Monday, May 19, 2008


The Swift Boating of.... John McCain?

I suspect that some of these "flip flops" are taken out of context (though some of them clearly aren't). But these progressives learned from the best in 2004 (except that they aren't waiting for September). Somebody once said that lies make it half way around the world before the truth gets its boots on, and that was certainly the case with Kerry as it turned out that almost nothing in the Swift Boater campaign was supported by the military records (as revealed in page 7 articles of major papers months after the election).

Truth is, I don't like these types of composite videos where single statements are taken out of their full context, but this has been happening to Obama on major television on a regular basis for a couple of months now. Let McCain explain himself if he chooses. The "hundred years" comment is just the beginning, and he's already wigging out about it.

The someone was Winston Churchill.
Flip flop flip flop
I suspect that will be the theme. In fact, I suspect the democrats are going to replay a number of themes from 2004, which can be used against any long term senator.
I don't know, Eric. I remember that "no body armor" stuff and it seemed to me that he was lying. The Iranian training could just be mispeaking - altho having Joe Lieberman cue him is just as bad as actually not knowing who the players are. Lieberman is such a creep.

It is certainly possible for a principled person to take opposing views over a period of time because circumstances change, and maybe he can explain the tax cut stuff that way. But all in all I don't think this is a dishonest presentation whereas the Swiftboat stuff was.
I wonder if McCain & LIEberman will do a duet?
BOMB, BOMB, IRAN.........
Ed - the economy quote thing doesn't look good either.

The tax vote issue does look like the "I voted for it before against it" quandary Kerry was in, but it has to do with the process in which laws are ultimately passed. Maybe he'll be able to explain it better than Kerry.
We now know what Paul Simon will look and sound like when he's 103.
Keep dreaming. It is your ultra left-wing candidate, Mr. Obamination don't trash my wife for not being proud of America, that is going to get raked over the coals by 527 groups. He, his wife, and his reverend have provided more ammunition than any true American could have ever hoped for.
"True American"?? What's a "true American"? Native Americans?
5:00 - I think he's playing the 527s. Obviously McCain nor the RNC are going to go after his wife, but the 527s can't help themselves. Obama set it up so it will probably backfire unless they can draw blood. And the general public isn't going to draw distinctions between the 527s and the McCain campaign.

Meanwhile, McCain's in the unenviable position the Democrats have been in for years, trying to appease the base that doesn't trust him while appealing to the centrist voters. I think it's that tension which created the material for this video.

And in case you hadn't noticed, the special elections haven't been going well for Republicans, even in their strongholds.

If Obama picks Ed Rendell or Strickland for VP, he's probably got it in the bag (I'd take the former because Rendell can deliver Pennsylvania - I don't know if Strickland can deliver Ohio). Rumor has it that it'll go to Webb or Sebelius, but I think he'd be passing on a big chance with Rendell, who'd also make a great VP for purposes of muscling through legislation.
Did you know that TVLand carries Leave it to Beaver and I Love Lucy? Just the things to soothe your jangled nerves after a day of snarky candidate comments and the screaming chatterers on cable news networks.
McCain(Pres.) & LIEberman(VP)Ventriloquist Person
Republican Ticket!
I'm thinking McCain chooses a woman to try to exploit the disaffected Clinton supporters - those old enough that they don't have to worry about choice anymore.
No democrat has been elected president in over 50 years without a southerner on the ticket. If Obama wants to win he needs a running mate from the South.
Obama's not weak in the south. He's weak in Appalachia. It's got to be Rendell, Strickland, or Webb. Maybe McCaskil.
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