Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It's too easy

Even I have standards. Our favorite blond hippie's jaw has been wired shut. Literally.

Okay, I'm not taking joy in someone's suffering. It's just that the symbolism is too blatant to ignore. It's like a badly written sitcom.

I must thank progressives. I could never understand the ease with which they hated people and ideas. Then I saw Keith Olbermann. Now I know how prog/libs feel when they see Ann Coulter.
Another humorless conservative.
So this person at the top here is comparing Ann Coulter to Keith Olbermann?
Oh Eric . . . don't worry she's not suffering that much. Back when my mouth was wired shut I got to drink all the milkshakes I wanted. It's so hard to get calories in you can eat all those foods you had to limit before . . . provided you can put 'em in a blender! ;-/
Yeah, but she can't talk. For her that must be Hell.
Actually you CAN talk you just have to do it through clenched teeth! You learn to make yourself understood just fine . . . it is a bit more work, but trust me she can talk.

After all . . . think about all those people out there who talk just fine and never seem to move their mouths . . .
That's right, Eric: SHUT HER UP!.
Blond Hippie ???

She is blond but I doubt she has ever done anything "hip" in her life.

Unless, you think being a cruel and nasty person is hip.
Did you hit the first link 7:21?
She's easier to look at than to listen to- I'll give you that.
Did one of the 9/11 widows (you know 7:40 p.m.,the ones that are GLAD there husbands are dead) punch that bitch in the mouth.
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