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Look, I've just spent about 45 minutes going back over some of our exchanges. I don't feel good about some of the sniping I've done in the heat of what was for me very frustrating argument. I don't want it to be this way. I want to apologize for my sniping and sometimes heavy sarcasm.

I strongly object to some of your world views, most profoundly your comments about Jews and Judaism. But I don't believe that you harbor ill-will to them on a personal level. I do believe that you are playing with some very dangerous rhetoric which has been associated with massive violence against Jews in the past, and I will continue to call you on them. But I will try to be more productive in my responses. If I start to relapse, please link me to this post and remind me.

In other respects I agree with you. An example is the ecological impact of the current subdivision lifestyle. But I don't believe your approach to the issue has been any more productive than some of the left wing protests which dehumanize the opposition.

I would like to meet with you sometime when I'm in transit to or from Nohum and we both have some time. I'll spring for the beer or coffee. There I'd like to discuss how we can promote more healthy exchanges on the local blogosphere. I'm jaded on the medium these days, but I still see potential for enhancing community rather than reflecting its less than attractive underbelly.

In fact, I'd like to suggest some sort of conference between local bloggers. It's long overdue.


As you have pointed out, "Stephen" gets his material on Jewish conspiracies from Stormfront and other openly Nazi sites--and then does his best to conceal the sources.

Enjoy your meeting.
Eric, I'd advise your meeting with Martha Devine, a vegetarian activist in Arcata. She has known Stephen for many years and could give you a "sanity check" on his history.
That is very noble of you Eric, but not sure about wise.
Oh great! The Prophet and the Satanist meet! Duel in the Dell!
This could be an important moment in the history of the worlds religions.
Eric, you must be on some GOOD shit! Can you hook me up?
I think Eric had a vision. Sometimes a puffy white cloud can look a lot like a white buffalo with an ugly underbelly.
Stephen, beware of Unitarians in cheap clothing.
In fact, I'd like to suggest some sort of conference between local bloggers. It's long overdue.

Eric, have you not been following the idea of the Blogger's Picnic?
Eric, be careful. Stephen does come off unhinged and you don't know what will set him off. Please keep a tazer on you just in case. It may not completely halt him if he flies into a sudden rage but it should give you enough time to get into the safety of your car.
Eric, remember, when you see a flash of light come from his eyes --DUCK AND COVER!
Eric, have you not been following the idea of the Blogger's Picnic?

Yeah, Eko, but that should be more fun than business. I actually think we should meet in a slightly more formal setting and talk about what we're doing and what we ought to be doing.
The Blogitarians.
Well, looks like Stephens little talk with Eric about his eternal soul actually clicked. Looks like the counselor is indeed afraid he has crossed the wrong prophet!
and talk about what we're doing and what we ought to be doing.
Wed Jul 30, 10:11:00 PM

And sing, 'We are climbing Jacob's ladder'.
The Temptation of St. Stephen.

I want to apologize for Eric's apology. Running a popular blog takes its toll and he's gone off the tracks--hopefully temporarily.

As you well know, you are an egocentric Nazi sympathizer. You have shared your hatred of Jews with one and all. And you have shared your religious delusions in which you insist that you are divinely inspired and sanctioned.

You've made enemies here.
Too bad. I was hoping for a SoHum Smack-Down
I would also like to apologize to Stephen... I thought now one cared about you and what you say. Go figure.
I am constantly personally offended by Stephen's rants about the left-prog this and the left-progs that and all his talk about how us white European immigrants don't care about the local Natives and their loss of their land. While he claims to be so enlightened, he apparently cannot see how he alienates potential allies by his offensiveness.

I cannot stand to read his stuff because of the tone. Sad, because everyone has a valid point or two sometimes. But I'll never know his, because I pass right over most of his stuff because I can't get beyond the constant insults and yelling.

Not only that, he is often simply wrong and out of date regarding current environmental issues.

hmmmm....local lawyer agrees to meet with local nutjob on nutjobs turf. Sounds like the poorly written plot for one of those awful Movie of the Week things back in the 80's.

Of course it will be a drama, the question is...Will it be a along the lines of Bones or Crossing Jordan.
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Eric's hidden agenda is quite obvious. I'm sure Stephen will be able to see right through it if he chooses to pays any attention at all to this pathetic plea bargaining pea brained fool.
No need to buy beer Eric. Stephen should be able to turn water into wine for you.
You'll like him, Eric.
Eric, if you trully do intend to meet stephen face to face please do it in a public place and bring someone to help mediate. If Stephens physical traits are anything like his verbal traits of crudeness, incoherence, bottled rage, and so forth he could easily be prone to fits of physical violence. Please please be careful!
Eric, for what it is worth, I'm impressed by your thoughtful and public post to Stephen and by your idea of a Blogger's Forum.

I love when people reach out honestly, human being to human being, in spite of widely different viewpoints.

I know the comment section is full of scoffers but I wonder how many people were like me, feeling foolish and awkward about saying, "Shit, you impressed me, man."

How easy it is for you to "reach out" to an anti-semite. Would you do the same for a Ku Klux Klan sympathizer who regularly baited black people?
I keep drawing death, sorrow, the tower, many swords.

Don't Eric! Please don't go. I'm afraid for you, this will only end in tragedy Eric!
"I love when people reach out honestly, human being to human being, in spite of widely different viewpoints."

Hopefully sarcasm Kim. We are missing one "human being" in this equation.
Stephen's got a gun.
Eric was just havin fun.
Now Stephens on the run.
Stephen's got no time for rum.
No ones havin fun.
Stephen's on the run.
Stephen's on the run....
Welcome to my trailer my little pretty... bwaaa bwaaaa bwaaaa...
Good morning. Ah, a new day. Thanks, Eric, for your invite and I am up for it. As you can tell from my latest postings I'm jettisoning all my social change activism to concentrate on getting the Good News! out that I've been sent to do.

I haven't been very successful at social change although I am proud of how I was able to plant some seeds of change in a local tribe and also give them a different viewpoint of white activists in Humboldt County, perhaps a better one. I have been fairly ferocious in my criticisms of activists in Humboldt County because I found myself caught between loyalty to my counterculture values and environmental truth that I had found on the ground as a homesteader and loyalty to the counterculture community that followed its leaders because they were its leaders. Loyalty to community activist leaders lost and I became a pariah to local activists because I would not back down and shut up. I was right in my criticisms but wrong in the way I did it and still do. I can't take that all back now but I can tell the community that while my critical writings are fierce I am a Christian, have been all the way through, and words are not going to hurt you while they may offend you. They might also make you think.

There's been another reason I've been posting for the past couple of years on these local blogs. And that is to demonstrate that this Christian religious visionary man has the ability to analysis social problems and offer concrete solutions--there's no reason why spiritual consciousness and material world consciousness cannot work together. But all the time I am blogging there's been this other side to me which is spiritual activism--I am a genuine prophesy bearer filled up to the brim with a brand new vision of Christianity. I am another Joseph Smith, Mary Baker Eddy, Paul, Muhammad, but instructed not to form any new organized religion. It's time for Gnosis of God and not blind faith.

So, yes, Eric, let's meet and see if there's anyway to work together to help the community as that is helping our spiritual development as well. I will leave my guns and knives and the C-4 charges strapped around me at the door. Promise.
Record this meeting for you-tube and post it here please. I want to see how many hits it gets.

Maybe you guys can figure out how to clean up the garbage along the Eel, or how to reconcile the mutual goodness of Clif and Johanna to the resurgent candidacy of Estelle Fennell, or hey - is this some sort of bizarre flirtation ritual?
Eric, Got any spare Prozac? You'll be meeting with a psychotic. What, besides spitting in the eye of the Jewish community, do you hope to accomplish?
I threw the I Ching and got,

hexagram #30/
Nine at the top means:
The king uses him to march forth and chastise.

hexagram #55/
The king imagines it.
What, besides spitting in the eye of the Jewish community, do you hope to accomplish?

Nothing. Just to meet the man. I think one of the weaknesses of this medium is that we engage each other without the human contact. It's easier to disregard the humanity of a disembodied entity which only appears as words on your screen. I just want to meet Stephen and talk.

I'll be happy to meet anybody else as well.
To my jaundiced eye, this shows Erik to be a better Christian in practice than most who claim the faith.

OTOH, Stephen's perceptions of gnosis should prompt a diagnosis.
I am another Joseph Smith, Mary Baker Eddy, Paul, Muhammad

Ooops. There goes the Fatwa!
I threw the I Ching and threw up. What a load of hocus pocus!
"this shows Erik to be a better Christian in practice than most who claim the faith."

I agree. I notice that we often pay lip service to having open minds and reaching out to people of different views but when attempts are actually made to do that, some people equate talking to the person as agreeing with the person.

"How easy it is for you to "reach out" to an anti-semite. Would you do the same for a Ku Klux Klan sympathizer who regularly baited black people?"

I would like to think I would because I know there is no better way of opening a person to respecting your opinions than by listening respectfully (not always agreeing but listening and offering respectful thoughtful comments).

I think the hope for this world lies not in nastily dismissing opposing viewpoints (no matter how personally distasteful I may find them) but respectfully asking questions, listening, and offering intelligent observations.

Dismissing another as "not a human being" is usually not a helpful way to change their behavior and...sometimes, God Forbid, I sometimes find that these "others" have amazing and beautiful viewpoints that inform my life.

I was raised by a very loving mother who actually believed we are all God's children and while I no longer believe in a God, I find myself with the archaic idea that we are all brothers and sisters or to use a pop reference, and expose my naivete further, "...the Russians love their children, too."

Stephen and Eric may not agree on many things but I will bet there are some they do agree on. And just the willingness to talk and listen creates a climate in the community that is healthy and nourishing.

So, thanks to both Stephen and Eric for their willingness to attempt peaceful conversation with each other.
stephen had it pegged about the eco damage of bob mckee style sub-divisions. people who pretend to care about the environment, but don't walk their talk. how many diesel generators are running up at Tooby Park, as we speak? How much silt in the rivers and creeks because of mckee roads? and the rest of the sub-division persons, like buddha, who do what they do, only for the money. includes in this mix is pp/td. notice how rr this year wasn't dedicated to any environmental or social issue? they say "get psyched" for the elite reggae pay your way!!!
I think one of the weaknesses of this medium is that we engage each other without the human contact. It's easier to disregard the humanity of a disembodied entity which only appears as words on your screen. I just want to meet Stephen and talk.

I couldn't agree more.

Through the blogs we've turned decent people with opinions different than our own into being perceived as being wicked.

I swear, sometimes you'd think we're reenacting the civil war while hiding behind cyber-stone walls for protection and lobbing cannonballs of vitriol at each other. For what gain? Does that make for a better community?

Eric, I commend you for reaching out to Stephen for the purpose of discussion. He will only be armed with his opinions.
and the Hand of God but we won't mention that at first..

"I think the hope for this world lies not in nastily dismissing opposing viewpoints (no matter how personally distasteful I may find them) but respectfully asking questions, listening, and offering intelligent observations."

That's fine but when do you make a value judgement? All points of view are not equal. Some are simply wrong, even evil.

Can you bring yourself to oppose evil? Or do you hide behind a false moral equivalency and do nothing.
I'm thinking this round of revelations has cooled. Yesterday I got a repeat of the very first revelation that was part of my original religious conversion experience at Easter in 1979. It's the "Alpha and Omega" one which I have now posted to Book II in my website.

Many of us who are part of the marijuana as sacrament culture around here knew that something spiritually special was happening in the Mateel, Humboldt County. I've been given a brand new Christian theology but you know what? The people who can best understand it are right here because it's about the climax of the counterculture--the counterculture, its remnant concentrated right here, has now produced the New Age theology that will change Christian history.
Blogitarians Unite! When's the picnic?
Will there be beer?
To my Jewish friends:

These are the End Times of Judaism's spiritual authority. The true history of the western migration of Vedic Brahmins into the Near East thousands of years ago is being resurrected. Hindus have known for years that Mecca was the capital site of an Arabic Vedic civilization and that even Muhammad's family worshiped Hindu Vedic deities, the Black Stone being what's known in India as a "Shivaling". Islam worship rituals contain many Vedic worship rituals just as Catholic Christianity contains many Temple of Isis worship rituals.

Hebrew borrowings have gotten a pass from the millions of Judeo-Christian-and Muslim believers because they didn't really want to know and still don't. But now, Hindus are posting on the Internet and all the facts connecting Abraham and Sarah and Melchizedek to Brahma, Saraisvati and Meliksadakzina are going to come out eventually regardless of all hoary Torahs, Bibles, Qurans whose spiritual authority all goes back to Abraham, the now exposed Hindu god who takes his orders from a Canaanite God. The gods of pagans.

I am sent to revoke the Covenant of Sinai because it's a fraud from beginning to end and is being used to kill innocent human beings.
Judaism is the foundation of all the Abrahamic religions, so that's why God has me focused on them. And Israel. The Abrahamic religionists are out of control as usual and as usual causing murder and mayhem somewhere around the globe where they are concentrated. It's got to stop some place. And so that some place is historical discovery that overthrows Abrahamic spiritual authority.

But science won't budge emotional addictions to traditional spiritual security blankets. So a prophet has been sent in to verify the information and still provide Abrahamic believers with a reliable Path to God that won't fail them in the Age of Science.
That's fine but when do you make a value judgement? All points of view are not equal. Some are simply wrong, even evil.

But Kym, who gets to make that judgement call? Who sits on high and says which point of view is evil?

I believe it's personal opinion. But, there again, that too is opinion.
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Will there be beer at the trial?
way to go eric. reaching out to verbal antagonists is the high road to take, rather than continue the usual blogbashing. maybe steve will come to realize that he has been shadow-projecting his inner angst and vitriol on the wrong person. and maybe you can convince him to forgive his enviro-enemies. he has been festering resentments for a long time and will be a better person if you can help him release some anger. steve is far more harmless in person than anyone might suspect. bring him a doobie and he will let you pet his tummy.
Steve, you are no Muhammad. If you were, you would have your critics assassinated just like he did. However, your level of Jew hatred does seem to match Muhammad's hatred of Jews.
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I think Eric was sincerely thinking that if in fact he and Stephen met in person, they would actually be able to see each other as human beings and could perhaps have a more stable foundation from which to communicate than the wild, inconsequential blogosphere, where you can say whatever you want without getting a pie in the face or worse. Yay for Eric!
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I threw the I Ching and threw up. What a load of hocus pocus!Thu Jul 31, 08:58:00 AM

but who threw this?
It is going to be interesting when Muslims find out Christianity's produced a prophet who was once a cartoonist. Yessir, was the cartoonist for our high school paper and even briefly got on the staff of The Pelican, U.C. Berkeley's satire magazine before dropping out. Should I get outraged over cartoons of Steve Lewis I make myself and demand my death? I think some of my Jewish fans would like that while others would see what a hilarious world we live in in between bullets flying and beheadings..
Speaking of cartoons and happiness, should we all move to Denmark?

"Denmark: The Happiest Place on Earth

Despite High Taxes, Danes Rank Themselves as Happy and Content

Hanging out with other Danes just may be their happiness secret. Ninety-two percent of Danes belong to some kind of social club, dancing, singing, even practicing laughing with other Danes. Get a few people together who enjoy model train building, for example, and the government will pay for it. In Denmark, even friendship is subsidized.

And Denmark is what is called a "post consumerist" society. People have nice things, but shopping and consuming is not a top priority. Even the advertising is often understated. Along with less emphasis on "stuff," and a strong social fabric, Danes also display an amazing level of trust in each other, and their government. A University of Cambridge happiness study found that both kinds of trust were higher in happier places.

In Denmark, you can see trust in action all around you. Vegetable stands run on the honor system, mothers leave babies unattended in strollers outside cafés, and most bicycles are left unlocked. And perhaps the bicycle is the best symbol of Danish happiness. Danes can all afford cars, but they choose bikes --simple, economical, nonpolluting machines that show no status and help keep people fit."

Another Danish view:

"In the name of heavens and earth

It is the biggest lie to say Denmark is happiest country, what are you after by such a big lie?
Just in last week only 80 people died of heat here in your own Europe, and 80 in USA, how dare you call this fucking Denmark happiest country? These beasts are killer beasts, and you call them world happiest people, shame on people like you who show beasts as happiness angels and victims as ugly beasts."

Ta Seyed Mohammad Ali Mearaji

Such a choice for the slap-happy zealot: Denmark or Israel. I think I'll have a kosher danish to go from Denny's and skip the wait.
JEEZUS! And no, I don't mean Stephen. Just when this was getting to be a good blog again.
I am another Joseph Smith, Mary Baker Eddy, Paul, Muhammad,

The Three Christs of Ypsilanti
Denmark a happy place?

Read "While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within" by Bruce Bawer, published by Doubleday.
And the call goes out for another...and they keep answering that bell. Another starry eyed messiah meets a violent farewell...Learn to be still.
Oh Eric, Your time is worth maybe $200 an hour. Stephen's time is worth maybe $15 an hour on a good day. Don't waste your time. Surely you see that it's all going to be about Stephen. Fuggedabboudit, buddy. Who needs it.
gramps is right, the only way i'm gonna talk to anyone is if their time is worth at least as much as mine or if they pay me.
If Eric's reduced to talking with lunatics, maybe this blog has had it.
Gerbil Shepard needs psychiatric help him/herself, not being able to tell the difference between mental patients at psychiatric wards claiming to be Jesus and people who are recognized as spiritual leaders by other spiritual leaders. Atheism is also headed for its End Times as it cannot withstand scrutiny anymore than a fundamentalist believers belief system can--both being based on denial of facts that contradict their prejudices.
I'm sorry to offend but isn't that my job? To wake you up out of spiritual slumber and let you know our community has a spiritual mission that it doesn't seem to be aware of? That growing a sacrament for the world entails ethical responsibilities that are not being met which opens the door for more community persecution? Read my Gospel of the Mateel in Book I of my website and see that what I said 25 years ago speaking from spiritual consciousness is still valid today. It's time to wake up and go forward and stop the material world sucking the life out of the Mateel community
Where's the snooze alarm on this blog?
Is it this button over h

"I'm sorry to offend but isn't that my job? To wake you up out of spiritual slumber and let you know our community has a spiritual mission that it doesn't seem to be aware of?"

Messiah complex is a state in which the individual believes themselves to be, or destined to become, the saviour of the particular field, a group, an event, a time period, or in an extreme scenario, the world.

People with a messiah complex tend to see themselves as saviors to a specific group of people or a specific field, making claims of their own glory, or claiming a self-awareness of their own gift and how that gift can affect a group of people or a field of life.
Sybil is a book written by Flora Rheta Schreiber in 1973 about a woman named Shirley Ardell Mason, who is referred to in the book by the pseudonym Sybil Dorsett. Mason was born on January 25, 1923 in Dodge Center, Minnesota. Her story is the most famous case of multiple personality disorder (dissociative identity disorder) on record.

One who cares for and guides a group of people, as a minister or teacher.
stephen is not a prophet, he's just a would-be profiteer.
Suggestion: don't pay any attention to him. He just rants on if you do. Whatever he's got is getting worse.

Generally, this is a pretty good blog but S is really dull.
People who see "Messiah" complex in a person who has never claimed such a title should perhaps themselves seek counseling for paranoid tendencies. A prophesy bearer is a messenger. I bring messages from God and a vision of a true Messiah coming. Your attempts to slander me fall short of reality because I do have religious leaders here and in Israel who highly respect me and my religious work. Those of you here who waste your lives slandering others have nothing to offer that contradicts that fact. You might try growing up and turn your anger into service work for the community instead of just talking trash.
Or here's an idea. Post on another topic that isn't this one about me which you find so dull and offensive. Why are you here posting then?
this shit is funny...
what was Eric's point?
now you're all about STEPHEN?...what about me? oh right, keep your friends close and your ememies closer? shit, you won't have a beer with ME?...ok, well, maybe get S to clip for me this fall...
Where has Stephen said he hates
Jews? That blogger is just
creating animosity against an
intelligent, if somewhat self centered, Stephen.
Self-centered? Moi? It only looks that way from a distance. Up close and personal I am a big mouth for God and God has this habit of choosing as Their mouthpieces men who won't cave in to popularity contests or strong-arm measures that other men use to gain authority and run people's lives--their way. I work for humanity but I'm not going to be a milquetoast about it nor hide my light under a bushel basket. One takes it to the housetops and tells the people the Good News! plus the warning: ship up or shape out, no, shape shift or is that shift to "R" for "race"? it's got to be one of those options. Maybe Obama or the Cainite will inform us..
Stephen is an Atheist in denial.
Anyone up for double-think? These are the End Times for atheism. There are two "seam" in reality where the spiritual realm shows up on a regular basis as scientifically unexplained phenomenon: synchronicity events, those "de-ja vu" coincidences and near-death-experiences. Oh yes, science has "explanations" for these phenomena, those strange coincidences that stand statistical odds on their heads are merely seeing what you're thinking about, e.g. you buy a new red Ford, you suddenly see red Fords everywhere you didn't notice before. All explained. And n.d.e.'s? Why they're nothing but something like ketamine, a drug going through your system making you hallucinate heaven and seeing the tunnel, the Light, your family gone before you, that's just your poor little brain's last gasp that is somehow so far undetectable but as powerful acting as a mega-dose of LSD and unlike any hallucinogen I know of, gives the same hallucinatory elements to people. Anyone every hear of LSD or peyote giving your friends the same hallucinations? Science has bogus answers for these two places where we can glimpse another dimension that impinges on our consciousnesses strong enough to make us want to talk about them to others. Ask your friends and see what I mean. Synchronicity events used to be called "Signs". Something to think about..
Synchronicity events guide the religious mind. Here's Martin Buber words-

"One must, however, take care not to understand this conversation with God- the conversation of which I have to speak in this book and in almost all of the works which followed- as something happening solely alongside or above the everyday. God's speech to men penetrates what happens in the life of each one of us, and all that happens in the world around us, biographical and historical, and makes it for you and me into instruction, message, demand. Happening upon happening, situation upon situation, are enabled and empowered by the personal speech of God to demand of the human person that he take his stand and make his decision. Often enough we think there is nothing to hear, but long before we have ourselves put wax in our ears.

The existence of mutuality between God and man cannot be proved, just as God' existence cannot be proved. Yet he who dares to speak of it, bears witness, and calls to witness him to whom he speaks- whether that witness is now or in the future."

Martin Buber


October, 1957
I bear witness of the Father who sends His messengers periodically to "make straight the road in the wilderness" and to some to bear witness of the return of the Messiah and to some to bear witness of the Truth which is: We are Holy One. Humanity made it to the End of Days, to the transformation into God Itself. I, like all the Son of Man prophesy bearers before me, bear witness of the Truth of this reality because I received the same knowledge the same way as my predecessors did--it comes by gnosis of God, spiritual awakening to a higher Truth than anything else available on earth.

My speech for this witness bearing is for all intense and purposes identical to that of Jesus you find in the Gospel of John and Thomas's too, especially Thomas, except I can explain it in plain language now because social intellectual comprehension can handle the information and understand it finally.

But back to the Signs; it is the Signs, my pointing back to the ancient Signs held in the OT and NT and telling you that they mean what I found out too--a constant spiritual value is being passed from generation to generation, aeon to aeon via these prophesy bearers each bearing the Truth, but each one's comprehension of it more than the one preceding although in all honesty I don't know what Jesus' real comprehension of the system was. More than mine that is for sure as he identifies with total humanity while I am just one of the messengers.
But then he didn't see Her. He's all about the Right Hand of God, about directing us on how to pull the bountiful fish haul from the right hand of the boat. He believes in God the Father and says nothing about God the Mother, the obvious blank space of meaning contained in the word "Father". Same goes for "Son". That imbalance in the Godhead is being corrected with this prophesy bearer yet the eternal Truth remains the same, only God is seen whole, and Holy One.
End of Sabbath teaching. Oh, btw, Judaism gets its honoring of the Sabbath from the Brahmin's giving honor but not worship as a separate deity, their planetary icon of Saturn. Brahma was a sun god but Saturn symbolized important elements in Brahma theology. So the Semitic Vedic followers of the Dark Brahma of the South, Abra-ham, worshiped the Sabbath on Saturn's Day.
The era we entered about 40 years ago is called the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. We are privileged to be on the cusp of such an important time. Some of the features of the period we are going into are harmony and understanding. That's where feminism got a shot in the arm in the 70s with the coming of the Goddess of Aquarius, the water bearer. Her 'water' is the Milky Way, which drips from Her breasts and is the map for the star children of Aquarius to find their way back home in the starships. Jesus' symbol is the fish, he is the old god of the era that is now ended, the Age of Pisces.
The Age of Aquarius starts when I say it starts. Aquarius sun and rising knows what Aquarius is about, thank you, and contrary to the New Age guesses about the Age of Aquarius, it's not about watered-down Hindu cosmic consciousness, secret teachings revealed by the Adepts and Masters, but about plain old Truth with a capital T, and the formation of cooperative society to replace the competitive ones out of control, and innovation, innovation in bringing abundance to human communities. Aquarius brings you Living Waters that will feed your body, mind and soul.

The New Age started right on schedule in the popular year 2000 A.D. with the revelation of God's Cosmic Plan--We are Holy One--humanity is God and God is humanity, only humanity far into our future when humanity has evolved into God. Angels are sent back (Jacob's Ladder) to tell the prophets that humanity made it, all the way to the end, but only the goodness of humanity does so. Violence has been overcome and death conquered as all souls who believed and lived for the good are brought back. This is the Good News! that the Son of Man prophesy bearers bear in their seasons.
No, the Age didn't start in 2000. That is what the exoteric man believes. But it's not that simple and it certainly has nothing to do with the Gregorian calendar which references the year 2000 as the end of the millenium. That knowledge is useless. In fact, we entered the cusp of the new age in what the gregorians call 1968. Many things changed in society at that time and a foreshadowing of what is to come was seen the hippie movement of that time. But this is not to be mistaken for the real beginning which will be on Dec 21, 2012.
OK I give up. What's supposed to happen on Dec 21,2012?
I'm sorry, but unless you are an archetypal Aquarian who has been given the Living Waters of Saving Gnosis for all humanity to share, you don't know what you are talking about. Star calculations are only part of it. The Son of Man Sign in heaven, the Age of Aquarius, is on the ground now and I can truly say, I say when the Age of Aquarius starts. Why? Because I know the beginning and the end of humanity and that Saving knowledge, Gnosis of God, was given to me in the year 2000 A.D.

I was born 2/11/44 but it's not about me but about the Saving Knowledge that comes back into the world through this Aquarian. Did you really think just a celestial time mark changes anything without a strong spiritual foundation established on the earth? A Son of Man prophesy bearer started the last Age and I started this one. God gave me the seal of authentic spiritual change that must underly as a lasting foundation all material world change.
damn upstarts, think they can butt in with New Age mumbo-jumbo about the ever-so fabulously "New Age" Age of Aquarius. Co-operate with others like I do, and stop competing for my astrological turf. It's mine, all mine, but of course, I work for God so that makes it kosher.
Btw, have I told you lately, like today, the Good News! We are Holy One-humanity is God, only God far into our future who has the ability to create this Creation and did and now sends angels back along the time line, the meaning of Jacob's Ladder, to tell the Son of Man prophesy bearers why they were called "Son of Man" and not often "Son of God". There was a reason for this: humanity evolved into God at what the ancients called the "End of Days". Humanity evolved into God who of course loves humanity but this Creation is tough--it strips away evil so that our souls are pure and innocent as children in order to enter the World to Come. Seems to be a condition of entry.

Humanity is in our hands to shape which means to overcome the limits of animal behavior that leads to social harm and to learn how to become god in knowledge and ability to transform ourselves. This is why knowledge never ceases despite various religious or ideological attempts to stop it from developing. It's our destiny to overcome the limits of time and space.

That the message is the same one as my predecessors brought tells you it is true. We are sent from the future God to tell you the Good News! We made it! But it does require attending to humanity now with all our hearts, minds, and souls, for there we find true Self with our belief and hope for this astonishingly good future for all who have been innocent in the first place or have consciously chosen to overcome their animal natures that bring harm to human relationships. These seem to be the rules of entry for the World to Come. Hence all the symbolism of culling by the fire of judgment.

Now you know. If you belief the Father sent me as He has sent others before me with the Good News!, then Father would be well pleased with sharing this saving knowledge for it's time the Truth to be plainly revealed.

End of Sunday sermon.
Apparently, God speaketh through His prophet, Stephen, in the wee hours of the morning whilest everyone is asleepeth. He must be of a different time zone.
It speaketh well of God, verily, that He's upeth on all the beneficial aspects of the internet. Except He can't seen to get people to come ever to His prophet's blog.

If the mountain won't come to Mo-Lewis, than Mo-Lewis will come to the mountain.
"Jesus said, 'If two make peace with each other in this one house, they will say to the mountain, 'Move away', and it will move away."--Gospel of Thomas

"So Jesus said to them, 'Because of your unbelief; for verily, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you." Gospel of Matthew

When one knows that one is from the beginning unto the end of time to become one with God, then you understand We created all of this. Even the mountains that do move and change over the aeons. The key to this knowledge is Jesus' reference to the mustard seed, a symbol for humanity's growth from lowly protozoa at the beginning. If you know your beginning you know your end and you will rule over the All, i.e. you have become, along with all humanity, God Itself, the One who created Creation to create Itself parenthenogenically as the "Unbegotten One", "Self-begotten One".
"Jesus said, 'When you see one who was not born of woman, prostrate yourselves on your faces and worship him. That one is your Father.
I already have the truth of the goddess of the Age of Aquarius Steve. She has spoken directly to me and she doesn't care for your opinion. The milk that is the geometry of the cosmos drips from her breast and is the only truth.
Ok. I'm just a double Aquarian prophesy bearer. What would I know about the Age of Aquarius anyway? We created the Milky Way, btw..
I'm sorry Steve but you don't even know what the Milky Way is. You say it was created? --you don't have a clue.
Yeah, God gave me the clue in the year 2000 when God started the Age of Aquarius by telling us who and what God is. This saving Gnosis will save your life forever if you heed it because it is Living Water and the Bread of Life. We are Holy One. We are God and We created all of Creation, every last tiny particle and wave of it. I hope you remember in your vision that the Milky Way Galaxy that contains us also contains a Black Hole center as do most galaxies. These Black Hole centers will eventually suck all time and space into one compressed event that from our perspective on the time-space continuum is called the Big Bang beginning of our Universe. It is a closed system who only real escape is to the World to Come. Did you Milky Way goddess tell you this? Or did she hide the Truth that sets you free, free of fear of death for all those who believe the Signal bearer for the New Age and live for service of humanity. The Children of God eventually grow up to become their Parents.
Now you begin to understand how Elijah overthrew the priests of Baal. He had the superior knowledge, the saving knowledge kept within Scriptures although mostly never spotted except by the Son of Man prophesy bearers for whom it was meant to reach. The Spirit of Elijah must come first and it has if you will see it in the arrogance and confidence of this messenger who has been sent to proclaim the Truth and Her arrival on earth, the Daughter of God and true Bride of Christ. I have seen Her and so has my daughter. When your vision goes beyond your own mind and is share by others then you know you have something special. And when you have something special you don't hide it under a bushel basket but proclaim it to the world as the Good News!
She was the Savior of the Lakota in Her first incarnation on earth and like Jesus, She too was prophesied to return. Her first arrival Sign was the birth of Miracle, the white buffalo calf.

The 2nd Sign was the vision of Josephine my daughter had in 1984, and then my own vision of Christ Josephine in 1998 who was confirmed to be none other than White Buffalo Calf Woman with God providing a clear Sign of authenticity for my daughter's and my vision by the then hidden marriage in 1999 my daughter made to a local Eureka boy, a nice white young man, a lumber grader who just happened to get an urge around 2001 to check out the tribal ancestry he heard about in his family tree. Perhaps knowing his father-in-law was working with Bear River sparked his interest. I don't know. What I do know is he found a Lakota heritage big time. The biggest. Chief Sitting Bull's lineage with my grandkids now a 16th Lakota and direct descendants of Sitting Bull, the Lakota's most powerful spiritual leader. Sitting Bull's Peace Medal is a family heirloom.

I've seen the family history and geneology chart and it's filled with those wonderful Lakota names, Iron Shield, Bull 2, (Sitting Bull's son), others I can't recall here, but this was done to spiritually authenticate the vision of Christ Josephine as legitimate even though coming to a (Jewish) and not Lakota nor Native American prophesy bearer. And now I am good friends with Lakota leaders, Alex White Plume providing the four buffalo horns for the Altar of Peace that Paxcalibur will rest on in Jerusalem. I even was sent by Alfred Boneshirt to investigate Shunka Wakan's sweat lodge activities. The Lakota are quite territorial about their sacred ceremonies given to them by White Buffalo Calf Woman. Then there's Sparky and his ex..

Which I now know was another Sign that just recently was revealed in it's meaning. Sparky just happens to be still legally married I believe to a Northern Cheyenne woman who just happens to be one of the great-grandchildren of "Little Big Man". That's her family name Little Big-man. The Jewish guy who was adopted by the Northern Cheyenne. "Salvation is of the Jews". Sparky and I are going to look for Arnella, a woman who I worked with on the Heartlands Project when Sparky was in jail and the woman I stood along side of with Dennis Banks at a Bear Lincoln rally in Covelo. Anyone see any Star in sky lately?
I had gotten the Vision of CJ in 1998 but because it did not fit at all into the rest of my revelatory material, all of it coming to me in Near Eastern Holy Land symbolism and terminology, I kept quiet about it when I was posting every day on Internet religious discussion forums. Until Mar of 2003 when I got the courage up to post the pictorial vision of Christ Josephine.

"In the vision Josephine is a young Native American woman walking determinedly but with a smiling face as she plows through a fierce snowstorm at night with the moon full and bright behind her over her shoulder. She is in buckskins and wears quivers filled with cornstalks and grains. She holds sunflowers in her left hand. In her right hand she seems to hold a walking stick.

No snow covers her--it is as if an invisible bubble surrounds her. And behind her she guides a large old white buffalo who follows closely behind her as she opens up a way through the snow ahead. Like the wake of a ship at sea, behind Josephine the snow disappears leaving an ever-widening swath of Springtime with growing green grasses, flowers and fruit trees blooming everywhere, bees and butterflies and birds flying about and animals, young and old scampering and enjoying the change of season that follows Josephine and the old white buffalo.

In the distance behind them the dawn is breaking with the sun just beginning to rise above the horizon in a cloudless blue sky."
Then this happened:

"March 12, 2003 Update:

When I posted the Christ Josephine pictorial vision above on an Internet Native American spirituality discussion board on March 9th, this response immediately followed:

"The woman in the "vision" is an exact image of the White Buffalo Calf Woman, sacred to the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota nations."

It seems that my vision of Christ Josephine is a 2nd Sign of the Return of White Buffalo Calf Woman! She is back, but "different". However, somewhere along the line Ptsan Win has spiritually manifested Her Virgin merciful aspect as Qwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. Now She carries the Spirit of Christ in order to spiritually unite the Old with the New World."

--from the Vision of Christ Josephine chapter in Book I that can be found at my website.

This connection to Lakota went on to become reinforced by the discovery of my own son-in-law's Lakota ancestry I didn't know about then. Just knew he like he used to know, that he had like a lot of us, some Native American ancestry in him. God "talks" through Signs, synchronicity events that reveal a spiritual connection to otherwise mundane worldly reality.
Within three days of finding out White Buffalo Calf Woman was Christ Josephine, I "miraculously" and I do mean miraculously ran up $75 playing Internet black-jack as I had been doing for a couple years, always hoping to get enough money ahead to complete my Paxcalibur vision that required going to Israel, to $1300 and immediately bought a round-trip ticket to Israel with my winnings.

I met Christ Josephine in person on one of those Israeli buses that periodically get bombed that I rode from Tel Aviv to Nazareth having been invited to join in their annual Easter procession with Paxcalibur. She was a Filipina woman, beautiful who got on the bus and sat down next to me, the bus being pretty full with Israeli soldiers and even some Falasha black Jews looking exactly like their American counterparts but speaking Hebrew. She opened her book to read and I knew she was Catholic as it was the Gospel of John in English so I asked her, "Are you going to the Nazareth Easter procession" She said, "No, I'm on my way to work but my cousin is going." She confided that she was afraid to be riding the bus because of the bombings. "My husband usually takes me but today I had to ride the bus" (to meet me). Feigning bravery I said, "So many buses.." implying our chances of being blown to smithereens were slight. There was this vibe between us that happened quickly and when she got off at her stop we got up and hugged each other and she asked me twice how long I was going to be in Israel. I knew she was going to invite to her home if I had the time but I only had 2 days left and hadn't seen Jerusalem yet. I asked her what her name was as she walked down the bus aisle, "Josefina.."
Steve your saving gnosis is an illusion that keeps you chasing after happiness and hoping to get it, or hoping that you really are 'saved'. This is the path to nowhere which is where you are going fast. Your trip is an illusion. Your pot addiction, your science of the cosmos, your interpretation of the scriptures, the synchronized events, the meetings with holy people, the visions of Jacob's ladder etc. are all a part of the illusion, a twinkle in the goddess's eye, and have nothing to do with truth. But when one knows Her there is no more illusion.

I know Her personally, and communicate with Her directly. We are on the cusp of a new age where all the old Jesus crap will be once and for all done away with. The more you cling to your ego and the ridiculous image of yourself as being a prophet of god etc. the harder it will be when She reveals Herself in all of Her glory in the year 2012. What you are calling truth is one of Her many garments. Nothing but a costume, and an old worn out one at that. Even your stale old Jesus guy knew that one doesn't put new wine in old skins. But then you can't understand the real implications of that because you want to lead people to a 'Truth'. Hahaha! But you are dreaming and the comedy is that you believe that if you can get others to play with you that that will somehow validate your gobbldygook --hahahahahaha! The tragedy is that you've wasted your life.
Ok. I will continue on bringing the Good News! to all who can receive it and live! I bring saving Gnosis and the ability for intellectuals now to comprehend what Jesus was trying to teach. This goddess worshiper person is reacting to the almost two millennia of Pauline Christianity which is NOT the teachings of Jesus but those of Paul. Her beef and all those persecuted by Pauline Christians is with Paul, not Jesus. We Gnostic Christians were the very first to be persecuted by Pauline Christians. They went after our kind before they went after the Jews, the witches, the natives and all the other groups Paul condemned while Jesus was their friend.

The reason why goddess religions died out in the face of Christianity is that they did not hold the Truth of who God is, what God is. That Truth was embedded in the Abrahamic traditions unknown to Abrahamics themselves except the Son of Man prophesy bearers and even they didn't comprehend what they had because science was still unknown to humanity. Now God has corrected the imbalance and sent a Goddess to humanity, one who is not a private goddess but known to many and now even seen in mystical vision by three people I know of personally. When your Milky Way goddess speaks to more than your mind let us know.
Stephen, when you meet with Eric will you please take a digital video camera? That way you could upload the video to youtube for all to watch. I cannot wait to see Eric crying for forgiveness in your merciful arms!
Steve you only have two more people that have seen your goddess than I have. Two witnesses is really nothing. It takes time to catch on. Yours is the old Paul and Jesus dichotomy --which is why you condemn the true goddess. She shatters your illusion that the woman needs the man's approval. The goddess I speak of is the true goddess and cares absolutely nothing for you and your little visions and truths. We will catch that two, matching it and passing it soon. By 2012 my witnesses will have far surpassed that number.
Wa'll, ah'll be.. We got us anuther Elijah challenger.

Ah, if 'n your Milky Way goddess is It, then humanity is doomed because your Goddess isn't telling you how to save your life eternally. She seems to be out for revenge like some other gods we know of only too well.

And another thing, if White Buffalo Calf Woman/Christ Josephine isn't Her, as She is expected by tens of thousands of Lakota and Plains Indians, then your Milky Way goddess is going to disappoint a lot of Native Americans. Mine won't, so there. She fulfills prophesy in two religious traditions creating a spiritual bridge between the New World and the Old.

We made the Milky Way because We are Holy One and created all of Creation when humanity evolved into God Itself. There are no gods or goddesses besides those we humans need now to recreate in our minds, the Holy Family, Father/Son, Mother/Daughter, that has been nearly destroyed by patriarchal destruction of matriarchal religious cult elements. But we do not need Matriarchy to replace Patriarchy. We do not need Goddess the Mother only to replace God the Father only. Holy One means wholly One.
See, you never did respond to my pointing out our Milky Way Galaxy has a big fat Black Hole right in the center of it that eventually will gobble every last particle and wave of the Milky Way goddess. Her end. Did She tell you how She avoided Her end? Did She tell you how to She was resurrected from Her end? My Father told me.

And now I tell others who will in turn tell others, a chain reaction happening when this Good News! is preached to those who have ears to hear it.

More Gnosis today: The cross Jesus tells us to pick up and follow him with is certainly not a crucifixion cross. How could you carry such a thing and walk normally? It is an ankh.

"And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me." Mt 10:38

"Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me." Mk 8:34

"And whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple."

"Out of Egypt I called My Son." Mt. 2:15

"...the Egyptians called that part of the sandal 'nkh (exact pronunciation unknown). Because this word was composed of the same consonants as the word "life", the sign to represent that particular part of the sandal, was also used to write the word "life"."

"The ankh (symbol ☥) was the Egyptian hieroglyphic character that read "life". Egyptian gods are often portrayed carrying it by its loop, or bearing one in each hand, arms crossed over their chest. It is also known as the Egyptian Cross, the key of life, the key of the Nile, or as crux ansata, Latin for "cross with a handle"."

"The ankh appears to be associated with the Egyptian glyph for magical protection,"

"Ankh. Egyption hieroglyph for life, possibly originaly a representation of a sandal strap."

Horus carrying his ankh

Isis carrying her ankh

"And he (John the Baptist) preached, saying 'There comes One after me who is mightier than I, whose sandal strap I am not worthy to stoop down and loose." Mk 1:7

Mark went to Egypt, John's Gospel contains lines directly from the Egyptian Book of the Dead and his Lazarus story is a re-telling of the Osirius resurrection that supposedly took place at the House of Annu, semitized as "Beth-Annu" or "Bethany" in John's Gospel.
There are no gods or goddesses besides those we humans need now to recreate in our minds,

There you go, your whole spiritual experience is false. My goddess is the real goddess and your little buffalo gal goddess is exactly what you say, a figment of your imagination who was created in your little warped mind.
Are you serious? You seriously think one particular collection of elemental material thrown out by super-novas is God? That's just worshiping a stone idol only galaxy size. What did worshiping stone idols ever do? Oh, your stones are on fire and spinning through space. That must make a big difference to you.

But I tell you you are forgetting all about that Black Hole center of your spinning fiery rocks goddess who will swallow you and your rock goddess and you will be gone.

Choose life and live. "No one has seen God and lived". Why does this saying appear a number of times in Scriptures? If you are part of God you are within God and not outside of God that you could look and see a separate thing. Choose God and live and God is in the whole of Creation and beyond it with the power to reach back into Creation's time-space continuum tell give Signs of the Truth, We are Holy One.

The powerful traditions with their myths are not kept there without God's purpose. That's why an upstart religion most often fails because it doesn't carry the necessary Gnosis information of who and what God is in relationship to human beings. Pagan religions all got lost in worshiping Things as you are doing. Giving Things a magical life of their own. So many different Things, each becoming a god or goddess that total spiritual confusion arose, Tower of Babel, babbling, Babylon. God is One but an "Us", a "We", and is represented by human icons, "Father", "Mother", "Son", "Daughter", for a Purpose: to show us who we are to become. They are Spirit and powerful because acknowledging, acting with knowledge of who we are to become if we believe God's messenger's telling us this reality to come, we are free, free indeed. Death conquered.

God is a Spirit and those who worship God worship Him in spirit. Those are John's words for him and his aeon God was God the Father only. Now God has placed a Jewish prophesy bearer into the Abrahamic line to prepare the whole line for transition to Gnosis of God as Abraham returns home to India the Abrahamic spiritual authority comes to its End Times.

To see Gnosis as it's happening, currently revealing the Ankh's connection to the Cross of Jesus visit my website journal at:
Why is it when I type my sentences in these comment boxes I lose words and syntax? Doesn't happen when I compose on Office, my pc's version of Word. Maybe it's the size of the box here. Can't see the whole paragraph easily and once it's posted, can't make corrections. And I'm too lazy to compose on Office, correct mistakes (if any...oh don't I wish..) and then transpose them to these comment boxes. So it appears I can't write a decent sentence only indecent ones I guess..
I hope some of you know enough Old Testament stories of Elijah to see the same archetypal spiritual battle going on right here with me, carrying the Spirit of Elijah, and Milky Way goddess worshiper, a fiery stones flying through space idol worshiper.

Is God the Great Spirit of Humanity transformed at the End of Days into God Itself as I, a Son of Man prophesy bearer tell you from what my Father has revealed to me through gnosis?

Or is God a Milky Way Galaxy and you and I humbled as mortal beings in Her awesome presence.

"Jesus said, 'If those who lead you say to you, 'See, the kingdom is in the sky', then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea', then the fish will precede you. Rather, the Realm of the Holy One is inside of you, and it is outside of you , When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known., and you will realize that it is you who are the sons and daughters of the living Father and Mother. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it you who are that poverty."

--Gospel of Thomas with my expansion of the Godhead as I am sent to reveal She who sits at the Left Hand of the Holy One. Thomas uses the word "poverty" as a metaphor for life that comes to an end and is extinguished without joining back to the Father, his Near Eastern Holy One conception inherited through the Brahmin/Abrahamic patriarchal overthrow of the Goddesses from India to the Near East to around the world, Abrahamics are intolerant of Goddess religions except the Gnostics who carried the Truth. And still do.
You have no idea what your talking about. It is merely scriptural gibberish. I KNOW Her. No need to read about Her in a book. In your simplistic spirituality of icons and symbols She is the Black Serpent in the White Milk. Google that story.
I am tracing this ancient Aryan invasion of northern India coming out of guess what, the homeland of us with Ashkenzazi ancestry, Central Asia, pre-Khazar land, modern Uzbekistan-Caucasus region looks like, "Caucasians"="white people"??? who develop horse-drawn chariots and move out to conquer, moving east into northern India where someone goes up to the Mountain and comes back enlightened.

They then start the Ayurvedic system with its caste system and then move south through India shoving out local deities in the way of the Ayurvedic ones, Shiva deposed as top Goddess for Atman/Brahman with the Brahmin caste the self-designated "priests of God", so appointed by God as anyone could obviously see by their superior intelligence. Beginning to sound familiar? Brahma was a Sun God with one special planetary icon--Saturn. The Sabbath falls on Saturn's Day.

This Aryan invasion moved southwest too, (Hittites?) carrying this Sun God worship with them. These lighter-skinned Aryans meet darker skinned peoples and don't like it--they're racists, they're enlightened and not these southerners, so they form these caste systems to stop inter-marriage with darker southern peoples. White is always special. White race or White Mountains? Himalayas where these Ayurvedic Aryans got enlightened? The original Pyramids are blazing white, covered with gleaming white stones that must have awed everyone who saw "white mountains" in the desert-a miracle of the gods only the priests of God and those they anointed could accomplish.

There's very little Aryan dna present in present day India according to one study of scores of villages. They seemed to have been absorbed along with their Sun-God, anti-Moon Goddess ideologies. They loved to destroy sacred sites of Goddess worship wherever they went and recast them in male roles, e.g. in the Near East at Mt. Sinai, Sin become the male moon god which is iconically absurd seeing how much real physical and emotional influence the moon has on women.

Then I AM (which used to be Isis' title) Yahweh takes over Moon god Sin and swallows up Canaanite God Most High EL too. And finally Jesus, bearing Yahweh's name, comes along to be sacrificed as a Man by God Most High, Jesus then to be resurrected by God to represent all humanity becoming God with the ability to resurrect everyone who has believed in God, who has believed that God is Good and who has lived the true good life as humane beings, the definition of "humanity". This is the Good News! Jesus brought but brought in parable and code for no one could understand how humanity could evolve to become God with god-like powers. Now we can bring the power of the Sun down on earth, walk on the Moon, coming close to resurrecting mammoths tens of thousands of years old, why not dinosaurs? Why not human beings thought dead and gone but recovered by the science of our future selves evolved into what we "down" here at our position on the time-line call "God"?
I googled The Black Serpent in the White Milk and got zilch on it, some Satan site, another one looks Hindu? Give us a url address for this Black Serpent in the white milk. I know in Jewish kosher cult you're not supposed to seethe a kid goat in milk so maybe a snake would ok.
"be" ok.
I love snakes. Used to be a snake boy my self, collected many and let them go when I was a kid. Wisdom and knowledge of Resurrection was the symbol the Serpent carried because ancients saw snakes shed their skins and become like brand-new snakes, all shiny and new.
"And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up so that whoever believes in Him should not perish but eternal life.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved."

Gospel of John 3:14-17
"have" eternal life. I know how to stop these errors. Get some real sleep. 2 or 3 hours in 24 doesn't do it.
Well you are more of an idiot than I'd thought. So I won't try any more irony. Of course you can't find it on google that was my point -duh! You can't find it in the Bible either. I have no need for those book gods of your kind who lift up serpents in the wilderness of paper and ink and google. Or for your scientists with their black holes. Haha. I know Her directly.
Who else does though? For 25 years I too had been sitting on a tremendous spiritual vision rattling around my little idiot brain as you fondly call it. But then in 1998 I got a vision of Her that expanded a vision of Her that my daughter received in 1984. Two of us with the same vision of this Spirit Woman named "Josephine". My vision revealed Her complete image and attributes as a Native American Spirit Woman who I found out five years later was White Buffalo Calf Woman, a Lakota Savior Spirit Woman prophesied to return and She has begun that descent to earth.

You cannot judge the real value of your personal spiritual relationship with God and spiritual truth until whatever is happening in your own mind can be seen happening outside your own mind. My religious visions have affected hundreds of people. 500+ Christians in Nazareth, Israel where I was sent to deliver the Gift God had me create for the Holy Land and humanity. A true prophet creates real social transformation, i.e., a true prophet points the way for humanity to follow. It isn't a private god or a private message. It is for the salvation of souls.
My goddess is NOT a private goddess. She is the TRUE goddess, the one that you don't know because you're too busy hallucinating that other people or a daughter or whatever believes you. That means absolutely nothing in spiritual terms. I have no need to listen to your families shared hallucinations or book learned sunday school religious bullshit because I KNOW the one true goddess. She is real. Your goddess is just one more phony goddess, Josephine or whatever you decide to call her. I on the other hand know the real one. As long as you continue to deceive yourself you will never know Her as I and many many other real spiritual people now do. This has been confirmed over and over again. My goddess is the real one beyond any doubt. Yours is just another false piece of crap goddess like the kind that many ego tripping phonies like you believe in because it gives them a feeling of false security. Until that day when my goddess speaks to you personally and you hear Her message you are nothing but a little man spouting off fake religious bullshit.
And here we thought ol' Yahweh was an angry God. Seems like your Milky Way goddess makes you angry too. When I was a kid I used to like Milky Way candy bars but since I grew up they no longer satisfy. You might consider which is your goddess on your way to the store, the Milky Way candy bar in your hand or the stars seen on edge that constitute our galaxy?
I don't mean to be mean but really, a thing is a thing no matter what size and things are not God. You should know better than to think God could ever be limited to any thing. God is a Spirit and those who worship God worship God in spirit.
I have no anger. I am with Her. You are a very confused old man. You may think that a thing is a thing but I am sorry --a thing is not a thing, and a galaxy is not a thing --it's all illusion. She has no size and if you knew Her you would know at least that much of spiritual things and not talk so foolishly. Blessings to you directly from Her. She tells me that maybe one day you will be able to open your mind so that She will be able to accept you as Hers. But until than you are doomed to be in spiritual darkness,fumbling and tripping, searching for followers to fumble after you. That all comes to an end when She finds you.
Until then your life is meaningless and merely a prelude to receiving Her grace. This message received this morning directly from Her:

To be worthy Stephen must empty himself of all his ego derived nonsense about buffalo and false goddesses. All that gnostic nonsense/mythology must also be tossed away. Most importantly he must quit his marijuana addiction while fasting on milk and yogurt for seven days. Then I will visit him and he will know Me.
But goddess, I'm lactose intolerant. And my oh my but your advice sounds exactly like anonymous posting about you. Me, I speak what I hear from my Father and see what Mother shows me. And by golly, I find myself in religious traditions centuries, millennia old and that's an intellectual comfort--knowing what I receive in mystical communion has been received many times before and the Message is always the same. Love God with all your heart, mind, and soul. Love your neighbor as yourself. My addition to the Son of Man prophesy stream is to announce the Good News! We are Holy One-humanity is God and God is humanity. So love humanity with all your heart, mind, and soul. Love your neighbor as yourself.
Stephen, you need some sexual healing. You need some freaky woman to dress up as white buffalo calf woman and have her way with you. I get it now.
The goddess knows all things and nonthings. She has informed me that because you are lactose intolerant She will have to feed you the milk directly from Her breast. But first you must prepare by eating a snickers bar, when you have totally digested the bar, Her breast will appear. Be prepared. I know it sounds crazy but that is what She has told me and She has never been wrong. (remember Snickers not Milky Way)
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