Wednesday, July 30, 2008


San Francisco values in Missouri

I don't quite know how to describe this ad by Republican Rep. Sam Graves who is in a tough election campaign.

Kay Barnes' responsive ad.

What about St. Louis values? I wonder if St. Louis feels slighted.

San Francisco gets too much credit.

I wonder if the visual is to shock midwesterners with the sight of a black man dancing with a white woman.
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Well if the liberal, gay,pro-abortion, illegal immigrants support Barnes then she must evil. A positive side to this is everyone should know who is funding the campaigns. Graves is implying that candidates pay back their donors by working for their causes and no one knows better than he how true that is. I personally would rather have a candidate working for liberal values of tolerance and fairness than those of corporations in the oil and munitions industries. Is that weird?
Wow - I am going to go online and give this guy's opponent money right now!
There is virtually no talk about the influence of money in Presidential campaigns this year.

I wonder why?
Actually, it's going to be a big topic.
Obama is the big W of this campaign, so unprecedentedly 'gifted' at fundraising that competition is discouraged. So dumbya's 'compassionate conservatism' turned out to be corporate welfare, and Obama's squishly whatever will to. You get what they pay for.
Obama will be beholden to his money source which is primarily from millions of small donations.
How about $520 Italian Ferragamo loafers on the golf course? Would that be Phoenix values? A mob connection signal? Elite? Gay?.
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