Friday, July 18, 2008


The situation seems pretty complex

I've been exploring the Onion videos of late, and most of them are hilarious. This one is too, but after a few months of watching the talking head panels on cable television, this one cracked me up just because I think it hits some of the coverage dead on. I'm not sure this satire always outdoes the reality.

In The Know: Situation In Nigeria Seems Pretty Complex

I wonder how many takes these things have to go through before everybody makes it through with a straight face. The old guy in particular just carries it brilliantly.

Try as you might to ignore the big nigger in the room, it just won't go away. We have to engage in constructive and meaningful dialogue if we, as a people, are ever going to get past the nigger issue.
If you want a thread on the alleged Jackson comments, just say so. I take requests. I doubt most people care much about it, but let me know.
Ed Denson is now eating entire Pizza's.
The Onion is by far the best newspaper in America, having realized that journalism is basically a thing of the past in the USA.
San Francisco values at its worst.
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