Wednesday, November 26, 2008


It's official

This is my last post on the Blogspot version. You can now post at the Wordpress version. I will spruce up the format and will get the moderation function in line to minimize impact on the free flow of discussion without requiring too much babysitting from me. It is not just one poster by the way. I will exclude others who are abusive, and I can do that with more ease on Wordpress. And if you manage to slip through the safeguards, I will simply delete abusive posts. All abusive posts, no matter how much you feel the target "deserves it." I want a new tone.

Feel free to make closing arguments here. I will be turning the comments function off at midnight tonight.

It has been a nice run on Blogspot, but it's time to move on. Here's the link:

Sohum Parlance II

Does this mean no more anonymous postings? So if we adopt a fictitious name who gets to know our identity?
ok, so blogspot is owned by google--who owns wordpress?
I hope you have put together a good transition team for the move.

Alright, enough Presidential humor.

Welcome to Wordpress!!!
I'd just like to know what the hell "kunsoo 1024" means!
Erick your just ascared for your firends the mateelies. You know they cant take the hammering that posters like me give them. you running away will not make you safe from smart posters like me and it will not stop cb td pb andpp from RULING THIS COUNTY!!!!!
Here is what Eric can't let happen on his blog--truth against lies. Like Heraldo, Eric needs the censorship tool provided by WordPress to stop critical comments by those opposed to Progressive slanderers that are allowed to wander freely on both Heraldo's and Eric's blog--as long as they are smearing Steve Lewis or some other non-Progressive community activist.

Eric and Heraldo are just plain too chickenshit and ego-defensive to face criticism so they opt for the handiest form of thought policing making them on a par with earlier stage of fascist repression of political dissenters.

I know you Eric groupies hate it when I post facts but you really cannot change this one: Despite what you think I am less disliked on Eric's blog than he is. Eric receives over twice as many harsh criticisms from his commenters as I do and you all know I posted a lot on Eric's blog, probably more than anyone else except maybe Ernie and a few trashanons like GFYSL. Here's another critical commenter that will not be responded to because Eric needs to control comments favorable to me. He allows the ugliest posters to post libelous trash and get away with it, something Eric himself does using AIPAC character assassination tactics as they do against their political opponents.

"Indie, i don't particularly want to defend Stephen but that is so hateful of you, probably repeating someone else's paranoia, to say that he wants to harm others. why do you say that? where are your facts. you are the worst of the blog to repeat things that you have no knowledge. so tell us now where, when Stephen said he wanted to harm (physically i presume) others, or completely relinquish any credibility you may have. i'm just asking. if not apologize for that statement, or prove me wrong.

Wed Nov 26, 10:54:00 AM"
Stephen, you need to relax. Really. It's possible to disagree with people without working ourselves up into a froth. It's bad for our health. Go outside and take a deep breath.
yay! no more crazy stevie! now I can read the comments again.

thank you Erik. I'm a little sad that you had to, but you did.

and Stephen: venture self-intercourse.
This is so like the censorship I get from Beliefnet it's comic. Do you know that, owned by ABC and headed by Steve Waldman, is so afraid of Steve Lewis posting on the world's largest religious discussion forum that they have blocked any Fortunan who uses the Fortuna branch library to be able to join Beliefnet. And it gets even sillier because for about a week after I use the Eureka main library NO ONE in Eureka or the County using the main library can use its computers to join beliefnet. Now that is a level of paranoia that I've only seen Jewish people resort to, which they do as they control Beliefnet and when I posted there I posted my anti-Zionist information and historical research on the origins of the Jewish faith, something Jewish religionists do not want the world to know or think about.

Israel's slide into repressive fascism is safe on Eric's blog for now but unfortunately, it is not at all safe in the real world where more conscientious Jews themselves are becoming rapidly anti-Zionists.
Serious anti-Zionism leads inevitably to anti-Judaism because the two are so entwined in the Jewish religion. Go to my blog for the latest information on how Gentile Palestinians are forced to deal with the world's oldest and most powerful paranoid religious cult.
There. I've said enough here to last a lifetime and now most all of you know my social change and religious views better than anyone else in the community thanks to the benefit of so many harsh critics of me eliciting response from me which is rarely in sound-bite form.

Thanks again, Eric, for proving Progressives are at bottom, anti-democratic gangsters who will toss democratic rights of others out the door as fast as they can to avoid public scrutiny of their really bad ideas.
eric and anonymous blogs like this one only serve to alienate and divide communities. and they do it under the guise of " free speech"
eric has and most likely will continue to delete posts that have been critical of his inner small circle, but leaves posted slanderous and mean posts of others not in his small circle.
looking back you can really see what eric is about. He actually really likes vicious gossip and uses every opportunity to find a venue/thread for it.
Eat your heart out, Lewis. You are toast.

Go run to your libraries, That will be a simple matter for the World Zionist Network.
Eric said:"All abusive posts, no matter how much you feel the target "deserves it." I want a new tone."

You want a NEW TONE? Oh Really?

yeah, right eric.......why didn't you insist on this BEFORE the election? or during the mateel thing?

Oh yeah that's right, because it would not have served your people's dirty tricks and negative campaign.

you allowed some of the most incredibly disgusting negative comments about people. People say, well that's just the way you are, that's what your blog's sole purpose is/was for. So we'll see if you really have changed inside and want to set a new "constructive" tone; or will this just be another clever layer to keep out criticism of you and to skew it further in order to slam people not in your inner circle.
Bye SoHum Parlance.
I'll miss your anonymity!
I'll still read it for
the entertainment value.
How incredibly lame to see Eric go down the censorship path of Heraldo. Haven't you noticed the dip in their traffic once their censorship activities were exposed by Rose over at watchpaul?

You're right Eric, this isn't just about Steve Lewis. It's about purging all dissent from your MSNBC/DNC bullshit view of reality.
I'm very disturbed at the vicious attitude too often expressed here.

I hope the new site will make a difference.

Life can be very frustrating, but constantly going for the throat of folks you disagree with probably gets us nowhere.

Yes, express yourself, but remember that all opinions may not be valid.
If you feel you need to answer to an invalid opinion, remember that driving someone into the ground won't really work for you or the person you disagree with.
Kinda like 4:34pm?
Haven't you noticed the dip in their traffic once their censorship activities were exposed by Rose over at watchpaul?

Haha. One little shill for Steve Davies went crying to Rose, who posted a list containing comments that are still posted to the Humboldt Herald. Now the election is over and so are the relentless comments from that particular prick.
This is going to work as good as Eric's last moratorium.
Maybe better.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
5:15 pm. Feeling a little maudlin about your participation?
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