Thursday, July 17, 2008


Reggae settlement announced

I just heard it on the KMUD news on my way home. Not many details were revealed, but here are a few:

1. PP and/or Dimmick will pay the Mateel $500,000.00.

2. PP keeps all the equipment on site.

3. It appears from Carol's statement that the Mateel's insurance company kicked in some amount of money for the slander and libel case. The amount would reveal whether it's a nuisance settlement or whether the insurance company took the causes of action seriously. We'll have to wait for that information.

It appears they're still working out a payment plan, and my understanding from another source is that the judge will keep the case open in case PP/Dimmick fail to make the payments - bringing the parties back to where they were a few weeks ago.

I don't have time to comment on this as I have a radio show to attend to. Try to post like adults if possible.

Addendum: Here's the MCC press release.
Mateel Signs Peace Accord with Dimmick, People Productions

The Mateel Community Center Board of Directors has agreed to drop its claims against Tom Dimmick and Carol Bruno’s People Productions rather than to continue to battle in the courtroom. In return, Dimmick and Bruno will pay Mateel a half million dollars. They will also dismiss all of their lawsuits against the Mateel, its staff and Board of Directors. The Mateel will retain ownership of its trademark, Reggae on the River, kicking off a new era of Reggae this coming Saturday at Benbow Lake State Park.

We feel the need to get on with our lives is important to many people in the community, and that the courtroom drama only continued to hold us all hostage to a future of fighting over a very uncertain outcome. The months of legal battling, the cost of the lawsuit to Mateel donors, and a desire to get on with our real job-running the Community Center, has led us to this difficult decision. Both sides were also motivated strongly by Judge Warren, who twisted everyone’s arms to get us to settle the case. At this point, we feel the settlement path best fulfills our fiduciary duty as the Board of Directors of the Mateel.

We are ever so grateful to the hundreds of community members who’ve supported us through this difficult struggle. It’s been amazing to watch the outpouring of people’s energy to help at the Mateel—something which will need to continue for the Mateel to thrive as a local Community Center. While we believe that the $500,000 isn’t nearly enough, it will help to re-establish a modest reserve for the Mateel, as well as help pay for long-deferred maintenance of the building. But the future of the Mateel no longer lies at the feet of a monster Reggae show—in fact, it remains in the capable hands of the people of Southern Humboldt, and the Mateel will remain strong with ongoing community support.

So what.
That was adult.
Although I wanted to see justice served, I realize that a settlement is necessary. It is unfortunate that one can't get justice in this country without a lot of money.

I'm extremely disappointed in the settlement. $500,00 not including the equipment I could have stomached. But a measly $200,00 grand for stealing the festival? Unbelievable.

I will never support anything PP or Dimmick does in this community, ever. I hope that after the Mateel is paid that they both fail and go bankrupt.Bankrupt just like their ethics.
Yikes, $500,000??? They keep all the equipment???

There better be more to this. Talk about letting PP walk free!
I will always support anything PP or Dimmick does in the community, forever.
7:15 Did you drink the kool-aid?
The was no "real" guarantee on any of the other settlement proposals. If PP and Dimmick don't pay, they will face an angry judge.
half a million dollars. well, with the recent MCC track record, that should last them a year or so.
You sound like a bunch of jealous losers.
And the public apologies?

Hopefully we are talking $500,000 lump sum, not some tweeker pay-on-time plan.

What a rip either way. And no it isn't jealousy or hate. Please serve some empathy cream with your next meal.
No full payment until 2009. I'll believe it when I see it.
Like I have been saying all along. The only people who benefited from this were the self serving lowlife lawyers. This is justice? Your profession is a joke. I put you assholes well, well below a used car salesman or reverse mortgage lender. Hope you guys dine well tonight on your diet of grief and suffering.
Well I'm glad its over (I think). I won't say never but PP and Dimmick would be hard pressed to get me to their festival or Willie Nelson concert or anything else they dream up, at least until some sense of taking responsibility for this mess enters their public discourse.
Does the Mateel's BOD have a written public statement as to why they feel that this settlement is in the best interest of the Mateel and it's members?

Where is the membership copy of the settlement terms including the Mateel's payment for slander?

What are the consequences of failure to pay the Mateel?

Will the slander payment be put into an escrow account to be issued only after the Mateel recieves their payment in full?
I will never support anything PP or Dimmick does in this community, ever.

Does that mean you'll support something they do in another community?
It has always been my opinion that was the whole point of them entering and then dragging out the lawsuit was to lower the price of the festival until it was near worthless and finally be willing to settle (for the first time)right before a ruling would have been issued. 400k to these people for atttorney's fees is nothing. Don't kid yourself.
OMG! 25 years spent developing and bankrolling a golden and precious community asset only to have it litigated (stolen) from us and privitized for a paltry fee of 2 years potential income. Gah! That hurts.
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I am angry as well. For td to walk away with a 23 year community asset(and cb) is really disgusting. I too hope that pp/cb/td and the rest of you thieves fail at everything you do. You(pp and the rest of you) don't deserve this, but the spineless BOD gave away for pennies on the dollar, this precious asset. TOO TOO SAD.
Wait. They didn't sell the festival. They have Reggae on the River name.
8:40:00 PM you are acting childish. Eric will blast your post like the mindless graffiti it is.
I am angry as well. For td to walk away with a 23 year community asset(and cb) is really disgusting. I too hope that pp/cb/td and the rest of you thieves fail at everything you do. You(pp and the rest of you) don't deserve this, but the spineless BOD gave away for pennies on the dollar, this precious asset. TOO TOO SAD.

The BOD wasn't spineless. The judge meticulously and forcefully laid out the point I've been trying to make for over a year now - they cannot win this litigation from a financial perspective. And they were looking at financial disaster.

I said it the minute I read the complaint, which I recognized as the very type of complex business litigation large corporations hit each other with and metabolize. I caught a lot of flack. The Board was simply not willing to send the community center into financial oblivion in a kamikaze drive to bring Carol down.

Now we can start the rebuilding. Choose which events you want to support. Move on.
"OMG! 25 years spent developing and bankrolling a golden and precious community asset only to have it litigated (stolen) from us and privitized for a paltry fee of 2 years potential income. Gah! That hurts."
two years potential income? there were only two years that did that well... and unfortunately, the "new mateel" decided that was what they could count on every year as income. Even Taunya called Reggae a NOVA or something like that... and said Summer Arts and the HoeDown are the rising stars.

The bumper crop years for ROTR in the late 90's and early 2000's were pure luck and good fortune. The music scene for the past several years has been pretty dismal. ROTR was in a bubble for the first years of the downfall...but bubbles burst. Bought a house recently? Bought some gas recently?

Don't call the BOD spineless. They are more educated than you are.
asset has been devalued for about two years now. who wants a failing festival in a shrinking market? more dancehall does not equal more people, just pushes out families.
8:40 why do you obsess over me? Oh, I know, it must be love.


Eric, please work your magic and make 8:40 disappear. It is a rude and unkind remark that has no bearing on the discussion. thanx Jj
The insurance company did the calculation. They realized the battle had already cost them more than any likely settlement would have in the first place cut their losses and ran.
It is unfortunate that one can't get justice in this country without a lot of money.

A settlement does not preclude the Attorney General from seeking "justice" for the Mateel.
How much?
Does the Mateel's BOD have a written public statement as to why they feel that this settlement is in the best interest of the Mateel and it's members?

Check out Heraldo for a Mateel BOD statement...
So, the news hits. Have to say I'd hoped it would be better. But, I did hear from the judge that this was the kind of litigation that takes "years" and "millions of dollars" to pursue and win. And none of the settlements that involved actual guarantees ever made it through signing.

Tofu eats red meat. Tofu eats red meat. Tofu eats red meat. Tofu eats red meat. Tofu eats red meat. Tofu eats red meat. Tofu eats red meat. Tofu eats red meat. Tofu eats red meat.
The system is broken if it takes 'years' and 'millions' of dollars. I MEAN COMPLETELY BROKEN. The lesson for are children is this: If you have large assets you can steal anything you want. Isn't the whole point of having a legal system and an organized system so that the powerful do not take advantage of the weak?
Money talks and PP walks.
10:00:00 PM you are acting childish. Eric will blast your post like the mindless graffiti it is
Why does the MCC owe PP for slander? There are a lot of people that have called Carol a thief and will continue to do so, because it is true. We should all pay for the so called slander. It's just calling a spade a spade.
Carol... money can't buy ya' love.
Did they get the date?

Did they get the venue?

Pray the Arthur's end TD's lease as soon as it's up. Has the MCC kept communication with them open?

9:02 ....The MCC received between $200,000 and $250,000 throughout the 90's til the strangulation began in '04-'05.
So the Mateel gets to start all over again, with one hand tied behind their back.

No Justice, No Peace!
Carol is not a thief. Carol is not a thief. Did I mention that Carol is not a thief?

Whatever settlement happens, people in this community better realize that Carol is no thief. She is an honest, caring woman. She has done much good for this community. If you want to keep making her into a bad guy, please get over yourself.
There are a lot of people that have called Carol a thief and will continue to do so,

Excuse me but I think your hippie-ocrisy is showing.
10:00 why do you obsess over me? Oh, I know, it must be love.

Eric, please work your magic and make 10:00 disappear. It is a rude and unkind remark that has no bearing on the discussion.
Champagne party at the rr site.
Carol is an honest caring woman. Carol is an honest caring woman. Carol is an honest caring woman. Carol is an honest caring woman.
Carol is an honest caring woman.
Carol is an honest caring woman.
Carol is an honest caring woman.
Carol is an honest caring woman.
where's the justice? I feel like my community has just been bitch slapped and spit upon.
Anonymous Anonymous said...

10:00 why do you obsess over me? Oh, I know, it must be love.

Eric, please work your magic and make 10:00 disappear. It is a rude and unkind remark that has no bearing on the discussion.

Thu Jul 17, 10:28:00 PM

Comment deleted

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Thu Jul 17, 08:40:00 PM

Geez, what a needy person you are. Eric already deleted something you found offensive a few hours ago, and now you are whining again about someone being a bully.

Many of us are worried about the economy, global warming, the war(s) etc. I know it's tacky that someone accuses you of eating meat, but is it really something to stop the presses about?
the spineless BOD gave away for pennies on the dollar, this precious asset.

I passionately disagree!
Tofu eats red meat. Tofu eats red meat. Tofu eats red meat. Tofu eats red meat. Tofu eats red meat. Tofu eats red meat. Tofu eats red meat. Tofu eats red meat. Tofu eats red meat.
I think if you don't recognize that money and civil litigation are tightly bound you are being naive. I agree it's a bad thing, but it is what it is.

No, I didn't drink the kool-aid but writing nasty things about Carol isn't going to make it better. I, personally cannot bring myself to give them any money no matter how badly I'd like to see Willie. No, wouldn't take free pass either. I believe what was done was wrong, and we are sending a strange message to our children. Bullys win. But, we can't protect them from the larger reality they live in. With luck we can change it over time. There is no win without support.

There was once a proposal of no money, just the use of French's camp for a small 5000 person show tagged onto the existing permit. Couldn't be done. But they did it for Willie and I'm thinking if it had been for the MCC and ended the quarrel they could have gotten the term of the permit. Just thinking.
Bush had dinner this evening with billionaire real estate man and winemaker Bill Harlan in Napa.
Wrong thread dude.
I will never support anything PP or Dimmick does in this community, ever. I hope that after the Mateel is paid that they both fail and go bankrupt.Bankrupt just like their ethics.

PEACE brother.
Many of us are worried about the economy, global warming, the war(s) etc.

If your really worried about these things stop eating meat!!
god damned vegans are such pompous fools, Tofu go stuff your mouth full of leaves and leave the rest of us omnivores in peace....
$500K in this economy? Are you kidding? That is a great deal. It would have take 10+years for the Mateel to make that kind of money, even if they had won the lawsuit and the rights to produce the show.
Count your blessings. It is going to be difficult for PP and Dimmick to make very much off RR for at least a few years.
Whoever thought up this notion that owning ROTR or RR was like a winning lottery ticket is dreaming.
Count your blessings. It is going to be difficult for PP and Dimmick to make very much off RR for at least a few years.

If at all.
$500,000 is not a great deal. Nor was that the assumption when the show was snatched "you're right let's do Reggae and not Mateel" do not sound like the words of someone planning on losing money. When it was suggested the show might be overblown we were laughed at. It's a world class event, worth millions. The MCC couldn't handle a world class event, only PP had the know how and skill to pull that off. There was no objective outside reality like economy. Hmmm.
It is funny to see "tofu" being slammed. The irony is quite touching. The only coordinator to stand up in public and try openly to do something while the others drank the kool-aid and became tools. Tofu stand tall. You saw the whole picture before most others and actually had the courage to do something. I love you. You are awesome.
There were others they just didn't go public that I remember. Tofu is good in my book though.
I just heard 250 friends and supporters are going to donate 1000 each to pay half of pp debit
Great, the schools are in desperate need, the non profit fire districts are struggling for funding to keep your houses from burning down, the hospital district is still owed, and some windbag has the audacity to even suggest that TFASOC* feel the need to donate to the save a multi million dollar corporation.
Tofu was not a coordinator since the mid 1980s. Stand up? Please Jojopebbles sit down and shut up.
Margaret no one wants you to see you at a PP show. You have done enough false reporting to last us all the rest of our lives.
6:54 You have to be kidding!!!! Sick.

Thank you Margaret for all of your accurate reporting. I will never support PP or Dimmick in any way, nor will many of my friends. This settlement may make Carol et al pariahs in this community more than they already are.
I'm not usually one of the vocal opponents of PP and Dimmick, but this settlement is appalling. I'm not blaming the Board, but PP, Dimmick and the "justice" system.

There are many quiet members of this community who have been watching the theft of ROTR, hoping for a good outcome. I don't think PP & Dimmick have any idea the animosity this settlement is creating. It is pervasive and I think Carol is going to be in a huge world of hurt in the future.
Margaret reported accurately? Really? Not. Tofu was a coordinator. Not. She was a vendor making bank. The coordinator who stood up and spoke was Pleasure.
There is no thread yet, but Johanna Rodoni has announced (Eureka Reporter) that she is running.
Good night Estelle Fennell.
Thu Jul 17, 10:39:00 PM..Geez, what a needy person you are. ..
Nice try, but that was someone posting on my behalf...or someone trying to stir up some sh!t. i was dealing with my own demons at that hour. thank you to whomever did it... i think.... Why do you care so much what's on my plate anyway? It seems spiritual food is lacking here.

ps.Tofu was not a coordinator since the mid 1980s... ?? boy are u out of touch. Since YOU brought it up, i'll have to tell u i didn't even volunteer until '88. i was a coordinator from '94 to 2002...created the major revised traffic/signage plan in '95 with Steve Wells and Vern Callahan/Caltrans. I negotiated our first contract employees for the highway..I was secretary of the MCCBOD when the legendary split occurred..

...the "builders of Reggae" are everywhere...

much love to you on this day, and in your spiritual quest. i hope you find what u r looking 4.
Interested in the after party? Let the feeding frenzy begin. Who will be next to be caught in the Karmic turnstile.
The Mateel should be extremely happy with this settlement. I hope to see Reggae Rising succeed and will be attending for as long as PP puts on a great show, but this thing would have sunken the MCC.
Hopefully the economy will rebound and the festival will flourish again, but when people are having a hard time buying gas to get to work, it is even harder to come up with the $$ it takes to do RR.
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Odd. I expected Mateel supporters to generate the angriest posts, but the nastiness is coming from the side which came out mostly on top.

Tone it down please, and count your blessings.
Maybe if you signed your work, Eric wouldn't whip out his zapper.
I think you are just counting the money Eric. There are other things to be taken into consideration.
Some things shouldn't be said even signed. But yes, I'm more likely to zap it if it's anonymous.
One positive. We now all know what Yahoo is feeling like. I am sure every one wanted to know that.
I find it odd someone could critique Margaret's reporting when she often was the only observer in the courtroom beyond the main principles. In my opinion the TD/PP team made sure no one heard the exact and real truth where it could be carried to the people who needed to hear it the most. Cult like behavior if you ask me.
I thought Bruce Champie was pretty good on KMUD this morning. I know that there are some for whom nothing short of the public flogging of Carol and Tom will do.
And for those who are bad mouthing the BOD at the Mateel, my advice to you is to shut up and run for a seat.
I find it odd someone could critique Margaret's reporting

I didn't find it odd as it happened, but it was interesting that the critical posts simply stated she was wrong but almost never got specific.
Run for a seat right after the bylaws get fixed. More PP plants on the board isn't what the Mateel needs. IMHO This should have all been stopped when PB took those three board members to lunch in 2000 and got them to sign when the other board members weren't there. After he had written in his changes of course.
Can't you just feel the healing and love?
Give it some time nowthatitsover. I actually expected much worse on this day.
Peace is nice. Too bad we had to get screwed to bring it about. I totally understand the Board's just being worn down.
remember, we all mirrors of each other. when we see ourselves in a cycle of healing we will see this in others. love and healing to you all.
LESSON LEARNED, always get terms in writing, never sign anything you don't understand completely, and never trust a wolf in sheep's clothing who howls about peace and never applies it.
To paraphrase Judge Warren: "I get it, I get it, she made you put things in writing."

Oh the horror! Oh the horror!
Worn down? Try financially depleted and exhausted. That was the whole point. The fact the board held steady this long wasn't in the cards and it is just amazing in my opinion. PP wasn't going to pay a couple million for a show they felt they owned. Apparently they would rather clean up the blood and guts of the whole aftermath than make a good deal with the Mateel. The Mateel called it right. A corporate takeover and scorched earth mindset.
Wear them down. Isn't that the truth! Hold strong though Mateel the carousel of Karma is about to begin. Sit back and enjoy the show.
I find it funny that there is this perception by posters that one side settled with the other
side(s) or that one side won or lost. In fact, this is a negotiated settlement by all involved, brought on by the (continuing) costs of litigation, risks of losing, risks of winning and having no ability to enforce a judgment, among other innumerable reasons.

The MCC did not settle PP/TD. It was joint--i.e. everyone agreed to settle. The result is that MCC gets some money and PP gets some money and TD gets some infrastructure on his property. Good or bad, that is the deal.

One wonders what the state of affairs would be in this community if the MCC had agreed to license the event to PP in April 2006 for $200K/year for 10 years. But it didn't happen and now time will tell what the future holds for all concerned.

Party on Dudes and may George Carlin rest in peace.

Peace and love to all.
This would have happened. The board would have really sold out. PP demanded they sign a license deal or they would run a -450k budget in the red. The board was being pressured to take the line out of the contract that said PP had to follow all regulations and laws. They would have been neglectful had they done that. That situation about because the board pressed PP for real financials.

God what the public doesn't know will hurt them. Don't seal those transcripts!
"One wonders what the state of affairs would be in this community if the MCC had agreed to license the event to PP in April 2006 for $200K/year for 10 years."

Only problem with this supposed $200,000 a year settlement is, PP/TD did not pay anything to the Mateel for 2005 and 2006, so why would anybody think they intended to keep their word on this agreement? Be real.
Is the Mateel happy they hired TS?
No one else had the spine to go through this shit.
Here we go change the topic. No! No! Don't look there! Look over here.

The PP shell game.
MCC held the high ground. As Bruce Champie said this morning on TJ, they weren't gonna lose the building making their point. They fought the good fight as long as they could. And then made the best deal that was left to them. Congratulations to them. As may wise people have said " you have to do the best you can and let go of the results" Justice does not always prevail no matter how hard one fights to achieve it.
MCC has a fresh start with lots of goodwill and admiration from the community. Carol and Tom have a tight knot of ardent supporters with nervous smiles and a dark cloud over their heads. No question who the real winner is.
I think the whole thing could have been avoided if the Mateel would have just trusted Carol Bruno like she asked and let her hire and fire the executive directors. "I would never do anything to hurt the Mateel it is my family."
So 1:39 PM, how is the current settlement with payments over time any better for the MCC? According to your great knowledge of the facts, the BOD was doing the right thing by rejecting the April 2006 deal and the BOD has now done the right thing by entering into this settlement (jointly, I might add). One deal was for 2 million over time the other is 500K over time, a slightly different total payout.

We know the Emperror wears no clothes, are you now saying, "The BOD can do no wrong?"

Party on Dudes.
The party is over for the corporate production co. and friends who undermined the Mateel for years. They are now accountable to only each other. Let the fun begin.
In the first place what part of WE DO NOT WANT TO SELL IT couldn't Carol hear? The whole licensing idea was Taunya's and it was told to the board then a board member told Carol and the next day whamo.

You guys don't know shit. Youve fed the honey filtered for the poo
"I would never do anything to hurt the Mateel. They are my family" Carol Bruno

God, the balls! I ask how can anyone lie to the community and keep such a straight face? No matter how much practice they've had. When will she just admit she sold the show down the river for a fat retirement plan? How many hurt people lie in her wake?

The healing will take years and for some never be seen.
So 1:39 PM, how is the current settlement with payments over time any better for the MCC?

Because this one is guaranteed by the terms, which would reopen the case if PP doesn't make the payments. The difference is recourse.
The settlement should have included a part where PP can not put on a show within a 200 mile radius of the mateel. They hate competition and will be a forever drag on the mateel. They should be in the city with the rest of their kind. Besides we moved here to get away from the mainstream and thats what they bring. There, in the city, they can be club reggae and be beautiful people. They can still grow their weed indoors and sell it as humboldt.
PP wins and Maxxam loses justice batting 50%
I have been silent too long. 3:43 you are an idiot.
to poster 3:43 Have you been to a gig at the Mateel recently? Tech9. Need I say more.
who pays the court costs, lawyers, legal etc?
4:16 - usually a settlement results in all parties assuming their own costs and attorney fees. I doubt this one was one of the exceptions.
The Mateel should have gotten the 1st weekend in August. PP knew how important that is.
the mateel is now touting..oh we welcome everybody......please come back or at last buy a reggae ticket.......
i am not associated w/ pp or dimmick and I am a member of the mateel but you guys have to walk your talk if you want more of the community to get involved. Stop treating the Mateel as if it's your "Private Club" with only certain members allowed and maybe more of our community will become involved. many of you keep spewing out the same lame corrosive words.
That really is an attractant isn't it?
I'm sorry if you feel the mcc is a private club. It can seem difficult but do get involved. non profits can't be entirely inclusive or else they get bogged down with crazy victem types.
Are you sure it isn't your stereotype of the Mateel that it is a private club. Over the course of the last few years I have seen the rotary there, the town band, the local school events, the Mateel Meal, the Hemp Fest, Youth Theater, Art Shows, Poker Night, Community Theater, Feet First, the Aging Project, a couple weddings, a lot of memorials, and more than one person's private parties.

I guess when they start throwing hayseed on the floor you might expand your definition of the Mateel. Well I agree that hasn't happened yet. Damn. They are getting pretty damn close though with the Hoedown. They had cloggers last year.
Here's the $2 million guarantee, $200,000 a year IF the show makes a net profit greater than $310,000.
And, as Eric pointed out, no recourse. The famous guarantee document was read in court, it's a matter of public record.
PP is not being honest about what they want from Reggae Rising because they know it won't fly with the community. I got it when I saw a list of summer fests in a rolling stone mag. They are much larger versions of RR with vip lounges and such but with tens of thousands of more people. It is way mainstream. They are asking for more people but the river can't take it.
Oh Margaret, what court would that be? The court of your fertile imagination? Carol's word has been gold for this community. Why are you picking on her? She invented the festival. You and people like you should be bowing down before her in gratitude and begging for forgiveness.. And she would give it too. That's just the kind of person she is. Someday you will see the light.
Carol invented the festival? All by herself. Kool-aid, anyone?
Carol Bruno's word is not even remotely "gold" as you say. In fact it is antithetical to gold - not worth the laminate it's printed on.
How cult of you.
She worked for the Mateel along with several other people and together they came up the idea and did the festival the first few times until each other person was systematically driven away. Let's just say it was evil spirits and leave it at that. Then they tried doing their own show at Myers Flat. They fell flat on their faces there. They made the Mateel take them back. Then they did the tour thing and was a financial disaster so they came back to focus on Reggae. But evidently didn't get to do with it as they pleased since they found they needed to pack the board of directors with their family and close questionable friends. Then came the executive directors who were next on the hit list. Then finally the Mateel couldn't keep any management around more than a few months. Then after Jimmy had his stroke they ran headlong into a board who told them to clean it up. Guess they didn't want to do that did they.
The Cult of Carol will ride into the next world in full denial. Just like with our illustrious president, no matter how bad the truth is, true believers will viciously defend their leader till the bitter end... and call it virtue.
The only reason they lost money on the tour was because of storms. The whiney people wanted their money back because they didn't want to sit in a little rain and watch a good concert. Bunch of cowards! You people have no clue. Onward forever PP/TD!
Carol is honored throughout the civilized world and your jealous of that fact. You couldn't invent a music genre if your life depended on it. Before reggae was invented the concerts consisted two hippies with a banjo and a kazoo. How would you like to go back to those good old days?
Hey let them blame who they want but someone needs to keep the history reasonably balanced here. The past board members, the elders as Dimmick affectionately calls them in public, know the story. Time to start telling it so it gets recorded right this time and can't be used against the Mateel in the future, again.
Carol got that reputation on the Mateel's dime

You see it works like the abuser thing. The child goes to the teacher and tells about the abuse and when the parent has to face it says see what you have done now and expects the bad relationship to continue with no consequences. "It's all your fault"
9:34 You shut your diseased little beak! Boy I would like to smear your face in shit you little fucktard!
"Anonymous said...

Carol got that reputation on the Mateel's dime"

yes, Carol and others worked hard for the Mateel, and during the lean years, did not even bother turning in timecards, because the Mateel was broke.

As time went by, the Mateel definitely got their money's worth out of Carol... year after year after year. As long as the money was rolling in, MCC was happy. MCC revised their annual budget to expect in the future whatever $ ROTR had made the previous year. Expectations got too high, when ROTR performed so well for two years in a row. A new board, and a new ED thought it would go on forever... and started spending accordingly. When things did not turn out that way, the new board and ED decided to try and oust Carol. It was their way of killing the goose, hoping to get all those golden eggs. That decision caused so much harm to the heart of this community. That decision cost both sides tens of thousands of wasted dollars in legal fees. That decision was a bad one. The MCC board, and their ED, should have worked with Carol, instead of trying to dump her. But MCC chose their own path, and all of us have been left poorer for it, and have been made to pay the price.
Perhpas it is a good thing the Mateel isn't involved with the big festival right now as the numbers are way down. RR is offering gas incentives and a Sunday ticket option instead of bragging sold out sold out. I don't see the gas prices coming down anytime soon. It is a problem at other festivals too. I wonder how the the Oregon Country Fair did. A lot of people have traveled long distances to go there.
I have been in several situations where several PP employees were gathered (not a work) and heard them complaining so much about MCC. I think people who are on the defensive tend to complain more.
Timecards? Timecards? Hahahah... you think most people are turning in timecards now. Get the transcripts before you try to spin this one. God I hope they haven't hired a professional PR person to do this stuff what a ride they are in for you can't repair this shit with fluff and spin. You want people to believe go down on site into the bubble and spread your manure
MCC wasn't happy what part of this are you missing Just ask the board members years ago who went into mediation and ended up on the floor being screamed and threatened for ruining the community the same pitch they tried on this board only it didn't work this time can you really be this stupid
Here is the checklist

Feds lurking
High Gas Prices
Community not clueless anymore
Drug sales limited

Not a pretty picture for any festival
Did they mention when they were complaining that the Mateel supposedly did nothing at all after all it was only a few hundred thousand dollars they put on the table. Did they mention that they attended the hearing and heard the evidence. Of course not they didn't they didn't want to hear the truth Did they mention that the Mateels staff and management have been brutalized even raided time and time again ... oh what's the use ignorance is bliss I guess

I know many coordinators who are no longer coordinators and they have been pulling out for three years because they were fucking ashamed and scared of what was going on and then there are those who stay stoned the entire festival then there are those getting the 20 grand winky payments expenses on top the others get peanuts But don't worry that is just the security and med crew The hard drugs you have to go and get from the guy with the gun standing by Dimmicks house

Then don't forget to throw in the rapes, murder, and trippers

If you want to keep spinning I have much more to add I don't think it is gonna do anybody any good
Some coordinators are awesome and staying in there only to protect the public and do their jobs without the politics. These are the ones I feel for.
anon said "....20 grand winky payments expenses on top the others get peanuts..."

What a bunch of BS. No one makes 20 Grand.
Guess what... keep the magic alive and just keep believing that and keep an eye out for snow falling from hell too
Well thank God, finally some laughs.
Saw Carol in the liquor store tonight, friendly, went out of her way to say Hi. I admit it, I like her. But, if I'd known she invented Reggae, I would have fallen down and worshipped too.
I will be so glad when the court documents are public. I will also quit having to reiterate the truth over and over.
Speaking of "diseased little freaks" who is anon 9:43 #2?
The 2million non-guarantee was read in Warren's court, I've always wanted to say that, and it was line item #10 that qualifies it with the net profit clause.

I'm off to the real original Reggae and I'm going to enjoy it in spite of any disappointments in the settlement. And I'm glad that I will be remembering Carol as I saw her tonight, a lot less unhappy than she ever looked in court.
I bet Carol looked less unhappy. They got a sweet deal. I am really disgusted at the uber sweet deal that Tommy D gets. I'm fine with Carol getting to continue on with the show...too bad the Mateel no longer has a real home -and permit- for their show. Maybe they can get French's back. I hope the Arthur's don't sign another contract with Tommy D. That guy makes me sick. He gets all that infrastructure for helping orchestrate a take over.
Try this. New management comes in and three months later tells private production company that they will be audited by an objective third party every year because they need it to go after grants and because it has never been done. Suddenly the French's lease goes sour. The production company magically finds a new partner they like and have been giving wads of free wristbands to for years and shoves the Mateel into last minute negotiations with the land owner who happens to be represented by the production company's partner who just resigned a coupled months prior but yet still got paid for that year working at Reggae. And then mysteriously the audit is never completed and the lawsuits begin.

Spin that up your web.
The whole lot of the rr supporters are nothing more than a bunch of opportunist.
What happened to ALP? We haven't heard from him/her in a long, long time.
If all you say is true about Carol and PP how come it was the MCC that got slapped (and fined, I understand) for slander? How come we all should read the transcripts of the trial to find the nitty-gritty? It seems to me the trial was reported on ad infinitum, especially by community members right here on this blog. Now we should read the transcripts because...why? Nobody was reporting the really, really bad stuff? Gimme a break. I wish the center a good reggae. I hope the hatred a handful of people continue to spew will not contaminate anyone's good time.
Rumor has it the transcripts are being turned into a book.
The Oregon Country Fair did fine. They have a shuttle system, bio diesel, that carries 5,000 people from Eugene every day. They are in transition of their general manager after 17 years. It is going smoothly. Their attendance was the usual approx. 50,000 over 3 days.

They own 470 acres, which can happen when the money goes to the community (non-profit). Six people get paid (the GM receives about $50,000)the other thousands of folks are volunteers. It is a show that should be held up as an example.

Best of luck to everyone on their shows.

How ironic, Mr Green (DG) Wishing everyone well on their (greatly diminsihed) events when you were one of the designers of this whole mess. Never did get over not getting Meyers Flat for your big plans, did you, Mr Green? Never mind that it would have been environmentally irresponsible to the max. Never mind that you never could get over yourself. I worked at ROR way back when it was you and Carol and maybe a handful of other people running the show. You were always so full of yourself and downright irritating to work with. But that's just me, I suppose. It must be nice to be sitting in your hammock in Cabo or wherever it is you go off to watching the SoHum community (all those nasty people who never could appreciate your talents and largesse) imploding upon itself.
Sounds like ???, ??????, or ??????? are at it again.
Spreading their BRAND of LOVE.
If all you say is true about Carol and PP how come it was the MCC that got slapped (and fined, I understand) for slander?

They did not. The insurance company settled the claim because they did the math. Can't you read or are you going to be a fool all your life. That was a slap suit against the Mateel. Another corporate ploy.
And that my love is the spin machine at work trying to repair the damage.

Blog the transcripts.
If all you say is true about Carol and PP how come it was the MCC that got slapped (and fined, I understand) for slander?

No. First of all, you don't get fined in a civil lawsuit. You pay damages. Secondly, the judge never reached any ruling on any of the issues and so nobody was ever "slapped." The insurance company may simply have kicked in the money it was prepared to spend fighting the suit, and since the Mateel at this point wants Carol to have every penny she can get in order to be paid off, there probably wasn't a whole lot of resistance if any.

But never make the assumption that a settlement is a concession of merits. It's actually never the case technically. The release Carol will have to sign will state that she acknowledges that it isn't a concession on the merits.
You should read it because your side, your team, whatever you want to call it has proven themselves to have zero credibility and for the most part to be woefully uneducated in the first place and unwilling to be educated in the second place. But hey keep burning the sage, taking the drugs, and singing kumbaya and let someone else do your thinking for you. That's a great plan.

Ever heard of the Pied Piper.
Yep! That's right. You know who gets $50,000 for the slander and the coordinators get to work for ?
I'm glad it appears to be over, that is if the MCC actually gets paid.
But in the mean time some of us will never forget the written words spoken by the offenders in the press(NCJ Nov 16,2006),on You Tube, and the e-mails (lets do reggae, not the Mateel).
Good luck and may all your days be remembered by the words that you spoke and acted upon...not some settlement.
You should read it because your side, your team, whatever you want to call it has proven themselves to have zero credibility and for the most part to be woefully uneducated in the first place and unwilling to be educated in the second place.

Read what?
50,000. Hahahahah why do you think they haven't released it in a press release yet. Not even in the ballpark. If it was everyone would file a suit like that just to get paid. Only scumball attorney's file those kind of suits when they don't have another defense.

(Eric's question) i think this is in regards to the transcripts.

What part slandered Carol. She was never slandered by anyone. You know, I know it, and the community knows it.
Let me go even further. In the trial Bill Bragg made Carol go through the press release they claimed was slander and admit, line by line, that it all was true.

It appears they didn't it like it very much when the Mateel went public. Oh darn who turned on the lights! Accckkkk is that a silver dagger pointed at the facts I so carefully have made up over the years? Aeeeeiiiiiii... I'm melting. I'm melting.

Sorry I slipped into shades of Reggae Warrior for a moment.

That was such a beautiful moment. Maybe we can get that up on Utube.
I wish the Warrior would show himself/herself just one more time for old times sake. I wish he/she could say something to make all this feel o.k....
spend three hundred thousand on infrastructure 50 thousand on bridges and assorted other goodies looks like the Mateel got about 150 grand back which they owe to boots .Who is the financial guru at the Mateel ?
The Mateel is back in the black with Reggae on the River. Just left the festival. Awesome. Just awesome. No parking left and three cars waiting for our space. Happy people. Peaceful people. The unity has returned and guess what... it isn't about a site and it isn't about a production company. It is about a community coming together For the first time in 4 years to enjoy what they love and to share the good spirit with each other. Reggae on the River brings a profit into the Mateel they are in the black. I'd say they were pretty smart to keep the name. Reggae on the River belongs to the Mateel and it is here to stay. I went angry about the settlement and came away knowing it was the right thing to do. I want to sign up to help next year. This is the kind of good vibes I can get into.
The guru I saw said "We are in the black for the first time in four years." I'd say that the spiritual force of goodness is with the Mateel.
Hey Eric feel free to delete this if you need to. I thought it might be of interest to your readers. Sorry for the length.

From the New York Times
July 20, 2008
Here’s Looking at Me, Kid

JAMIE LYNN SPEARS is a narcissist, to say nothing of her older sister. So is Hillary Rodham Clinton. Bill, too! Clearly, the word was created with A-Rod in mind. And who can forget Eliot Spitzer? But please, let’s forget this month’s narcissist du headline, Peter Cook, the philandering ex-husband of the model Christie Brinkley.

Senator Chuck Hagel, Republican of Nebraska, is a narcissist. (Chuck Hagel?) Madonna seemingly takes nightly baths in her own reflected glow. Have we forgotten anybody pop-analyzed with that word in the last six minutes? Naomi Campbell, anyone?

As stunningly disparate as they are, all of these folks and many others, including Saddam Hussein and Russell Crowe, have been labeled as narcissists. It has become the go-to diagnosis by columnists, bloggers and television psychologists. A term that has deep roots in psychoanalytic literature appears to have become a popular descriptor so bloated as to have been rendered meaningless.

“It sounds more impressive to say that someone is narcissistic rather than a jerk,” said Dr. Susan Jaffe, a Manhattan psychoanalyst.

Are any of these characters actually narcissists? Only their therapists know for sure.

We love to label the offensive behavior of others to separate them from us; it’s their problem, not ours. And labels have their periods of vogue (see “chauvinist”).

“Narcissist” is among our current favorites. It has been splashed at bad boyfriends, successful executives, reality show contestants, users of YouTube and Facebook, and, obviously, celebrities.

But while it has acquired a silly elasticity, it has also acquired rich layers of meaning. For though the word has a derogatory stamp, the very people we label narcissistic often are those who attract as well as repel us.

“The study of narcissism is a growth industry in academia,” said Daniel Ames, a social and personality psychologist at Columbia Business School, who administers a narcissistic personality test to his students. “It helps us to understand and explain behavior, whether it’s in the bedroom or the boardroom. And it’s just a lot of fun to talk about.”

But during the recent Brinkley-Cook custody smearfest, Dr. Stephen Herman, a court-appointed psychiatrist affiliated with Weill Medical College of Cornell University, did not have fun in mind when he testified that Mr. Cook was a narcissist. In a phone interview last week, he explained that he had been using the term in its clinical sense, “not so much to label someone but to give insight into behavior, and indicate the relatively inflexible personality characteristic that it is.”

In the clinical diagnostic manual, the many criteria for narcissistic personality disorder include a “pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration and lack of empathy.”

Havelock Ellis, the late-19th-century British sexologist, has been credited with coining the term “narcissist,” after the myth of Narcissus, the Greek youth fatally enamored of his own reflection.

Narcissists, Freud later wrote, were nearly untreatable. Unspeakably lonely and shackled by grandiose fantasies, they were incapable of forming relationships, not even with a psychoanalyst.

In the 1970s, several psychoanalysts argued that narcissistic personality disorder occurs across a continuum and is not impervious to treatment — a theory that continues to be refined. Today, therapists say, patients who receive a diagnosis of the disorder remain among the most challenging to help because they often believe their problem is that others never sufficiently recognize how special they are. In childhood they had been deprived of essential emotional sustenance; as adults, their arrogance, sense of entitlement and exhibitionistic tendencies spring from the deepest humiliation.

Dr. Marion Solomon, a Los Angeles psychologist and author of “Narcissism and Intimacy,” said that true narcissists are startled when their spouses say they are miserable in the relationship. They come into treatment, she said, only at the urging of their partner.

As narcissism gained greater clinical consideration, it penetrated the culture as well, after Tom Wolfe’s declaration of the ’70s as “the Me decade” and Christopher Lasch’s book “The Culture of Narcissism.”

“Narcissism became equated in a simplistic way with selfishness and self-centeredness,” said Natasha Zaretsky, who teaches modern cultural history at Southern Illinois University. “It became a catchall for people turning inward and retreating from the politics of the ’60s.”

By the 1980s, “narcissistic,” like other psychological terminology — “insane,” “psychotic,” “hysterical” — was seeping into the popular vernacular. Back then, narcissistic was the pop-psych, dismissive explanation for the scourge of that era, the single man incapable of committing. (ABC has since restored him to “The Bachelor.”)

Narcissism has fresh currency. In parenting debates about praise and self-esteem, critics fear we are raising a generation of narcissists. But Richard Robins, a psychology professor at the University of California, Davis, notes that earned self-confidence can be mistakenly dismissed as narcissistic. A narcissist’s self-confidence is inflated and superficial, masking a bottomless insecurity.

And, in a culture crazed, so to speak, by Internet-ratcheted celebrity, which gets its thrills from the coarsest exhibitionists, “narcissistic” has become an automatic-pilot term to describe the preening of the famous.

“We’ve developed a different kind of narcissism,” Dr. Solomon said. “You’re successful, famous and treated as the center of the world. ‘Oh, Tom Cruise, how can I take care of your needs?’ So you start to believe you’re the center of the world because that is how the world treats you.”

And, some psychoanalysts say, our fascination with celebrities as well as our need to diminish them is its own kind of narcissistic narrative, including grandiose heights and abject humiliation.

The playground superhero fantasies of children are normal, explained Dr. George Makari, author of “Revolution in Mind: The Creation of Psychoanalysis.”

“We have to mature out of the grandiose, childlike visions of ourselves as perfect and omnipotent,” Dr. Makari said. “But then there are these people in extremis — Alex Rodriguez, who hits 50 home runs in a season! Who do they think they are? And so there’s a certain pleasure in watching these people fall back to earth.”

Dr. Prudence Gourguechon, a Chicago analyst and president of the American Psychoanalytic Association, also sees a narcissistic narrative in reality shows like “American Idol.” “The healthy part of narcissism says, ‘I am a whole and wonderful person with something great inside of me,’ ” she said. “ ‘I can sing,’ or ‘I’m beautiful.’ ”

But the allure and tension in the shows are created, she added, as the audience hungers for the takedown. “Are you good enough? Or are you going to be humiliated? Then someone comes along and says, ‘Get out!’ That’s a narcissistic drama.”

In the last decade or so, social psychologists have studied narcissistic traits in actors, chief executives and politicians, where such tendencies are all but built into the job description. (Think Charles “I am France” de Gaulle.)

The Narcissistic Personality Inventory test that Columbia’s Professor Ames gives includes 16 pairs of choices. (“Everybody likes to hear my stories” or “Sometimes I tell good stories.”) He recalled one student who got a perfect score: “He boasted that he aced the narcissistic test.”

He tells executives the test can offer insight into how others perceive them, but is not an inherent predictor of success. High scorers often have an infectious energy, an intoxicating confidence; but they can be oblivious to advice and contemptuous of others.

Many people are condescending and self-involved, but they may not necessarily be narcissistic. Therapists say that to affix the label, the trait or the diagnosis, one must spend considerable time with the person. Determining that someone is a narcissist, Professor Ames added, “is not something you can gauge from television.”
It's fine. I thought we might discuss Ezra Pound again.
Did I miss that one? Who is Ezra?
REGGAE ON THE RIVER had a re birthing today. The energy and the LOVE was unbelievable. The suffering is over the healing may take time but the basic values of the creation of REGGAE ON THE RIVER was clearly embraced by the commUNITY today.
lets go to this one....

or this one


is the name really THAT sacred?
Reggae on the River! It's alive and well and so is this wonderful community. Lots to look forward to in the future.
I just got back from Reggae on the River and it was cold. Plus there was a wind to. Reggae Rising will have better weather and cooler bands. Some of the bands tonight sounded country and western. Plus there is more food at Reggae rising. And better to.
Did I miss that one? Who is Ezra?

Must be a youn-un. Pound was a brilliant poet with mental illness and fascist leanings.
Thank you Heather Lake.
I don't believe 11:51 was at the same concert I was at. I was wearing shorts the whole day and until closing. Those riser's will never stop being saboteurs.
I was at a party last night, and a lot of people were cold there too. You just have to prepare for inevitable weather changes.
Reggae on the River was a thing of beauty. A real community effort for pure reasons. It was so nice to see children playing, their parents feeling the event safe enough to let them frolic. The river with families playing listening to the great music. Not 20,000 people straining our eco-system.

So many familiar faces, John Dimmick amongst them, showing where his loyalty lies. A true friend of the community. Folks from as far as Santa Cruz who said "We just came to show our support." Those that feel it, know it.

The intentional rumors of Park Rangers who were going to be anti-pot were just that, rumors of evil. Thanks to the Park, the Benbow Inn and all the folks who worked so hard to make it happen. The Mateel truly put the Unity back in Community, Bless them.

When will the other side get the message, wake up to the truth and just cop to the error of their ways. This is a forgiving community, they need only ask, God forbid, with a little humility.
i'm for the mateel, and glad of the settlement, just to stop the bleeding, tho i wish it was more, and hope it really will be at least that...but please let's pay our debts first - boots, etc - we were supposed to pay him by last october - i don't like this indebtedness hanging over our heads. let's pay all the debts, and then see what we have. and let's start being more frugal. not thinking, oh we have this money, so we can do blah blah. pay the debts. how much are the court costs? are they already paid, or does that come out of the mythical 500 thou? love and peace and good luck to all
When will the other side get the message,

What other side???

aren't we all in this together?
No, we are not all in this together. That is a naive illusion. Sounds great but look at the realities. PP set themselves apart from this community a long time ago.
The agreement with Boots was to pay the remaining $150,000 owed him in three payments of $50,000 in December of '08, '09 and '10. To my knowledge, there is nothing precluding an earler pay-off in full, but I think we need to understand the current financial picture at the Mateel, as well as the details of the settlement pay-off plan, before we make any decisions about accelerating payments to Boots.
I have never met "BOOTS" but as a MATEEL member I would like to THANK him from my heart for being so patient and standing with the Mateel in their time of need. Quite a guy.
Boots twin brother works Reggae Rising .And guess what PP is also the community completely.1968/1969 was before my time
What does 1968/1969 have to do with any of the subject matter?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Reggae Rising is a community unto itself. Very exclusive and seemingly exempt from community morals.
12:41PM needs an attitude adjustment.
PP made this community what it is today. I'm tired of the lack of disrespect to PP. Do you think these streets would be paved if it weren't for the income brought by PP and Carol? People like Margaret and her boy friend Edd should be grateful because they met at the Reggae that PP put on.
I don't think there is any lack of disrespect for pp.
I agree! There is no limit to the disrespect earned by and accorded to PP.
Eddie and I met at a 4th of July party on the SFP many years ago. We re-met at a Mardi Gras party in the old law offices of Jim Lamport, a fine community member. Not at any Reggae event. See how easily anons lie.

If indeed PP are community involved members where were they yesterday, at any Arts Fairs, in short community events?

A lot of groups have built, or had a hand in building, the things that make up this community. Most don't feel that gives them the divine right to dictate how they operate or attempt to destroy them. Should Alan Katz be telling us what we can or cannot do with the health center? I don't think many people deny that various people involved in PP have done great things for the community. They do seem to resent the "my way or the highway" attitude of the entitled crowd. Who wouldn't?
anon 1:18pm
Next time you get in touch with pp or cb could you get them to fix that pot hole in the street?
I think the fact this played out in civil court instead of a federal or criminal court says that the Mateel had a lot of respect for the production company. But that is just my opinion. And my neighbor's. And all my friends. And several acquaintances.
Margaret isn't a Borg. She defected without ever really joining. Not a puppet. Not a party line person. A really good human being. That's the problem. She has integrity and that makes her nobodys puppet. Wish I could say that about the half dozen spinmiesters paving the way for RR. Can't imagine what kind of profit they must be making behind the scenes to be that loyal. Or is it just about getting your cigarettes and alcohol and other substances paid for? I guess we will never know.
I am a former ROR coordinator now working for Reggae Rising and I would match my community involvement against any of the mean-spirited posters who think it's okay to denigrate and ridicule the very people who created and worked for years on the "monster" show that kept the MCC growing and in the black for what...twenty years? I guess if you wrap yourself in the flag of the MCC it's okay to talk trash about whomever...And by the way, I was at Summer Arts and I would have gone to the event yesterday if circumstances had permitted.And I will be at Reggae Rising on Augist 1, doing my job which I see as a service to my community. Not the Mcc anymore, but it was never just about the center. All the good food vendors will be there, including our local fire department. The line-up looks hot and the venue is so fine..Y'all come.
You need to read post 8:33pm. Enjoy.
I think they just need to look back over the past year. The Mateel was never unhappy with the coordinators and the job any one of them did. That was the spin used to keep them from siding with the Mateel in my opinion. In court you would have heard how the Mateel actively chose to protect the coordinators from being put in that kind of vice. The key people here being referred to are the 'problem resolvers' for the production company. They may be coordinators too but behind the scenes they sabotaged the Mateel and the community. It isn't about people like you. The emphasis on what was the problem was never placed where it should have been on the accounting. Basically the coordinators were used as a shield it looks like. The lawsuit never focused on anything but the accounting and termination. The Board narrowed it down out of respect for the people they worked with for many years. It could have been an open bloodbath. I admire the board's approach and their integrity even if you will never see it.
Well, in my opinion, PP and the coordinators put their devotion, love and energy into pleasing the audience, and keeping the audience safe, the traffic flowing, etc.... producing a festival that people would want to come back to each year, while also keeping CHP, Planning Commission, etc. happy.

When "the move" to the new venue turned out to be more costly than expected, the MCC got less money... plus many "volunteers" who were used to doing non-essential pre-event work, and getting that premium campsite really close to the bowl, were grumpy when the "volunteer camping" area was no longer such an easy walk to the new bowl. The public, who buys the tickets, got the better and closer camping at the new site. When the Mateel went public about the lack of ROTR income, all the "entitled locals" jumped on the bandwagon.... not so much because they cared about the Mateel, but because their "perks" had been reduced by the move. Oh no! They might actually have to work! Oh no! The person who paid for a ticket and camping might get a better spot!

For the entitled locals, it's always been about their own private party. For the Mateel, it's always been about the money, especially in more recent years.

For PP and the coordinators, it's always been about the festival, and our audience. We are blessed that so many people, from all over the place, would take the time to come and spend their money here, for that first weekend in August.

The "entitled locals", who thought of ROTR as their own private party, and got annoyed when it got big enough to bring in some real revenue for the Mateel, don't care about the tens of thousands of dollars brought to the Mateel, because people all over the world came to the event. I'm sure they all came out of the woodwork to volunteer at ROTR this year at Benbow, and are patting themselves on the back about how good they are.

Perhaps if they had not been asking for free tickets, etc... for so many years, the ROTR profits in 2005 and 2006 would have been better. Perhaps if the Mateel had decided to keep faith in someone who had been delivering success for 90% of the time, instead of trying to edge her out, and causing this big rift in the community, we would all be better off.
"Perhaps if they had not been asking for free tickets, etc... for so many years, the ROTR profits in 2005 and 2006 would have been better.

Hey everybody! It wasn't Katrina or the cost of gas afterall, it was all the local freebie passes! hahahahahahahahhahahah

Carol caused this riff in the community. I hope she is happy with the attention she is receiving.

And yes, we all did feel wonderful after the show last night, and today. No shame. Nothing to regret about our own actions. How about you?
"And yes, we all did feel wonderful after the show last night, and today. No shame. Nothing to regret about our own actions. How about you?"

yesssss... because it's all about YOU, right? Pat yourself on the back again. It's all about you, and you can feel so proud of yourself.
Margret is still a bitch and liar
When "the move" to the new venue turned out to be more costly than expected, the MCC got less money.

In my view, this is the crux of the matter. "The move" was a carefully engineered plan to rob The Mateel of any control over the concert venue. They blew the lease at French's Camp on purpose so that we would have to move. The insulting part is that they expected The Mateel to pay for "the move". The sad part is that The Mateel DID pay for "the move". And by the way, The Dimmick Ranch sucks as a concert venue.
2005 the year before the move the Mateel got less than half the projected budget. Want to spin this? People keep forgetting it.
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