Saturday, November 22, 2008


Marina Center EIR to be released on December 1

You'll be able to find it here. Thanks to Heraldo for the heads-up.

Now with all the problems facing Security National and the newspaper going belly up, will there even be any money to move on it assuming it passes muster? Supervisor-election Mark Lovelace has long maintained that there's no way it can make it through all of the numerous obstacles, political, economic, and regulatory. And we've been waiting for over a year now on the release of a proponent-backed study which would rebut the BAE Study of ten years ago which outlined the potential impacts of various additional big box stores on the local economy, including Home Depot. In fact as I'm reviewing my coverage back to my discussion with Morrissey and Gans, I have to wonder why it hasn't been completed and released. They certainly didn't wait around to release their poll results, timed just before a crucial election.

Obviously the proposal hasn't been dropped. But is the money there to pursue the proposal? Wouldn't it be ironic if the Marina Center was ultimately pushed through with the backing of Obama's "build baby build" economic strategy in terms of federal funds? Brian told me that Rob Arkley really wasn't interested in public grants, but I can't imagine at this point that he'd refuse money if private investors aren't available.

The photo comes from Balloon Track Watch, which apparently hasn't been active for well over a year now. The site still contains this classic Jibjab video Big Box Mart.

See my comments about what Eric's doing again here on the All things considered topic below. We are all in such good hands with our ever-so-wise politicos telling the community how to kill its economic base and install vicious political ignoramuses in office who cost the community hundreds of thousands of dollars in incompetent lawsuits, e.g. Mr. Tim Stoen, who's attack on Palco and Debi August our beloved blogging politico counselor backed as he is again preparing to throwing more Baykeeper/anti-Arkley/Heraldo/Progressive economic and legal inanities anti-community activists dream up having only social warfare on their little minds.
Activists: Here's a thought. Why not organize HSU, CR, High School, and the general public Creative Solutions Forums to tackle such things as how to develop Humboldt Bay and the port in such a way that maximizes local commercial fish species that could use a deeper water port just like commercial shipping needs? Baykeeper minds seem not to know that Humboldt Bay has accumulated and still accumulates much more sediment than it would have in prior to logging and Eureka/Arcata area housing development, both enterprises dumping much more sediment into streams flowing into Humboldt Bay than prior to 1850. We've already changed the Bay considerably so why not try for maximum biodiversity instead of minimum, why not try to increase Bay species by deliberate design, i.e. using human intelligence to guide human development instead of trying to sit back in an expanding human population to let "Nature" take its "natural" course, i.e. forgetting human beings are part and parcel of Nature.
Tim Stoen has nothing to do with big box development Stephen. I know you like to bring him up as a boogeyman but that is just evidence that you have brought "big city politics" to the area. It makes sense since you sold your soul to corporate power.
As it happens, I don't necessarily oppose the Marina Center proposal. If the big box element was removed, I'd have very few reservations depending on what the EIR says.

I'm actually working on a post about development and my inner blue-green conflict. And yes, I'm still working on the culture war post. My writing hasn't come out easily lately. Don't know why.
I don't think, in this economy, the threat of big boxes swarming into suck the blood of an already anemic market is any real threat. Now that gas prices seem to falling the drive to Winco makes more cents. I don't know if you are aware of how far out of line Rays and Shop Smarts prices are. Big box stores are not the only predators in the jungle.
True enough. But Winco does not require 70 percent of the local market to survive. The smallest of Home Depots would. Pierson's would survive at a reduced scale, and Dazey's would survive as long as there isn't a Lowe's in Fortuna (as Morrissey explained to me, the upside of a Home Depot in Eureka is that it would eliminate any possibility of a Lowe's in Fortuna). But again, according to the BAE study, about 70 percent of the existing market would have to be swallowed up by the big box. There is no pie to expand in retail. People would not come from Mendo, Del Norte, or even Trinity to shop there. Others would have to go under, and according to the BAE study and based on the economies of scale there would be a dramatic reduction in employment whether the wages of Home Depot would be higher than Pierson's.

Unless the HD shareholders are local, there would be a net loss of income to the county. This has happened in communities across the country, which is why there is resistance to them from many people other than the usual progressive suspects. It's why the variance measure for WalMart went down huge in Eureka.

I have been posting this for months and I have yet to encounter one post - even one - which even attempts to dispute the BAE study findings. Retail is not going to save the local economy. We need something that is going to draw money in and expand the pie.

Reassure me that Home Depot will not hurt the local economy, and please give me something other than you will be able to buy a can of paint a buck cheaper than Pierson's or Dazey's. There is the consumption end, and there is the employment/income end. Those issues overlap, but they are also somewhat distinct. The video illustrates the trend that the bix boxization of an economy renders workers unable to shop at any store other than a big box - for which the big box is trumpeted as virtuous.

This could be a make or break issue for the County, and recent election results around the county suggest that perhaps that Marina Center proposal poll may be out of date, even accounting for Frank Jager's win in Eureka.
With no thought of solution, only opposition, yes indeed, our County will lose with Progressives continuing their economic war against mainstream Humboldt citizens. My alternative to the Big Box dilemma for communities with substantial low-income members is the Co-op Big Box concept. Our Heartlands Palco reorganization plan called for creating a Palco (all employee-owned and managed like a localized Winco) Emporium at their Fortuna site, in effect a locally-owned and operated Big Box store. Why not co-operatize this economic success formula in existing corporate capitalist America?
Anyone read today's T-S editorial? Looks like the Times-Standard is no longer another media voice for Progressive activists as it was before. Progressives may have won two Supervisor and some city council seats but the economy's fragile condition is too powerful for their anti-development, anti-community economic support activism to overcome with constant propaganda and politically orchestrated demonstrations at community meetings.
With the ER gone the TS need no longer position itself with progressives. It can safely return to the Slime and Slander of the 1990s.
The editorial I see is about Mike Thompson's potential appointment as Secretary of the Interior.
Don't forget there two editorials in the TS now on Sunday. One from the time standard,and the other from the Eureka Reporter with its neocon ramblings.
Home Depot is in terrible shape, these days. Not much chance of them putting money into the Marina Center. When I go by the Ukiah store to look at cabinets the low inventory is obvious. A bad sign.
That's short term. They'll be back.
Time for Pierson's to put money into Baykeepers lawsuit against lower priced competition.
Who cares if the Bae study is right? Why do we need to preserve expensive businesses for the elitist progressives? Maybe we only need a Home Depot and a few small hardware stores where we can pay a little more for convenience. Maybe working people who don't grow marijuana would catch a break for once.
That video just reminds me of what Heinlein wrote. Humor is pain.
Yeah, we all may be sweeping aisle 9 soon. If we're lucky. Time was, that was a starting job.
The point is though, Eric, you are again whipping up the troops with your Progressive lawsuit-crazy anti-poor people, anti-Arkley, anti-Big Box, politically selected information that just plain completely ignores poor people's economic reality. And by doing this sort of community social war-mongering you and your fellow Progressive legal and economic incompetents really do this community considerable harm. How much longer does Humboldt County have to pay for Progressive activist driven legal and economic incompetence? It's like if you were running a business and saw each and every new product that you tried to sell to the public, fall flat on its ears yet there's no one in charge firing your sorry asses for incompetence. I mean just look at the Progressive legal track record and see loss after loss after loss and still these losses never register in Progressive brains if I can use such an oxymoronic description.

Political fanaticism drives this sort of social and economic myopia or narcissism that refuses to look at the trail of legal mistakes following the Progressive anti-corporate campaigns and personal attacks on people. Political fanaticism drives otherwise intelligent people to overlook ethical breaches in their ranks and go on as if they never occur. But they do and with far too frequent regularity, e.g. the unethical relationship of Ken Miller's Humboldt Watershed Council with Paul Gallegos's lawsuit against Palco, e.g. Tim Stoen's unethical conduct towards Debi August, e.g Progressive pushing for Measure T that violates the constitutional rights of business owners, e.g support of Bob McKee's illegal subdivision practices, and of course all the stuff Rose has collected against Paul's running track record gutting the best people out of Humboldt County's DA's office.

Progressives are social war-mongers whose purpose on earth seems only to promote social warfare in our community. Progressives were called job killers by all of us concerned for community economic welfare, Democrats included, for years and now that the rest of the US economy is starting to seriously look like Humboldt County ranking in economic prosperity, the acts of Progressives attempting further Humboldt County's slide into poverty for all who do not grow pot or service pot growers needs, just shows a political fanatical agenda that care nothing for the people's actual needs. Obsessed with political winning, Progressive activists do not know how to begin to create a viable self-sustaining economy in Humboldt County. And this is why, those of us, Democrats included, can apply the word "retrogressive" to Progressive activism in Humboldt County without being hypocritical about it. It's the truth. Political and economic incompetence rules Progressive minds in Humboldt County.
7:08 wrote, "That's short term. They'll be back.".

Tell the folks at Mervyn's that.
Somebody will replace Mervyn's. That's how free enterprise works.
No refutation so far Eric.
7:08pm Monday.
It will not be short term.
The consumer/taxpayer is broke and has no credit!
Nobody can afford to purchase anything at this time.
We may get an idea of just how bad things are this Friday.
"No refutation so far Eric."

What can he say in his defense? Just more slander of his political opponents for pointing out the truth everyone but Proggies know as fact in Humboldt County. I mean, just look at the trail of incompetent lawyers wasting the County's money on stupidity in legal form backed only by even stupider political propaganda.
Wordpress, Eric! Censor Steve before too many people start connecting the dots between Progressive activists and deliberate sabotage of Humboldt County's fragile economy.
Actually I'm the one who made that comment and I was referring to the fact that still nobody is attempting to refute the BAE study just as Eric said. The silence is deafening.
Stephen,take your ideal vision of the Marina Center to Arkley himself and get back to us and let us know how you convinced him to listen to you and let you drive the bus in regards how the development is handled.You really think that he'll buy into your piece,more than any "prog" would?Yes,come back to us and then tell how it was Ken Miller/Baykeeper/EPIC/Stoen/etc........who prevented Sec.National from installing your vision.
Why? Mark? The Marina Center is in Eureka, remember? I live in Rio Dell. I'm not going to tell Eurekans how to develop their city because I don't live there. Do you? If you do, then you can talk to Arkley yourself with your concerns. It's called "democracy" and democratic representation for city citizens to be able to determine their own city's development policies.
Invading other people's electoral districts with political agendas not shared by the majority residents in those districts is the mark of our Progressive pols and frankly, I find it on a par with the pampas grass invasion that takes habitat away from local species.
That would actually mean Stephen would have to do something instead of whine on other people's blogs (because nobody wants to go to his blog). Don't hold your breath.
The 'Fraidy Cats are skeered of Steve Lewis and rush to WordPress to stop his posts that expose way too much of the Progressive idiocy and anti-democracy thought police mentality.

Ha ha ha. Now Eric is just like Heraldo. Both chickenshit activists who want to bully the community but run and hide when their fascist tactics are exposed to community scrutiny.

I always have Rose's and Fred'
s blogs plus my own anti-Zionist one to get my views out to the community so go ahead. Prove yourselves unable to withstand criticism and move to the nazi thought police solution.
I've had some nice conversations with Randy and Brian and have actually reached some common ground.But Sec.National is just so stubborn when it comes to the big box issue,and don't seem to be willing to break away from the ill-conceived notion that a big box anchor store is needed.It's frustrating to not be able to convince them otherwise.And it's unfortunate because the proposal,minus the big box aspect and a few other more minor things could derail a very good and necessary project,which would greatly benefit the area.
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