Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Tooby raids imminent? Duck and cover.

Heraldo reports on a lead. Heraldo was criticized roundly for spreading rumors of a certain previous raid, resulting in a DEA denial which turned out to be very misleading (the right question not being asked, namely "is a raid planned" rather than "are you planning a raid"). Heraldo turned out to have had the material nature of the story straight.

Again, the authorities could be playing mind games with these rumors, but if your home is raided do not engage the officers in conversation, whether you are guilty or innocent of anything. Many people who were caught up in last month's raids were innocent of any crime, but a search is justified under the law simply on the basis that there is reason to believe your home contains evidence of a crime. My advice is to leave the premises if they allow you to do so. Do not argue with the authorities. Ask to see the warrant and make it clear that you are not consenting to any search. If you are arrested, invoke your rights under both the 5th and 6th Amendments - the right to silence, and the right to be left alone until you've consulted with an attorney. If you have a camera you are in your rights to photograph the search, but remember there is the law and there is the reality that there are people in your house with guns who may be as scared as you are. Don't try to be a hero or heroine.

Most important, don't panic and don't do anything stupid. If they're breaking up your home or your stuff without good reason, or otherwise violating your rights, you can press the issue later. You won't win any arguments on site.

God, I feel just like the Duck and Cover Turtle!

Eric, thank you for giving sensible advice once again.
Heraldo turned out to have had the material nature of the story straight.


Remember the rumors? The rumors were that there was going to be a massive DEA sweep of Arcata grow houses, brought on by the amount of attention that the city's scene was getting in the national press.

The rumors were not true.

Sorry to bring this up, but I left on vacation right after the first very hectic day of the thing, and only later did I realize how inadequate my quickly written mean culpa was.
Also, is "Heraldo" getting this from deliberate leaks by the DA's office to his anti-cop crony Ken Miller? While some may think that's heroic to protect the local community that most vocally and financially supported his run for and defense of his office, if true, it's a serious breach of ethics of that office.
Counselor, you're increasingly referencing stories Heraldo's already broken. Perhaps you should redeidcate yourself to being a third rate lawyer.
This is all the more reason why these "Heraldo" anonymous deep-throats who keep the community's attention with "scoops" in the long run do a big disservice because you get info that sometimes isn't true or a ruse or if discovered leaked, leads police to make their "news".
I would be surprised if Eric hadn't heard these rumors until reading my blog. He's closer to Tooby down there.
brought on by the amount of attention that the city's scene was getting in the national press.

Nope, I didn't say it was the cause. I simply noted the increased amount of media attention:

Arcata grow houses made national news recently with reports in the LA Times, NY Times and Fox News. The issue also came up repeatedly during the 3rd District Supervisor race.
Think back, though. "The rumors were true." Remember the rumors?
I remember. Only one of the rumors turned out to be true.
Hank, Heraldo kicked your sorry ass again. Face it. He/She has been bitch slapping you pretty regularly over the years. And to think, you actually get paid. Paid to moan and bitch and basically mark your territory!
C'mon,that's Nixonian. Or Clintonian. If you want to parse it, then why did you write "rumors," plural?

Here's the "rumors," e-mailed to multiple news outlets on June 10.

Greetings all,
It was recently brought to my attention that 300 Agents, FBI, DEA and DOJ have the Red Lion Hotel rented in Eureka the last week of this month.

This is likely a response to the story Kevin Hoover and the Arcata Eye hand fed to the Feds, New York Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, Fox News, CNN and even the Taipei Times.

Kevin Hoover's invasions of privacy and vigilantism are going to rain hell on a lot of good people in this county as collateral damage.

How about a sniff job on meth? Or child abuse? Or homelessness? Or something worthwhile? How about championing a cause that won't hurt every homeowner, business owner, and innocent member of our community, in the form of the almost certain to follow vigilante inflicted economic fallout.

Who gets to keep the assets they are about to seize? The feds. Bush. Not Humboldt County. Nice work, Kevin.

That's what you put your stamp on.
Actually, two of the rumors were true, the second being federal agents being housed at the Red Lion.

Or maybe three of the rumors were true: hundreds of agents flooded Humboldt (though I was off by 250).
For the record, I never received that email. This is the first time I've seen it.
Ah, really? Funny, this was the version up all over Craigslist, along with more hating on the Eye for the coming grow house bust in Arcata.

I guess, though, that "the rumors" you heard were different than the ones everyone else heard. Handy!

7:59 -- If you define the job as passing along whatever happens across my desk, so long as it agrees with my general worldview, then I guess the job is a lot easier than I though.
hank and heraldo...

okay you two. take it outside.

you both make valuable contributions to our community's awareness and understanding of current events.

and neither of you is perfect.

next topic.
The idea is to report the news not your conclusion on events unless you are submitting an opinion piece to all those news outlets or have laid out clearly the diverse and credible sources that led you to your conclusion. There is a difference. A big professional one in my opinion.
Roomers, isn't that what they call plants in Arcata?
Well, gee. Let me just say that when I say "materially" I meant that Heraldo had reported that a DEA raid might be on the way. We got an official denial. They were up here for a convention, and to practice flying or something. Then everybody turned on Heraldo for getting everybody riled up. Then several days later, massive convoys swept Sohum.

Now, Heraldo may have gotten the agency wrong, and the specific targets, but the essence of the report was a massive federal action, and by the way no reports of a convention or flying practice.

So while Heraldo might have had the details wrong, probably because the rumors came from bits and pieces of the truth, the essence of the report was correct, the essence everyone cares about, namely, that massive federal raids took place.

So maybe it isn't Tooby this time around. Maybe it's not about marijuana specifically. Maybe it's not even specifically related to Southern Sweep. But as a result of the last report, if something shows up on Heraldo's blog, it's not unreasonable to believe that there is a real reason to anticipate something amiss.

And if not, all I've done is posted some reminder type advice which may come in handy. Or not.
Seems like chest slapping and scent marking have become the benchmark for manly-man behavior for Lewis and Sims. Self-inflicted black eyes and soggy shoes are their reward. You guys are awesome!
Hank, in defense of Heraldo having heard different rumors, I had heard rumors as early as a week before also but never saw the Craigslist letter until after Heraldo broke the news.

I heard several that focused on 400 agents being flown into Fortuna and staying at the Red Lion in Eureka.

What I'm trying to say is that it is perfectly possible that Heraldo heard rumors from different sources than Craigslist.

And, Anonymous, in defense of Hank, he is a news source and shouldn't be printing rumors. Heraldo is held to a less high standard and doesn't have to worry as much about losing cred.

In my opinion, Heraldo broke the news and Hank did an amazing job of tracking down facts to back up the rumors. I'll never forget getting on NCJ's site early that morning and reading what Hank had posted the night before and seeing the pics.

It was like watching newscasts of a hurricane coming. Kudos to both of you.
Good post Kym!
Holy shit folks, Ali just fought Frazier and it was a draw!
Hank is just showing his true colors. What a nasty piece of work.
You guys all need to watch the new Madmen series. Y'all have no clue about real public manipulation of the media.

Oh and just for giggles, actually hard core belly laughs, I just got this off the People Productions site (fine I know it will get deleted but hey it made a bad day really humorous for me and gives a good taste of the world of media)

Festival Production: Over 22 years experience in concert production and promotions from start to finish.

Booking / Contract Negotiations: Consult with client for selection of talent that meets your specific needs. Contract negotiation with artist management and delivery of completed contract.

Staging: People Productions offers their clients a full range of production services. We can provide everything from small club audio PA systems to large concert sound systems accompanied by state-of-the-art lighting, video, and staging. We are well versed in all aspects of event production and can assist clients with stage and production managers, sound and lighting designers/engineers, video production teams, and more.

Permitting: Competent handling of working with county and state agencies to secure required permits for specific events.

Ticketing: Designing, ordering and distribution of tickets for event. Supervising and tracking of ticket sales. Electronic and hard tickets as well as mail order.

Merchandising: Our graphic arts team can design a merchandise line for your event, from initial concept to finalized product.

Publicity: Our extensive media database covers National Print, radio, internet, and television. We also have street teams in every major west coast city. We can also help you put together a professional press pack.

Whether it’s a single special event, a concert tour, or project management, People Productions has the experience, the knowledge, and the personnel to fulfill any or all of your event / festival needs.
Contract negotiation with artist management and delivery of completed contract.

Enough said.
Once again, Stephen's magical mystery tour collides with reality. Or was it a truck-load of poisoned apples? Ah well, it's all the same - no sympathy.
Important factoid from the New Yorker article regarding computers not being confiscated during busts:

“They planted some tracking software that records user names and passwords which was transmitting to an I.P. address in Virginia,” Duncan said. “Our computer guy found it right away.”
Slightly off topic: Should I be giving my sex slave health benefits? She's six months pregnant, maybe I shouldn´t just come and run?
Off topic...
People Productions has Mateel Community Center listed in their client section on their site at www.peopleproductions.net

That takes BALLS!!!!!!
Off topic...
People Productions has Mateel Community Center listed in their client section on their site at www.peopleproductions.net

That takes BALLS!!!!!!
Do they expect a good recommendation?
Not likely.
I suggest any persons wanting a recommendation as to the way pp conducts themselves in the music business definitely should inquire as to the treatment of the Mateel.
Great advice Eric.

Its not easy to keep your mouth shut when the cops are all over the place trying to intimidate you and using all their tricks like accusing you of something extreme so you'll say no I was only committing this smaller crime. But keeping your mouth shut is the best thing to do.

"I do not want to talk with you without my attorney being present." That's the magic sentence that is supposed to end all questioning. If the cops are poorly trained you may have to use the charm twice or thrice. Once you've said that, don't say anything else.

Famous sayings: "It is easier not to give permission than to seek forgiveness", "Speak in haste, repent at leisure - possibly as a guest of the state", or "Silence is golden"

If you do need to invoke your rights, or if you wish you had, once the cops are gone don't waste much time in getting an attorney because often you'll want the attorney to get working on the case immediately by having a defense investigator document the after-raid scene.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ed's OK. He just forgot to include his phone #.
Supervising and tracking of ticket sales.....tee hee Ticket counting is our specialty!"

Publicity: Our extensive media database ... Perhaps this is where they meant to put the Mateel's name. har har

What a piece of work. Riding on the formidable essense of Reggae on the River, after the way the Mateel was treated might not be such a wise move.
But I guess it's all they've got, or used to have, or like to claim they still have. Wonder how they even got it? Was it in an honest and fair minded way? Did they act with integrity? Ever?

Don't even bother answering. We all know.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
You pay me $10 to take the tickets off your hands.

Or how about a bag of horseshit? Got horse right next door willing to provide for such idiocy in our times as anyone forking over $450 bucks for a couple days entertainment when there's homeless people living down by the river who know how to have a good time too..
Is This what the whole MCC/PP war is all about? $450 tickets? All those comments on so many topics about that war and it's really all about money.

Why pay such outrageous amounts of money? What do you get? Any memories that mean anything in a year or two when the young people are starting to get married and putting such idiocy away because they have babies coming and can't afford it? I sure would like to see the old Mateel venues back with good bands, local, SF, Portland, bands even I could afford to pay to see and dance to. Is that history now? You pay $450 dollars now when we paid $4.50 in the old Mateel Center to see Sticky Fingers and rock our brains out and have such a wonderful time with the Mateel community?
Production company business as usual?
SoHum folks scare me. So full of a sense of righteousness, so ready to nurse grudges and seek vengeance at any price. Weren't the Hatfields and McKoys hill people too? This clannish sense of the absolute authority of "honor" is right out of the tribal third world. You all may just as well be in Somalia, rural India, or Egypt. Uggh
It is what happens when you turn to a system you have been raised to believe is just and it abandons you for the sake of the dollar and covering up the corruption to make that dollar. You get a bit peeved. Actually you get angry and feel very deeply betrayed.
If I went out and did the same thing to my neighbor I would probably be locked up.
They're (PP) very good at ticket counting, they just have a hard time handing over the money or sharing the "honest count" of tickets with their clients.
reggae rising staff pass - $450 (Garb)
Reply to: sale-776177823@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-07-30, 10:26AM PDT

Ihave 2 staff passes and im not able to atend reggae this year. they are kinda pricy but worth it since these tickets allow u to be anywhere. make me an offer

Production company business as usual?

Think it's bu(($hit? find it here

. You can't make this stuff up.
comments on so many topics about that war and it's really all about money.

Ya think? These are STAFF CREDENTIALS they are selling for $450. Hmmm....maybe the members of the Planning Commission are all on "Staff" now, and this would just be a little pocket change to smooth the voting process...or not.
That's probably Heather's gig. She does the Ebay and Craigslist thing.
this is some f-ed up info!

"about Reggae Rising:

Reggae Rising in Humboldt, Northern CA

This year at Reggae on the River NOW CALLED REGGAE RISING (August 1) -

Mateel Community Center (Piercy, California)
Fri Aug. 1, '08 - Sun 3rd, Aug '08
$50 (?????) Buy tickets online
posted by

No confusion in the market place at all. Can't we sue them? Oh right, we already did.
Who is them? This post is made on a social networking website and obviously the poster isn't well informed. Sue them for being poorly informed and posting anonymously. Throw a benefit to pay your lawyer.
seems pretty unfair to throw out a rumor about one area...

but we're back to reggae now so thats a good diversion...
There have been a lot of passive things done this year behind the scenes to confuse the marketplace. Last year the things done were aggressive and planned. Including PP's press rep using the ROR letterhead to send out Reggae Rising information. How this plays out legally I have no idea but at least some of the confusion was not accidental in my opinion.
Don't you people watch Mad Men? Some of the people behind those blogs and postings are probably Dansun's and PP's industry cohorts. They aren't going to change it. They fully understand the benefit. It is really dirty behind the scenes people. Cut throat. You just need to keep hitting the site with letters correcting the information and good postings about the real Reggae On The River. That is the best way to counter it. The truth relentlessly.
Who is them? This post is made on a social networking website and obviously the poster isn't well informed...
Thu Jul 31, 03:56:00 PM

WONDRRRRRRRR where they got their info? I don't.
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