Friday, November 21, 2008


Coleman: "All McCain votes should be counted for me"

At least according to campaign representatives on one county, nobody would ever vote for McCain and Al Franken.

Obviously the voters were confused. They should be counted for Obama.

In 2000, a similar argument was used to question Florida ballots marked for Pat Buchanan in heavily Jewish precients.
And the ballot revisions were denied. Of course, there were questions about the form of the ballot in that one, and Pat Buchanan himself acknowledged that it was unlikely that so many elderly liberal Jewish voters had voted for him.
This/these particular example(s) is insane. For Norm Coleman to say that these people really meant to vote for Norm just because they voted for McCain is a horrible miscarriage of democracy. Who the hell is Norm Coleman to say that anybody voting for McCain would vote for him even though it is obvious that the bubble was filled in for Mr. Franken is much more than arrogant. I wonder if Mr. Franken challenged any ballots that were marked for President Obama and for Coleman saying that they were actually meant to be for Mr. Franken just because they voted for Obama?
Richard Daly in Chicago had the right solution to errors or confusion. Offer the voter a single lever to pull that casts all the votes correctly.

That way, if there are any wrongly cast votes, they are obvious errors and can be rejected.
I hope that Al Franken wins this, just for the fact that maybe, just maybe, Sean Hannity will kill his self.
the right wing talk show hosts were bloviating before election day that Obama would bring back the fairness doctrine and put Hannity out of business...well, why NOT get a new crew in there, right and left--the others are petty nausiating...(damn, another SP)...

did you hear that Karel (just google "karel fudgepacker) got fired for saying " i wanna kill that motherfucking joe the plumber!" on the air by mistake when the engineer forgot to turn off his mike?...and Bernie is rotting in Lompac for 7 years and begging for chocolate and socks...

KGO...what a year...
KGO is one of the few big talk show stations with both right and left wingers. Kind of a testament to the potential of the fairness doctrine.
my brother in minnesota did some voter calls. one woman indicated that she couldn't bring herself to vote for a black man. but franken was ok. go figure. there's one vote for mcain and franken.
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