Sunday, July 20, 2008


Open thread - I'm going on vacation

I'll be out of range of cell phones, wi-fi, and pretty much anything electronic for the better part of the week. I have someone watching over the blog for me. The individual may even make a guest post or two.

In the meantime, if news breaks, feel free to post and comment in this thread. I'm sure the other bloggers will take notice and post up in more prominent fashion.

Enjoy your week.

The new Batman movie was pretty cool. Not as cool as Spider-Man, but pretty cool. Patrick Leahy did a good job with his line.
Enjoy your wife and family this week Eric and come back with some great stories.
No. Get back here. The blog comes first.
Have a great time Eric. Also give my best wishes to your wife and your family, in the hopes that you all have a good time!

Return refreshed, and we will start a new scandal for you!
Enjoy your vacation. Living without electronics is like going back to the stone age. How will you cook food without a microwave?
Have a wonderful time, Eric!
Who has a report on Reggae?

Cristine does.
Open thread? Great!

Question: How can you tell if your neighbor is REALLY a good neighbor?

Answer: A REALLY GOOD NEIGHBOR scrubs the gang graffiti off as soon as it appears.

(If the neighbor delays or makes excuses for leaving the graffiti on the wall, the fence, the post, or whatever - that neighbor is helping the vandals drag your neighborhood DOWN.)

I only say this because I notice today I am surrounded by some Good neighbors and some of the other kind.
Just read Cristina's post. I couldn't make it to the festival because of family issues out of town, but I wanted to go. I am SO glad it went well!
Have fun, Eric. I'm sure nothing exciting will happen while you're gone...
Thanks, Cristina, I just read your post as well, sounds like it was fun.

Anyone up on what's happening at KHSU? There's word out that the station manager was fired and that the new...bosses, or whatever, are unhappy with the political tone, wanting to remove Democracy Now and some other programs, to make the station more...I don't know, bland?
Clarissa, Heraldo has Elizabeth's letter explaining her position re.: KHSU firing/resignation. Paul Cienfuegos has also sent a mass mailing out about it.

On the topic of Reggae, I'll have a bit more in Tuesday's edition of The Independent. I'm loath to post it all on my blog before the paper comes out!

-Cristina (I haven't been able to sign in or search for anything on Google all day!)
It's The Economic Stupidity, Stupid

Excellent Frank Rich opinion piece about McCain
Waiting..........for more of , Carol's nonsense gibber - gabber .
Yeah, Cristina, I have the station manager's letter and Paul C's stuff too. Wondering if someone knew more. I'm pretty Oliver Twist about news.

And why can't you sign on? I was recently informed by a computer expert close to me that my hard drive is sending suicide notes or something. Backed up all my files.
It makes funny sounds, the computer does. I tried to explain it to my expert, but "little beeping noises kind of in maybe F sharp" didn't seem to make sense to him.
I have no idea why I can't sign on. It's the second or third time it's happened. I have no trouble signing on to anything else (did online shopping for grandbaby today!), just Google. Go figure!

Oh, wait. Now I'm signed in! WTF?! When did THAT happen? Aaarrrggghhh!!!
Yea ROTR and Mateel Forever!! I for one, will never support anything put on by pp.
Nor will many folks that I have talked to. It's a shame but pp has no credibility with a huge part og the community any longer. They blew it and can not go back to being thought of as heroes.
Did anyone else think the Joker character in the Dark Knight looked an awful lot like Ryan Fenster a.k.a. Nick Bravo?
How many of you who swear you're never going to anything PP puts on ever paid for your ticket to ROTR. You will not be missed ..believe me.
Yep, getting rid of all the freeloaders will surely be better for the bottom line. All the poor little M&Ms. Mateel Martyrs moping around with nothing too do come August.
I guess we'll have to wait another week for Eric to remove the link to Shane Brinton's dead blog.
Did anyone else think the Joker character in the Dark Knight looked an awful lot like Ryan Fenster a.k.a. Nick Bravo?

I actually thought the Joker was far more attractive and witty. Nicholas was the product of a drunken mother and a contaminated uterus. The Joker on the other hand seems to be a product of chaos.
well i'm glad the reggae (hot) war is over--now comes the cold war, the cold shoulders, i suppose...
this agreement leaves a bad taste, maybe its just business--i feel like telling willy what happened, but what would be my goal? to stop him from singing?...he might just say get beyond the politics and let the music maybe i'll go to the concert, get beyond the politics, though i disagree with everything PP did...
9:51 Then you're supporting PP if you go see Willie. The only justice that can be served now is to boycott PP's productions.
Boycotting is now the only way to show disapproval of some very bad behavior.
Myself I will never support a CORPORATION who conducted themselves in the manner the production co. and friends did.
What shameful behavior.
Boycotting is the resort of losers and the morally bankrupt. It's over. PP won. Support the festival or get out of the way. It would be in your best interests to cheer RR forward. But you are nothing but sourpuss losers. Go cry to your mama. We've got a world class festival to throw!
When you think about it, Ed Denson has gotta drop some pretty girthy turds.
Excuse me? Boycotting produce picked by migrant workers was the ploy of morally bankrupt losers? How about boycotting wars, non fair trade products? More morally bankrupt losers? How about strikes?

Whoever you are I don't think you and Willie have much in common. Or you and Reggae for that matter. Maybe the Halliburton crowd is up to your moral standards.
On another front, the Code Enforcement scandal cover-up is out from under wraps. John Woolley will introduce a motion tomorrow at the Board of Supervisors that aims to suspend the Code Enforcement Task Force until code-crapola perp-in-chief Wendy Chaiten and her enabler Jill Geist return from vacation, so they can continue to cloud the clarity a majority of the Task Force has already achieved.

Click on the Humboldt Herald link on Eric's bloglist and scroll down to Heraldo's CETF post and comments for current info. Can someone please make a link to this? Tomorrow will be one of those days at the Board of Supervisors. Please come or write to stand up for Yee Haw, and democracy. We are winning, they are whining. What fun!
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i am damn sick and tired of...what?oh damn,i got the wrong blog again,this muskatel is getting weak....
It's amazing! Eric leaves and the nick bravo bashing starts. Ok I admit...its me. Nicholas Bravo! Did any of you understand that when I ran for council it was so I could expose liars and crooks like Meserve, Hauser, etc? Did any of you even try to have a rational conversation with me? NO! You mocked me and still mock me. You hide behind closed doors and spew your venom becuase you know you have no intellectual ground to stand on.
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puck you
Many locals will not attend this year due to their opinions of the sleazy behavior exhibited by the the corporate and will stay away in great numbers.
Enjoy your private corporate party.
You never really did represent the values of the community center.
whoever is in charge of this blog while eric is away better start blasting posts soon, it sure got ugly fast.. :-(
H have just one comment to make in response to the comment made by Carol Bruno on the KMUD news report last week about the settlement. She was doing fine until at the end of her comment about the settlement when she added that she was pleased that PP received some money from the slander suit. That money came from her insurance and had nothing to do with the settlement. She will get that money and a month later will have to turn it over to MCC toward the $500,000 PP owes MCC. I think she wanted listeners to think PP had somehow benefited from the settlement. Too bad she didn't just stick to the fact of the settlement. There's a lot of relief on all sides that it's over although it may take a while before we're all hugging and high-fiving. All in good time.
Anon 1:28, people are just showing who they are at their core. Most of them such as Anon 1:19 are just miserable angry people.
10:46 is that really the tenor of the Reggae battle down there? Ew. I am glad I won't be attending. The festival had already been turning into something I don't like even before this scandal happened. But if your comment is indicative of how the producers think, then well, may I just say: Ew.
Nick, please stop trolling for sympathy and talk about Ayn Rand or Richard Dawkins if you want to give a positive contribution.
thorn says:

if the supervisors want to postpone the task force meetings so that all members will be present that’s fine by me as long as they also suspend or better yet drop the yee-haw lawsuit, and keep the moratorium in place until the task force completes it’s work even if it takes a year.

it took years to make this bureaucratic mess, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone if it takes a full year to clean it up.

but suspending the task force’s work while continuing the county’s retaliatory lawsuit against yee-haw residents and allowing the moratorium to expire would be a travesty of justice. or, perhaps i should say, yet *another* travesty of justice.
The tone and tenor of said production co. has been that way for YEARS!
The Mateel should have stood up years ago to the production co. but alas, they thought they were some sort of friend.
The rest is history......
The betrayal has been extremely damaging to the commUNITY and I fear by conduct here this will probably never subside.
thorn says:

by the way, the only part of the code enforcement’s “work” that HAS been suspended under the moratorium is that part that involves the use of the magical no-probable-cause “inspection warrants” to do non-consensual inspections of private property. so the only thing to be reinstated or not reinstated is the use of these warrants.

but maybe they’re desperate to get back to using those blatantly unconstitutional warrants in time to use the code enforcement unit (and it’s magical ability to inspect private property without probable cause) as a trojan horse to get the drug task force onto private property for a little warrantless romp around the neighborhoods with their made-up “open field doctrine” where they can just search any adjoining properties, also without probable cause.

oh, then there is the matter of the code enforcement officers carrying guns, which was stopped by the d.a., not the moratorium passed by the supervisors. the d.a. is independently elected, and not under the control of the board of supervisors.

so if the remaining code enforcement officer, jeff conner, isn’t willing to do inspections, even the cvoluntary ones that are still allowed under the moratorium, without a gun, then that would seem like some sort of barrier…until you realize that there’s still nothing stopping him from taking a sherriff’s deputy along for the ride if he really has any safety concerns.

so, woooley’s attempt to reinstate the code enforcement unit to deal with his evidence-free claim that “trash is piling up” is complete balderdash. at this point it seems to me like nothing but a thinly veiled atttempt to get back to bureaucratic-bullying-as-usual.
I agree with boycotting everything by pp. A friend offered to buy me a ticket to Willy Nelson so that the money wouldn't be coming from me, and I said no way, I will not go to ANYTHING that pp puts on. I paid for my ROTR ticket, and pay for all my tickets to MCC events. I also thought it was VERY SLIMY of carol bruno to say that about the slander thing. It made her sound like the complete immoral bitch that she is. And whoever it was that wanted to write Willy Nelson, should, tell him what the pp crowd is all about. He is a community minded person, NOT a corporate one,maybe he would say something to the crowd, and to pp/td/pb/cb and the rest of the liars and thieves of that crowd.
The Reggae on the River 2008 version was awesome.If the MCC was smart & did the beer garden & T-shirts in house their take should have been better than in 06-07.The vibe was real & the weather beautiful.
Boycotting is a time honored and effective strategy. Ghandi used it to drive the English colonial rulers from his beloved India. The proof of its effectiveness may well be 10:46's lame attempt to discredit boycotting as the last resort of "losers". Never forget your purchasing power..... it is a mighty tool.
I'm ready to move on. That includes not giving the conflict anymore energy. It also includes boycotting PP/Dimmick events. It's not putting negative energy out there, it comes from a positive place of supporting people and events that share my values. Good luck to them... just not with my money.
Move along then loser. Nobody will want to see your dour face anyways. This is going to be a world class event and nothing will stop us now.
What happened, happened. There is nothing anyone can do to change the past. People angry about the past can only change the way they think of it or be angry!! That anger will make one a bitter angry person.

Reggae On The River last Saturday is what some of us think a reggae festival should be. (minus Park Rangers)

A new location is in order. Somewhere close, on private property. I think French's may be to close to "People" for some.

Then there was the dream I had last night. 2 reggae festivals on the same weekend right next to each other, one Roots based, the other should I say it, more "Sean Paul" based.

I will leave it to smarter people than I to figure out how to implement this dream festival of mine...If people from the two sides wanna mix this would be theplace perhaps a small stage at the "border" of the 2 fests with local acts might be the place for such activities.
World Class. Talk about an oxymoron!
Mon Jul 21, 02:55:00 PM does NOT speak for Reggae Rising. Mon Jul 21, 02:55:00 PM sounds like someone who just enjoys posting ugly things, like the nasty post pointed at Margaret.
2:55pm may not speak for RR but the tone certainly sounds familiar to some of their supporters.
There are rude people on the "fringes" of both sides, who IMHO just like to stir s**t up. Warped, I know... but some folks just don't have a life, I guess.
Boycott Earthdance. People Productions people work there for Bob Barsottis new partner Dansun.
For some Reggae fanatics Reggae is all they do have to define themselves by, but the message of Reggae has been compromised by the corporate take over of a community centers event and will always leave a feeling of betrayal.
Do you think the fanatics would have any rupture in the community to capitalize upon if it were not for PP's greedy seizure of Reggae??????????? Who set these events in motion? Who did this to our community?! ITS BRIGHT AS DAY WHO IS RESPONSIBLE!
I don't want to boycott people who work for PP. Some of them are gems. Personally, I'm boycotting PP/Dimmick sponsored concerts and events.
Boycott Costco. Some of People's people shop there.
I don't know. I remember PP agents like Mossman attempting to sully the reputation of Boots. If only we were so lucky to have him run ROTR last year... According to these agents, only PP was capable of pulling off a succesful concert on the northcoast.

nothing left to do but go to reggae and smile smile smile
The corporate event, represented by the corporate producer, representing itself as something other than what it is, a corporate event is bogus.
Will there be a second annual flotilla this year?
Mr. Kirk says he is out of touch. That sounds suspiciously like " Im going to have to step back" even money says he wont last two days if he hasn't already been here.
Yeah, that mossman and mr. electric were exceptionally nasty.
Isn't it enough that they stole the Community's show. Do they then expect us to love them and roll over and pee on ourselves in delight that prevailed in our stacked justice system? Get a friggin' clue.
Stop it children! Isn't it your bedtime soon?
All I was attempting to do was support a long tradition, boycotting, not even advocating it. The Boston Tea Party, Rosa Parks, Mahatma Ghandi, Cesar Chavez. Boycotting has a long and illustrious history which I've barely touched on.Joan Baez boycotted taxes during the Vietnam war. The Halliburton remark was uncalled for, I apologize. But to lump truly great people as losers and morally bankrupt is just silly at best and ignorant at worst.
Margaret, I don't approve of all the nasty remarks. I do remember the lettuce boycott, and the grape boycott. I participated. Cesar Chavez rocked!

I also think our community can come together now, and that the nasty posters are just lonely angry people... not part of "us".

There's no reason to "boycott" local events, especially if it is an event you want to attend. As many people have mentioned, what's the point of boycotting a PP event, if said boycott will make it harder for PP to pay Mateel??

Cut off your nose to spite your face? Why????????????????
Mateel got the name and $500K, what did PP get? I may be out of the loop but, I don't understand how PP "won," as some anonymous poster boasted earlier. I don't know all the details; I only read a very biased article in the North Coast Journal.

Public/community relations is extremely important when a company's goal is to attract a crowd. And it sure looks like a lot of repair is going to be necessary.

I'm having a hard time believing anyone would really write "boycotting is the last resort of losers." Ethical consumption is what thinking people do: learning the history, connections and practices of companies they do business with, for example, whether they use sweatshops, etc. If it matters on the giant corporate scale, I believe it will TRULY matter on a local level.
It is sad that the most interesting thing on this blog is Stephen Lewis proclaiming a half-woman half-albino Buffalo will come to Earth as Jesus reincarnated. I'm not even referring to Eric being gone. It's been this way for quite some time.
yeah Karol, yer way behind, don't bother to try to catch up, not good for the soul...

hey nice to see you here! email me! i'm in mexico/ same address: remember when we drove to smith river and worked on naming that publication?

ok take care...

Well, PP "won" in that they still have a good site, with a long-term permit and the Mateel doesn't. I guess in their own minds that's winning. Maybe not, I don't really know may "PPers" and not that interested either, given some of the tenor here. I hope that isn't they way they all are. However, I won't go to a PP/Dimmick show anytime soon, because I am totally grossed out by this and I do believe it is their fault. Carol could have stopped this long ago and Tom Dimmick? Well, I think he is just a greedy little man that only thinks of himself. I don't see how he is deserving at all to even host the event.

I thought RoTR 2008 was a real mellow, good time. I'm looking forward to a space that can have overnight camping and have real drum circles again and bring back the spiritualness of the event. It's not what I have felt at Reggae for the past several years, and certainly not at RR last year.
It's so much fun to watch the wining losers twisting in the wind.
I just love oxymorons, don't you?
Three restaraunts in Arcata and Eureka currently catch people, butcher them, and serve them up for human consumption. While the vast majority of the customers think they are eating pork or chicken there are a small group within the cannibal circle who regulary eat at these restaraunts. They often have code words for the dishes made from human flesh. One such word is "longpig", another is "jague". These cannibals have been operating in Humboldt county since the 1930's when they moved here due to the Great Depression. Food in the 1930's was not always easy to find in the vast wilderness that is Humboldt county, so they resorted to cannibalism and it has been a family tradition for them ever since.
The Cannibal families made most of their money from landgrabs due to their marijuana grows in the 1950's and have been prominent in California business and politics ever since. The marijuna grows also serve as a way to lure homeless people here who are often the primary food source for these cannibals. Once the "longpig" is procured (often thorugh promises of great sex or drugs) it is kept at an undisclosed location where it is biologically cleansed for impurities, fattened up on honey and cornmeal, shaved, cleaned and butchered for consumption. However, the more sadistic members of the cannibal families often prefer LIVE PREY. When one sees two voluptuous half naked humboldt honeys luring a homeless man or college student into the woods you may very well be seeing a cannibal hunting practice dating back generations.
There really is no way to tell just how influential these cannibal families are and often they will groom people to become cannibals so that they can draw attention away from the cannibal families. Crimes comitted by cannibals are most often hidden by police in order to keep the public from panicking, also consider that many members of the police force are paid by the cannibal families or are cannibals themselves. There are several secret ritual places in Humboldt county that the cannibal families use for various rituals meant to give them unbridled power. Please understand that the cannibals are everywhere in Humboldt county, most people are safe since the cannibal families have strict rules that must be observed in order to avoid detection. These families are not averse to eating one of their own should the rules be breached. I do not wish to name names as that would put myself in a position of being next on their menu. These cannibals indeed have a list of people whom they are desiring to devour once it becomes appropriate at least one newspaper owner has met his fate at the hands AND TEETH of these cannibals for threatening to expose them.
Questions in regards to the cannbal families will be taken and answered as security allows. You may feel that I am lying but please look at the evidence via your own research. Several council members past and present in both Eureka and Arcata are indeed members of the cannibal families either by blood or by oath. More than a few businesses facing the Arcata Plaza are indeed owned by members of the cannibal families.

You may be wondering why I'm telling you this. It's because I myself am a member of the cannibal familial elite, and I know that none of you will believe me. Thus the cannibal families are safe for another hundred years or so. The few who do research and believe will be seen as crackpots and will be then constantly monitored for the possibility of consumption at the right time.
You bastards ate my baby!
Madame, we're cannibals. Not dingos.
funny, a debate about cannibalism when our community continues to mercilessly eat itself alive.
here is an example of government's indifference to common sense that I just heard about…earlier this year my friend was flying from Switzerland to Mexico City. the embassy had told him that he didn't need a visa. the plane stopped at Houston and everyone had to get out. they checked him out and found that years ago he had overstayed in the U S two weeks. they found he had also had a California driver license twenty years ago…
“you want to stay in the states,' they said.
“no, he said.”I just want to go to Mexico City. just let me back on the plane to Mexico City.”
they sent him back to Switzerland. he lost the trip and had to fly two days later more directly to Mexico City…that's just mean…
This blog has hit bottom.
As has the community. The only way to go from the bottom is up. There are two paths before us, class... or trash. But the Teelies wouldn't recognize class if it slapped them in the face.
Estelle Fennel needs someone in her circle of friends to tell her she doesn't have a chance. This woman is strange and I think she watches way too much CSPAN. The way she acted in the parade, it was as if all eyes were on her when they simply were not. Very strange lady.
Spinning on against a sweetheart like Estelle? Gee Whiz. She got 2/3of the vote in SoHum and was only about 10% off of 1st place in the primary. Fortuna LOVED her.
It's pretty obvious from the precinct results in the primary that the more people know Estelle, the more people vote for Estelle.
"I am ready for my supervisorship, Mr. DeVille!"
I don't understand how PP "won," as some anonymous poster boasted earlier.

They got away with obvious theft of a community asset.(same show new name? I wouldn't believe it unless I'd seen it. And that is only the tip of the iceberg in the market place damage PPeople did to the Mateel's good gig)

Over the years (20 of them...) thousands of dollars, and hundreds of man hours (thank you DG) went into smoothing the way for the CUP. The permit, and site -with bridges and other infrastructure - are the prize.

Carol, Tom and PB screwed the MCC out of their primary fund raiser. Plain and simple. A community asset does not belong in the hands of private individuals. The Mateel was set up for the long term with the consistent success of ROTR, and the rug got yanked out from under them.

Oh well the wrrld is full of crooks. Guess we never thought they were our friends and neighbors. In spite of everything I believe the Mateel will thrive, and PPeople may just wither and fade as they must wrestle with their conscience, and bear the collective karma of their actions.
Yep, Estelle sure is a winner.
A third place winner...
Has anyone else noticed a parallel between the "hostile takeovers" of Reggae and of the old Pacific Lumber Company? The dynamics of each situation seem strikingly similar.
Stop whining. This is what you get when you coddle pot growing for a few decades.

It's going to get worse. More dead children and destroyed lives. Forget about any kind of "community" here.
The dynamics of each situation seem strikingly similar

Right, that's why pb's trees support the roof of the Mateel Center. Nice try though.
That's the attitude right there.
Thank you PB.
Where do we put the statue?
In his front yard, so he won't have to leave?
Feds are going to take property of medical marijuana dispensaries. #2 man in ONDCP says in Arcata Eye today. Also at
The tactics of neo-cons are the same all over, whether they are in Chile, Nicaragua, Scotia or Piercy.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
You are scummy. May the fleas of a thousand camels crawl up your legs and inhabit your nether regions if they are not there already.
That is one strange blog.
Hey blog watcher. Are you falling asleep?
I hate everyone.
You shut the FUCK UP!
Oh, Kirk!........... The children aren't playing nice in the sandbox.
Your mama so fat that when she steps up on the weight scale it reads "to be continued..."

I should have gone with Eric.
Anonymous said...
It's so much fun to watch the wining losers twisting in the wind.

Mon Jul 21, 10:55:00 PM

Anonymous said...
I just love oxymorons, don't you?

Mon Jul 21, 11:07:00 PM

"...wining [sic] losers twisting in the wind" is not an oxymoron. It is a mixed metaphor.

Does this blog always get so odd when you go away? Bet you'll never leave an open thread again. Hope you, Jana and the kids have an amazing week, and really get to enjoy each other away from the bustle of everyday life. Maybe you can find the kids some mud and sticks....

Reading this certainly gave me a good laugh today as I return to reality from a most enjoyable weekend away from SoHum!
Clover said...

Does this blog always get so odd when you go away? Bet you'll never leave an open thread again.

You know, Clover, I rather resent the fact that you posted your "odd" comment immediately after my own rather witty, eccentric, and thoroughly charming post. You seem to imply that mere oddness is in some way a negative trait. In reality, many odd things are quite life-affirming, while many normal, even banal, things are quite destructive to the human soul.
Oxymoron (American Heritage Dictionary)
A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, as in a deafening silence and a mournful optimist.

Greek oxumron, from neuter of oxumros, pointedly foolish : oxus, sharp ; see oxygen + mros, foolish, dull
Oh wait. Do you think the poster meant "whining" losers, not winning losers?
Damn. I am so literal minded.
Hey blog watcher. Are you falling asleep?

No, although the quality of dialog here is not particularly inspiring I haven't seen any malicious personal attacks other than the ones I deleted. As far as I know poorly worded and poorly thought through opinions are allowed.

BTW, what were all the cannibal posts about anyway? Did I miss something deletable there?

Suggestions for a new topic post welcome...

eric's blog watcher
white port is good with those twisted slim jims.
I don't know about slim jim's though, their origin seems questionable at best.

Suggestions for a new topic post welcome...

How about stuck up lazy blog watchers and why they shouldn't be trusted.
Here's a juicy little appetizer for my Democratic friends. Yes I have a few but probably not in the leadership LOL.

Some of you may have heard this morning that the Republican Party in Nevada had cancelled their state convention "due to lack of interest." Of course that is an embarrassing admission and Dems this morning like Stephanie Miller were happy about it (with good reason.) But the truth is even more embarrassing.

A few months ago the Republicans in Nevada actually held a convention in Reno but it was controlled by backers of Ron Paul. The national party couldn't get an endorsement for McCain out of them, so they adjourned. In the meantime they have been scrambling, trying to put together a new convention while freezing out the Paulistas. This morning, after the Republicans issued their lame announcement in Nevada, the Ron Paul supporters filed suit against the Nevada Republican Party. Google it for laughs.

have a peaceful day,
Don't you get it people? Eric has offended the Homosexual Cannibal Mafia! He has been abducted and is easily being prepped for a feast at this very moment!!
I want to eat Stephanie Miller. slow roasted over a fire, smothered in BBQ sauce. I think it could be trendy, I mean, what are democrats good for other than as cattle meant for consumption by Republicans.
Settle down fattie. You'll get your turn.
I eat people
because they taste so good.
I eat people like a republicrat should.
I eat people...
I'm hungry for a honey roasted humboldt honey.
My favorite oxymorons are "military intelligence" and "compassionate conservative."
Mine are "openminded liberal" and "unbiased journalist"
Anyone who thinks THIS venue has dropped to the bottom of the well hasn't visited the Times-Standard's (completely unmoderated) Topix web site.

There, trolls freely roam, ruining rational thought and sneering at expressions of compassion.

Until a month ago, Times-Standard/Topix was a good place to discuss the news. Now it is a fetid swamp of malevolence.

Why won't the Times-Standard/Topix Moderator do his/her job?
The TS forums hurt many family
and friends of the deceased in the
community. I can't imagine reading
that trash if something happened to
one of my loved ones. They have hurt 100s. Hopefully we are gaining
some power to stop it. It's been a
slow process. Please help stop it by contacting the TS. Thank you.

Oh, and you guys are hilarious! It
was always fun to be bad when the
babysitter was in charge. Have a
great day!
Ah yes! The TS, and of course liberals and democrats are ALWAYS virtuous paragons of compassion who can say and do no wrong. It's those EVIL Republicans! You know, those EVIL Republicans who think that humanity is more than just some virus infecting the earth, and that every life (even the life of the unborn) is precious in the sight of God. My goodness!! Those EVIL REPUBLICANS know no bounds! What next? Believing that FREEDOM of LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS are worth exporting to places where dictators butcher people alive because they're having a bad day? QUICK! VOTE OMBABA! He'll SAVE US all with HAPPY THOUGHTS and LOLLIPOPS for everyone!
Thanks for that advice and encouragement! I have left an e-mail message at the Topix Feedback link and have left a message with the Times-Standard's "web editor." I'll write again after he returns my call, to share what I find out.

I agree that the Topix/Times-Standard failure to uphold any kind of standard on its web site is hurting people. It certainly hurts grieving families to have obscene and twisted insults displayed there. It also hurts the whole community, which suffers the loss of a forum for the compassionate and sometimes intelligent discussion of our common concerns.

I plan to post what I find out, including who is supposed to be responsible and how we can best register our anger at being subjeccted to this abuse and being treated with such arrogant disrespect.

Stay tuned.
8:24 your brain has rotted from the inside out! You are nothing but a vegetable in human form doused in cow urine and rendered unedible.
A standard? Or are they simply allowing views YOU disagree with? Silly liberals....always the first to cry for censorship when it comes to those they disagree with, yet the first to claim it when their idiotic whims aren't blindly OBEYED!

I see no connection between 8:24's comments and anything that was written about the Times-Standard before or after.

What is happening at the Times-Standard/Topix web site has nothing to do with liberal or conservative. It has everything to do with preventing obscene and abusive trolls from destroying one of this community's formerly best venues for public discussion of public issues.
Anon 8:30, Obviously an McCoon supporter. Do ye not get satire sir? Do ye not understand that Ombaba may SAVE the world with his HAPPY THOUGHTS AND LOLLIPOPS?

Do ye not understand the liberals fear of McCoons desire to defend this nation where FREEDOM OF SPEECH is a PRIMARY VALUE?

Course Liberals often think FREE SPEECH only applies to THEM!

I'M a simple man with simple tastes, like gunpowder and gasoline.
74% of the people did not vote for her. SHE CAME IN THIRD OUT OF 31!
estelle lost, and she will lose again. you estelle people should realize that with 10% more of the vote, Johanna would win for sure. estelle is meddling with this election, ruining the chance for a progressive, you estelle followers are like a cult, can't see reality.
pp does not deserve all the things this entire community worked on for the last 20+ years, nor does td. I can be positive in my anger towards them, boycott absolutely everything that is associated with pp or td or dansun, no matter who the "benefit" is for. I will give my money directly to local non profits.
The last line being from the JOKESTER! LIBERALS of course consider themselves BATMAN but are in reality BUTT-HURT because that's the end they do most of their thinking with.
Anon 8:38, you're better off throwing your money out the window as you circle the plaza.

That was 3rd out of 3. SHE CAME IN LAST PLACE.
I don't believe this anti-liberal, pro-conservative ranting is genuine. It's too rude and heavy-handed. Obviously, the writer wants us to despise the position he is advocating. Grade-school psychological thinking. No cigar.
The ranter here may be the same one on the T-S/Topix web site. Certain stylistic tags are there. The mindless repetition of certain nonsense phrases in successive posts is one such tag. Well, gotta go. Work doesn't get done by itself!
Why is it liberals think old ladies have all the answers?? If Estelle was black she'd be a shoe in! Silly liberals think that race, gender, and other physical characteristics are what make a good candidate. How RACIST and BIGOTED!

Vote Estelle because she's an old white woman is just as RACIST as saying VOTE OMBABA because he's COLORED!



AND we PROGRESSIVES know how to deal with people who don't want to suck OMBABAS LOLLIPOPS while THINKING HAPPY THOUGHTS!
ANon 8:48,

B-I-N-G-O...B-I-N-G-O....and BINGO was his NAME-O.

Clif is THE REAL LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He couldn't even beat a DEAD MAN

Now it is revealed he has been slowly feeding us all his mutated apples.


Estelle's stock is rising and you can damn well bet that Fortuna will vote for her. Fenn Fenn to the rescue!

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
OOPS! double clicked the send button.

silly me....
Meaningless post #150. blah, blah, blah
New Topic!

FRED MANGELS: Is Libertarianism in Humboldt too old to be meaningful? Or just to damn contemplative for its own good?
"Anonymous said...
Meaningless post #150. blah, blah, blah

Wed Jul 23, 09:08:00 AM"

And yours is meaningless post #1. because its obvious you're too damn stupid to comprehend what you are reading. Perhaps you'd he happier with "The Pokey Little Puppy"...NOW at a BOOKSTORE NEAR YOU!
Who the fuck is Fred Mangels? Is he the guy on the oatmeal boxes and now he is selling Old Mutual Liberty insurance on horseback? He was good in the movie where him and Steve Gutenberg found the Cocoon in that swimming pool!
you're thinking of Wilford Brimley. I'm talking about crodgety libertarian blog troll Fred Mangels.

His blog is linked on this blogs main page.
What about Fred? He's old, slightly daft and probably walks with a limp.
Fred's going to be Estelle's VP when she becomes president of the retirement utopia that she'll turn humboldt into when she becomes supervisor.
Are these last 10 or so bloggers OLD enough to vote.
Maybe Fred and Estelle could find a new Cocoon right here in Humboldt County! Certainly the condo association would like that!
Less cowbell, more cannibal!!!
Check out the hippie characterizations at this New Yorker peek behind the emerald curtain... .
The first growers I encountered moving here twenty years ago were two seventy somethings, not hippies.
"Is Libertarianism in Humboldt too old to be meaningful? Or just to damn contemplative for its own good?".

I don't know.
quoted from the ER article about the "forced resignation" of elizabeth hans-mccrone of khsu:

“As for ‘fully committed,’ a June 26 memo from Gunsalus to departing Station Manager Elizabeth Hans McCrone announced a ‘final decision’ to cut HSU’s financial support of the station roughly $20,000 to $160,000 next year.
‘You can expect additional budget reductions in future years of approximately $20,000 per year,’ he wrote.”

thorn says:

so it seems that the gunsalas / richmond plan, even before the “forced resignation” is for the station to be completely cut off from university funding in 8 years.

now that alone i don’t have a problem with. as i stated above, i feel that 100% listener-supported would be the best eventual outcome.

but then the obvious question is: do gunsalas and richmond really expect to maintain programmatic, management, and editorial control over a station that the university provides little or no funding for?

they can’t have it both ways - if they expect the listener-supporters to foot the whole bill, then they can’t reasonably expect that hsu administrators can continue to make hiring and firing decisions, and decisions about what programs to run or cancel (like democracy now).

and if they are planning on withdrawing all hsu funding from khsu and having it be completely self-supporting, then the LAST thing they should be doing is taking over it’s donor base and membership services. khsu’s internal ability to raise funds and conduct its own affairs should be *increased* not decreased, if the university is backing off on its funding.

all in all, it sounds more like a short-term money & power grab on the part of the hsu administration, and them either not really caring how this will impact negatively on the station’s viability, or maybe even an intent to run the station down and eventually liquidate it, while simultaneously milking the listeners for as much as possible in the meantime.

meanwhile, since only a little more than 25% of the current funding for khsu comes from the university, why are they even the ones making hiring / firing decisions in the first place!? there’s certainly no case that i know of in the private for-profit world, or even in the non-profit world, where an entity with a 24% stake in an enterprise gets to run that enterprise.

we, the listeners and supporters of khsu, need to very seriously consider withholding our pledges and placing them into some sort of alternative account until it is clear what the administration is really doing.

we also need to make our voices heard at the meetings of khsu’s community advisory group, on the air on the call-in shows on khsu and kmud, as well as in letters-to-the-editors of our local papers, and letters directly to gunsalas and richmond.

and in the long-term, we need to consider some options for an independent station, possibly like kmud’s listeners-and-local-underwriters model, or maybe wpkn’s (bridgeport, ct) 100% listener-supported, volunteer-programmer-run model.

maybe if there is enough of an outcry over the situation at khsu, the administration will realize that they aren’t going to be able to carry out the program of creeping blandification and corporatization that they seem to be headed toward right now.

if they instead move toward increasing the role that listener-supporters play in governing the station (not just the increasing role they want us to play in bankrolling a station that is increasingly micromanaged by gunsalas and richmond) then perhaps we won’t need to go the route of withdrawing our support from khsu and using it to fund an alternative.

but in addition to speaking out publicly, we need to create some leverage in the meantime, by creating an alternative fund to put our financial support into, the disbursement of which would be contingent on khsu’s programming, management, membership/donor base, and editorial independence being increased, not decreased.

so, folks, write your letters, make your calls, and set aside your khsu donations for the time being.

if you have a pledge envelope on your pile of bills-to-pay right now, then i suggest you send it in without a check, and with a note stating that you are withholding your support until the administration pledges to retain democracy now (or whatever programs you are most concerned about), returns khsu’s reserve fund, returns control of the khsu donor base and fundraising/membership system to the station, and begins seriously working to increase the say that listener-supporters and volunteer programmers have over the governance of the station, and decrease control by hsu’s administration, commensurate with the dwindling funding they are providing.

and let’s start coming up with names of folks who are well-known enough and well-respected enough in our community to take the lead on creating a “humboldt radio free speech fund.”

any nominees?
thorne, you are right on. On the mark. Bulleye.
To respond to an earlier suggested topic, I agree about the T-S forums. They are hurtful and awful. I've only been reading them for about a month, so I didn't know there was a time before when things were more civilized.

Last night I removed the bookmark for T-S/Topix off my computer; I won't be reading them anymore. When they're not ridiculous, they are disgusting and damaging.

Reading them causes me to despair that I will never understand my neighbors and that people can never work together for common goals. Worse yet, they test my belief in the basic goodness of people.

I feel that under the cover of anonymity, people's real selves come out. If the T-S forums are any indication of the real selves of the people around me, then I definitely do not want to know them and can never trust them.

This is what I mean by "damaging." Magnify this feeling a thousand times for the families of people who write letters to the editor or whose tragedies get reported in the news.
...."Estelle lost, and she will lose again. you estelle people should realize that with 10% more of the vote, Johanna would win for sure. estelle is meddling with this election, ruining the chance for a progressive, you estelle followers are like a cult, can't see reality."

THIS IS America pal and anybody can work hard to accomplish anything they want to. She has every right to run for something she believes in. It's hard damn work and do you work that hard? You sound like poor Anna Banana. We can't see reality??? Reality to me is that Estelle earned her place on the ballot and even to lose. Remember that things could have been a lot different had Roger not died. People were not that happy with 12 years of Rodoni. Let the damn system work and quit trying to change things because you're not happy. It ain't that big a deal any way.
Karol, I hope it will give you some comfort to know that I called the current editor of the Times-Standard. After speaking with her a few minutes ago about the intensity of our problems with the TS/Topix web site, she will be speaking with her staff about how to make the process of reporting and removing abusive comments more effective. I am encouraged because she was willing to listen to what I had to say - to really hear me out, and by her positive attitude about working to solve the problem. I will write again once she gets back to me and share any information you and others may find useful. In the meantime, you are right to limit your contact with anything or anybody that harms your spirit. I hope that within a week or so, you may be able to navigate to the TS/Topix web site and find some civility for a change.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I am going to repeat myself, sorry.
California's Medical Marijuana trade and industry are the topic of this 7/22 NEW YORKER MAG article. Redway and the Northcoast are mentioned in this peek behind the emerald curtain.
This is more of an alert than a thread change--it is quite a read.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
By the way, I'm prejudiced against posts in all caps. Hurts my ears.

eric's blog watcher...
Thank you, "eric's blog watcher," for being you, and for doing the things you do!
Bill Moyers / Michael Winships editorial available at Truth Out
is a must read. A concise and thorough discussion of why things are so screwed up. It's corporate lobbyists, of course. It's the fantasy that money donated to campaigns and jobs offered to friends, family and former government officials doesn't buy pretty much anything the corporations want. For example:

"The about-to-be-bailed-out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac together are responsible for about half the country's $12 trillion mortgage debt. Lisa Lerer of reports that over the past decade, the two financial giants with the down-home names have spent nearly $200 million on campaign contributions and lobbying. According to Lerer, "They've stacked their payrolls with top Washington power brokers of all political stripes, including Republican John McCain's presidential campaign manager, Rick Davis; Democrat Barack Obama's original vice presidential vetter, Jim Johnson, and scores of others now working for the two rivals for the White House."


"We're spending more than six percent of our salaries on gasoline, and global warming keeps temperatures rising, but the climate bill was killed last month and President Bush just got rid of his daddy's longtime ban on offshore drilling. Only in a fairy tale would anyone believe it's just coincidence that the oil and gas industries have donated more than $18 million to federal candidates this year, three-quarters of it going to Republicans. They've spent more than $26 million lobbying this year - that's seven times more than environmental groups have spent."

Read the whole article. This is the FIRST thing that has to change or nothing will change.

vote for change vote for clif
vote for change vote for clif
vote for change vote for clif
NewYorker Medical Mj Link
Dear anonymous 7:45

Thank you for not shouting. Much better.

eric's blog watcher
Pardon me for interrupting you all, but your psychiatrists are on the other line.

estelle will ensure a Johanna victory. I don't know that many people who were all THAT upset with Roger. And Johanna loves that estelle is in the mix, 'cuz estelle is a spoiler. She has absolutely no chance of winning.
"Karol, I hope it will give you some comfort to know that I called the current editor of the Times-Standard. After speaking with her a few minutes ago about the intensity of our problems with the TS/Topix web site, she will be speaking with her staff about how to make the process of reporting and removing abusive comments more effective."

Please call her again and bring to her attention this comment to the Humboldt Herald blog by one of her staff, Times-Standard writer, James Faulk.
T-S should begin the clean-up in their own office, with their own staph.
Many of the offending "troll comments" had already been removed from the TS/Topix website by the time I checked it half an hour after I spoke with the editor. Based on that quick response, I feel confident that the Times-Standard will work harder to keep the Topix forum clean.
Clif is history. It's just as well, because he hasn't EVER created ANY changes.

This has become a race between Estelle Fennell and Johanna Rodoni. Go get 'em, girls!
That is pretty funny considering lasts nights comments made by Johanna.
I loved the one about how Estelle came in third place and the only reason that Estelle is still on the ballot is because of Roger's untimely passing.

7:05 must be delusional.
Estelle was a third place winner.
Estelle has every right to continue her campaign. I have talked with both she and Clif and attended several of the forums during the primary run. There is no doubt that when it comes to representing the rural areas of the 2nd district she is head and shoulders above Clif. Clif did improve throughout the campaign when it came to communication skills and his folks scripted his answers. I watched several occasions when his staff furiously wrote and submitted questions at the forums. Questions that he had been coached to answer. He never convinced me he could think on his feet. His supporters tried to make the "Big Box" store an issue. It is a red herring. It shows that Clif has no real concept of what are real county issues and what are Fortuna issues. The sad fact is that most of the people who voted for Clif down here were not voting for him on his merits they were mad at Estelle over the Reggae issue. Petty but true. Odds are Clif will win in November but that does not mean he is the best candidate nor does it mean there are not issues that need to be debated in this race. Estelle did not run against Clif as much as she aimed for the runoff. Anyone who claims they know what would have happened had Roger lived is blowing smoke.
Well, thank God "blog watcher" has started some new strings... Should have happened long ago.
Thank you so much for caring about
the abusive comments on the TS blogs. I've written to them with no
response. They are getting a little better with removing the
offensive comments where before they didn't bother. The trouble is
the damage is done by the time they
remove them. Kind of like closing
the gate after the horse is gone.
After reading those comments it's
nice to know there are people like
you out there. Please keep up the
good work!
Estelle supporters are using fuzzy logic to go along with their fuzzy math.
Check out the New Yorker link above. The reporter, with the help of a Mendo grower Capt. Blue, so named after a powerful strain of pot, infiltrates a hippie grow scene and hangs out. He visits pot rooms and grow houses and talks with growers and potdocs. Very informative.
Coming in third out of three is not a winner. It is a LOSER. Always has been, always will be. Her chances of winning are 0. Estelle answers questions the way she and kathleen did on the news, with no depth, and repeating the question. She is practicing too. And she is definitely heads above Clif when it comes to the non-answer answer, and Really great at saying the same thing over and over and over and over and over...................
Follow the money. There are people with a vested interest in seeing Estelle run. Unlike with the other two campaigns, Estelle is throwing around cash.
"Mendo grower Capt. Blue"

According to the article, Captain Blue is neither a grower nor based in Mendo.
He's an LA-based broker/dealer.

From the article:
"Captain Blue is a pot broker. More precisely, he helps connect growers of high-grade marijuana upstate to the retail dispensaries that sell marijuana legally to Californians on a doctor’s recommendation.
The inside of Blue’s apartment, where he spends most of his time, measures less than four hundred square feet. It opens onto a huge wraparound terrace that offers mind-bending views of the ocean and the Hollywood Hills. The apartment, which is in the vicinity of Washington Boulevard, used to be occupied by another pot dealer, who moved out a few years ago, leaving Blue with his crash pad and a list of about a hundred patients. The building is near Abbot Kinney Boulevard, the commercial drag in Venice that, in recent years, has been transformed from a low-rent strip of bars and secondhand-clothing stores into a destination for well-heeled shoppers and restaurant-goers."
"infiltrates a hippie grow scene"

If he wrote for the Eye, "infiltrates" would be apt.
Re: the New Yorker reporter, "invited into" works better.
'Infiltrates' was in fact the word used by David Dallenger of the New Yorker. From the interview: ...You, (David Samuels) with great bravery, infiltrated the medicinal marijuana world of California.
David Dellinger, you mean?
Pump up the volume!
Hadn't listened to the audio bit, however did read the entire 13-page piece in the New Yorker.
The author didn't "infiltrate" the scene: he was openly identified as a reporter and invited to all locations; he's been a friend of Blue's and smoking dope and dosing with him for nearly 20 years.

Blue and I have known each other for almost two decades. Our fathers were both professors of political science, and, starting in the mid-eighties, we both attended Ivy League colleges in the Northeast, where we shared a fondness for illegal drugs."

Matt Dellinger is the New Yorker website manager, and he's a bit of an inflator in this interpretation:
"You, (David Samuels) with great bravery..."
There was never any aroma of personal danger wafting from the author's words.
ooops, my bad, not David, Matt Dellinger is his name. He works for the New Yorker. He did an excellent interview with reporter David Samuels (also of the New Yorker)who recently infiltrated Mendocino grow house operations.
A poster up above wrote some words; these, in fact:

If he wrote for the Eye, "infiltrates" would be apt.

I dinna unnerstan.
Wha d'ye mean?

"If he wrote for the Eye,
'infiltrates' would be apartment?

Is this a secret coda some sort?
Is this a secret coda some sort?

Yeah: it's called the English language.

If a secret coda fell in the forest and no one was there to hear it, would wonders never cease?
infiltrated Mendocino grow house operations.

You read the article?

If they visited anywhere in Mendo, it wasn't mentioned in the article.

Blue took Samuels to a grow house in Sonoma, and then they traveled up to Humboldt Co. with the woman that's tending the show in Sonoma, and they visited some outdoor ops there.

The dude, Michael, that did time in The Arena, lived in Mendo in the '70s, according to the piece.

"Infiltrated" is neither an apartment nor apt.
The article's heady; the interview's schwag.
Robert Barker's letter to the editor today in the E-R brings up an important point about the positive effect of the troop surge in Iraq. While the surge gets all the credit for decreasing violence, bribes paid and ethnic cleansing have also contributed and could even be the major cause of improvements. It wouldn't surprise me if most of the reduction in violence was from ethnic cleansing and secondarily from the bribes. The surge may have even increased violence from where it would have been without it. Our presence there does incite extremism.
In the New Yorker interview, Samuals talks of growers in Mendocino, Humboldt, and Sonoma. He explains the dangers, (not as dangerous as heroin but yet quite dangerous). He tells us about the new super-strong strain which is now very popular, called Cush, which goes for over five thousand a pound. Samual's connection, who helps him infiltrate the 'scene', is called Capt Blue. As you may guess this was not the name he was born with, nor does Samuals reveal the good Captain's true identity, shrewdly keeping the details of their 'friendship' vague. He goes on to tell us that Capt. Blue is a 'broker' who hooks up the 'karmicly' minded growers in Northern CA with the big dealers in large metropolitan areas in the south. Blue introduces Samuals to the people who operate the dark muggy growrooms which are now prevalent throughout the North. The reporter visits these grow rooms which he describes as walking into the jungle. He says the growers are getting six harvests a year. He says that with these strains of high grade pot people in Humboldt, often second generation growers, can get enough to pay off their mortgage by growing only 15 or 20 plants. In his research, Samuals also visits a wide range of pot 'dispensaries'. He describes one of them as looking like a stoner's bedroom, with your 'purples' your 'blueberries', and of course your 'Cush'. He got a 215 in one day from a doctor who visited the dispensary by telling him that he had a 'fragile psychological condition'.
Open minded liberal isn't an oxymoron, it is redundancy.
$5,000 a pound?
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