Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The first interviews with Knoxville victims

Here's a guy, Joe Barnhardt, with 27 pellets in his back including one too close to his spine to remove, pontificating in Unitarian fashion about cross-ideological debate and the death penalty. His daughter and his brother were also hit. There's anger in his words, but not really hatred. He wants the attacker put away, but he's not sure about the death penalty. I don't think I'd have the strength to resist a complete reversal of my death penalty position if my daughter was hit. Hopefully I'll never find out. But Barnhardt says his position is being tempered by the arguments of his friend Linda Kraeger, who was killed.

Here's an interview with a victim who will probably lose his eye. The article also contains some chilling details about the attack itself.

There are videos of both victims through the link.

I did hear on the news this afternoon that the attacker, Adkisson, was not targeting children despite the opportunity. Small favors from a troubled soul.

Who cares? BFD some nut job went nuts and now Eric just has to stir the pot.
"troubled soul"
You got that right. Rest assured, everything indicates that kind of "soul" is just the tip of the iceberg too.

When you look at what's happened in the past few years with the gutless and complicit Democratic response to such "souls," I'd say someone got the "fear of God" injected into their souls.
Who cares? BFD some nut job went nuts and now Eric just has to stir the pot.

The post was about the victims, not the attacker. If I wanted to "stir the pot" I'd argue that Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, and Bill O'Reilly are accomplices. They aren't.
Joe Blow's complete lack of reason was demonstrated in his post. Blaming Democrats because a nutcase listener of right wing hate radio got a gun and killed a bunch of people makes no sense unless he is advocating pre-emptive prosecution for nutcases, laws would effectively prohibit them access to guns or outlawing hateful radio which incites them to violence. Care to explain Joe?
I think joe blow has a purdy face, like presumptive presidential nominee Barack Hussein Obama.

Who cares what they think?
Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, and Bill O'Reilly may not be accomplices but Rush did try to incite a riot in Denver. This group of hatemonger's are paid well for what they do. They should not be supported in their endeavors until they have something positive to offer.
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