Saturday, June 28, 2008


Last week's fire

From Garth Epling:

On Friday, June 20th 2008, Reuben Mood's house in Garberville caught fire. Extensive fire damage destroyed the attic and the back half of the house, including the laundry room, Reuben's room and part of the kitchen. Smoke, heat and water damaged the living room and Reuben's son's room.

Reuben grew up in Oakland, CA. He moved to Salmon Creek when he was in Junior High and has lived here ever since. Reuben has worked at Chautauqua, Deb's Great American Hamburgers, the 707 and now is everyone's favorite Roast Master, roasting coffee for Signature Coffee in Redway.

Reuben's son, Raven will be turning 9 in July. He will be in the Fourth grade this coming September. His favorite sport is baseball. This year's baseball season was extra special for him since his dad was the assistant coach for the minor league White Sox's team that he played on.

Lost in the fire were their bikes, all the furniture, 6 fish tanks, Reuben's clothes, Raven's Bionicle collection, Mickey, Reuben's mother's antiques and so much more. What wasn't burnt up in the fire was made toxic by the smoke.

Hopefully the insurance will rebuild the home, but they still need help from the community. Donations can be made at the Community Credit Union under Reuben Mood's fire relief or acct #13851. If you have physical goods that you think may be useful, please call Angela (Raven's mom) at 223-0496. All help will be appreciated!

Thank you.

The photos of the fire and Reuben with his son Raven also came from Garth.

Reuben is a decent guy and I will contribute what I can to assist him as he rebuilds his family's life.

But painting him in traditional American values to generate sympathy is a little cheesy, especially from you counselor.
What was the cause of the "attic" fire? Or is it uncouth to ask?
Oh, Christ. Attic fires happen all the time. Can we ever cease the sniping and suspicion, or is that way too much to ask?
For the record 5:29, I don't know Reuben so I can't say whether the description is accurate. I assume that it is. The description was sent to me, as the post says.

Hint for those who read too quickly or get up at 5:30 in the morning to read my posts before you've had coffee - anything italicized is from someone else. Especially when it says so.
"Sicily" is me. I've got teenagers who stay at my house. Sorry Sicily.
Since there is no reggae thread to read or ask what's going on, I will use this thread to ask... as Garth's name connected the thought for me.

What is going on with reggae? Have negotiations died? Has the whole issue fallen away? Or community has a right to be kept somewhat abreast.
Spoke to two board members yesterday. Details are still being worked out with the lawyers, but everybody thinks the settlement is there.
But let's not turn this thread into a Reggae thread please. I'll start eliminating them. I'll start a new one.
Thank you, Eric
Estelle would have reported it better....
I think the fire actually started in the laundry room, oh suspicious one.
Reuben is a hard-working and trust-worthy person that I'd proudly consider a part of my SoHum family. He can use whatever support people can afford - just today I dug out some t-shirts and towels, and I'm stock-piling hugs for him. This common house fire that could have been any one of us.
estelle would not have done it better, she would have done it differently.Terry and Cynthia are doing an AWESOME job. So is ALL of KMUD.
I'm really sick of the "estellites" always commenting that she would have done a better job. And I'm sick of every thread being a plug for how great she is.

If I wasn't already voting for Clif, I'd be really turned off by her supporters. So many of them are not doing her any favors.
Could be the same person.
I think this one was a joke by the way.
"I'm really sick of the "estellites" always commenting..."

This is not an "estellite", but is someone intent on keeping the flames hot against Estelle.

Please read between the lines.
Or it is being purposefully done by supporters of Estelle as a strategy for making the rest of us sick about hearing about the issue.

Orwell was a genius.
Anything you can do Estelle can do better. Estelle can do anything better than you.
Estelle is GOD.
God is a figment of neanderthals minds.
Does Stephen know this?
Estelle would know.
Estelle has marginal celebrity surrounding her from KMUD. She is unelectable, she is not any where near as good as you think she is, she is tied to pp. she/pp only do the right things when they are absolutely forced to do so. She is, and always will be, unelectable.
Back to helping Reuben and his family please. They are good folks.

I'm in the city for Gay Day and you know what? I don't think I'm homesick at all, when I read all this sniping and paranoia.

Do what you can to help them.

Remember the Golden Rule?

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