Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Wonkette on Cynthia McKinney

I should disclose that I'm in love with Wonkette. I have no idea what she's like in real life, but let's just call it "virtual love."
Beloved former congress-lady Cynthia McKinney is the Green Party’s presidential candidate! She’s in it to win! The Greens had a convention on Saturday, apparently, and McKinney was the big winner. Her running mate is “Rosa Clemente, a hip-hop artist and activist.” Well, all right.

McKinney represented Georgia in the House for six terms, and then she slapped around a cop or something, and said Bush did 9/11, and the Jews ran her out of office, and she impeached Bush, in her mind. Experts say she will end up with about 47% of votes intended for McCain, because their names are pretty much the same. [Reuters]

In the comments section you can find this colorful gem:
None of this helps the left’s image as gay ass, war-ending, vagina-toting cowtowers of the festering “Negro” agenda.
I don't know what it means exactly, but it's transgressive enough in the imagery to deserve attention.

McKinney's running mate's acceptance speech included praise for the Weather Underground and Mutulu Shakur, serving a long sentence for his role in the Black Liberation Army's lethal heist of a Brinks truck in 1981.

Somebody sent me an e-mail of a post from a blog entitled "Lerterland," which includes these remarks:
Clemente says, "I stand on the 10 key values and principles of the Green Party" — and note on the C-Span clip that she can barely say it with a straight face. Because one of those principles, clear in black and white, as I observed in yesterday's post, is non-violence.

I agree with Marc Cooper that not too many years ago,

there were a few patches of Green that seemed semi-rational, even promising. There were candidates, activists and even some low-level elected officials that seemed to reflect a forward-looking, accessible reform politics that based itself on a rejection of the big money corruption of the two major parties. At least at the local level, the Greens seemed a possible option that could cut across partisan lines and embrace a rainbow stretching from lefty liberals to cranky libertarians.

But now, as Marc rightly says, "the Greens have ossified into a tiny, shrill, 'revolutionary' cult," with a 9/11 conspiracy theorist heading the ticket and a hypocrite sloganeer in the number-two slot. This is the radical left's answer to Obama, who has mobilized millions upon millions with his message of enlightened democratic pluralism.
He also notes that she slams not just Obama, but also Jesse Jackson and Nelson Mandela as black sellouts.

Can't wait for the tempest-in-a-teapot debate between Clemente and Matt Gonzalez. Does Rob Barr have a running mate yet?

I miss Marc Cooper on Thursday mornings on KMUD.
Green goes hip hop.
Green Hop?
Grip Pop?
I believe Bob Barr's running mate on the Libertarian ticket is Wayne Allen Root, who had also been a contender for the Libertarian Party's presidential nod. Barr will likely swing Georgia (if not Florida) to Obama.
Yes, Barr's running mate is Root.
Hate to break the news to you, Eric, but Wonkette is a Dude. Actually, a few dudes and a few dudettes. The original Wonkette, the very vivacious Ana Marie Cox, left some time ago and left her blog to a team of crack wits.
Treehugger, you've virtually broken my heart!
Try not to think through your virtual dick!
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