Friday, November 21, 2008


Don's Donuts in Arcata and Regret

Somebody just drew my attention to this little gem.

From the creator:
The best donuts in the country are right here at Don's Donuts in Arcata, California. Krispy Kreme might as well stay the hell home. Don's delivers the goods and then some! They also have great bagels, pizza, sandwiches, and apple fritters. Their friendly service is always outstanding, and they carry a wide variety of tasty beverages.

i was in don's donuts awhile back, say 20 years, at about 1 am..

don: you go to school?
me: no

don:you work?

me: can i just eat my donut?
Here's my video response
(shot in Portland).
It's not working Bob.
"malformed video ID" what the hell is that?

I'll try again.

Just in case here's the url:

re: Don's

Early in my college, a long, long time ago, I lived just off the Plaza and if you went out the back door, Don's was a short walk down the alley. It was open all night. We'd go there at 2 in the morning for blueberry donuts fresh out of the grease. I can almost taste them.

Now I live across the freeway, but still within walking distance. When I go out to shows in town, I stop at Don's on the way home. It's usually packed at bar closing time. I get a couple of old fashioneds, a buttermilk, maybe a few holes depending on how hungry I am, eat one or more on the way home and save the rest for breakfast.

Don's Southeast Asian sandwiches are the best in the county.
there was a cute young lady who worked there in 1993,i would go there and lust after her...gained about 30 lbs
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