Tuesday, June 24, 2008


FBI in Redway

Presumably the DEA too, although last week on KMUD they emphatically denied that they were here for busts. I just received a telephone call from a reputable source. I'll follow up.

The NCJ Blogthing is reporting on developments in the north.

Addendum: Apparently they're all over the county. It's being reported on KHUM as "the culmination of a two year investigation" against commercial grows and not medical marijuana. Authorities are claiming that they are acting on 27 warrants.

But I'd take any official statements with a grain of salt. They're supposed to be here for flying practice and a convention, remember?

NCJ Blogthing has an audio of a KSLG interview with Joseph Schadler of the FBI.

Second addendum: Redheaded Blackbelt comments on the NCJ blogthing - "KMUD is reporting many vehicles heading towards the coast with a “traffic jam” at Whitethorn." But right now I'm hearing Mary Poppins songs on KMUD. Supercalifragilisticexpiallydocious.

Third addendum: Andrew Bird is reporting at Heraldo's that a caravan went out Briceland Road just before 7:00, and that a "satellite truck" was seen on Alderpoint Road earlier this morning.

Fourth addendum: Confirmed. There is a bust at the south end of Whitmore Ave. on Redway. Four or five SUVs and DEA agents dismantling items out on the lawn.

Fifth addendum: Two individuals with FBI markings on their jackets were seen (by me) outside a home on Redway Ave. right near the intersection with Oak. I could not tell if they were in the process of a bust. They might have been checking addresses.

Sixth addendum: The Eureka Reporter has a story up.
FBI agents raided a house at 1658 Virginia Way in Sunny Brae early this morning. Around 10 a.m., agents combed through the trunk of a gray car parked in the driveway. The car had Oregon license plates.

A pile of equipment including lamps, triangular containers and hoses were spread across the yard.

It is not known if any arrests were made by agents at this time.

"I have no idea how long (FBI agents) were there," said Bob O., who lives across the street from the house that was raided.

He stepped outside his door around 8 a.m. this morning and saw eight agents around the house across the street, he said.

He said he prefers neighbors to unoccupied grow houses and the sound of children over silence.

"The pattern is no one's ever home," he said regarding the house that was raided.

And Hank is reporting that the FBI rep is insisting it's all one group. I don't believe that, but if it's true we are watching one of the more profound federal anti-trust actions in years.

Seventh addendum: From another blog's comments section -
Interesting coverage with the blogs and the radio participating together. Attorney, Ed Denson, just reported on KMUD that there were door to door searches going on in Redway and Garberville. Ed made the following suggestions:

1. Do not consent to search.

2. Do not talk or engage in conversation.

3. Do not try to physically obstruct them.
I've got KMUD on, but KHUM and KSLG are also covering the action. And Hank has a growing display of photos at the blogthing.

Eighth addendum: Redheaded Blackbelt is reporting on a bust in Salmon Creek.

Meanwhile, some roads are blocked off in the Whale Gulch area and to our east near Alderpoint and Harris.

Ninth addendum: The Times Standard has a story up.

Hank is reporting that most of the action seems to be down here.

I will be leaving the office shortly for paid work related business. I don't know when I'll be back on the computer, but feel free to post information as you get it.

Tenth addendum: Cynthia Elkins just played an interview with an FBI rep who answered maybe one or two of about 20 questions.

I'm leaving for a few hours. Please post freely, but responsibly.

Are they going door to door?
All I know is that there was somebody on a construction job who slept in his car and they woke him up and told him to move along.
Maybe the J&J crew?
I heard they are raiding all around and confirmed in shelter cove also
KHUM has updates fairly frequently.
27 warrants throughout the county per Heraldo.
Looks like we better pay attention when Heraldo has tips. He was right!
Yes he was.
Fires and federal busts? Damn! Now we'll never hear about the Mateel/PP settlement!
I always kind of wondered why anyone would believe anything that the F.B.I. would say. They are the ones that invented "Plausible Deniability". It's part of their job, and they are very, very good at it. Fooled you didn't they?
There were 8-10 cops in the fields around Donovan's farmhouse on Whitethorn Rd,and about that many unmarked cars at 8:10 this morning
Most amusing is how they fooled Hank Sims. He's already printed a commemorative t-shirt, for sale on his blog right below the 'update' that should read 'correction,' that celebrates dumb old Heraldo's paranoia-fest last week. Oops.

It's curious that Sims followed his juicy career-kiss bestowed upon Heraldo's blog in the Town Dandy with this smug smear just hours later. (It's delightful Sims got it so wrong, except it's too bad Heraldo was right.
They are in Whale Gulch and the Whitethorn Road is closed to traffic.
This is glorious news. After 8 years of complete crap, something good finally happens for once. Here's to cleaning up our community.
I think this is a crack up. Go Feds!
Get some photos.
KMUD says that there is a check point on Alderpoint Road.
Get some photos.

Send them to me and I'll post them. kirk at humboldt dot net.
No one is allowed to leave Whale Gulch. Can you believe it? What about law abiding people?
Just think. This might drive the price of weed back up to its pre-medical marijuana prices! This will be a boon to those that survive the raids.
A number of FBI vehicles massed at the clinic early this morning (around 6AM). Didn't come into the clinic, per my source. Weren't invited in either. Have gone on.
I've heard of two arrests in So Hum as of around 9 AM.
According to the KMUD report at about that time the effort involves the post office as well as the FBI and the CA agricultural commission.
There was some talk with ED Denson who is in Ukiah who is sensibly advising people to not talk to the agents, not agree to search, etc. But not to obstruct them.
And the fires are still burning.
Heraldo was right? Let's give credit where credit is due. Craigslist got it right. Sort of.
Oh, "clinic" would be Redwoods Rural, here in Redway.
The fires are still burning? Last time I checked, the FBI and postal service didn't fight fires. I wouldn't want them to. Don't be silly.
I agree with Ed's advice. I would just add to ask to see the warrant and if you're arrested invoke both your 5th and 6th Amendment rights to silence.
The FBI is in Salmon Creek now. We took pictures of each other 8)
This just goes to show how "Heraldo"'s identity fraud fucks things up. No one can go to Heraldo to vet the source, verify the facts and now the community is left scrambling because they could not trust an anonymous source of information--as they should not trust such.
We trusted Heraldo.
...and so it begins.
Stephen, we know your identity and we don't trust you. Identity isn't everything.
I do deliveries in SoHum in the early mornings two days per week. The satellite truck I saw on Alderpoint Road about 5:45 a.m. was a large white pickup with a windowless cab-over camper. It had a satellite apparatus sticking out the top. I've seen these apparatuses many times before on network satellite trucks. The truck was not accompanied by any other vehicle when I saw it. It was heading up the mountain about 2-3 miles from Garberville.

The convoy I saw exiting at the 101 southbound exit near Dean Creek Resort had originated at the Fortuna River Lodge, as reported by one of our other drivers who does Fortuna. I would guess there were 75-100 vehicles in this convoy. I didn't see all the vehicles exit, but it looked like the entire column was getting off at the exit. The vehicles ranged from law enforcement cruisers, unmarked police SUVs, trucks towing trailers and some other equipment that I didn't recognize, and a fair number of civilian-looking vehicles as well.
Tell that to the people who get busted because they didn't know who to trust.
Well Stephen, now they know whom to trust.
is there a checkpoint at salmon creek?
But Stephen, I know your identity and I don't trust you. What's the point?
The point is that Heraldo wont let SL post on his blog --and it's NOT FAIR! He's a prophet, he's not anonymous like that s.o.b. Heraldo and furthermore SL CAN be trusted because his Truth comes straight from Jesus's mouth. So you see SL is being victimized (similar to what they did to Christ except the nails are virtual) and we are all being cheated along with him.
Hope the Feds arrest every criminal in SoHum. Why not, they are criminals.

Or do you think criminals are a good thing Eric?
I admire Cynthia's reporting. She is clear, tough and asks the right questions.

Looks like this is going to go on for a while.

Anyone know anything about the Paradise fire? Are people evacuating?
This should be no surprise. These little greedhead weasels have singing like canaries over the last few years. Turning others in can be the difference between
going away for a few months or years or getting sent up for decades.
Heraldo lied

Reefer Died.
Is Cynthia Elkins related to the Elkins' who own the home that was busted in SunnyBrae? Or just a name thing?

The hippies are practicing karma yoga.
Fires and federal busts? Now we'll never hear about Queen Johanna's maneuver!
This is proof positive that Estelles constituents were and are nothing but a bunch of lowlife perps. Gee, I wonder where she got her campaign funds from???
NO! Cynthia Elkins is not related to the Sunny Brae people/ Her people are back in Arkansas or somewhere like that.
"This is proof positive that Estelles constituents were and are nothing but a bunch of lowlife perps."

You have frightenly contorted perceptions. Thousands of people voted for Estelle, and for their trouble in voting to select a very gifted and qualified candidate, they are judged by you as "nothing but a bunch of lowlife perps."

You are are apparently political - you care.

It will be good when the field is narrowed to the two legal candidates, Clif and Estelle. We will quickly learn the caliber of each candidates constituents.

In the mean time, slime away.
Alabama, actually.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
For crying out loud... Didnt Eric say to be responsible? How did this become about Estelle. Look, I didn't vote for her, and don't plan to again, but these attacks are baseless and unnecessary.

On another note, I heard that part of these raids includes 215s issued by a "non-doctor" doctor from Mendocino. Anyone heard this too? If so, got a name of the doctor? and I also hear they are looking for those with high PG&E bills? Anything more on the door to doors in Redway/Garb?
The Eureka Reporter has a couple detailed stories up. You can link to their site from Eric's. The stories say that the feds are gonna hang around for a few days and say that the warrants involve one group.

Someone just told me the convey they saw this morning had a porta pottie. Looks like they might be camping out- crap!
There's the culprit right there: Bob Ornelas doesn't like his neighbors, so he gets his buddy Kevin Hoover to make up false statistics, scare everyone and get the same false stats printed up in the NYT to get the feds interested. It's all so sick and epitomizes the sickness ruining Arcata.
The mateel community brought this on themselves
kevin hoover crossed the line.
big pete's and folie douce had "grow house" spray painted on their buildings.
maybe someone should tag "grow house" on the arcata eye building.
either way,
not the bridge to burn in this town,
I don't think Kevin Hoover's article had much to do with this bust. It's been planned for 2 years and banks have been receiving subpoenas for a couple of years now. I think the PG&E records were also subpoened some time ago.
"Well Stephen, now they know whom to trust."

"whom"? You know something we don't, Eric? "Whom"??? meaning more than one?

And btw, you say "now they know WHOM to trust" but we don't know whom, do we? A cypher is still a cypher and Heraldo is still nothing more than an anonymous blogger. That's the point I make.
Oh how they turn on themselves in a crisis.

Soon they will be singing like canaries trying to stay out of club fed.

You gotta love the karmic payback.
yeah, these people are all connected. and later on monkeys will fly out of my butt.

Thousands of people did not vote for Estelle. A few hundred, like 800.I did not vote for her.

Don't know anything about the non-Dr.

It is incredibly windy. NOT a good thing.
I know that the Feds are in Whitethorn at Harris Creeek road with warrants for possessions. I also heard there is a big connection to a bunch of land (owners) in the Lost River area. Also that there was/is a large contingent on the road to Whale Gulch (four corners?). Maybe this is what they need a porta pottie for - so they don't have to pee in the woods or do it like a bear?
Besides all that if our young adults and greedy older folks haven't been hearing some of us say this situation will implode on itself they might understand now. A few plants in the garden and a day job might sound OK after a few days+ in jail.
Plus dealing with the Feds is nothing like dealing with the Humboldt Cty Sheriff's boys. This is going to definitely hurt some of our kids. I hate to say it but my sympathy's are in short supply for some of them. Not that I wish a bad day on anyone but it's those few bad apples that are stirring up the pot for the folks with a day job and a some plants for smoke on the side.
It's a sad state of affairs when the two Eureka paper's web sites have more information on these raids than KMUD does. I found it really annoying when the guy on the radio this morning kept going on and on about how they have to confirm all information and recommended everyone call CLMP with their reports as if CLMP was going to get anything more out of the feds. The recent update from the Red Lion Inn and other innkeepers is that the troops have reserved their rooms until Friday. The other info that seems to be coming out is that this operation is aimed at a specific group of growers attached to a specific syndicate and 215s written by a phony M.D. There is also some info that the feds will be using RICO statutes as regards the syndicate. I kind of liked the old days when KMUD aired every cockeyed rumor that came in.
By Tim Reiterman, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
12:59 PM PDT, June 24, 2008
SAN FRANCISCO -- Hundreds of federal and state agents served search warrants throughout Humboldt County today, targeting a large commercial marijuana cultivation and distribution organization, authorities said.

The raids were at residences and marijuana-growing sites covering thousands of acres and were part of a two-year investigation initiated by the state Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement.

About 450 agents from the narcotics bureau, the FBI and numerous other agencies served 29 search warrants in the communities of Eureka, Arcata, Redway and Garberville, and in Shelter Cove in neighboring Mendocino County.

No injuries were reported, and results of the searches have not been compiled. FBI spokesman Joe Schadler said he does not expect arrests today.

Officials said the raids did not involve legitimate medical marijuana clinics or growing operations, which are allowed under state law but not recognized by federal agencies.

"Medicinal marijuana is supposed to be medicine and not a large-scale business operation," said narcotics bureau spokeswoman Sara Simpson. "When large quantities of cash begin to change hands, crime and violence soon follow, and that will not be tolerated by law enforcement."
kmud just isn't the same without Estelle.
Erik - I was on KMUD, speaking from my car in Ukiah where I was parked, but I didn't say anything about Redway door-to-door searches, that may have been someone else. But I did enuciate the 3 principles every defense lawyer hopes their clients followed:

Don't consent
Don't talk
Don't interfere.

PS I withdraw my sarcastic remark on the earlier thread about the chances these rumors were real. I'd have egg on my face if I were still eating eggs for breakfast.
what the fuck does "enuciate" mean Ed. Is that what they taught you in the unaccredited law school you smoked dope through?

thought so.
Ed, go eat a burrito.
cynthia is soooooo much better of a reporter than estelle could have dreamed of!
Testing... did they take the blog offline?
well, she seems to be a little more concise in her questioning- estelle tended to ramble...
Interesting. I had trouble a few times a hour or so ago.
'cynthia is soooooo much better of a reporter than estelle could have dreamed of!'

These posts are damaging to everyone.
Hahaha, you doped up losers sure are getting it. All that stands between you and jail are two washed up marijuana lawyers who can barely string together coherent sentences on KMUD.
estelle tended to ramble...Or rather allowed those she was interviewing to ramble. Ever heard of editing for content? In the mean time we will keep you posted.. on the fact that ESTELLE QUIT! So give it up.
Yes She Quit Because of censorship of her broadcasting by the staff and board .You Get Over It
The hippies are practicing karma yoga.

Point of fact, whether it's important: the homes which were busted in Redway are distinctly not hippie. I don't know about the Whale Gulch or Harris busts.

But it does appear that today's activity was focused on Sohum. Only one bust so far reported outside of Sohum thus far (though I haven't checked the other blogs yet), and that's the one in Sunnybrae. They're going to be around until next Friday. I'm wondering if they'll be picking on Sohum all week.
Estelle was not censored. She wanted to advertise and prop up People Production and call it news. That does not cut it. She gone.
Whale Gulch isn't in Humboldt, I don't believe and a lot of action happened out there. Many young people, children of friend's of ours and of many others in the community.
Unfortunately, the chickens are coming home to roost for those parents who raised their kids in a pot economy. Some of the kids took it too far, and I think others are probably just getting caught up in something bigger than they were really involved in.

I find it hard to believe that this was a big, organized grow and sell scene.

The road to whale gulch was NOT closed. That is a rumor. They did stop a whale gulch resident on the briceland road at a checkpoint in the whitethorn vicinity. He was allowed to pass after showing ID. The rumor grew out of that stop.

It is also NOT TRUE that they were honoring 215 recommendations. They took a legitimate medical grow OF ONLY SIX PLANTS after they saw the recommendation and verified the conditions listed.
KMUD really sucked today. Thank
god for KHUM. It was irritating to
listen to music and babble when
important things like the raids and
the fire were going on.
yeah, and KHUM doesn't even have a news department like KMUD does!!!
KHUM did an excellent job. The problem on KMUD is that some of the programming isn't local, and there are programmers who just aren't interested or assertive enough to ask people to call and let them know what's happening. You can't expect a tiny news department to cover a story like this all day. Cynthia did an excellent job with what she had. The programmers should have been collecting and relating info to the community like KHUM did. It is also more difficult because programs are not very long and there is no continuity.
agreed, perhaps in light of this lapse, a more open programming agenda is in order? maybe in a way that it isn't just the community on the air, but more frequently the community talking to the community? not less unique music, but more chit chat in between like KHUM.
In emergency situations like this Estelle would come on the air many times with special reports 24 hours a day, and would take the initiative to gather information. For many years she did this, and I thought she did it extremely well.

To me, I always thought of this as a service and sacrifice on her part for the good of the community. I realize now that others saw her actions as self serving power grabbing, and monopolizing the programming with propaganda and that's all Estelle was ever about. Just amazing the difference in perceptions of the same events over 17 years!
Cynthia did an excellent job. It was a little frustrating that some of the dj's acted like they didn't care about today's issues, but it was the same when estelle was at KMUD.estelle quit,i believe she planned to run for supe all along.I liked hearing only facts and not rumor.rumor or fact, did anyone hear Bubba out in Shelter Cove?And did anyone hear about the election certification?
Estelle was never on for 24 hours a day. She wanted fame and glory, she had no home life to speak of, so KMUD was her end-all-be-all. I like that most of the programmers are ready to get involved, and keep us aware and informed.
Estelle came in a distant third place and continues her campaign only because a man is dead. Now you have the gall to come here and say that Estelle is selfless and is only working for the community. Bullshit. Estelle serves only herself. Look at her ride the coattails of a dead man in a vain attempt at public office. She gets third place and comes in well behind her two opponents, yet believes she won? Get over yourself Fennel!
the homes which were busted in Redway are distinctly not hippie.

Considering the demographics of the area, and the substance involved, I find that unlikely. If they weren't hippies then just exactly what were they?
10:21 - I suspect you know nothing of the demographics of Redway. Nor of the people who are growing marijuana.

As to "what" they are, they're people. I don't have a category to box them into.
or the people who are not growing marijuana in redway either. I find it difficult to believe they found anything at the redway warrant location other than the fact that they weren't very well informed after two years of investigation.
"...And Hank is reporting that the FBI rep is insisting it's all one group. I don't believe that, but if it's true we are watching one of the more profound federal anti-trust actions in years..."

Good point, Eric. Maybe next, the feds will break up the infamous Humboldt County Gasoline Cartel.
Who do you trust? If you are sitting on a patch of illegal weed, you can only trust...Nobody.
I long for the days when I felt that kmud existed for the people of humboldt and mendo county. I felt that today our once trusted news source gave more credibility to the feds than it gave to the citizens that counted on it for its news. It was a deeply disappointing moment when I heard it was the feds that were given the trust to substantiate the news over the living and breathing witnesses of our lands. I pray that we can being our radio back for our own trusted protection.
"I long for the days when I felt that kmud existed for the people of humboldt and mendo county."

God I hate this petty shit that serves as opinion in this community. A reporter's job is to thoroughly and objectively cover all sides and viewpoints. We all know what the community's opinion is on the subject since they have allowed it to flourish and have provided political cover for everyone. I want to hear what the Feds are thinking myself. I'd like to understand the whole thing better. The coverage has just started. Get off KMUD's back you just look like a sore loser who has lost control of the local media outlet.
On second reading, it is called information you dufus. I can weed out what I want to believe or not. Let me decide if I want to swallow what the feds have to say but for godsakes don't censor it for me. I am an adult. I can listen. I can think. I get the political stuff everyone pulls. There is no one believed to not have their own agenda but the reporter's duty is to not have one. I don't need your personal crap opinions about what people should or shouldn't say or play on the air. I can dislike what is happening without your help. Thanks anyhow.
"Yes She Quit Because of censorship of her broadcasting by the staff and board .You Get Over It"

My mother used to say that if over five people you aren't related to tell you that you have a problem then you should probably start listening to them and asking yourself some hard questions.
No censorship was the reason and the only reason.
Which stories were censored?
its more like the differences existing between NPR and the Press Democrat. They both present the news to its customers. The perspectives change and yes, you can weed out the info you like and dislike, but it is easier to go buy the SF Chronicle when looking for an editor who espouses you views making it easier to weed out the petty shit.

The Kmud News crew did their job and presented the news, much like they did in the past. Now the fires were covered less than in past, but that was Estelle's forte which got her the respect of the firefighting community. As for...

"A reporter's job is to thoroughly and objectively cover all sides and viewpoints." NPR doesn't cover all sides because it is presenting the side which is not covered by the mainstream media.

So keep the mainstream media coverage at KMUD because NPR exists, we can use all the uninformative interviews they can transmit.

My personal favorite..

when asked about the fires the fed special agent in charge said;

"yes there is a lot of smoke, but it is not effecting our operations."

this sort of fine information gathering will get our KMUD noticed and the awards will soon be arriving.
"The perspectives change and yes, you can weed out the info you like and dislike, but it is easier to go buy the SF Chronicle when looking for an editor who espouses you views making it easier to weed out the petty shit."

Well that may be true but the consequences are that you tend to only read things that affirm your beliefs rather than obtaining new information you might be missing or do not want to know about so you have to change your view. A classic problem for those who don't want to really work at finding the truth or objectivity in their understanding of the world.
Take a look at your posting. Basically you are faulting the interviewer for a lack of depth providing by the person being interviewed. Do you seriously think this person being interviewed wanted to give out information. My guess is a loud NO. But you are so blinded by your need for retribution and to be right and to make the new people at KMUD who are just trying to do their jobs look bad that you are willing to post stuff that essentially makes you look angry, disconnected, and out of touch with the reality of the situation. Estelle is what like 55? Of course she had more experience than a 20 something.
estelles forte may have been covering fires after 17 years of practicing, and lots of times she got the info out wrong, and the rush to get out info. I think Cynthia is very professional, and the learning to be personable will come. estelle chattered to much, so maybe the complaint about is that Cynthia isn't "chatty" enough. But Cynthia gets the facts out,without the "fame-power-oh I so like the sound of my own voice" estelle. We all know the pp/estelle posse are gonna latch onto every percieved mis-step, but, estelle quit, you guys are sore last place finishers. Is ernie pissed that Cynthia interviewed Blue Graham instead of him? I liked the info Blue gave about what to do to help the fire fighters and make your house defensible, and about the animals you might own. Good Stuff Maynard.
One of the things that used to really piss me off about estelle, is that she mostly just repeated what was in the paper or in the blogs,or other radio stations, nothing new. and she would repeat it over and over and over, kinda like g.w. when he has nothing really to say, just wants to keep talking.
I think Estelle is closer to 60.
Estelle sucks, Estelle lost.
Your neighbors are looking at long federal sentences and your hills are burning and you're arguing this crap?

If Armageddon happens tomorrow, will you all still be arguing about Reggae on the River?
"Estelle sucks, Estelle lost."

Childish and embarrassing. Someone here is rallying the lowest common d. against Estelle. Wonder who?

Estelle has professional experience, knowledge and wisdom, and when she is supervisor will provide the same dedicated service to EVERYONE in her district that she provided EVERYONE on KMUD for years. Proven.

Slime on.
did anyone hear Bubba out in Shelter Cove? I think that is "Buddha"
"Your neighbors are looking at long federal sentences"

If Armageddon happens tomorrow, will you all still be arguing about Reggae on the River?

If Armageddon happens tomorrow it will be Estelle's fault.
I don't think anyone did a bad job
reporting. I just don't want to
listen to Mary F-ing Poppins when
my friends and family are in
possible danger.
I have plenty of faith that Estelle and her media maven can spin their way out of just about anything. Next topic.
Well if you give KMUD your $$$$ so they can pay decent wages and train people Mary Poppins could just flash you and change into Walter Cronkite with less wrinkles and better boobs.
Estelle and Cynthia are both fabulous. Whatever your differences compare how Estelle would serve the Mateel Nation and compare that with Roger Rondoni, may he rest in peace, or Harry Pritchert before him. After 30 years of Redneck logging company suck ups you would think Southern Humboldt would want one of their own and get over their petty differences.
You aren't seriously comparing Cynthia to Mary Poppins? Cynthia is smart, tough and articulate. And she doesn't meander endlessly.
Mary Poppins is very tough and articulate!
It is not the reporting by Cynthia or that is the problem. In the past we had the COG reports and local citizens were allowed to report on the happenings in their area with out all this we must " confirm all reports with the FBI " KHUM was doing a much better job of giving us the local happenings by allowing people to report what they see and telling us this is not confirmed or even more than a rumour.
Also the rude programmer who responded with " well listen to KHUM if you don't like it." when asked to report the convoys.
Estelle was not censored as "news" is not supposed to be biased . She was called to task for blatant favoritism. Free speech does not apply when she is speaking as the KMUD news director only for her personal views and speech.
What has Clif done other than be a sourpuss?? Is he out combating fires or reporting on fires? No! Last I heard he is drinking cider with topless women in a hot tub.
kmud is just a shell of what it once was
f--- you. Cynthia and Terry are doing great jobs. the only fire here to worry about now is Paradise Ridge. Mendo is not so lucky. Don't really care much about the raids, do care about the fires.
I do have to agree that when the DJ on yesterday's show told us that Cynthia was busy trying to confirm reports before anything went over the air so that we didn't have emotional accounts which might not be accurate, it was frustrating.

Hindsight is 20/20, but between the busts and the fires it would have been good to cancel the regular programing and take telephone calls from eye witnesses, "emotional" or not. But to continue playing Mary Poppins songs when people are anxious for information is not going to sit well. A panel should have been brought in to repeat the available information over and over as it comes in, and maybe get commentary and take calls.

I have no idea whether this would have happened under previous management, but that's what I would do. That's not a criticism, just a Monday morning quarterback suggestion for the future.
I think that's a great idea, Eric. The emphasis should be "community".
As far as reporting all day "even the emotional facts" I'm glad Cynthia is taking a different tack to not report all day. It just feeds into the drama and makes whomever feel more important than they are.
As for the feds coming in to clean house on a few out of control growers - well if we can't reign in our own this is what it comes to. And we make a poor showing of taking care of our own even if that's what we profess to do. It's only when an adversary comes amoung us do we pull together of some semblance.
Taking a look at todays press release by the feds I have to wonder if those involved were truely out of control growers. The release mentioned the potential street value of 25- 60 million dollars but only 10 000 plant or so called plants were siezed and only 160 000 dollars was found over the 29 warrants. If this is 29 families ths is a measly 5500 dollars per family. While I don't know exactly how many families were involved, I do know it was a descent number. This does not sound to me like these were big time growers.
A lot of people donate to KMUD
specifically because of the reporting and the call ins on the
raids and fires. KMUD just handed
over a lot of faithful listeners to
KHUM. I called and thanked them
and told them how important it was
to the people of SoHum. The DJ
was genuinely happy to have helped.
I never noticed any "drama" when
people called in before. If anything it's somewhat of a comfort
to know what's going on.
KHUM is run by the guy who worked with Clear Channel and Fox News to make them big monopolies gobbling up small stations like KMUD. Congrats for your integrity there.
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