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Squaw Rock legend courtesy of two Sohum bloggers

I just wanted to draw your attention to these posts on Squaw Rock, in Mendo by 101, near the Sonoma County border. Both Kym and Ernie have deep family north coast roots and you can find some fascinating local history on both blogs.

Kym's post was first. Ernie has some more.

My reaction the first time I heard the name some 20 years ago was to sneer at the naming as borderline racist as the word "squaw" is Alonquian, a language grouping which is located well east of California, the word actually having been recorded by Plymouth colonists as part of the language of the tribes they encountered. What I didn't know until I just googled the word is that Alonquian is a subset of languages in the "Algic" family. There are two languages in the Algic family which are not Alonquian - Yurok and Wiyot. I realize that neither of the latter extended so far south, but I guess it's not completely unfathomable that the word was used on the north coast. Maybe someone can tell me if either of the local tribes use the word?

The map of the Algic language (obviously long after its theoretical roots in the Pacific northwest) comes from Wikipedia.

From one of my favorite places on the Web, the Yurok Language Project:

woman = wenchokws
wife = n-ahpew
Thanks Hank. That answers the question. I wonder if the project contains any history of how the language which is so prevalent from the Rocky Mountains to New Foundland made it down here and became so isolated.
My Mother's family settled in the Ukiah area in 1890. My mother said that the woman cheated on her spouse and that the tribe through her off the cliff.

Plus she used to talk about Black Bart Rock on the side of the highway north of Ukiah, the grade going into Willits, as being the place Black Bart the robber used to jump out from behind and rob the stages.

I once asked another ancient family member who drove a buckboard team with his Dad up and down that grade every day in the early 1900's and he said "eyup".

To the Bart rock not the Leap Rock. The Bart rock sat right above where they raised that famous race horse they made a movie about. It's been gone about twenty years now I think.
The Algonquin connection here on the west coast is kinda amazing actually because it is proof of the migration of at least one or more pioneering group of Native Americans coming all the way across to the nation, east to west, in historic times times. Sparky estimates his Wiyot ancestors arrived here around 600 BC. I think anthropology has just scratched the surface of Native American migrations. I am fascinated by the Hindu Sanskrit language connections Prof. Gene Matlock claims to have found with Native American languages and "Turtle Island" for North America and the Hindu view of the world resting four elephants atop a giant turtle?
And "turtle doves", where'd that come from?
Thanx for the pic, Eric. Now I know which one Squaw Rock is. I couldn't tell from Ernie and Kym's photos.
Speaking of Native American languages, I noticed something while reading Aztec Revenge I think it was a few years ago. The name of the biggest religious site outside Monteczuma's city was Teotihuacan, meaning something like "birthplace of the gods". Then there's Michoacán, well-known to us aging hippies before Indica plants were introduced here. What I noticed was the pronunciation of "Michoacan" and "Teotihuacan" contained the Siouan word for "Sacred", "God", "Great Spirit",= Wakan, as in Wakan Tanka. Nahuatl is the Aztec language but there's seems to me some sort of direct relationship in these differently spelled words.
12:40 wrote, "Plus she used to talk about Black Bart Rock on the side of the highway north of being the place Black Bart the robber used to jump out from behind and rob the stages.".

I've done a very short search and found some references to Black Bart Rock but no pictures, or even a location on a map. Anyone have such info on this rock?

Sorry, an old west buff here.
You are mistaken Stephen. The Yurok migrated directly from the British Columbia area.
You are mistaken Stephen. The Yurok migrated directly from the British Columbia area.
Well, do you have any sources or facts? Usually, there's a trail of some sort. In theory, all of the tribes came from the Pacific Northwest if you accept the Bearing Straight theory which is the only one that makes sense. The question is how recent any particular migration was. The Navajo for instance are from the north west more recently than the Pueblo and other neighboring tribes.
I can't find the sources, but that's how I remember it, too -- that they came down from B.C.

Black Bart Rock is right at the top of Ridgewood Grade, the high point between Willits and Ukiah. It's just across the highway from that little complex of commercial buildings, which I believe still includes a Mexican restaurant.

Or that's the way I always heard it. There appears to be some controversy. There was some discussion of the matter at Ernie's a little while ago.

Andy Bird is the local expert on all things Black Bart.
Thanks for the heads up, Hank. Ok, so somewhere in the area of where the White Deer Lodge is now.

I remember the post on Ernie's but for some reason the Black Bart Rock discussion went right past me.

As an aside, I find it difficult to believe he'd do robberies at the same place over and over again.
Our little puddle of Algic-speakers so far from the Algonquin sea to the east is one of the favorite illustrations linguists use to show that California's native language map was hugely more complicated than all of Europe's.

One of the anthro theories alluded to above is that our Algic speakers were an earlier wave of immigrants across the Bering Straight who held tight while more recent waves swept past them, pushing the main Algonquin tongues far to the east.

But it's not like there's much evidence to go on.
Ernie actually had an earlier post than I did.

I'm really not knowledgeable on local Indian tribes but I thought the people around Squaw Rock were not Yurok but Sanel, a type of Pomo. I tried to find a comprehensive dictionary of the Pomo language but couldn't. However, the word for woman was not squaw. A wonderful local woman, Helen Carpenter, who wrote about and collected the local peoples' handiwork said that the Pomo called it Dah-nol-yo. I haven't been able to find out what that means.
Theorized migration routes are very sketchy and not widely agreed upon. Most linguists agree that there is no firm basis for selecting a Proto-Algic homeland. Some believe NW Washington, others eastern Washington, and still others farther east on the plateau, near present-day Coeur d'Alene territory. It is interesting that the Yurok /Wiyot do not share the same basic system as other northern california tribes.

A wonderful primary source for Yurok history/culture is Lucy Thompson's "To the American Indian". She calls the place of origin of her people "Cheek-cheek-alth", and describes it as a beautiful northern valley: "For years we wandered down a European land, always moving toward the south, having our origin in the far north. Over this land we wandered... it might have been centuries until we reached the rolling waves of the ocean.. Upon reaching this salt water we made boats or canoes, and paddled over the waves until we reached the opposite shore, having crossed the straits in safety. Having reached this opposite shore, upon this new continent, we continued our weary years of wandering, ever on far down this land, always going south as before..." She details glaciers, icebergs and northern lights in the travels. According to her story, people were left behind to settle in different stopping places, populating the land as they went. She claims kinship with the Eskimo, and with tribes all along the coast of the Americas, stretching "into regions of snow and ice again".

My interest in her narrative is her description of her people planting the sacred and medicinal "walth-pay", or wild angelica, as they travelled. Although the theorized migration routes are at least tens of thousands of years old, I always wondered if they could be mapped through the occurence of this plant...
which I believe still includes a Mexican restaurant.

Unfortunately it's closed. It was a good Restaurant, owned by the same family who owns La Fiesta in Sunnybrae (best chicken mole I've had anywhere - savory, not sweet) and several other restaurants in various places north of Sonoma County. Unfortunately, they fell into hard times.
Anonymous 8:12, you should tell that theory to Sparky and the other Bear River and Blue Lake tribal members with Yurok family ties. Sparky is going by the Algonquin language connection. To see how very wrong we can get things, Eric posts the common belief that the Navajo are more recent arrivals that the Pueblo cliff dwellers but the dna migration trail says otherwise, putting the Navaho as the oldest surviving Native group in America, a theory they themselves claim.

I watched The Other Conquest last week, a Spanish movie about Cortez's conquest of Moctazuma's Empire and how it was done so easily with so comparatively few European men-at-arms. The Virgin Mary and Catholicism did the conquering, not Cortez. Those Aztecs were Mother Goddess worshipers and coupled with the Quetzalcoatl mythos, they just transfered worship of the Mother Goddess to Mary and did away with the need to sacrifice a virgin girl's heart to Her. I've always wondered how so many Native American tribes became devout Catholics in a fairly rapid amount of time. Crushing defeat of their culture plus transference to Mary did away with their own religions (except for a few holdhold outs) but the Day of the Dead? Fit right in with Catholic saints. And btw, the Aztecs won. They called themselves Mexicans and they are successfully invading America in great numbers as we can see them moving into North America seriously. My Vision of the Lakota's Savior Spirit Woman, White Buffalo Calf Woman seen to me as Christ Josephine is again this "Mary" type of Goddess spiritual energy moving strongly against Abrahamic patriarchy. It's great to be alive in our times!
And in case you atheists think you're immune to these spiritual events, the Goddess Mari with one of Her triple Graces, (the meaning of "John", as "Flower-bringer"), is quite active here in Humboldt County.
Actually Stephen, the DNA evidence between Navajo and the related Apache suggests a relationship with people living and tested in Tokyo, which means they migrated through Alaska much later than other groups. And this migration is actually traced by archeological evidence as the group was significant enough to leave a trail. That they spread out from the northwest along with the rest of the Apaches is not disputed even if there are strains which can be traced from elsewhere through mixing. That is the bane of trying to base migration maps on DNA. One mixed marriage can mess the whole thing up.

And there is no debate that the Pueblo peoples predated the Navajo, and that the Navajo migrated probably around the 12th or 13th century. The Dene, in Canada, speak the same language, and the migration itself is part of Navajo lore.

Just out of curiosity, I googled DNA Navajo migration or some derivative and came up with this study which seems to back the Pacific Northwest theory.
Oh, and the reason I know something about the issue - in law school I did a paper on Native Courts. The Navajo are the largest tribe left and have a very established court system. There has been talk of a cross-continent consolidation of the Indian court systems, but many of the other tribes are afraid that they would be swallowed up by the Navajo system. And in fact AIM does not recognize the Navajo Court system as legitimate.
Or didn't 15 years ago anyway.
If you're correct, then the mitochondrial dna trail that shows the movement of human beings out of Africa and into all other areas should suspect too. Right, counselor? And heaven forbid, the traces of Sephardic genes showing up in otherwise central Asian and European Ashkenazi should also be tossed out the window.

Tell us, do the Navajo elders believe themselves the first people or not? When you're always trying for the "win", Eric, sometimes facts will be stood on their heads in service of a theory or a defense.
"Oh, and the reason I know something about the issue - in law school I did a paper on Native Courts."

Oh, yes, we all know law courts are the final authority on everything, including it seems, Native America. Should I toss out my UCBerkeley anthro major at you and my studies with Sparky of Bear River history, Eric? to counter your obvious "credential" of one paper on Native Courts?

I don't know the truth of Native America and as a former anthropology major I find much reason to suspect anthropologists do not really know much of anything about ancient Native America. For example, the Kenniwick Man and those people (about nine representative found thus far as I remember) who's skulls date between 7 and 9000 BC and who Caucasian featured people related to Asian Caucasians like the Ainu of Japan. Somewhere along the line of intermarriage and migration, Asian mongoloid featured Native Americans interbred with Native Americans with big noses, longer faces, and less Asiatic features. Where did those features come from if one only relies on the migration trail back to northern China and Siberia. Btw, the Plains Indians lifestyle can be seen intact in some Siberian tribes, Asians for sure but living in teepees and a lifestyle straight out of the Plains Indians during wintertime. There's a German movie that shows these people helping a German escape the Russians I forget the name of; these Siberians had gorgeous fur clothing to die for if you are part of the Ruling Class, you know, like me here in Rio Dell living high on the hog with my monthly payment from you all.
If you're correct, then the mitochondrial dna trail that shows the movement of human beings out of Africa and into all other areas should suspect too. Right, counselor? And heaven forbid, the traces of Sephardic genes showing up in otherwise central Asian and European Ashkenazi should also be tossed out the window.

The point is, the DNA has apparently confirmed the migration from the northwest, whatever the Navajo elders believe about their origins. And I don't know what the elders believe, except that some of the stories they have passed on to their youth appear to incorporate the migration.

As for the African origins, we knew about it even before the DNA evidence. DNA only confirmed the piles of evidence which predated even Dr. Leakey.

Most significantly, the DNA hasn't really pointed to any straight paths to and from anywhere in terms of entire peoples, but rather for individual genetic lines. The science itself purports to be a partial tool, not the definitive one when you're talking about aggregate peoples migrations.

And Stephen, you completely missed the point about the Courts. I was simply explaining why I know something about the Navajo. I did some background research for a paper. I brought it up not to pad my credentials, but to explain why I've read up on it so you didn't think I was just doing research to contradict you.

But as somebody pointed out, you put everything into the most negative context in order to put everyone into a box you can label and judge. You don't listen. You can't hear. You simply repeat your own talking points with buzz words like "prog" or bring up names like Salzman or Miller in order to demonize everyone who doesn't buy into your crap. It's old Stephen. It's why I don't talk to you about these things very often anymore.
Before this thread unravels further. I have not studied in any depth this issue but I would like to add this.
Here is a site with a good color map of Native American language groups...

Seems interesting that the southwest groups speak the same family group language as those of the NW and Alaska... Na-Dene or Athabascan: "Athabaskan-Eyak (43 languages)spoken in the Northwest Territory, the Yukon, and adjacent parts of Canada, west to Cook Inlet in Alaska; in two isolated areas of the Pacific coast (southwestern Oregon and northern California); and in the southwestern United States (mostly in New Mexico and Arizona)".
Wonder which N. California tribes are in this language group?
Not only does America have more languages than Europe... ""Few people realize that within the confines of the United States there is spoken today a far greater variety of languages ... than in the whole of Europe. We may go further. We may say, quite literally and safely, that in the state of California alone there are greater and more numerous linguistic extremes than can be illustrated in all the length and breadth of Europe." Edward Sapir from the Wikipedia Languages of US page.
Cahto, Chilula, Hupa, Mattole, Tolowa, Wailaki, and Whilkut
A group of languages spoken throughout large areas of eastern North America, but also spoken by two California tribes: the Wiyot and Yurok.

same link as last post
For the record, Stephen flunked out of UCB. There too.
After a couple of sorta redundant posts allow me to post the link to a map of California native language groups.
Black Bart Rock is commonly misidentified as the rock that is on the top of Ridgewood Hill, but that is not the rock. Black Bart Rock was down on the old highway, above the road, at the upper end of what we called the Sea biscuit Ranch. The rock was only a little larger than a car. When the two lane road was built it was displaced, but could still be seen from the old road. Later construction either removed it completely or buried it, I’m not sure which. At any rate it is gone from view.

Squaw Rock is actually named from the view that I took the photo. If you go the Ernie's blogsite and click on the photo, it will enlarge greatly. The profile of a Female North American Indigenous Person can be clearly seen.
Why is it that Stephen turns every positive discussion sour by attacking with no provocation or reason? I don't come to this blog very much any more and it has mostly to do with posters like Stephen.
A group of languages spoken throughout large areas of eastern North America, but also spoken by two California tribes: the Wiyot and Yurok.

same link as last post

And also same point as in the main post.
Yeah, but the link is great. Thank you 3:50!
Eric, you just don't want to answer me when I criticize your values and the way you arrive at them. So you too try to trash me and my opinions at every opportunity with slander and put-downs you cannot back up. Example: your excuse that I criticize you for your obvious flaws in thinking. Example: your continuing inability to stop political warfare in Humboldt County by pumping up your Progressive chorus here for the Baykeeper/EPIC/Progressive, et al's battle with Arkley's Home Depot and the Big Box debate.

Do you really not understand your continuing civil war with mainstream Humboldt County is why I criticize you so much? If you can't take the heat, Eric, get out of the kitchen you yourself are chief chef of on your blog. But you are like Heraldo when pressed; anything to avoid answering the criticisms I put to you political types who do so much damage to our community relationships, e.g all the wasted time and negative energy put into Progressive's social war that ends up costing the County money we don't have to spend on political incompetents like you and Ken Miller, Richard Salzman, the Baykeeper/EPIC enviro ambulance chasing lawsuit-mad groups you will be backing as you are showing now.

And again, it will involve attacking those who disagree with censorship or slander, e.g. your running dogs like GFYSL, and others who do your name-calling for you. They can post and post as you do, negative, negative, negative, attacks against the projects of members of the community to your political right because Progressives do not have to be ethically responsible people or so you think. I happen to disagree and you find that terribly one-sided of me and therefore grounds to avoid answering for your actions.
For the record, anonaliar 4:15, I didn't flunk out of any college but I did drop out of UC Berkeley, changed majors aiming for transfer to UCLA's film school but the UC system wanted me back at Berkeley so I dropped out after three years of college and audited USC's film department for awhile. I made a 3 minute animation film that was shown twice as part of an experimental film series at the Cinema Theater in Hollywood around 1965. No degree, that's true but as most who know me I don't need to display any college credential to demonstrate my mental resources that I continually apply to community problem solving.

Progressive activism teaches our counterculture community to disrespect its elders when they don't play ball with Progressive politics. It's a shame because listening to Progressives has brought us nothing positive in our community thus far, nothing to make it a better place for anyone.
Well this community can heal and get along if we try. I am going to agree for a change with Ernie :) I was told the same story by my mother.

Black Bart Rock is commonly misidentified as the rock that is on the top of Ridgewood Hill, but that is not the rock. Black Bart Rock was down on the old highway, above the road, at the upper end of what we called the Sea biscuit Ranch.
Stephen why do you come here? It just makes unhappy. I know you think you do it for us but we can manage without you having to put yourself under so much stress. go take a few days off and report back after you have rested. Head on out to Sparky's place and bring your bong.
Oh. before you go, do you have any opinion on high octane vs regular octane?
He comes here because he thrives on conflict. His life would have no meaning without it.
No, I actually do not like doing this job of counterpoint to Progressive activist stupidity that brings so much harm to our community. I wish more would take on the job but it requires so much stamina to face all the liars and slanders without a shred of decency who inhabit Eric's and Heraldo's blogs that few will take them on. I do it because I care about my community and do not want to see political activists keep ruining it with their god-awful obsession with social warfare. So I endure the name-calling to reach the one or two people who need encouragement to stand up to the Progressive wave of community dysfunctionality due to constant social warfare draining the life of the community away.

Eric is one of the slickest of the Progressive social warmongers, using lawyer tricks to "prove" his arguments that few of you even notice happening. Like this claim of Eric's to know through researching material for a paper on Navajo court system that the Navajos are late arrivals to America. But they don't think so and as a former anthropology major I can tell you with almost utter conviction that ANY existing migration theory about how and when Native American tribes arrived in the New World is open to debate. There's just not enough data and as the following article shows, current tribal populations in a given area may or may not carry ancient genes. Pre-Columbian European dna shows up in Native America populations-how so but they are there. No consensus of origins
I'll jump in here a bit late. The theory as I understand it is that the older language group in N Cal. is the Hlokan group. Karuk, Shasta, Pit River, Pomo and others. They were part of the earliest migration from the strait. One Algonquian group veered off around Idaho and found the Klamath River. They moved down the Klamath to the lower river and the coast as far as the Eel. Finally the Athabaskan migration showed up and came down from Oregon: Tolowa, Hupa, Chilula, Whilkut. Nongahl, Mattole, Bear River, Sinkyone, Wailaki and Cahto. Then they jump all the way to the Navaho and Apache. I think there is good reason to believe that all groups did not come from the straits but rather some came by boat. There are plenty of cultural reasons to suspect this. There is an interesting book on pictographic evidence of the Algonquian migration called (I think) "The Red Road" I have it somewhere but where? It does not include the California Tribes and I have a vague memory of one other Algic group in Oregon. I'll see if I can find it.
In centuries to come the Walaiki tribe forming again will be studied by anthropologists of the future and what will they find? Sparky is one of the "purest" Native Americans you will find with only one 16th non-native blood but he carries the Brenard anglo name, looks like he has European ancestry in his facial features and maybe does, maybe doesn't. You find "Nasians", NA word, far more representative in South American tribes who could easily pass for Chinese. I remember a story of a Japanese anthropologist studying the Caribs in the Caribbean being mistaken by the Caribs she met as being one of them. Then you go north up to Algonquin "home" territory and find the Big Noses, there long before Leif Ericson's crew arrived. Native America is still a big mystery in my opinion and warn against setting any anthropologists theories in stone.
There are Chinese looking artifacts in Peru which suggest some sort of exchange at some point in time. If the Chinese crossed the ocean and some of them stayed and mixed it would throw everything off.
In Peru that is.
Interesting to note that ice age migration from Asia to North America probably followed a Pacific coastline that is under water today. DNA sequencing is currently underway on chickens that were kept by native tribes in South America that have existed unchanged since before the arrival of Spanish conquerers. The DNA sequencing may show when these chicken's ancestors arrived and what part of Asia their ancestors came from.
Well, that's probably true of the initial migration, especially since it was on the heels of the ice age and people probably hightailed it south as fast as their feet would carry them. But the Apache migration was within the last 1000 years. Pretty much the same coastline.
Kato... The problem with the Angelica is that there are at least five local species... Which one was Walth-pay? One clue is that the stem is described as large. It was used as a staff by the medicine man. In Wailaki the angelica was "Sol" (pronounced as soul). In Karuk it is Kishvuf. I can't remember the Hupa. Hupa is hard for me. Lucy's "Cheek-Cheek-alth" is similar to the Yurok name for "Money's Home". Tsik or Cheek is the word for dentalium The source of which was Puget Sound. It is a great book, highly recommended.
Kym... I get "mata" as Pomo for woman. Don't know if it's true of Yukaian.
Ok, here's another bit of mystery. Rent the movie Whale Rider and see Maori culture and look closely at their native costumes, dugout canoes, hat designs, etc. and see a mirror image of our coastal tribes. Some people must have been crossing the Pacific in boats before the Europeans got famous for it.
For the record, I stand by my statement that Steven Lewis FLUNKED (failing GRADES) out of UCB.

Pathetic watching him try to take credit for his own failure. Twist an turn...
Nobody cares Stephen.
Stephen's a looser.
"1491" makes the case for multiple migrations, probably by sea south from Alaska. Recent archeological evidence from Chile indicates that settlements were established there at least 7,000 years BEFORE the well known crossing of the Bering Straights.
Nobody cares about your slander, anons. You and fellow trashanons have all told far too many lies about me for anyone to believe you. I've never flunked any class in my life. I did get a "D" as a freshman in High School in Spanish because I was and still am not one for easily learning foreign languages. But I managed to get help for my mom when our car broke down in Mexico once after another year of Spanish so, try again for another lie against me. None of them stick. For the UCB record, I was given "incompletes" but never failed and made all my incompletes and grade point average back up to B average before finally dropping out of college because idiot UC system insisted I had to go back to Berkeley instead of transferring me with my new major, cinematography to UCLA that had the film department completely lacking at UC Berkeley. I dropped out in protest and started auditing USC's film department. And made the 3 minute experimental animation film that was selected for inclusion an experimental film series back in 1965 or '66.
What did you do, trashanon 8:44 and 10:35? Major in special ed classes for the ethically challenged? You're just jealous because I don't just mouth off and trash other people like you cowardly slandering anons, I do things with my life and doing things has given me life experiences to judge the merits of people like you who contribute nothing positive to the community.
Wordpress is looking really good right now.
"...I don't just mouth off and trash other people..."

Oh, that's just too rich!

Thanks for the unintended comedy!

If WORDPRESS will allow us to finish a thought without these insane tirades PLEASE do move.
No, Stephe, the two "anons" you skewered in your 3:03pm post did not major in special ed for the ethically challenged. The University canceled that study track after you they realized you were the only student signed up.
Come to the Dark Side, Eric.
He's already there, Kym, along with the majority of his trashanon groupies. Eric hates it when I post my personal stories that blow away the trashanon's smears. That's when he seriously considers Heraldo's censorship tool, the Wordpress option. Anything to keep Steve Lewis in the Enemy category instead of dealing with me as a fellow community member who, yes, has serious political disagreement and blatantly posts them on Eric's blog, but hey!, that's life.

I can make a really good "Enemy", no pushover here and plenty of reason to call in for backup from the troups if you want to continue our little social war going on here but is this really the level we want to stay at? I don't.

Why not stop trying to smear me, Eric and anons, and see me as counterpoint to a set ideology that perhaps needs such in order to be more effective. I mean my counterculture credentials are impeccable yet I can communicate easily with people in Humboldt County Progressives just cannot reach. Why don't we try holistic effort for a Change?
The ball's in your court, Eric.
Racing thoughts?
Jesus! What a lot of thunder and lightning. Just who do you have such a cozy relationship that Progressives aren't able to reach? You are not the counterpoint that you imagine yourself to be. You are a troll. You do not discuss issues. You attack everyone who questions the status quo. While your counterculture credentials includes your personal use of marijuana, peyote, and dried banana peel, only your over inflated ego would allow you to describe them as impeccable. Hell, you won't even meet with Eric. I can only imagine what your idea of a holistic effort would look like. I suppose you would assume the leadership role and spend the rest of your impeccable life punishing Progressives for your own failures. Arrgh! Get a life, Ahab.
Do NOT respond to S. Lewis if you value this blog.
Ball's still in your court, Eric or are you going to let your trashanons speak for you again? And btw, what did happen to offer to meet with me that you were going to check your oh so busy schedule and get back to me on but never did, the truth and the reverse of trashanon 7:48's fib?
Wordpress! Wordpress! Wordpress!
Censorship! Censorship! Censorship! Eric, Please Protect us anonymous moral midgets who hate Steve for posting his opinions we don't like.

Come on! Be like Heraldo and block any criticism. We can't take it when Steve pulls up our rocks and exposes us to that awful Light. You know you need us, Eric, to keep your blog in the Dark Side where our kind thrives.
Be like the Humboldt Herald where good natured criticism and argument abounds. Wordpress provides anti-venom for poisoned comments.
Yes, please, oh please, let us trashanons be like Heraldo, our king of community trashanons where Censorship rules and no uppity Steve Lewis or anyone else who Heraldo can't face, can post. We tried to get Rose but she just started a place on her blog for Heraldo's censored posts and it filled up in no time. Steve's blog also has Eric's censored posts so Eric's halfway there to complete WordPress censorship! What's stopping him. Steve's Light is unbearable to us, Eric! Do something to protect our right to slander and slur and befoul the blogs with our foul mouthings against community activists we don't like.
Just remember, it's ALWAYS all about Stephen - his narcissism is without question the most consistently noticeable aspect of his obnoxious personality.

Stephen sees himself as some kind of a political/social/religious martyr, beset by enemies on all sides (Jews, "Progs," environmentalists, homesteaders, Heraldo, Eric, Cliff C., K. Miller, R. Salzman, the majority of the members of the Bear River Rancheria, "trashanons," and on and on).

He also believes he has a direct phone line to God, and for some reason God really wants him to rant endlessly and repetitively about nonsensical conspiracy theories, self-aggrandizing spiritual visions, ancient and meaningless political grudges, and, of course, those wily Jews who secretly rule the world.

Maybe if he had a somewhat less repulsive personality, he could actually attract readers to his own blog, rather than having to spew his senseless and delusional bile all over everyone else's blogs.

But of course Stephen completely lacks the level of self-awareness required to recognize that most people perceive him, quite correctly, to be nothing more than an intellecutally impotent old wingnut with a nasty outlook on life, a seriously hyperinflated ego, and way too much time on his hands.

- Another Vote for Wordpress.
Where the Christ is Josephine? Will she repair Stephen's ruptured spleen? She better come quick he's turning green. Where the Christ is Josephine?
I also vote for Wordpress.
They're all afraid of Steve Lewis. They have to run and hide. Can't take the Light and rush to the Dark Side where anonyghouls can survive.

What a bunch of cowards! And what a joke of "democracy" that is so typical of our local Progressive thought police doing their fascist repression of opposing views as best they can give only the censorship tool..for now..
twist and turn, asshole.
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