Saturday, August 09, 2008


Joe Lieberman being vetted for McCain VP

Some saw this coming.

Probably won't happen though, not unless Lieberman dumps the pro-choice position.

Meanwhile, Obama is making a serious play for Nevada with this ad.

I'd love to see Leiberman on the ticket. Nobody likes him. Unfortunely, it won't happen.
If Lieberman were the GOP VP nominee in 40 years he would be trivia question material. Maybe sooner.

Alex, let's make it a true Daily Double and bet it all on, Loser Politicians
If only McCain would choose Leiberman, then he'd lose for sure.

Why can't we just crwon Obama president for the next 8 years, I mean...Europe LOVES him! What more do ya need?
A president that the rest of the world doesn't think is a lying buffoon and the greatest threat to world peace would be an improvement.
It was interesting watching the U.S., U.K, and Australian teams do the walk during the opening ceremony last night. They were the only countries who had athletes acting like cocky buffoons. And Iraq and Iran walked out to a huge cheer. It really shows how very divergent the views we have of ourselves are from the views the rest of the world has of us.
Thats because nobody eve rherd of iron and iraq. They got nothing. They wish they could represent the USA!! And Bush isnt half as bad as you think he is.
Well, when your athletes` walk out hooting "USA USA USA" not waving to the audience but playing to themselves while the mostly Chinese audience remains silent, you gotta wonder. You gotta wonder when the brits seem more interested in myspace photos than saying thanks to the Chinese.

You gotta wonder when the Iranians walk out Very respectfully to a HUGE cheer, waving and being humble.

You gotta wonder when Bob Costas has to explain to the American audience why the Chinese put one woman dancing upon a platform held up by a couple hundred Chinese. "The Chinese believe individual accomplishment is only achieved through group effort" It was the smartest thing Costas has ever said!
And when the camera would cut back to our glorious leader, W, he would be chit chatting and having a great time with Putin - while bombs are being deliberately dropped on civilians! You gotta wonder!
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Anon 7:54, are you saying a closet homosexual like obama can't be president? What if he would publicly "out" himself?
I really hope when Obama becomes president the first thing he does is have the majority of republicans in congress arrested for obstrucion of justice and various other crimes they have committed. Hopefully he will have them tried by the world court in Hague and then shipped off to Guantanamo to be summarily executed.
Why do we even need two parties? for the past few decades the Democrats have made incredible choices in regards to presidential nominees and more often than not the repugnantcans have stolen elections, lied, cheated, threatened, and committed other crimes.

We need to throw out the rethuglicans and allow the Democratic National Committee to appoint a president and then every 8 years or so it can appoint another one from within its own ranks. THAT is how we will get the best people to run this country.
The dummycrats just want to run away from war and raise taxes. Their afraid to support the troops or the athaletes because the pinko brotherhood will come and get them. If Obama wins I will leave the country.
Anon 9:57 is a racist/republican. How dare he speak against the best last hope america has for change! This is NOT a free speech zone in case you haven't noticed you dirty racist/republican.
Actually 9:57 is just an illiterate moron.
Starting to hear the drum beat for civil war counselor?
Leiberman, Clinton, I'm so tired of these Neo-Cons in Dem's clothing. They get elected because people believe that their politics are in line with the traditional democratic positions; Domestic policies first, education funding, health care. a more 'Socialistic' attitude of the government. but instead all we get are upper-class elitists who only believe in money, and power for their class. There is no real difference, unless you count Barbara Lee type Democrats as representing the party.
6:22, I believe the 'Civil War' has already started. all you need to do is see the ignorant racists doing the bidding of the Facsist-NeoCons, without any coordinated operational instructions. Unless you count their rabid dogs like Michael Reagan, and all the rest of the Fox/Clear/TS/ER crew, and so many, many more.
It's happening all the time. the ignorant always blame someone, the Jews, the Hippies and now the Tweekers. a nice Catch-all tag that nicely encompasses any aspect of the destitute that one would like to focus on.
Moviedad, if you really believe the civil war has already started, then you will be rendered a weeping, pissing child when horror of the real war begins.
All I'm gonna say is that it is the duty of every democrat in gov't to keep tabs on their republican counterparts. Then when the war starts we will know who are enemies are and can have them summarily dealt with. Will give the republican scum the same treatment they give the political prisoners at guantanano.
You will be confronted by fellow citizens who hate you as much as you hate them. There will be blood, lots and lots of it.
Olympic fever, gotta love it.

But I kind of miss Katie Couric at the opening ceremonies in that red head band, with sequins, telling us how many feathers were sown into each boa around... oh, forget it.

Threats of violence are an exception to the protection of anonymous posters. Just thought I'd let you know that.
8:12, 8:33, 10:18 is quite clearly a provacateur.

The idea of those posts is to make Democrats look like bloodthirsty extremists. The next step is that the provacateur will go to right-wing and Republican websites and blgs and post links to the comments here, in order to "prove" that Democrats are planning extrajudicial retaliation against the Republicans.

The paragraph that was the dead giveaway was:

" ...allow the Democratic National Committee to appoint a president and then every 8 years or so it can appoint another one from within its own ranks. THAT is how we will get the best people to run this country."

I doubt you could find even one actual Democrat who holds that ridiculous postion.

I'm no fan of either the Democrats or Republicans (I'm a member of the fastest-growing group of voters - "Decline to State") but I think the provacateur's attempt to portray a bloodthirsty Democrat bent on revenge is pretty transparent.
I disagree. These postings feel genuine to me and reflect the deept hatred that people on the left and right feel for each other.

Thank you Eric for reminding us that you do not fully support the right to free speech.
btw, God bless Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller.
Why? Are Joe and Zell getting married?
What about a post on John
Edwards ? Maybe Wexler ? C'mon Erik how about being "fair & balanced" ? I know you are capable of it.
Oh no he's not.
The topic is of absolutely no interest to me. It's all over the television and in the tabloids if you're really interested. He's not in office and he isn't running for office, so it's of no consequence to me.
Republicans are much smarter then democrats. Thats common knowledge. Plus they dont run and hide when their is trouble like the wimpy democruds. There not afriad to protect the country from it's enemies. Plus they dont like to tax anybody. That's why I will be voting for a war hero this november.
Anyone know who Bill Miller was?
Republicans are much smarter then democrats. Thats common knowledge. Plus they dont run and hide when their is trouble like the wimpy democruds. There not afriad to protect the country from it's enemies. Plus they dont like to tax anybody. That's why I will be voting for a war hero this november.

That's cute:"There[sic]not afriad[sic]to protect the country"..while not raising taxes to do it, because they don't "like" to?
What war hero you talking about, Johnny Mac, Mr. Collaberator? Are you even dimly aware that this hero confessed to being a War Criminal, twice?
Be fair 9:47. He only confessed to being a war criminal under torture. He said you can make a man admit to anything under torture and that's why he was opposed to it before he was in favor of it.
The other way to make McCain say anything you want is for him to get the Republican nomination for president.
Hes got a truckload of medals to proove his bravery. how many medals to you have?
McCain knows better than most that torture doesn't work to gain accurate intelligence but he voted to allow it anyway because he is a man without morals and all the medals in the world can't change that. He cheated on his wife and then married the daughter of a known gangster. His entire career has been one of corruption and graft. If sitting in a prison camp makes him qualified to be president, this country is worse off than I thought.
Well, 12:53, obviously you never got any spelling bee medals.
As I recall, John Kerry got a "truck load of medals" as you put it, but that didn't stop some people from trying to tarnish them.
BTW, the second time Johnny Mac confessed to being a War Criminal was not under torture - unless 60 Minutes was putting bamboo shoots under his fingernails.
Sorry, 12:53, meant anon 11:30.
I've seen a list of IQ's for most of the presidents. The demos are always very much above the repubs. JFK, Carter and Clinton all had very high IQ's; Clinton's the highest. W and Reagan had amazingly low ones, though I guess concerning their intellectual abilities it isn't surprising.
There appears to be an effort underway to scrub all Google search references to McCain's Oct. 1997, 60 Minutes, confession. The link from Craigslist is being "flagged" as well as a few others. Pretty soon nobody will have even heard of 60 Minutes much less Johnny Mac's statement. Talk about history rewrites and book burning, this is amazing. Gee, I wonder who's doing it?
The neocons prefer that their candidates have low IQ's, easier to mold and manipulate and premedidated alibis for when their policies fail, and they always do. That way the neocons can claim it wasn't the policy, it was the dummy implementing it and when the dummy has to claim "I don't recall" a hundred times, people believe it.
Actually 9:57 is just an illiterate moron.
Sun Aug 10, 12:03:00 AM

I would estimate McSame's IQ to be even lower than 'W''s .
McSame has another similarity to Dubya. He only got into Annapolis because his daddy, Admiral McCain, was an alumnus and there are rumors they had to make an exception to their admission standards to allow him in even AFTER he attended their prep school. Then he finished 5th from the bottom of his class. What were his flight school test scores? Wanna bet that he, like Dubya, got the position in place of a more highly qualified applicant whose daddy wasn't an admiral? Makes you wonder if he crashed his plane and was taken prisoner due to his own incompetence, doesn't it?
What does Chris Kerrigan and Shane Brinton think of their hero John Edwards now?
Probably crashed his plane because he's a retard and then he comes back and disses his wife to hook up with the rich bimbo he's been balling. But these morons think it's important that Edwards who's not even running got a little on the side? Not even worth a minute of my time.
If I really wanted to go into this kind of crap I'd dig up the LA Times article from over the weekend which accuses McCain of polygamy. Apparently he obtained a marriage license with Cindy while he was still married to his first wife - or so reports Amy Goodman.
This isn't by Amy Goodman but is from the LA Times:

"In his 2002 memoir, "Worth the Fighting For," McCain wrote that he had separated from Carol before he began dating Hensley.

"I spent as much time with Cindy in Washington and Arizona as our jobs would allow," McCain wrote. "I was separated from Carol, but our divorce would not become final until February of 1980."

An examination of court documents tells a different story. McCain did not sue his wife for divorce until Feb. 19, 1980, and he wrote in his court petition that he and his wife had "cohabited" until Jan. 7 of that year -- or for the first nine months of his relationship with Hensley.

Although McCain suggested in his autobiography that months passed between his divorce and remarriage, the divorce was granted April 2, 1980, and he wed Hensley in a private ceremony five weeks later. McCain obtained an Arizona marriage license on March 6, 1980, while still legally married to his first wife."

Cheater, liar and polygamist!
But that's the Maver-icky-ness of the guy!
Gotta love the chutzpah.
The only cheaters here are dummcrats. All you guys want to do is raise my taxes and screw other woman. this nation will crumbel if the dems take power. obama is the son of a pedofile terrorst white slave trader. is this who you want to be president of the united staes of america???????????????
Chris Kerrigan left his position with the Eureka City Council behind for several months, while the wealthy young Kerrigan was "roughing it" in Iowa in his attempt to get the reckless, selfish, lying, cheating John Edwards the Democratic nomination. Thank God for Barack Obama.
What's worse? Cheating on your wife, asking for forgiveness and staying married like Edwards or cheating on your wife, dumping her for a bimbo, getting a marriage license before you were divorced and lying about it all in your book like McCain? Keep in mind that McCain is still in office and seeking higher office. Just asking...
Obama didn't pick his father but McCain picked his gangster father-in-law.
This is a very good article about the Washington Post using the out of context Obama quote that has caused such an uproar and claims that Obama is a narcisist and then goes on to talk about how the allegedly forged but still inconclusive Bush military memo destroyed journalists' careers, but other "liberal" media "mistakes" against liberals never seem to have any consequences such as this one about Obama and the many misquotes and out of context quotes of Gore.
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