Sunday, October 19, 2008


My kids for Clendenen

I swear I didn't put them up to this. My kids don't know too much about politics at this point. They know that their parents are voting for Barack Obama and Clif Clendenen and they've both met and like the latter. Well, they came across my stash of Clif's bumper stickers and each of them asked for one. They then got out their art supplies and went to work. They've asked me to give them to Clif.

The work on the left is my son's. He wants all of Clif's supporters to sign on the lines. I told him that I hope Clif has a few more supporters than that, and my daughter said they could sign on the back. The other work below is my daughter's. Unfortunately, between photos, my camera started having problems. Sorry about the pink tint. I think I need a new camera.

You can get a closer look by clicking on them.

Those are very sweet!
Poor kids, raised by a fanatic.
Thanks Kym. I think so too.
The apples don't fall too far from the tree.
What does that mean?
Will you take a picture of the ones that say Vote Nader?
Was little Eric making campaign pictures for Leftie mom and dad? Now another generation brainwashed with an aggressive single-sided view of reality and social life? Luckily, most kids grow up different from their parents..
Sorry, I just saw Finding Neverland last night and the idea of kids making children's pictures to sell a political candidate after seeing kids enraptured by the creative genius of the author of Peter Pan was a bit too much to swallow this morning..
Eric said his kids did this on their own initiative Stephen. They know nothing of politics. They sense that something significant is happening and they're responding with the tools they have. Plus, according to Eric, they know Clif.
morning? ok, get technical, morning.
Oh yeah, sure those sweet lil' tykes know a good Proggie when Daddy tells them so, day after day after day after day..
Johanna, if you're reading this by any chance, here's a campaign tip: you can show 2nd District voters whose really behind both Clif and Estelle's campaigns by their support of Measure T. Measure T supporters are the same people who worked so hard and for so long to take away 2nd District jobs at Palco as well as at Evergreen Pulp and are adamantly against any new job creation by local Republicans or any corporate owners deemed politically correct by our Progressive economy-killers.

Time to go bed..

you're losing it.
snap out of it, or your heroes won't want your support.
I did lose it. I lost another friend. Damn!
estelle seems like the smartest candidate but i don't think she can win...

(if she does i'll push a peanut with my nose across the street to eric's office)

t'will be interesting...

my neighbor is voting for her because he wants local representation on big issues like code enforcement-- he knows she'd fight for us but isn't sure about Clif or Jo...i think he's dreaming: a lefty sohum candidate hasn't done diddly over the last 24 years--I believe Alan Katz was based in Fortuna when he lost by (approx) 26 votes in '84...(80?)...
Johanna: 37
Clif 36
Estelle 27


Jo 33
It's the new outdoor activity - Prog spotting.
Just need good binoculars, camera and blank petition forms.
Estelle is ahead right now, anon.
Stephen needs to go back and read the new blog rule thread.
Estelle is ahead right now, anon.

Based on what? The only poll taken is the one which was held in June.
The cool part of all this is that each and every one of us can vote how we see fit. And voting a private, not dictated by vicious debate when a person is all alone in a voting booth.

An election for supervisor, with three people like Estelle, Clif and Johanna running, should not be this nasty! Whoever you wind up with will be a decent person. Just vote!

I do have to wonder how "progressive" became such a dirty word to some people. If someone yells it at me, I'll smile and thank them for the compliment.

But no one's politics should come to them wholesale. We aren't that easily labeled; this isn't high school where labels like jocks, punks, goths, preps and nerds defne your whole existence. It's one of the big lessons after high school: no one actually fits comfortably into categories.
You're only allowed to vote for the real candidate, Johanna, because the Zionist tactics Eric wanted to use to suppress the vote were roundly rejected by Clif Clendenen. As far as labels, people have tried to attack Stephen Lewis and attach all kinds of labels to him and none of those stuck. But "progressives" should be concerned because their agenda has been hijacked and is distinctly backward from what is going on in the progressive circles of the Bay Area. For instance this kind of brainwashing to initiate a child into a certain type of political advocacy would send up red flags throughout the community to stay away from the parent of this child. But here, he is celebrated by all the other progs because it is like a cult initiating a new member.
Stephen - I don't make it a practice to "indoctrinate" my children. They will make up their own minds. Any knowledge they have of the race is pretty much by osmosis, and they know Clif personally. I think you're projecting personally, but my kids will make up their own minds and be exposed to a variety of views from politics to religion - just as I was raised.
Whatever, Eric. It's your life, your kids. You don't see a problem with your political fanaticism that makes my religious one pale in comparison, that's your business. And btw, I didn't post the comment above yours even though it does look like it. Other people think too..
Great pictures, eric! They should be hanging in public somewhere. Check out Clifs position of code enforcement,against estelles, and you will find that his is a very very very good one. He believes that the gray area should be looked at, amnesty, grandfathering, bringing up to code as a person can afford, and the safety issue of codes, like the guy who built his own house,wiring and all, without a permit, no inspections,no nothing. and then, because of the faulty wiring, his house burnt down. We need rules and regs for the jerks who feel they don't have to be beholden to anybody but themselves. Like the diesel dopers. They don't care what their neighbors think.His land use stance leaves estelles in the dust. her position that there is enough land,let people live where they want does not work anymore. Clifs is more sensitive and thoughtful, watershed by watershed development, letting the resources tell us what developement an area can handle. Water is critical, and there is less and less of it.
Leave it to Stephen to turn a positive act of engaged children into something sinister. You need help Stephen!
12:43, Bunk.

Clif belongs to David Cobb and Bonnie Neely, the townies who want to tighten the noose on country living. Well, at least Bonnie does. Cobb's an anarchist who would rather see if all come down, ala Darrel Cherney. If that's what you want, okay. I am going for Estelle and good government.
Anonymous 12:43 I agree, the really important Humboldt County issue is water.

I had never really thought about it before (I'm embarrassed to admit). I was sort of stunned (as in bored) by all the bureaucracy I perceived in all the districts and such.

But the more I think about it the more I realize there is no more important issue than water (getting clean water, keeping our water, treating our water).

How a candidate intends to handle water issues seems like a good litmus test for his/her commitment to the county and understanding of its needs.
Allan Katz wasn't based in Fortuna. He lost, partly because of a split progressive vote (thanks Syd). That was the primary, where Allan may have won outright but for Bill Roddy.

Then, Man who Walks in the Woods wrote letters to progressives telling them not to vote for Allan; he wasn't liberal enough. Sounds familiar. Split votes on the left. Estelle will hand this election to Johanna. Just like Nader did in 2000. I'm sick of history repeating itself over and over again.
It is Clif who is handing it to Johanna, if anyone. His run in June without disclosing his Green connections was a downright lie. People are on to him now.

Why not call it like it is? Nader was a GREEN. Lamport, Cobb, Sopoci-Belknap - GREENS. The way to spoil this election is to blindly back Clif. Open your eyes, vote for Estelle Fennell.
You don't see a problem with your political fanaticism...

Eric's religion is politics. Kids have a terrible time surviving that kind of atmosphere.
Eric's kids are doing very well. You've obviously never met them. They are a joy to behold and Eric and Jana's devotion to them is exceptional.
Does anybody else notice the scribbling that seems to spell out "Help Us" ?
Poor Estellies.
Math and plain English are just not their strong points.
you mean estelfish, plain and simple, selfish.
Does anybody else notice the scribbling that seems to spell out "Help Us" ?

Okay Freud, are you going to explain that to us? No I didn't think so. Because you can't. You just want to stir shit. Why don't you leave Eric and his family alone you jerk. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes a child's scribbles are nothing more than scribbles. You are the one that needs help, not Eric's innocent and beautiful children.
Man, the Internet brings out some seriously wacked out folk.
Eric, you put your children into your political war-zone blog, Mr. Parent, and you can expect them to receive flak.
Stephen get some sleep!
You're right. Eric wants to be able to post his kid's stuff on his blog as a proud parent and here I am dissing him for it. If politics was not war conducted another way he could post about his family and people like me wouldn't be there to point out his child exploitation crimes against humanity.
Oh Jesus Christ! The "Help Us" jab was meant to be funny. As though Eric was forcing his children to make Clif art and the children were putting messages into the art.
Spoiled rotten by his parents, Tony Dow ended up suffering from bi-polar disorder throughout his adult life. If he'd have been made to mow the lawn or take out the trash once in a while instead of spending all his time studying and daydreaming about Mary Ellen Rogers he might have fared better.
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