Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Kucinich's impeachment article to get hearing, but not on impeachment

Congress sent the impeachment article up for hearing, but not on impeachment.
WASHINGTON -- Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich's single article of impeachment will get a committee hearing -- but not on removing President Bush from office.

The House on Tuesday voted 238 to 180 to send his impeachment article -- for Bush's reasoning in taking the country to war in Iraq -- to the Judiciary Committee, which buried Kucinich's previous 35-article effort in June.

This time, the panel will open hearings, possibly as soon as next week. But House Democratic leaders said the proceedings would not be about Bush's impeachment, a first step in the Constitution's process of a removing a president from office.

Instead, the panel will conduct an election-year review -- possibly televised -- of anything Democrats consider to be Bush's abuse of power. Kucinich, an Ohio Democrat, is likely to testify. So will several scholars and administration critics, Democrats said.
I'll try to dig up some information as to what actually happened, because AP is as clear as mud.

Of interest is the 9 Republicans who voted yea, and 10 Republican abstentions.

The news coverage is scarce.

Oh please...

He's getting desperate for some attention again.
This time he has it. Sort of.
Kucinich never gets the respect he deserves. The A.P doesn't cover this like they should. Most of what I saw about it was on left leaning blogs. I didn't have much time to report on it either due to Crabs games and too many commercials. Not that you would have been able to hear it in Southern Humboldt if I had.
Thanks for bringing this up!
They don't call him Dennis the Menace in Ohio for nothing.

Will Hillary's "yea" vote be discussed?

Waste of time and tax payer dollars.
It was reported on MSNBC Countown with Keith Olbermann last night.

There are still continual investigations going on in Congress.
Too bad local Blue Dog Mike Thompson helped Pelosi take impeachment off the table.
Mike Thompson did not help Pelosi take impeachment off the table.
And, at the end of the interview, he smiled, pointed at the sky, and exclaimed "The plane, the plane!"

Followed by:

"If it crashes into a large building, George Bush did it!"
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