Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Steps forward, steps backward

It'd been a good few days for gay rights basking in last week's California Supreme Court decision. But now we have a Head of State in Gambia threatening to kill any homosexual he finds in his country. He also want to crack down on drug dealers and thieves.

Ahhhh Gambia- that bastion of progress and civilization.
It is not as barbaric as it seems. We now know that gay behavior spreads disease such as HIV that has had a devastating effect on millions. That is why AIDS was originally called GRIDS (Gay Related Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) before political correctness set in and the name was changed to protect the guilty. Gays also try to tear down the fabric of society and to foster conversion to homosexuality. Gays are quite dangerous to society and its youth. Nevertheless, he could simply expel them. Killing them is wrong when there are so many societies willing to welcome them as a welcome part of the multicultural mix. Hell, I bet the U.S. would take them in since terrible Ted Kennedy and Barney Frank modified our immigration laws to be more queer friendly.
Um. Well, okay 2:30. That's a way of looking at it.
It's not really okay. It's a very ignorant way of looking at it.
Gambia is a primitive mob of brutes. We need to civilize them.Take the Gambian warlord to a Gay Pride parade in San Fran and watch the apes head explode.
FD - well, I was trying to give him/her the benefit of the doubt.
Okay, we are supposed to get out of Iraq, because we are supposed to stay out of other contries business...

What did you say that we are supposed to do about Gambia??? I didn't hear you.
I wasn't suggesting an invasion if that's what you mean. I'd support an international boycott, diplomatic pressure, whatever.
Anonymous said...
It is not as barbaric as it seems.

Not to a barbarian, at any rate.
Sign your name poster number 2- maybe someone might like to educate you. For now, #$@%!&$@ you.

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