Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Diane Feinstein on the Milk/Moscone killings

Tomorrow is the 30th anniversary. Feinstein was the first to fine Harvey Milk's body after White walked by his office. She had attempted to engage White in conversation, but he ignored her and left. She tells the whole story in the Chronicle today.

I've already made a couple of posts on the subject, but there's plenty more to come. The incident was a huge turning point in California politics in many ways. It was also the last political assassination in our country to my recollection.

Sean Penn is getting great reviews for his portrayal of Milk in a film which I believe will be released this weekend (? I'll check on that). Much of the movie was filmed in the Castro, the district to which he was dubbed the unofficial "mayor." I look forward to watching it.

The movie is currently playing at The Castro Theater in SF as of today (11/26 - 12/23)
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