Thursday, July 17, 2008


(Not so) wild, wild rumor

I'm repeating it because it comes from respectable sources, it won't hurt anybody to repeat it even if false, and I don't know what to make of it. Rumor is, the King of Jordan is staying at the Benbow Inn and President Bush is on his way up from Napa (watching fires) to visit with him.

Like I said, wild rumor. I think the most famous person to stay at the Benbow before that was Eleanor Roosevelt. After her, Basil Rathbone.

So why would the King of Jordan come to Benbow? A gorgeous no-prize for the best answer.

Addendum: Well, the King ordered a hamburger with mushrooms and onions in Oregon yesterday.

Second addendum: Yup. He's been all through Oregon "under the radar." Look for the guy in the photo, which comes from the article.

Third addendum: And yup. The president has been here viewing fires. All could very well be true.

When I left the radio station Cynthia Elkins and Sue Maloney were on their way down to Benbow to track the rumors and try to get an interview. Good luck to them!

Fourth addendum: Turns out, Cristina scooped me!

Here for Reggae.
Too obvious. The other answer too.
I sure wish we had a big beatiful lake for the king to take his queen for a canoe ride.
He wants a T Shirt that says; Got Humboldt?
Don't think so.
Maybe they will meet at Bohemian Grove.
He wants a tee-shirt that says "Got Qur'an."
He's headed for Bohemian Grove. See this link for details.,htm
All I've heard, so far, is that Bush was in Redding earlier today.
To land the multiple helicopters that accompany the President, theres really only two places he could come in. The golf course right there in Benbow, or possibly even the airport by GVille. You will hear it no matter where you are.
Bush was at a 'retreat' near Mt Shasta this last night.
He was in Napa as well. Although the SS never said where, when or anything. Last time he was their there were thousands of people blocking the streets around some winery.
He is the only head of state to play a role on Star Trek!
This is HUGE. Were any locals invited? What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall.
He is going to Tuscon, not Benbow.
Bush is coming to Reggae on the River
Sorry that was sarcasm. Just wanted to see it all by itself. Heh.
To get some Jordan's Produce?
To make a substantial donation to the Mateel after reading of the corporate take over of their event.
Hee hee. For once, I beat you to it, Eric. Of course, you had your radio show to attend to, and I only have about nine fans. ;)
Bush had dinner this evening with billionaire real estate man and winemaker Bill Harlan in Napa.
Sounds like our friend "W" is doing a little political fund raising.
Cristina, what's going on between you and the King?
It' all about oil, business as usual.
Oil in Benbow? Is that why they're killing the lake?
Follow the money.
They're both coming to Benbow to play a round of golf for the troops.
They're on a motorcycle tour of the west coast. Quite an entourage. Massive security. Secret service, Jordanian security, home land security, CHP escort, bomb sniffing dogs. Stuff you don't normally encounter in everyday life.
Stuff you don't normally encounter in everyday life.

Nor want to.
Or you live in Buddhaville.
Actually, Bush is visiting Columbia, to score some cane.
You may want to interview the young lady who waited on the Royal Family while they were here for their visit. She is a local girl home from college working double shifts at the Benbow Inn.
I don't think it would be appropriate for me to post her name because I didn't ask permission.
Her story was interesting and I think the Redwood Times readers would enjoy it as much as much I did.
She is an unpretentious young lady and considers her story all in a days work.
Cristina works for The Independent.
Sorry, my mistake.
Any way it would be a great story.
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