Sunday, November 23, 2008


Cookie conundrum

So I was in the store the other evening and walking down the cookie isle when I saw some of the many varieties of Oreo Cookies of late (it seems the latest marketing annoyance is to have like 10 versions of everything from cookies to candy bars). One type was covered in fudge with mint flavoring. It all of the sudden occurred to me that the brownish the package was describing Mystic Mints, my childhood favorite store-bought cookie, sans the green package and name. I looked around and couldn't find the familiar green box.

So tonight I sat down at the computer and sure enough, Mystic Mints were discontinued. This site even describes it as "food from the seventies," but I bought a package right in Shop Smart in Redway just a few years ago. I think. Certainly not more than ten years ago.

And make no mistake, Mystic Mints were made with Oreos. I removed the chocolate on one occasion to verify the same. Do these new Oreos taste like the MMs?


Is mint actually a flavor? Or is it merely a sensation combined with flavor, like hot spice or MSG (referred to in China as "the fifth flavor")?

And why do we associate mint with green? Sure the plant is green but there are hundreds of green plants with various flavors of which we don't associate with green.


A few years ago Shop Smart also sold Mallomars, my wife's favorite cookie from the east coast, but they appear to have discontinued that line as well. Apparently, for some reason, Mallomars are seasonal. But I haven't seen them, or at least I haven't noticed them, since before my son came home. That's about seven years. And they're supposed to be available by now. According to the Wikipedia entry, about 70 percent of Mallomars are sold in New York City.


The painting of the cookies come from this site where you can purchase this or other cookie paintings.

Finally something we agree on! Those were great cookies.
Synchronistically, I was Just watching Steven Colbert and he was craving an oreo. I look over to see if your site is loaded and this is the top post.
He asks an angel to ask God to make a cookie centered oreo. She said God is tired of him asking for that...
A cookie centered Orio. Doesn't the "double stuff" accomplish that?

I can't stand the double stuffed. Too much sugar and lard.
C'mon Eric! when have you and steve EVER said "no" to lard?
lard iz good fer yee.....
I'll say .
The best cookie in Garberville is the Cowboy Cookie at Amellia's. Good cookies at Chatauqua and Flavors. Why eat packaged cookies with all those chemicals when we have great ones baked here?
Why not eat real food?
Bake your own, and eliminate the cost of either trendy organic marketing or subsidized GMO-sugar-lard plus skip the plastic packaging of both.

Where is that uncharted "cookie isle" anyway?
Now, I miss those flat raisin cookies. I don't remember what they were called--they had two thin layers of cookeyness (yes, that's a word) over a layer of squished raisins. Very flat, chewy. Came in long joined together slabs that you tore apart on the kinda dotted lines.
So good.
I just can't believe there's a Wiki page titled "Chocolate-coated marshmallow treats." Seriously? Some people's lives are THAT empty?
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