was stormed by pp was being taped, but as Bragg just came into possession of the tape, they're not sure how much of it is even audible. They're probably arguing about that as I type.
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