Thursday, July 31, 2008


HSU among the "best western colleges"

From the Times Standard:
ARCATA -- Humboldt State University has been named a “Best Western College” and a “College With a Conscience” in Princeton Review's 2009 rankings.

HSU is one of 117 universities to receive a “Best in the West” designation and one of 81 listed under “Great Schools with Outstanding Community Involvement.”

”It's nice to have an outside organization recognize the work going on here,” said HSU spokesman Frank Whitlatch.

Nice to know. Does anybody have a report from last night's KHSU meeting?

What about "Top Ten For Unemployed Graduates"
A Best Western College sure is better than an EconoLodge College.
Is a Hilton College an ivy league school?
Outstanding Environmental Sciences Department, Oceanic Studies, International Studies, name a few good things about it. Quit whining and take pride in our local university. Locals seem to have an inferiority complex about it. Because it's samaller and threfore not as well-funded as many state universities doesn't mean it's an inferior college.
Anon 2:43, any college (such as HSU) that pumps out more drooling, bureacrats than independent thinkers IS inferior.
You'd have more credibility
if you wrote more carefully,
Mr. burrocrat-hater. Hee Haw.
I can't say much about the programs from personal experience, except that the Music Academy they offer for children on the weekends is something very special.

I enjoy the ambiance of the campus, and from all the fliers posted I can see there is a great deal of social activism. Reminds me of UCSC when I attended back in the 1980s. that is so like way cool,like whoa/
This community is lucky to have any University at all. It raises the IQ around here.
I love HSU. I received my BA there and am earning my MA there now. I've taken many classes and never been disappointed by the quality of teaching. Yes, its administration deserves criticism, but don't "throw out the baby with the bathwater," as they say. My profs have all been top notch. There is much to be proud of in our university!
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