Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Another story I missed - MRC in, PALCO out

The last minute stay having been denied, PALCO is handing over the keys to the Mendocino Redwood Company.

A clean slate, sort of. Let's hope it works out.

I am very hopeful for this transition! Too many of us have left blood, sweat, tears, our liberty, and a life (Gypsy R.I.P. brother!) in the struggle to save these trees . . . as well as to return to a saner and more sustainable level of logging. Hopefully MRC and the Fishers will not let us down!
Elements of the MeRC plan give reason for hope, like its policies against old-growth logging and clear-cutting. They're quite fond of herbicides, unfortunately.
What a concept!

MRC/Marathon got conceptual support from almost all the otherwise disparate players.

With buckets of crap at their disposal, the 'Notes' threw every handful at the wall and nothing...nothing stuck.

All the kings horses and all the kings lawyers squeezed every billable minute out of this strange business.

And still...the right thing happened.

What a concept.
And still the Palco workers get screwed and Progs don't care, don't even see the 100 jobs lost instantly, those families having to scramble for employment, don't even see it.
100 jobs gone. 100 families having to figure out what to do next. Think about it. Think what it would be like if 100 homesteads had to sell out all at once because they couldn't make the mortgages anymore--say they all got caught and lost their lands, what next?

With MRC, you get a super-rich family, the Fishers, in ownership of 200,000+ acres of our land. They, like you, also don't care about 100 Humboldt workers without employment. Humboldt trees will going south to Ukiah mills where Mendocino workers will benefit from Humboldt Redwood Company.
Stephen . . . I understand about the jobs, but when we get right down to it PALCO is largely to blame for the loss of those jobs. They're the ones who pursued liquidation logging practices from the very moment MAXXAM bought the company. From the very first day it was only a matter of how long the jobs would last. From that first day PALCO bled jobs. This is only the end result of Hurwitz' rapacious greed.

I am genuinely sorry they lost their jobs . . . at this point the best that can be done is for the community to lend them a helping hand not just finding jobs, but also getting over the rough patches.
Heraldo . . . I agree 'bout the herbicides, perhaps as this saga unfolds in its new form they can be educated to minimize or forego the use of the chemicals.
geez steve,

you are sometimes so conscientiously clueless it appears to be a kind of awesome discipline.

the whole dang industry is going through a contraction the likes of which haven't be seen since at least the early eighties.

the number of jobs lost is more like thousands due to increased milling efficiencies over the past decade and a half and a truly pathetic market for doug fir logs over the past few years.

good thing redwood prices are holding up so far -- it will be damn lucky if mrc can keep the palco mill open at all in the current market climate.

based on your comments above it seems like you'd be willing to sell your own kid's future job into a crashing market just to satisfy your perverse need to win some obscure argument with the progs -- whoever they are.
I think the number would have been much higher than 100 had the bankruptcy court allowed PALCO to sell off the assets in pieces for affluent development.
Had the community EVER encouraged Bear River's tribal council, just once, to back their own Heartlands Project, then you would have seen Palco Community Corporation transforming lost jobs into new ones, lot's of them, because we had the ONLY real Palco diversification plan, the only one. We were going to created dozens of new products, three new divisions of Palco. Where was the money coming for all this new job development? Our new worldwide cell-phone lottery system that could earn, based on 1997 Digital Corporation's market study of our old lottery system's potential earnings of up to $1 billion per year, at least a 150,000,000/year for the Pal-Lotto management division of Palco Community Corporation. That's why the Chinese were so interested in our Heartlands Project. It could make more money per year than Palco ever did per year employing 1500 people.
Cue the fat lady.
Oh, yeah. I forgot.
Stephen, your song is old an tired. I have seen what MRC has done on the old LP/GP lands in the south and all in all, it' is a whole lot better than what Palco has been doing for the past 20 on it's lands, save perhaps for the past couple of years in a few watersheds because they were forced by the Regional Water Board to slow down and be more gentle.

This is a good move, or at least it's the best move that could have actually have happened. The "community" never did see a complete "heartlands" project detailing how it would actually work. You never followed through with the Trees Foundation after all of your rantings about them.

Go away. Find a new cause. Your precious Palco is history. RIP.
too bad you didn't do the cell phone lottery first.

then you could have just used your profits to buy the company without the "community's" support.

oh, wait... then you wouldn't be a victim anymore and that would be psychologically untenable for you.

It was just this kind of bad-mouthing of me all the way through by people who didn't give a rat's ass about local ndns getting their ancestral lands back.

Only a handful of tribal members ever understood what Sparky and I were trying to do. What a difference it would have made if activists would have helped us instead doing exactly what anons do here, trash me and the project, never seeing beyond their own need to block any activist who isn't in "solidarity" with the anti-corporate political agenda.

In other words, you people played politics and still are with other people's lives in Humboldt County because you don't care what happens to Palco workers or local ndns who wanted their land back. They don't listen to KMUD or Amy Goodman or vote for Progressive candidates so they don't count.

Humboldt County is one County. Some activists do not understand the County needs all points of view, not just Progressive ones, in order to achieve holistic consciousness instead of political consciousness of Humboldt's problems.
“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

-- einstein
And that is a rational excuse for not helping local Native Americans recover their ancestral lands and Palco workers come out with a company of their own that doesn't screw them over like every owner has before them. But if you need to trash Heartlands Project some more, go ahead. I've got my work to do that's far more important to me now.
Up to one billion dollars a year is a pretty simple concept. You couldn't sell it to the Bear River Tribe, even though many of it's members were and are living under the poverty line, even with the promise of making profits on a telephone lottery while it funded the buyout, even with the promise of getting back a large chunk of their historical native land. So Stephen, please explain how white upwardly mobile progressive anti-this, anti-that, anti-corporation activists put a roadblock in front of the highly motivated Bear River peoples last and only hope of putting laid-off Palco employees back to work?
Helping Native Americans recover their ancestral lands is part and parcel of restoration work to those who know and respect how NA's steward these lands before Europeans got here and killed so many of them and took their lands for themselves.

I know European-Americans coming into Humboldt County do not know or really care about how the land was taken away from its original stewards but I do. I think it a karmic obligation for us to help those we have so injured in the past.

Tribal people are familiar with casinos. They are not familiar with Native American run lotteries. Only the Coeur d'Alene tribe in Idaho attempted a national lottery and they were stopped by what's called the "Wire Act", disallowing any gambling transaction over phone line across state lines. Our Headwaters lottery was just for California and didn't need to cross state lines. The new cell-phone lottery concept is also legal because there are no land lines and so far, the U.S. gov't has not claimed air and space territory over tribal trust lands.

I don't know. If you have no heart for local NA's what I did, because it was new and different and did not succeed, would look foolish. But sometimes foolish is what plants a seed in soil for future harvest by people who see a potential for good not realized. I am out of the lottery business and all business for that matter as I have a Call now and am Calling for those who want to save their lives forever.
On another dimensional plane the New World still exists as it did 15,000 years ago and the human population of earth is in an age old balance of approx. 500,000,000 people. But quality of life on this world depends on how we treat our fellow human and other living beings in this lifetime. Perhaps we all will live forever within the arms of the Family of God as we live multiple life times and experience multiple worlds in various stages of exploitation. In the end maybe we can choose which world suites us best and live there with our extended families and friends, forever.
You have a choice alright, but it isn't about choosing this or that dimension, it's about choosing to save your existence or not saving it. The Way has been shown but few take it because it goes against worldly ambitions and attachments.
The Way has been shown? Well? Don't be so secretive about it. Give.

This is the site of my books online. The site contains my "old testament", Book I, Biomystical Christianity, which records 28 years of visions, revelations and God-guided research; and Book II, Climax Christianity,my "new testament", because I know what Jacob's Ladder symbolizes as does every Son of Man prophesy bearer.

"Climax" is Greek for "ladder" and Climax Christianity marks the climax of my 28 years of being a prophesy bearer. It started only 24 days ago. That's when I got confirmation that an older vision, one I had in 2000 was true and that vision was quite astounding because in it, God revealed Itself as humanity, only humanity far into our future when humanity has achieved god-like powers and jettisoned all it's animal behavioral patterns that destroy goodness in the world and between relationships of human beings with each and life itself.

I've had a slogan sign pinned above a speaker cabinet that says "We are Holy One". That came from that year 2000 vision of God's Cosmic Plan.

Book II, Climax Christianity is a running journal I'm keeping of these revelations as they come in each day.

You do need to read Book I to understand Book II, just like you need to read the Old Testament to understand the New Testament. The basic revelation is simple: Humanity is God and God is humanity evolved into God--"UnBegotten One" was the term. Oh, the ancients could not understand the system but we can because God's evolved us with science and even Sci-Fi to prepare our minds to accept that Creation was created by us when we became God.

Creation is a closed system and the only escape is through belief and acts following it that God is Goodness personified. It is some sort of Key to believe this which I do because everything else has now fallen into place about understanding the words of Jesus. If you read Jesus' words now in the New Testament and even in Thomas, actually especially in Thomas and John, with the idea Jesus is telling you Father is you and you are Father, the kingdom is you and you are the kingdom, God is you and you are God, it changes everything. The Jews and Paul and Muhammad got it so so very wrong.

It's a Gnostic inner truth while Paul wanted a Church and the glorification of a Superman Perfect God instead of glorification of humanity as God. Jews and Muslims cannot begin to fathom God could be humanity. They too need to see God as something entirely Alien and unknowable. Jesus tells us God's our Father and all the references are Family ones, not slaves to some Cosmic Invisible Deity.

The Jacob Ladder symbolizes the angels that come down periodically to inform the Son of Man prophets of this system that humanity is God and God is humanity but because ancients could not grasp how lowly humans (read Job) could ever be Almighty God; it was incomprehensible and so foreign that they could only Believe God knew better than them. The Son of Man prophets themselves were too early to really understand the system. But do read the words of Jesus with this system in mind. Where it seems to require a culling out of those behavior patterns that harm others. It seems to require turning one's attention to one's fellow human being and making sure they are brought into the Family.

This is a revolutionary Christian doctrine that will turn Christians towards humanity like never before seen. Taking care of humanity is taking care of God's infancy and we must do it right but then again, the Good News! is that Jesus brought is that we did it! We made it to the End of Days and became God Itself, all of us then ready to move on to the World to Come.

But there is a culling of disbelief and violence..the "fire" burns the chaff and purifies the steel.

I tell you this from what I have seen from my Father.

Raw Gnosis: To see how a genuine prophesy bearer receives Gnosis as it happens before it's been processed into essays and books, go to http://paxcalibur.org and see Book II.

bless you

even those who've sneezed at the Word from on high.
When Hurwitz took over PL had about 700 employees. I don't know if that included the welding division or not but at a hearing in 96 I predicted that after Maxxam was done there would be 700 employees again. So how mant are there now?
Ron . . . In 2006 the Times Standard reported . . .

The Pacific Lumber Co. is laying off 90 employees, a fifth of its workforce and the latest cuts of many over the past several years as the company has radically restructured itself.

Palco announced to the employees that they are on paid leave for 60 days while they look for other jobs or retraining. The move leaves the company with fewer than 400 employees, a quarter of what the company had a decade ago.

The article can be found at: http://www.times-standard.com/fastsearchresults/ci_4761425

So . . . they could well have had less than 700 jobs when MRC took over.
Father is you and you are Father, the kingdom is you and you are the kingdom, God is you and you are God...

I'm just so glad you and your father are finally working things out.

-- Mom
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