Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Charges filed against driver who killed Rodoni

Simple manslaughter charges for lethal negligence - no evidence of alcohol or drugs.

Did she fall asleep maybe?

Maybe one day CalTrans will finish the wall between north and southbound lanes all the way to Scotia. It seems only this would have saved Roger from the crash.
I heard many people complain about the construction of the wall when it was being done from CR to Loleta. I think it is a good thing and should be expanded.
Roger had a date with Destiny. I wonder why fate picked her to deliver the message.
Gosh that's deep.
I can't stand those people who say "everything happens for a reason!"

No it does not you nitwits!
What is the fucking point? The woman who hit him probably has enough problems at this point. Do they want to throw her in jail? Oh, that will make everybody feel better. What a waste of time. She was not drunk. She was not on drugs. What is the point?
More to the point, what's the cause of her apparently unplanned journey across the center median?
Well said, Vincent. These charges will not deter people from causing further auto accidents. Emphasis on the accident. It's a waste of time and money.
Her unplanned journey across the median could have been caused by a lot of things and she probably knows the reason but is smart enough not to say why. May have fallen asleep, been on the phone herself, reached for her phone, reached for coffee, or many other things like trying to look up a phone number in address book while driving. Of course they didn't test her for alcohol or any drugs so they don't really know. You don't smell alcohol, you actually smell the mix.

I have seen people veering all over while doing things I would never have thought would have been done while driving - reading a newspaper is one. Once in a while I see the same woman that is probably on her way to work as it is early AM that is putting on makeup while drinking coffee or eating something while putting on makeup and she is actually using both hands. How she is steering the car I don't know but she certainly doesn't stay in her lane and is very hard to get by if you are brave enough.
to 4:39 "I can't stand those people who say "everything happens for a reason!"
No it does not you nitwits! "

You hate those people? wow, how very tolerant of you.

Fate and "everything happens for a reason" are 2 very different things. I agree with you that everything does not happen for a reason and God isn't watching the tiny sparrow however Fate seems plausible to me.
What does God have against sparrows?
I agree with Tom about the median wall. A little girl I know was killed in an auto accident in 1999, just before that wall was built (at Fortuna). Each time I pass it, I think what would have happened if the wall had been there earlier.

I know, pointless thought. But after her accident, I am much more aware when I drive that road. The driver of that vehicle, by the way, wasn't charged with deadly negligence. Eric, how is it determined which accidents will have this added criminal charge?
Nothing happens for a reason. All events are random occurrences in a meaningless and ultimately unimportant window of time called life.
A window between what 2 things?
Between your tools and your status.
5:42 asked: "Eric, how is it determined which accidents will have this added criminal charge?"

Answer: one of two ways
1) asks will it get him any press?
2) flips a coin.

Now doesn't that make you all feel safe to know.
Heraldo, you might not think it was a waste if it was one of your loved ones.

The reckless driver who killed Daveau got 50 or 60 hours of community service. 50 or 60 hours of community service for TAKING A LIFE.

They're only "accidents" if they involve mechanical failure or sudden weather like hail. Everything else is recklessness, plain and simple.

Sorry to be so strident about it. I've heard she's a lovely woman who feels horrible. I'm sure that living with what she did will provide plenty of punishment for her. But not pressing charges basically tells everyone else out there that it's OK to drive like a FUCKING ASSHOLE - because you can say, "Oh, there were no drugs! There was no alcohol! It was an ACCIDENT!"

If you're tired, take a nap. If the sun is blinding you, pull over. Getting home on time isn't worth a life.
She didn't quite make it to Vista Point where I've taken a few power naps over the years after very long days in court.
Eric, how is it determined which accidents will have this added criminal charge?

You know, I'm not quite sure. I'm pretty sure that there has to be an element of recklessness rather than mere negligence for a manslaughter county, but I'm not certain. Unless Ed or somebody knows off the top of the head, I'll look into it.
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