Saturday, July 26, 2008


I'm back

Too tired to type out much right now. I feel refreshed however. I camped with great community. Got some good reading done. Learned that I'm actually a fairly close relative of a great Danish author. Managed to start some training the fall half-marathon. My kids didn't want to leave. I learned to like mushroom ice cream.

That's the short version. I'll try to elaborate a bit tomorrow.

I need to catch up on the KHSU firing controversy. I actually had some of the story ahead of time, but I was sworn to secrecy to protect the innocent. It sounds like HSU needs a serious shake-up, but I've only heard one side. I'll check out Heraldo's post and thread and maybe comment tomorrow.

I've been reading Justice Souter's biography, and the man is more fascinating than I'd imagined. I'll be drafting an article for submission entitled "Does the Left Owe Justice Souter an Apology?" I'm of course referring to some who vehemently opposed his appointment back in my first year of law school, including myself. We do owe him an apology.

Oh, and what do you get when you combine a Unitarian with a Jehovah's Witness? Someone who knocks on your door for no particular reason. Hey, whether you're amused by the joke probably determines whether you're a "holy Dane" or a "happy Dane."

All my cats are accounted for. Life is good.

"All my cats are accounted for".

That's the important thing.
Also. Finally a SOLUTION to finally getting access to our mailboxes in Redway.

I work 8-9 hours a day and travel so I have not been able to get my mail after hours. This problem has affected many people.

I attended the Post Office meeting at the Redway school last Thursday. It was arranged by our Chamber of Commerce and moderated by Estelle Fennell. These folks have been working behind the scenes trying to get this problem solved.

Low and behold THEY DID! I want to thank The Chamber, Syd, Estelle and the postal higher ups from petaluma and San Fran for their dedication to
helping resolve this community issue.

There will be a porta potty installed at the post office so the homeless wont crap in the lobby, and then a keypad doorlock system will be installed for the boxholders to get access to the lobby to get their mail.
Be a part of THE SOLUTION. Act locally.
Wecome back. But "mushroom icecream"? Be careful.
I'm very pleased that Syd, working on behalf of the Chamber, got this solution worked out. I am NOT pleased that the Chamber, a business promotion group of which I am a dues-paying member, offered this up to Estelle for a campaign-boosting public event. Is Estelle a member of the Chamber of Commerce?
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Kind of a metaphor....

The key to success is what you bring to the party...

Estelle is a candidate of the Chamber of Commerce.
Welcome back, Eric. I've missed you.

Are you aware of the John Edwards story? Check out Drudge and the Huffington Post.
This post deleted by the troll administrator .
"I am NOT pleased that the Chamber, a business promotion offered this up to Estelle for a campaign-boosting public event...."

I wasn't at the Redway meeting but I heard about it. My family and I are really happy that Estelle took it upon herself to work behind the scenes to help get this resolved and now Redway and the outlying areas will once again have access to our mailboxes after hours.

I don't give a hoot if she is a member of the chamber or not.......Estelle showed real leadership by getting involved and getting this thing resolved in a win win situation.

Anyone who would critisize Estelle for helping resolve this is a complete petty moron or Estelles political opponent.(same thing)
Yes, absolutely. Estelle facilitated the meeting. Anybody who can facilitate a meeting deserves my vote!
Estelle has shown that she really cares and works for her/our community in a positive and respectful way.

She is exactly the kind of Supervisor that we need.She is a doer and obviously works well with groups of people to find solutions for our community.

Estelle has my Vote!
You and five other people.
Seems to me that we should all be happy that Estelle worked on the post office deal, whether for political gain or not. The point is it got done, she helped. If she keeps on doing good works for the public during the entire campaign, surely that is a good thing and it is difficult to see what there is to complain about. As far as getting "credit" for doing it, why shouldn't she get credit for doing it? If the other candidates want credit for doing good works, they should go out and do good works ( and I imagine that they do.)
It is kind of a silly argument. I have no doubt that Estelle would have volunteered her services if asked - election campaign or not.
Anyone know exactly where the porta potty will be located, and whether it will be one that can be used by those who need wheelchair or other special access?
Eric the problem is that the solution appears to have been worked out ahead of time by some Chamber people like Syd Lehman but handed over to a public meeting to allow Estelle to grandstand.
That's just not true.
"Eric the problem is that the solution appears to have been worked out ahead of time by some Chamber people like Syd Lehman but handed over to a public meeting to allow Estelle to grandstand."

You obviously haven't been following any of this.or you are Estelles political opponent and can't stand that she was successful at helping our community find a solution to our mail problem.

Previous to thursday's Redway meeting, Estelle has had meetings with several people including postal people from petaluma trying to help find a workable solution . I as a community member know this because I have been closely following this because not being able to get my mail after 6pm has caused a lot of problems for me.

You obviously were not at the thursday meeting because if you were you would have witnessed that Estelle along with Syd, our post master Mark, the two postal guys from down south and lots of community members going back and forth with proposed solutions.After an hour and a half, 3 big agreements were made. The lobby would reopen after hours but only if there was a porta potty in the parking lot.(this was only if the land lord would agree and he was called Friday and he said yes)
The key pad will take at least two weeks to get all of the red tape done, this according to the postal guy from San Fran.

Everybody at that meeting was very happy about the outcome.
how come andy caffree said this was all his doing, and that he started the ball rolling on this post office thing a long time ago, not estelle?said on thank jah on friday.
Well, Estelle isn't claiming she "got the ball rolling." She simply participated in a successful process. More power to her and everyone who participated.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Clif remains the best candidate for the Second District, but it sounds like Estelle did good.
If the lobby is gonna be open after hours, what is the need for a keypad lock system?
Sometimes it takes the shittiest things make people step up to the plate.
hopefully she will work on the shower situation next.
Most people in this community could care less whether the homeless have a place to bathe or not. I don't believe those running for office are any different. It's a matter of awareness and priorities. We need to bypass politics and work on this one with Andy, and/or the Mateel lunch program.
Estelle is the BEST candidate for the ENTIRE Second District and Humboldt county as a whole.
"hopefully she will work on the shower situation next."

The scope of the Redway meeting was not to solve the homeless problem.

The purpose was to find a workable solution for people to get access to their mailboxes. That is what Estelle helped facilitate successfully.

The post master closed the lobby after 5pm because he was tired of having to clean up human turds and urine in the lobby in the morning.
It was a health a safety issue for them.
Unfortunately his decision to close the lobby at 5pm and on weekends had a very negative effect on many people not being able to get their mail.
The purpose was to find a workable solution for people to get access to their mailboxes. That is what Estelle helped facilitate successfully.

You go girl!!!
We need to bypass politics and work on this one with Andy, and/or the Mateel lunch program.
07:44:00 AM

Having a shower to go with the Mateel Meal should be high on our (the MCC's) list of priorities.
Thumbs up to Estelle and the committee of concerned citizens. Closing the doors just caused the turds to be dropped on the doorstep instead of inside the PO. Hopefully these derelicts will now be able to navigate their way to the PP.
Estelle has been working hard for this community for many years. Should she quit because she is a 2nd district supe candidate?

Nobody will turn to Clif to facilitate a meeting. He has never done such a's just not in him.

I guess "Clif remains the best candidate for the Second District", only for the one(s) pulling his strings.

No no nojohanna!
Again,Andy Cafree was the one who got this going, not Estelle. and he said he was part of the solution process, not estelle. Be truthful you all.
I guess "Clif remains the best candidate for the Second District", only for the one(s) pulling his strings.

Which amounted to 700 more votes than voted for Estelle in June.
all estelle did was facilitate the meeting. get real.
And it may not work after all, because one of the adjacent property owners complained big time and the PO prop owner withdrew consent.
Not involving the owners on all sides from the start was a big strategic error.
It's Estelle's fault!
The Pin Pad idea works in theory..But who can be trusted to keep that number a secret? And why sholud only the 30 people or so who showed up @ the meeting get the secret numbers?
Estelle did do a good thing BUT.....was it her place? Anyone who has taked to a PO employee or listened thru the boxes knows that they have already tried this idea and it didn't work last October what makes you think it will work now? Do you think that the big wigs from SF could have just been blowing smoke up our backsides?
Estelle in my opionion should NOT have been allowed to moderate this issue she should have been sitting next to Syd. She has/had and already expressed an opinion on this issue and not imparshall.
I work 8-5 M-F I manage to check my mail before they close however I can't get to the bank in time to do banking. Or to the doctor during those hours. I have to take time off of work to do those things or relay on others to do my banking for me. I think that it is a matter of what is important to you. Those who don't care don't care. PS if you read the sign the PO is only closed @ 5 on Mondays it is 6 the rest of the week and closed sunday and holiday. However the past 3 hoildays I noticed that it was open because the PO employees were near by and thought it would be nice to do.
And we should be greatful that the Janitor is Tivoli's brother becuase if it weren't for that the PO would be closed @ 5 PM M-F and closed ALL weekend. He is doing her a personal favor and we the customers should be greatful. Sometimes nepotism is a good thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the portipotty was not going to be handicap accessible. and the Po wasn't going to open right away....that was just to help keep the poop depsoiters from depositing on PO properity.
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