Monday, March 31, 2008


KMUD news on all three campaigns tonight

Roger, Clif, and Dave Kirby (on behalf of Estelle) were all interviewed. The hook was the quarterly financial reports, but each candidate moved into issue areas as well.

Roger plugged his website and his endorsements, which include the councils for the cities of Fortuna and Rio Dell. Sheriff Gary Philp also endorses him. There are some other interesting names on his list.

He also has yard signs. Estelle and Clif are getting their signs out, but I've yet to see a Rodoni sign in Sohum. They're not allowed to post signs in Fortuna until May.

For a $25.00 donation you can join him for a steak dinner on April 24 at the Fortuna Veteran's Hall at 6:00 p.m.

I only caught the tail end of Roger's presentation, but he encouraged people to show up for the Council meeting tomorrow and the CLMP code enforcement meeting on Friday. I missed what he had to say about his own position on the subject, but you can tune in at the KMUD site.

Clif explains the Blue Lake Casino donation, and also adds that he had raised $7,000 in 2007 and, doing the math, has raised another $7000 since the quarterly report. He emphasized that his "one district" theme is to bring together north and south as the candidate with extensive appeal in both communities. He called for an oversight committee on the county's code enforcement programs. He will also attend the meeting on Friday.

Dave Kirby emphasized the diversity of Estelle's supporters, touting the number of donations including a $2,000 donation from Roy Heider and a $1,000 donation from Dave Katz. He also plugged this Sunday's wine tasting event (details in an earlier post).

The story covers the spending disclosures as well.


Clif's press release on code enforcement

March 28, 2008

For Immediate Release

Clendenen suggests oversight of Code Enforcement

Noting that there have been a number of citizen complaints regarding Code Enforcement Unit (CEU) actions, Clendenen suggests that the Board of Supervisors consider establishing an oversight committee that can monitor the actions of enforcement officers in the performance of their duties. For instance, enforcement officers are required to announce their intentions to property owners and have inspection warrants before they take a step on private property. Oversight can assure that these requirements are followed in every inspection.

The CEU was established to prevent serious environmental and public health issues such as making sure sewage is not dumped in our rivers. “An oversight committee could assure residents that the work priorities and policies of the CEU are clearly established and scrupulously followed,” said Clendenen.

The many sides of this issue need to be heard. I will be attending the April 4th public meeting sponsored by the CLMP in Garberville and will be looking forward to hearing first hand from the stakeholders. I encourage everyone to come to this meeting and begin the dialogue. I suspect new answers that are long-term and workable can be found if we all work together.

For more information contact

Bill Thorington,


Chris Hitchens on "The Tall Tale from Tuzla"

I strongly disagree with some of the turns Mr. Hitchens has made in politics in recent years, but I also disagree with those who in rote manner define his support for the Iraq war as the onset of a bout of neo-conservatism. Hitchens has departed with much of what the left represents, but he remains very anti-religious right; continues to attack right wing icons; and still believes that Henry Kissinger should be tried for war crimes. Most people love their labels which allow them to oversimplify by categorization at the expense of the complexity and nuance of the reality which we all share.

Hitchens has never liked the Clintons, and he spares nothing in this personal attack. But his points are well taken by me and I agree with him that the whole "sniper fire" fibbing represent a much more profound moral problem for Hillary Clinton than merely resume padding. Her comments were out of line. I'm incorporating the first and last paragraphs below, but please read the whole column and try to get around his testosterone-laden hyperbole which admittedly does get in the way of some very salient points.
The punishment visited on Sen. Hillary Clinton for her flagrant, hysterical, repetitive, pathological lying about her visit to Bosnia should be much heavier than it has yet been and should be exacted for much more than just the lying itself. There are two kinds of deliberate and premeditated deceit, commonly known as suggestio falsi and suppressio veri. (Neither of them is covered by the additionally lying claim of having "misspoken.") The first involves what seems to be most obvious in the present case: the putting forward of a bogus or misleading account of events. But the second, and often the more serious, means that the liar in question has also attempted to bury or to obscure something that actually is true. Let us examine how Sen. Clinton has managed to commit both of these offenses to veracity and decency and how in doing so she has rivaled, if not indeed surpassed, the disbarred and perjured hack who is her husband and tutor.


It's hardly necessary for me to point out that the United States did not receive national health care in return for its acquiescence in the murder of tens of thousands of European civilians. But perhaps that is the least of it. Were I to be asked if Sen. Clinton has ever lost any sleep over those heaps of casualties, I have the distinct feeling that I could guess the answer. She has no tears for anyone but herself. In the end, and over her strenuous objections, the United States and its allies did rescue our honor and did put an end to Slobodan Milosevic and his state-supported terrorism. Yet instead of preserving a polite reticence about this, or at least an appropriate reserve, Sen. Clinton now has the obscene urge to claim the raped and slaughtered people of Bosnia as if their misery and death were somehow to be credited to her account! Words begin to fail one at this point. Is there no such thing as shame? Is there no decency at last? Let the memory of the truth, and the exposure of the lie, at least make us resolve that no Clinton ever sees the inside of the White House again.
The race for the nomination really should be over.


Did Obama blow the Edwards endorsement? (and other campaign news)

This from New York Magazine:
In the days after John Edwards’s withdrawal from the Democratic race, the political world expected his endorsement of Barack Obama would be forthcoming tout de suite. The neo-populist and the hopemonger had spent months tag-teaming Hillary Clinton, pillorying her as a creature of the status quo, not a champion of the kind of “big change” they both deem essential. So appalled was Edwards at Clinton’s gaudy corporatism—her defense of the role of lobbyists, her suckling at the teats of the pharmaceutical and defense industries—that he’d essentially called her corrupt. And then, not least, there were the sentiments of his wife. “Elizabeth hasn’t always been crazy about Mrs. Clinton” is how an Edwards insider puts it; a less delicate member of HRC’s circle says, “Elizabeth hates her guts.”

But now two months have passed since Edwards dropped out—tempus fugit!—and still no endorsement. Why? According to a Democratic strategist unaligned with any campaign but with knowledge of the situation gleaned from all three camps, the answer is simple: Obama blew it. Speaking to Edwards on the day he exited the race, Obama came across as glib and aloof. His response to Edwards’s imprecations that he make poverty a central part of his agenda was shallow, perfunctory, pat. Clinton, by contrast, engaged Edwards in a lengthy policy discussion. Her affect was solicitous and respectful. When Clinton met Edwards face-to-face in North Carolina ten days later, her approach continued to impress; she even made headway with Elizabeth. Whereas in his Edwards sit-down, Obama dug himself in deeper, getting into a fight with Elizabeth about health care, insisting that his plan is universal (a position she considers a crock), high-handedly criticizing Clinton’s plan (and by extension Edwards’s) for its insurance mandate.

The implications of this story are several and not insignificant. Most obviously, it suggests that the front-runner’s diplomatic skills could use some refinement. It also raises the issue, which has cropped up in a different form after New Hampshire, Super-Duper Tuesday, and the Ohio and Texas primaries, of Obama’s capacity to close the deal. But equally important is how it bears on the questions du jour among Democrats who see their once-uplifting primary campaign descending into self-destructive mayhem: How can we put this thing to bed? How can Clinton be stopped from putting the party through three more months of hell? Where are those vaunted “party elders” who can convince her that it’s sayonara time?

In other words, he's inexperienced. I support him, but the nomination would have been put to bed with an Edwards endorsement. Of course, Edwards isn't particularly showing the leadership you'd expect of someone with the requisite hubris to believe he should have been the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth. He should be at the forefront right now, instead of relying on Reid/Dean/Pelosi to maneuver in back rooms.


Remember the McCain girls? Well, one of them doesn't want you making fun of her, or so it appears. Personally, I think she's layering irony within irony.


It's official. Obama wins the delegate race in Texas.


Meanwhile Clinton's in financial trouble.


Despite the rough month for the Democratic candidates, Obama remains pretty close to McCain according to the two most historically accurate pollsters. Clinton hasn't faired quite as well, but she hasn't exactly hemorrhaged either. The graphic above comes from the same site. Note the dramatic differences between the actual vote and the electoral-college vote.


Not directly campaign news, but President Bush's HUD chief resigned today. No call girls. Just boring old graft and patronage.


Elizabeth Edwards, who reportedly got into it with Obama (see first note above), is making universal health care her personal crusade. Here are some remarks about McCain's plan, such as it is. She points out that she and McCain (also a cancer survivor) would be excluded from coverage in his plan for the pre-existence of their respective conditions. Nobody bothers to argue that the free market takes care of those with pre-existing conditions. They simply point out that you can go to an emergency room when you're ready to die. The war and the economy are the top two campaign issues. Obama ought to make health care number three.


Estelle Fennel for Supervisor event this weekend

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Incident at the Mateel

In response to posts in the threads below, I called a source who was present at the E-40 concert at the MCC on Friday night. He says that somewhere around 11:00 p.m. or thereafter a couple of cro-mags decided to mix it up in the hall. The security folk turned the lights on, announced that the concert was being concluded, and sent everyone home.

Shortly thereafter another fight broke out down by the gate. My source is uncertain whether it was the same nerfbrains going for a second round. Security then called the Sheriff's office. My source says he saw the police coming to the gate but most of the people had left. He doesn't believe there were any arrests.

The producer says that it was the first time a fight had ever taken place at one of his concerts.

That's what I have.


Phone poll making the rounds

Jana was just polled this morning. They asked for her preference in the Second District race, but also for opinions on the mayor of Rio Dell, Mike Thompson, and Patty Berg.

Anybody know anything about it?

Saturday, March 29, 2008


We're still here!

What happened to the PG&E power outtage?

Friday, March 28, 2008


Your kids were fed tainted beef

And I mean yours. On the national list of school districts which received the beef are Eureka, Arcata, McKinleyville, Fortuna, and yes, South Fork. I didn't see Mattole Valley on the list. I glanced for Mendocino districts as well, and saw Anderson Valley, Ukiah City, and Legget Valley. I didn't check for the others.

Here's a media article on the subject.

Of course, there's nothing to worry about. The FDA takes very good care of us, right? This is America.

The Washington State cow suffering from the "mad cow disease" photo comes from the blah.


Ex-Governor Wilson weighs in on PALCO bankruptcy

(edited) PALCO's creditors are pulling out the stops. I guess they're concerned about the alternatives offered by the Mendocino Redwood Company and the Nature Conservancy coalition and they're looking for heavyweights to back their plan.

I haven't really explored this story, and actually I haven't really put a lot of work into my blogs lately. I've had a vacation, a rush of business, and some family activities which have really taken up my time. I do hope to put in some quality time on this and other local issues when it all slows down.

In the meantime, the Town Dandy explains with some humor the NCJ creditor's vote in the proceedings. It's a much better update than I can provide at the moment.

Addendum: Thanks to one of the posters for bringing to my attention that Wilson is not supporting one of the PALCO plans, but a creditors' plan. Apologies for getting that wrong.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Sock puppets explain neoliberalism

Fun for the whole family!


Clendenen press release re donations

March 27, 2008


Clendenen Campaign Announces Donations Received to Date

The committee to elect Clif Clendenen for Second District supervisor announced today that it has accepted a total of $27,342 in donations to date. While noting that much more is needed to continue this important campaign, Clendenen was happy with the results so far.

"I'm very pleased at the generosity expressed by the people of the district," Clendenen said. "Besides the number of donations we've received, the tireless energy from supporters young and old at the grass-roots level has been tremendous, and I think it reflects a strong desire to have a greater level of representation and a commitment to change."

The figure of more than $27,000 reflects donations received since Clendenen announced his intention to run for Second District supervisor late last year. Clendenen said he's been very impressed with the interest shown by citizens in this year's election. In addition to meeting voters by walking neighborhoods throughout the district, Clendenen has held town hall meetings and events in Garberville, Redway, Briceland, Fortuna, Weott and Miranda.

All are invited on Sunday, April 13, to Fortuna's River Lodge from 2-5 p.m. to a free open house, including snacks, live music by Falling Rocks, a silent auction and a chance to meet the candidate. Immediately following at 5 p.m., Clendenen will host an evening event including dinner, more live music featuring Good Company and the Berel Alexander Ensemble, more auctions, a raffle and naturally Clif, both playing his mandolin and speaking to the guests. Tickets for the evening event will be available at the door with special student prices and children admitted free.

Clendenen, a native of Humboldt County, owns and operates Clendenen Cider Works in Fortuna, an apple farm his family has operated for several generations. After receiving a botany degree from the University of California, Davis, Clendenen returned to settle in Humboldt County. He married Laurie, a special education teacher and has two children, both living away from home while attending college. Clendenen helped develop the Fortuna Apple Harvest Festival, is a former board member of the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce and has been actively involved in Fortuna's General Plan Update.

For more information on Clendenen and the issues, or to volunteer or donate, contact his campaign headquarters in Fortuna at 725-4146 or visit the website

For more information contact:

Bill Thorington, campaign manager

(707) 496-4703

David Jervis, press secretary

(707) 498-0260


Obama crossover VP speculation and other campaign news

Just a couple of notes and I'll add some more later.


Speculation: Obama/Bloomberg? God, I hope not!

Maybe Bloomberg will be satisfied to be Obama's Lieberman. Make him ambassador to Tunisia or something.


On the upside, Pelosi showed some uncharacteristic spine and told Clinton's donors to chill out.

Meanwhile, the economic crunch is taking its toll as many of us already know. And the bribes aren't keeping the sects in check in Iraq at the moment. 100 years.



My local blog list is now alphabetized and user-friendly. I even updated changes in titles and cleared out some of the deadwood.

I haven't yet added all of the Times Standard blogs, but you can access each of them here.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Senator Clinton wasn't lying! And McCain isn't cheating!

Here is recently discovered footage of the Bosnia trip! Where was Sinbad?!!

Addendum: Meanwhile, we're starting to hear talk of an Obama upset in Pennsylvania.

Second addendum: Major donors are trying to bully Speaker Nancy Pelosi into reversing her comment about Superdelegates following the dictates of voters.

And remember McCain's FEC problem? Well, a formal complaint has been filed.

Third addendum: The filing.

And CNN took notice.

When I have some time I'll try to dig up the appropriate law and comment. Scandals like this often start off low key and snowball, particularly where blogs are involved. It was Wolf Blitzer who whined a few years back that the blogs were "forcing" the mainstream media to cover stories they might not otherwise cover. He doesn't look happy about having to cover this one. But if the law says that McCain can not spend more than 54 million without a commission decision to let him off the hook, it's not just a campaign issue. He took public money and spent it know the restrictions. And if he did in fact break the law then maybe instead of a virtual signature people across the country should get hard copies of the complaint, insert their own names, and submit them.


The little quirks, episode 2

Remember the Cadilac Wok incident? Well, just this morning at the Holiday Inn Express in Ukiah, this blogger was enjoying his complimentary continental breakfast in front of the Good Morning Show or whichever is the one where life-challenged people are waiting on the sidewalk, probably since early in the morning, to catch a glimpse of whatever celeb has=been is doing the interview in a desperate career-reviving move. This guy walks into the lobby with his own English muffins to toast and grabs three hard-boiled eggs. He cuts each one open and spoons out the yellow part. He's drinking skim milk (which tastes like white water to me) so I figure that he's trying to be healthy. But then..., after he finishes the white parts, he eats the yellow with his spoon!

Now, that's just wrong! If you're going to eat them both they belong together! Nature has provided the perfect combination. Why mess it up?

What's wrong with people!?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


"There will be bud"

Monday, March 24, 2008


"Rednecks and hippies unite"

Read all about it at Humboldt Herald. I'll be posting more "Code Enforcement" stuff soon.

Addendum: From CLMP-
Humboldt County Code Enforcement Public Meeting

A Public Meeting regarding Code Enforcement will be held on Friday April 4, 2008 at 2:00 p.m. at the Veterans' Memorial Building on the corner of Conger and Locust Streets in Garberville, with Humboldt County Sheriff Gary Philp. District Attorney Paul Gallegos, Code Enforcement Officer Jeff Conner and 2nd District Supervisor Roger Rodoni. The purpose of this meeting is fact finding and feedback.

Organized by the Civil Liberties Monitoring Project and co-sponsored by the Garberville VFW. For more information contact CLMP at 707-923-4646 or email
I have been asked to facilitate the meeting.


Living wage in Eureka?

I don't have time for extensive comments except that contrary to popular free market ideology, some studies have indicated that raising local minimum wages has actually helped local economies by increasing the consumption base with a multiplier effect. The argument has always been that higher wages means few jobs, but it doesn't take into account two factors:

1. Minimum wage jobs in small businesses are more often than not essential to the business, meaning that the businesses would have to cut back somewhere else, increase their prices for everybody (spreading the cost around), or simply absorb the increase in wages.

2. Increases in minimum wages increase the amount of money in the hands of consumers who will spend it on goods, not savings or investment. This inflates a local economy which if it's large enough can actually facilitate a spurt of expansion of the local economy. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't, but the minimum wage earners aren't usually the workers commuting from the suburbs. The money they get will be spent, mostly given back to their employers.

In any case, I'm all for it. I mean I don't know anything about the particulars, but I support the idea. It's mitigated some poverty issues in places like San Francisco. It'll do the same here.

Here's the petition.

Now maybe the poster who wanted me to comment on it can get off my back (yes, whining works - even with me).

Addendum: Here's a mixed review of the economic results of the minimum wage increase in Santa Fe. You'd think the people interviewed live in different cities.

Here's a study of the impact of minimum wage increases in the state of Washington. It's a PDF file which I can't really access on my laptop without freezing the thing up (yes, I returned home yesterday only to turn around and drive back to Ukiah tonight). This article discusses a pre-increase study.

And here's a more detailed analysis of minimum wage increases in general from the Economy Policy Institute, an article from 2006 which begins with the following notes:

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Arthur C. Clarke

One of my favorite childhood science fiction writers died last week. He was buried in Sri Lanka where I believe he'd been residing.

Arthur Clarke is most famous for Space Odyssey 2001 which was a great movie which would be more watchable if an hour or so was edited out of it. It is considered the only scientifically correct movie about space travel. As I remember it, the movie was about a space mission to Jupiter, an computer named for IBM (each letter of "Hal" being the letter before each IBM letter in the alphabet) which became sentient and defended its own life even committing murder to do so. Actually, it's not murder if it's self defense, right? The hero, played by Keir Dullea (who was my father's roommate briefly in NY City way back when - like my father his parents were communists, Trotskyist variety). Anyway, the hero unplugs HAL and then the monolith appears and there's all kinds of psychodelic special effects with the Dullea character becoming a baby, and old man, and something happens at the end - I'm not sure what and it wasn't really cleared up by the sequel.

But it's considered by some to be the best film ever made.

I've never read the novel nor the many sequels. But I do strongly recommend Childhood's End and Rendezvous with Rama. Oh, and Tales of the White Hart.

His style was similar to Isaac Asimov, the pair along with Ray Bradbury making up the geek hard science fiction trinity. Bradbury was the better writer of the three. Azimov and Clarke had fascinating visions and ideas in science and sociology, but the characters were fairly wooden and minimalist. But if it's the realm of ideas you're looking for, they were each brilliant.

Clarke differed from Asimov in that he had a quasi-religious pantheist view of the universe, sort of along pop-Jungian lines. Childhood's End and 2001 (and its progeny) were testamentary to that, and maybe that's why I didn't get the ending in 2001. I wasn't the only one however, as an immigration official once held Clarke up in an airport demanding an explanation for the 2001 ending.

Clarke was politically progressive and opposed the Star Wars initiative under Reagan. Clarke wasn't an American citizen so his "meddling" in the issue angered fellow science fiction writer Poul Anderson (a moron politically, but Tau Zero is an excellent novel). Asimov called Anderson to the mat, and Anderson actually apologized to Clarke later.

The photo comes from the book cover of Ascent to Orbit, his autobiography.


Protect your money from your rotten liberal children!

I thought this had to be satire, but it appears to be authentic. Thanks to Elizabeth for e-mailing this information to me. The organization is DonorsTrust, which was created by the Heritage Foundation and the Capital Research Center, two prominent right wing think tanks.

From an e-mail pitch:
Dear Friend of Liberty--

We love our children, our grandchildren, and our families. But that doesn't mean we always see eye to eye with them. Sometimes we just have a difference of opinion on trivial matters. Other times it becomes quite obvious that they do not share our fundamental understanding of the world and the way it operates.

That's why our clients use DonorsTrust. They love their families but know they can rely on DonorsTrust to carry out their charitable intent. DonorsTrust erects a protective boundary, which means our clients' successor advisors will never be able to support the likes of Greenpeace or

The photo comes from the DonorsTrust site. Sure that spoiled radical brat who just earned her liberal arts degree on Daddy's dime is smiling now! But wait until she and her EarthFirst! dropout boyfriend find out what her parents did with her inheritance!


Easter and politics

Just got back home. I'll catch up eventually, but I thought I'd post a few random items to liven back up the discussion around here.


It's maybe too obvious a metaphor to pass up, but James Carville notes the spiritual timing of Governor Richardson's endorsement of Obama. 30 pieces of silver or the Secretary of the Interior office?

Judas in his own words.

I still think the Richardson endorsement had something to do with this.


Well, I don't quite know what to make of this one. Is it satire or earnest? I'm not sure.


Last week my mother said an odd thing: "Obama may be too eloquent to be president." I laughed it off, but John Dean is seriously asking the question.


Meanwhile Kevin Myers explains why people who oppose the war should support Sen. John McCain.


Does Obama really have a race problem?


We know why McCain can't attack Obama with the religious card, but Barbara Ehrenreich says Clinton can't really play that card either.


4000 and counting

But it's "just a number," right?

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Some odd notes, here and there

A reminder - Clif Clendenen will be holding an event at Beginnings tomorrow evening beginning at 6 p.m. Despite what the initial posters said, the event is free. Lot's of food. Music (including Steel Toed Slippers). Fun for the whole family. All are welcome regardless of campaign affiliation or endorsement.


Cristina Bauss will sub in for me on All Things Reconsidered tonight. I believe the topic will be Richardson Grove.


CNN spent a couple of hours on yesterday's 5th anniversary of the war asking "was the war worth fighting?" The mainstream media framing leaves me cold often, but on this occasion I was ready to toss the television out the window (unfortunately, it's not mine). The question is not whether it's "worth" anything. The question is whether we have the right to attack a country which is no threat to us, however bad the regime may be - unless perhaps we are attempting to prevent genocide. But the genocide took place 20 years ago while he remained an ally against Iran.

The conclusion? Well, if you take Wolf Blitzer and company to heart, it's not about the mistakes of the past. It's about what McCain will do in the future. The initial war support wasn't an error in judgment because "everybody" made the same mistake - except Obama of course, but his stand doesn't count because he wasn't yet in the Senate.


I am of course with my family in Monterey. I have fond memories, but as I've said previously, it's no Santa Cruz.

Monterey's alternative newspaper readers chose Starbucks as the county's number one coffee house. Did I mention that Monterey is not Santa Cruz? Their number one bookstore is Borders.


Oddly enough, the seafood selection at Shopsmart in Redway is far superior to most anything I found today as I was hunting for wild caught shrimp. I finally found a specialty store in Monterey proper named Sea Harvest where the selection was maybe slightly better than Redway's. More evidence we live in a blessed place.


The parking meters in Monterey are electronic. They reset when you move your car. I wonder how long it took for that technology to pay for itself. Also annoying is the fact that the machines only accept quarters.


I've shut down the comments in the last Reggae thread. I don't have time to clean it up.


Yours to the revolution.

Extra points to the first poster who can name the American novelist who used to sign off his letters that way. No, it wasn't Steinbeck.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


A couple of notable stops in Monterey County

The Cheese Shop - we took a trip to Carmel. It's never been my favorite place after the development deluge of the 70s and 80s. It's become an affluent sprawl along the lines of South Lake Tahoe, and its downtown is a pretentious hybrid of Mill Valley and Coney Island (perpetually packed with tourists). But in the plaza you can find The Cheese Shop which sells nearly 400 varieties of cheeses local and imported. You can tasted whatever grabs your interest, including a decent selection of non-nitrite salamis, some imported and one remarkable salami from Berkeley. They have a nice selection of wine, which makes for a perfect picnic lunch at the Carmel beach.

Passion Fish - On Lighthouse AVe. in Pacific Grove. Not cheap, but not over the top. We had an excellent starter salad mostly consisting of dungeness crab and avocado with a ginger dressing. The ginger to my pleasant surpise complimented rather than overwhelmed the crab, which was fresh and very sweet. For the main course I slammed down some perfectly cooked sea bass with a basil reduction topped with a smoked tomato cream garnish. The tomato stuff wasn't really necessary as the reduction stood alone as one of the best seafood sauces I've eaten. My wife and I split a mud pie consisting of mint chocolate chip with a layer of espresso chocolate chip on a chocolate cookie crust under a fudge sauce to die for. The best restaurant food I've had down here.

The Ice Cream Shoppe - across the street from Passion Fish in Pacific Grove, it's worth a stop for the ambiance as much as the ice cream. It's owned by an old hippie who decorated the walls with Beattles album covers and memorabilia as well and numerous other collector's items from the decade that won't die. He even has a political section, mostly about the wars now and then, which has lost him business and earned him death threats - constant reminders that Monterey County is not Santa Cruz even if it looks like it.

I recommend the Bing Cherry dark chocolate combo.

More when I have time.

Addendum (3/28): My favorite restaurant down here remains the Portola Cafe, which is located inside the Aquarium itself. Their clam chowder is phenomenal, what I got to taste of it after my kids got their spoons into my bowl. Try also their vegetable beef stew. My parents and I all ordered the halibut, and we weren't disappointed.

By the way, both the Portola and Passion Fish serve only sustainable seafoods as designated by Seafood Watch. Most of the locally owned restaurants down here follow suit.

Some time back I'd made the mistake of wandering into Bubba Gumps, and Forrest Gump themed chain restaurant - I had no idea. Sustainability is not on their agenda, and what's even more bizarre is the fact that they have a waterfront location in one of the richest seafood harvesting areas of the country, but the waitresses give you a blank stare when you ask for something local. From the flavor, or lack thereof, I suspect they ship everything in frozen. On top of it, the workers there are forced to harass you with questions about Forest Gump trivia, a subject of which I really didn't enjoy when I saw it in the theater. There are right wing movies I've enjoyed (Charlie Wilson's War, The Ice Storm, and even for schlock value, Red Dawn), but Gump was not only historically anemic, but boring. Anyway, Bubba Gump's - not recommended.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Obama's speech

For those who missed it. He wrote it himself by the way.

Addendum (3/28): According to a Fox News poll about 35 percent of the voters now hold Obama with less regard. If the poll is accurate, then Obama is doing very well. In the best of scenarios 45 percent aren't going to vote for him anyway. The Fox blond was interviewing Ari Fleischer who was disputing the poll results, again with that agitated manner of conservative talking heads over the past few days as disappointment sets in. They thought October had come early. Fleischer thinks there are white voters out there who lied to the pollsters so they wouldn't seem racist - a new application of the Bradley principle which up until now hasn't played out.

But we haven't had any actual elections to test any theory, and Obama wasn't expected to win in Pennsylvania even before this crap came up. The damage is probably done. Whether they like him, voters now see Obama as a black man. They didn't see him that way before. The blabbering heads are talking about "unease" among voters they've polled. Think about that word - "unease." Or "discomfort." They don't want to talk about it. There are few issues which manifest themselves in discussion with such ambiguity. Race is one of them.

For some, it won't matter what Obama says or does from here on it. It'll be like that goofy advertisement for the stain remover. He's black, and now they can't ignore it. So the question is whether white voters can rise above it, now that the card has been played.

Lastly, I do have to comment that the Clinton and McCain campaigns have handled this whole incident with class, even if their surrogates and supporters haven't.



The whale shark is the largest fish in the ocean. The octopus is the most intelligent invertebrate animal. Otters are not cats. There are only a handful of varieties of shark which are dangerous and more people are killed sitting under coconut trees than by sharks. Sea anaenomes, jelly fish, and hydra are all members of the phylum Coelenterata.

I learned all those facts, and more, today.

Yes, we are on our annual family trip to Monterey. More later.

Monday, March 17, 2008


A request

I am on vacation and I will only be online when I have the time to take my laptop to the library. I have people watching the blog, but please post responsibly or I'll be forced to block all comments until I return.

Oh, and please don't call my house to complain about something. I have some people staying there and they don't want to be bothered with it.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


So is Obama toast?

I'm on my mother-in-law's old very slow computer, and I'm hogging the phone line. I saw his interviews last night, and I don't think he handled it well. Does anybody really believe he never heard about Rev. Wright's 911 or "God Damn America" comments? The only way it could possibly be true is if he didn't really attend church very often, which means his level of faith might be a pretense. Or, maybe Rev. Wright really has a sweet side and these were just off days.

Obama would have done better to say something like, "most of the time he's a caring and compassionate minister, but sometimes he gets carried away and I can't support him when he talks like this." It wouldn't be enough for some people, but it would be for most.

I do have to note yet another media double standard however. In two days the television audiences have seen more of Rev. Wright's preaching than they saw of Huckabee's during his 14 months of campaigning.

On the up side for Obama, at least this will put to rest the whole Muslim e-mail thing. But he'd better ditch his advisers and come clean as to precisely what he's gotten out of this church in 20 years and why he continued to allow Wright to be associated with the campaign even after he heard about these comments.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Somebody doesn't like Chris Matthews

Bear in mind, he takes on people all over the board. Zell Miller even talked about challenging him to a duel.

Still, these clips are pretty disturbing.

Addendum: He's had his moments pissing off conservatives as well, but quite frankly I can empathize with Zell Miller.


The County Democrats endorse Estelle

I received an angry e-mail accusing me of bias because I hadn't posted this news. I didn't post it, because I didn't know about it. As I've said, I'll post any press release from any campaign. But I can't read minds and I don't always have time to read the newspaper.

Anyway, congratulations to Estelle for the endorsement.

[portion deleted pending confirmation of facts]

Looking forward to a spirited but positive campaign.

Addendum: Darryl Cherney has not actually endorsed any candidate and what he said on Thank Jah last Friday was that the candidates will have to earn his vote. The show should still be available for listening by podcast at

I apologize for any confusion my previous post may have caused.


Wow! The Democrats' spine is holding for once.

Between television ads and relentless pressure from the right wing noise machine, and reports I'd heard of wimpering from key Democrats, I'd expected to be reading about a FISA cave-in by now.

Not so, apparently.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Clendenen HQ opening

March 13, 2008


Official Clif Clendenen Campaign Headquarters Now Open in Fortuna

The campaign of Clif Clendenen for Supervisor has announced the opening of its headquarters in downtown Fortuna at 927 Main Street in the Apex Real Estate building across the street from the Humboldt Beacon. The office will have flexible hours based on volunteer staffing, with a 24-hour phone number of 725-4146, and will be a central distribution point for yard signs, bumper stickers, buttons and such campaign literature such as Clendenen’s position statements and endorsements.

Clendenen, a native of Humboldt County, owns and operates Clendenen Cider Works in Fortuna, an apple farm his family has operated for several generations. After receiving a botany degree from the University of California, Davis, Clendenen returned to settle in Humboldt County. He married Laurie, a special education teacher and has two children, both living away from home while attending college. Clendenen helped develop the Fortuna Apple Harvest Festival, is a former board member of the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce and has been actively involved in Fortuna's General Plan Update.

Clendenen based his decision to run for supervisor on the belief that all the people of the Second District deserve a better level of representation than they've been getting.

"While I have strong views on the main issues, I believe the best quality a supervisor can have is to keep an open mind and be willing to listen to all my constituents," Clendenen said. "Because government doesn't always have the answer, as your supervisor I will reach out beyond the office, to find and tap into resources, to make introductions and to advocate and work for the best solutions to the issues that face the Second District."

In additon to his commitment to having an open door, Clendenen strongly backs a sustainable economy with responsible use of agricultural and forest lands and supports well-planned, smart growth in the district's towns and communities. He is also an active advocate for the restoration of the regions's rivers, with protection of salmon and steelhead habitats and water flows restored to their natural levels.

As part of his desire to be as accessible and approachable as possible, this month Clendenen has begun walking neighborhoods in Fortuna and Redway on evenings and weekends, going door-to-door to talk with area residents about the focus of his campaign. Clendenen would like to meet with as many of his constituents as possible by walking neighborhoods in Fortuna, Hydesville, Rio Dell, Scotia, Garberville and Redway.

For more information contact:

Bill Thorington, campaign manager
(707) 496-4703

David Jervis, media relations
(707) 498-0260


There's an anti-war march in Eureka on Saturday

And as usual, it's the second-best kept secret in Humboldt County. I don't know when it's supposed to start, but it begins like the others at the Municipal Auditorium and will end at the Gazebo in Old Town.

People, remember how you're supposed to organize? Posters? Leaflets? PSA's on radio stations? There are plenty of people who aren't political activists who oppose the war. They will march. But they can't read your minds. You have to invite them.

And then you have to try not to scare them away once they come. From an Adbuster's piece previously posted in a discussion about why the left has failed:
We all know where this stuff comes from. Anyone who’s ever been to a lefty political meeting knows the deal – the problem is the “spirit of inclusiveness” stretched to the limits of absurdity. The post-sixties dogma that everyone’s viewpoint is legitimate, everyone‘s choice about anything (lifestyle, gender, ethnicity, even class) is valid, that’s now so totally ingrained that at every single meeting, every time some yutz gets up and starts rambling about anything, no matter how ridiculous, no one ever tells him to shut the fuck up. Next thing you know, you’ve got guys on stilts wearing mime makeup and Cat-in-the-Hat striped top-hats leading a half-million people at an anti-war rally. Why is that guy there? Because no one told him that war is a matter of life and death and that he should leave his fucking stilts at home.
Just a thought.

Addendum: Thanks to Kim Sallaway for e-mailing the poster image to me. Has anybody seen these posters up?


Say it ain't so Mary Ann!

Thanks to Fred for the heads-up about one of my childhood crushes (after Emma Peele and the Mary Tyler Moore character in Dick Van Dyke).

Due to illegal substances left in her car by hitchhikers (if Mary Ann says it's true, I believe it!), she will be spending a few days in jail. Even if she has a 215 card, it obviously doesn't help her in Idaho.

And, no, she couldn't afford a high profile attorney. Those actors were screwed over when it comes to royalties.

Damn you hitchhikers!

The photo comes from the Chronic Curmudgeon.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Keith Olberman tears into Clinton


Our own Battle of the Somme - scorched earth and mutually assured destruction

Yes, I'm aware of the articles in this weeks Sohum papers (Redwood Times article) about last week's Planning Commission meeting and yes I'm aware of the e-mail which was presented. And yes, I've been putting off comment because, really, the dialogue on the Reggae conflict has degenerated to such a point that even many of the stalwarts on both sides have abandoned the discussion. As one admitted partisan pointed out tonight, she doesn't visit the Reggae threads because it's reached the point of "you're stupid - you're more stupid - am not - am too" only with a slash and burn approach that leaves no feelings undevastated and no personal attack held back. I'm starting to understand the concept of original sin, and the sentiments which shore up fascism. It's really over the top that people who average 50 years of age act this way. I think I've reached my threshold.

So go ahead and comment. But I'm hereby declaring a heightened standard of conduct for Reggae War threads. Whether they're aimed at anybody in particular, I will zap any and all personal attacks against individuals. I don't have a formula - I'll know it when I see it.

Basically, an e-mail letter from PP bookkeeper Suzy Mattilla to MCC Board member Bob Stern attacked Taunya Staupp as naive, anal, and controlling for insisting that the concert conform to all laws. The e-mail contains an admission that the concert was not compliant with the terms of the permit in terms of the body count on site, and that the concert could not be both compliant and profitable. You can read excerpts in the article linked above.

The letter has been introduced as evidence in the legal proceedings.

I have so many thoughts, I don't even know where to begin. Suzy simply confirmed what Board members have pretty much known over the years even if it didn't get spoken. It has been a point of contention in the past, but it never became public. On the one hand, you can argue that it's hypocritical to bring it up now, the Mateel having benefited from the the overages in the past. On the other hand, the Mateel never asked PP to do it, not openly anyway. Last year the Planning Department essentially awarded the permit to People Productions (though they would emphatically deny that categorization) on the as of yet untested theory that "the permit runs with the land." PP got to put on their concert. But in doing so, they removed all incentive of the Mateel to cooperate with them, and in light of the expensive litigation, gave the Mateel every incentive to bring Reggae Rising down.

I can't glean from the articles the Commissioners' reactions, but their demands for a third party audit of the 2007 by the next meeting would seem insurmountable if none was actually performed. I'm told that Kirk Girard joked: "What are they going to do? Invite all the attendees back up for a group photo?"

I wish the Mateel would issue a press statement about the decision to produce the e-mail. Yeah, I know it's "war." But the collateral damage is bound to be quite significant.

I don't know what good is going to come of this from here on out. It should not have reached this point. And those on both sides who pushed us here, I hope you're enjoying this. Because it won't get any better until you decide it's time to stop and pick up the pieces.

In the meantime, if we can't put on concerts which conform to law and regs, then maybe we shouldn't put them on. Capacity issues are not "adherence to tiresome rules." Maybe that discussion should have taken place a long time ago.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Rodoni 12 years ago and today

From an old NCJ article about his 96 campaign against Roy Heider, part of his opening statement in a Mateel Center debate:
The situation in Humboldt County today ... is grave at best. My priorities are public safety, roads and the budget.
12 years later, how are those three priorities playing out? Is is fair to hold him to his initial "priorities" after 12 years? Is his campaign still about roads, public safety, and the budget? Or did he fix all that?

It's not his fault. Blame the socialists in county government.


Mississippi results

MSNBC has called it for Obama, but there are no returns as of yet. He took Wyoming on Saturday, making his streak since last week's media manufactured "losses" two. The blabbering heads all expect it to end with Pennsylvania, one way or another.

After today, there are no primaries until late April when Pennsylvania chimes in. Currently Clinton is well ahead in the polls, but Obama has the time and money to pull a South Carolina by going to every town. During the South Carolina week of campaigning, Obama made three stops per day in gymnasiums and town halls across the state and the result was a shocking blow-out which basically made him the front-runner ever since. He has to return to that kind of a campaign and stop getting bogged down in the surrogate silliness. He's not making any points over the Ferraro "black privilege" flap, even if it has Clinton on the defensive. And he has to clarify his NAFTA position.

And he should fire Goolesbee, but he hasn't listened to my advice.

The Comedian Sinbad, who accompanied Clinton on the now famous Kosovo trip has a different take on the trip and it's application to the "red phone."

Update: Wow! The exit polls indicate the strongest racial polarization yet this season, even including South Carolina. Mississippi is still Mississippi 50 years after the Voting Rights Act.


A military Internet blackout zone?

Gibraltar. So says Ed, who is in Spain.

I didn't know there was such a thing as a "military Internet blackout zone."


Ed just turned 68. He had duck at Le Bistro.

Happy birthday Ed!


According to the NYT, Spitzer is resigning

As you probably know by now, the rising star for the Democratic Party; known for his prosecutions against corporate corruption, and, yes, prostitution rings, will be resigning as governor of New York. He was, of course, busted as a client of a high priced prostitution ring. Now word on whether charges will be filed.

I imagine the question being asked is whether this ring got a pass during his crackdowns.

The shot of the paparazzi camp-out at his apartment comes from the NYT article linked above.

Update: Well, not so fast. Spitzer might not be resigning.

Apparently he spent as much as 80 thousand dollars over "an extended period of time." I assume that was more than one session.

Second update: Nope. He's out.


And they're off!

The Times Standard has some background on all three candidates. There won't be any more as the candidacy filings were due last Friday.

Two of the candidates have public events coming up on Thursday.

From Estelle's website:
COME MEET ESTELLE :: The campaign to elect Estelle Fennell to the 2nd District Supervisor‘s seat will host a special event in in Fortuna at the River Lodge
Date: Thursday 13 March 2008
Time: 2pm
Place: River Lodge
1800 Riverwalk Drive :: Fortuna, Ca.
Note: This will give area voters an opportunity to meet with the candidate and hear why she’s running to replace Roger Rodoni in the upcoming June Elections.

Estelle will make a brief presentation outlining what she sees as key issues facing the district and her plans to address them. Estelle, as always will be there to listen and take input from community members and she will also take questions from the voters at the event.
She'll be passing Clif Clendenen on 101 who'll be coming from the opposite direction on the same day.
Clif Clendenen, candidate for Humboldt County Supervisor in the Second District, will be appearing at a public gathering in Weott at Weott Community Hall at 175 Lum Street on Thursday, March 13 from 6 to 8 p.m. The event is free, however, donations will gladly be accepted. Food and refreshments, including cider and pastries, will be served.

Clendenen has been holding a series of similar events to hear what issues residents of the Second District believe are the most important. The past events have been well-attended and provided a great forum for both Clendenen and those in attendance.

Clendenen was born and raised in the Second District. He graduated from the University of California, Davis and returned to Humboldt County to operate his family’s apple farm in Fortuna for the past 30 years. While Clendenen has been active in local Fortuna culture and politics, he is now directing his energy and ideas to the county level.

All residents in the area are urged to come to the event, meet the candidate, voice their views and discuss the issues.

Bill Thorington, campaign manager (707) 496-4703
David Jervis, media relations (707) 498-0260
Clif will also join the seniors for lunch at Healy Center at noon the same day, and of course he'll be at Beginnings for an evening event on March 21.

Roger doesn't appear to have a website up that Google can detect, and if he's got any public events scheduled he's sure keeping them a secret. Cocky are we?

Monday, March 10, 2008


Trollbusting bill from Kentucky - make a post, go to jail

Well actually, you wouldn't go to jail. If this Kentucky pol has his way, I'd be fined 500 bucks for each anonymous post, and 1000 for each anonymous post I allow thereafter. Or Google/Blogspot would anyway.

I'm not clear from the article as to whether the guy is a state or federal representative.

Isn't Kentucky the state which introduced a bill to make the value of pi 3 as a matter of law?

The drawing comes from this odd blog.


Speaking of local blogs

Humboldt Homestead has a some shots of local spring for you, if you don't mind a break from whatever conflict you came here to vent about.

Lots of blooms and rainbows over at the site, and even a Sohummushing video. You have to see it to believe it. I don't understand how the "sled" stays on the trail.

And she still has some great winter shots up.

Addendum: Didn't realize that she has a mushing blog! I'll add it to the list when I have time.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Two more local blogs - and a Richardson Grove update

The moment we've all been waiting for - Cristina Bauss fires up her own blog!

This after what everybody is calling a terrific story on Richardson Grove in the NCJ (linked below). I haven't had the time to read it yet.

And Tom Sebourn of KGOE is getting into the act as well. It may also be the first local blog to be advertised on the radio.

Addendum (Sunday): I was finally able to sit down and read Cristina's excellent article, which I believe is thorough and reasonably fair to all sides.
Why does it matter? Because — according to numerous Humboldt County business owners who have spoken out in support of the project — the regulations cost them millions of dollars each year in offloading costs, and safety issues have long plagued truckers making the trip through 101. And here's the clincher: Caltrans says not a single old-growth redwood tree will be removed. Most of the trees cut will be tanoaks, maples, and bay laurels, but the agency still can't say how many.
The number I've heard is seven, though Caltrans admittedly does not have a track record of accurate projections in anything (a notable exception being the Confusion Hill bridge which remains on budget and on time).

Cristina goes on to cite some small business owners who say that the upgrade will benefit them most as the big boxes are actually more able to metabolize the offloading costs. As she notes, we already have two big boxes, and I'm told that most of the deliveries for the Crescent City boxes come from south.

That being said, I don't understand the resistance to an EIR. Is it the cost? The time? Perhaps the issue is that Caltrans would actually have to commit to a particular plan to evaluate, and they'd rather keep their options open - which is part of what makes enviros nervous. As I said before, the opposition is being pegged with the charge of vagueness, but maybe the problem is in the ambiguity of the proposal.

But there is also the unspoken agenda of controlled growth. But maybe this isn't the front to fly that banner as it doesn't really come across as a reasonable basis for opposition to this very modest project. And slow growth advocacy thrives on small business support. Certainly opposition, without coherent cause, here could alienate it.

Just my two cents.

Oh, and while I can't say it didn't happen, I really doubt that Governor Schwarzenegger and Arkley would have been stupid enough to wander the grove in person. Nothing to gain, and a photograph would be a major headache. But one source swears to the rumor.

Friday, March 07, 2008


Clif at Beginnings

March 7, 2008


Beginnings in Briceland Hosts Equinox Event Featuring Clendenen, Live Entertainment
on Friday, March 21

To mark the equinox and the arrival of spring, Beginnings in Briceland will play
host to a celebration open to all community members featuring dinner, a silent
auction and live music from the Steel Toed Slippers and the Whitethorn Players and
the opportunity for all in attendance to meet, listen to and talk to Clif Clendenen,
candidate for Second District supervisor, on Friday, March 21.

Residents of all ages in the area are urged to come to the community event and
fundraiser, eat dinner, meet the candidate and have a great time. Doors open at 6
p.m., with a gourmet Italian dinner served at 6:30 in the Octogon community center
hall at Beginnings. Donations for admission will be accepted, all are welcome.
Dinner tickets are on a sliding scale. Door prizes, a raffle and a silent auction
will be among the evening's entertainment, along with acoustic music from the
Whitethorn Players and a performance from the Steel Toed Slippers starting around 9

Critically acclaimed young local band Steel Toed Slippers, who released their
eponymously titled first album last month, have just completed a nine-day tour of
Southern California, finishing up at the renowned Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood. The
four-member band has played more than 50 gigs in Humboldt and Mendocino County in
the past year, and in 2007 played onstage at a benefit show alongside legendary
Little Feat guitarists Paul Barrere and Fred Tacket and participated in a national
battle of the bands on CBS' "The Early Show."

Clendenen has been holding a series of well-attended public events and forums this
year to meet and talk with residents of the Second District, and this will be an
fantastic chance for South County residents to meet him again or for the first time,
and to ask questions and talk to him about the issues surrounding the district they
believe are the most important.

Clendenen was born and raised in the Second District and has for the past 30 years
been the owner of his family business Clendenen's Cider Works in Fortuna, and he
strongly backs a sustainable economy with responsible use of agricultural and forest
lands and supports well-planned, smart growth in the district's towns and
communities. He is also an active advocate for the restoration of the Eel and
Mattole rivers, with restoration of salmon and steelhead habitats and water flows
restored to their natural levels.

Beginnings, which includes the 1,800-sq. ft. Octogon hall, the Children's House
preschool, the K-6 Skyfish School, the Yin Yang martial arts pavillion and several
other community-geared programs, was founded as an educational alternative and
community service program in the South County in 1974, with the existing site
purchased in 1977. It is located on Briceland Road approximately eight miles west of

For more information on Clendenen and his campaign, or to volunteer or donate,
contact his campaign headquarters in Fortuna at 725-4146 or visit his website at

For more information contact:

Bill Thorington, campaign manager

(707) 496-4703

David Jervis, media relations

(707) 498-0260


NCJ on Richardson Grove

Here's the article.

I haven't read it yet. I'll read it and comment later.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Massive number of pink slips issued in our local schools today

In light of the obscenity of wealth my high school alma mater has become (see post immediately below), our own schools are in deep trouble. I was just informed that a slew of pink slips was delivered today, and two high school shop classes are to be shut down.

The news isn't much better up north, where it was decided that Lincoln Elementary is going to be shut down in Eureka.

Blame who you want to blame. We've been sliding for years, and, well. It is what it is. Are we an empire in free-fall?

Addendum: I should add that they send out more pink slips than they ultimately need at this time of year. Some sort of deadline, I don't know the details. Most of the teachers get rehired once the budget is secured. But this year there are more pink slips than normal.

And all of the aides at Redway School have been let go.

Pink slip graphic comes from the NY Times.

Second addendum: Somebody posted this link, which could stir a huge pot around here. If the ruling holds, you can't homeschool your children without a teaching credential.


Go Lick!

My high school (Lick-Wilmerding, no joke) is playing in Redding tonight and you can watch it live-streaming. We just held our 25th reunion last fall, so I guess I'm on the e-mail list now.



The Lick-Wilmerding Tigers take on the Liberty Christian Patriots in the
Northern California

semi-final championship basketball game tonight.

And you can be there!

Watch the webcast live tonight from Redding at

While the game starts at 7:30 PM, we recommend that you set it up early
(streaming should begin around 7:00 PM) because you will need the latest version of Flash in order to receive the transmission.

There is no charge for viewing the game or downloading Flash.

You do not have to sign up for anything. The game will stream live once it

Please note that the "Chat" feature is reserved for running scores and
messages for the team only. Do not attempt to join in as this will create too much traffic.

A huge thank you to L-W parent Jim Watson for manning the camera and making
this all possible!

Wow. We even have a website. Looks so weird, nothing like when I attended. Of course, the tuition was $800 a year when I attended. It's like 20 grand now. It's hard to know what to say when someone calls up on their behalf asking me for donations for anything other than scholarships.

Addendum: (Choke!) (Wheeze!) It's 29 thousand a year! (Note to anybody looking for a school in the Bay Area - Lowell is actually better academically speaking. It's public, and it's free. But your kid has to work his/her ass off to get in.)


Clendenen press release re PALCO bankruptcy

March 6, 2008


Clendenen Urges Board to Send Letter to Bankruptcy Court

The Second District, more than others, has been severely impacted by the actions of
Maxxam/PALCO over the last 20 years and now with a bankruptcy judge holding the
future disposition of hundreds of thousands of prime timberland, again the Second
District residents will be positively or negatively impacted by a decision from
Texas. It is time for our Board of Supervisors to take a stand.

I strongly encourage the Board of Supervisors to send a letter to the bankruptcy
court outlining the following points:

1. The reorganization plan must maintain the 200,000 acres of timberland in
single ownership and as working forest.

2. The plan must allow for the regeneration of timber inventories to ensure
long-term sustainable yields.

3. The Scotia sawmill needs to be successful for the long term since it also
fulfills the needs of many small landowners in the county.

4. Any future owner needs to commit to honoring the Habitat Conservation Plan as
part of the Headwaters Agreement.

We need to look at the long-term benefits to the community. In addition to a steady
supply of good-paying jobs, a successful court decision will be pivotal in
maintaining our working natural resources. Since the year 2000, over 600 jobs have
been lost at PALCO. We can't afford to lose any more.

For more information contact:

Bill Thorington, campaign manager

(707) 496-4703

David Jervis, media relations

(707) 498-0260

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


A local blog on fatherhood

Become a Better Father

I haven't had the chance to look it over, but I will. I can use all the help I can get!


Milton Wolff memorial

Milton Wolff


Commander of the Lincoln Brigade

"Activism is the elixir of life."

Memorial Milt Wolff
Saturday, March 29, 2008
4:30 pm
ILWU Local 34
4 Berry Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

To send a remembrance to post on this site about Milt or for more information about the memorial email

For information about the dedication of the National Monument to the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, on March 30, 2008 in San Francisco, go to:

To learn about the Spanish Civil War and the Americans who joined the International Brigades, check out The Front Lines of Social Change: Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, by Richard Bermack.

For information about Milt Wolff's autobiographical novel, Another Hill

New York Times obit

Richard Bermack remembers Milt Wolff

Download pdf invitation to the Monument Dedication March 30, 2008

My previous post on Milt.

And my previous post on VALB.


Pretext code enforcement?

I've already consulted with two clients and CLMP has already received several calls. Apparently the Planning Department in conjunction with the Sheriff's office is getting warrants to enter various rural Sohum homes to investigate building code violations. At least one marijuana bust has resulted from one of these "investigations." Others have been cited for minor violations such as using a composting toilet or using a bus for residential purposes.

So the question is whether this is a veiled marijuana eradication initiative, or whether after decades of unpermitted shacks and hippie-homes the Planning Department deciding to enforce the codes in the hills. Did the new policy, if any, originate with the Planning Department, or with the Board of Supervisors? Are they enforcing all codes, or are they looking for particular violations?

I didn't hear it all, but criminal defense attorney Manny Daskal was interviewed about the issue on tonight's news. You can find the podcast here.


"You can't wear a flag pin in prison"

From this well conceived and produced video about Obama's "flagpingate" problem, one of several rather ridiculous charges against him which unfortunately play well with certain elements of the electorate.

The video convinces me and probably most of the green belt. But that's not where he needs votes right now.

Flag pin shot comes from American Company.

Addendum: But what happened to McCain's pin?!!!


Chaos in June

If you've seen the Redwood Times headline (for some reason, the story isn't yet available online) or spoken to anyone involved you know that the Redwood Run is set for the second weekend in June. That's when about 4000 Harleys descend onto Sohum and Nomend for a party which began as a funeral - maybe somebody knows the story.

But the Sunday of that weekend is Father's Day. That means the rodeo is also scheduled for the weekend. Way to talk to each other people!

Normally on what has often been dubbed "Biker Weekend," you Redwood Drive in Garberville would be lined with a gauntlet of 1920s technology "who-needs-fuel-injection" bikes creating an impressive visual and something of a video game to avoid running over the near-elderly men and women trying to squeeze into their decades-old leather duds. They pack all of the restaurants (Even the Woodrose these days, though when I first moved here I wouldn't notice as many bikes outside their window. Somebody who didn't want to wait in line for biscuits and gravy at the Eel River probably wandered in, discovered a fine breakfast, and spread the words that the hippies weren't going to poison them.). They party.

Only problem is that doesn't leave much room for the Rodeo Parade, which usually boasts floats with lots of candy being thrown to kids on and near the sidewalks usually clear of parked vehicles. So either the bikers are going to have to get breakfast somewhere else, or they're going to have to park on the side streets.

And that's just one awkward moment among many for that weekend. Oh, and just for good measure, the high schoolers graduate that weekend as well! All the relatives are probably going to have to scramble for lodging in Eureka, if it's available.

Don't blame the planning department. The Redwood Run is in Mendo. Two different processes.

Know where I'm going to be that weekend? Somewhere not here!

On the bright side? At least this one can't be blamed on the hippies!


27 submachine guns??????!


Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Primary results thread

CNN is calling Vermont (Northern California east) for Obama. No surprise there.

Ohio's polls close at 4:30. I don't know about Rhode Island, and Texas has an odd two-step primary/caucus process, the second half of which doesn't even start until 7:00 their time.

More as I have it.


Ohio is too close to call.

Meanwhile, a report of vote stealing in Houston.


Trivia from CNN. Vermont is the only state President Bush has never visited.

Another note about Vermont. Check out the results map so far (only 10 percent of the votes counted, so the color could in theory change). The light blue county up in the north east is Essex County, which is so far the only county in which Clinton is winning. The county is one of the more affluent, and some years ago formally asked the Vermont State government for permission to secede and join New Hampshire, where the politics are more conservative and the taxes I guess lower.

You can view the results by moving your clicker onto the particular county on the map.


From DKos:
The Obama campaign has convinced a judge in Cuyahoga County to keep 20 precincts that ran out of ballots open until 9 p.m. So those previously closed polls are being re-opened.
Another county's polling places are being kept open until 9 p.m. due to weather.


Looks like Obama is doing well in the urban areas of Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Most of the rest of the counties seem to be going Clinton's way. Still only about 1 percent of the vote counted however. Actually that figure doesn't make sense as over half a million votes have been counted. I seriously doubt 50 million people voted in Texas!

Update: I'm told that's early voting, so the 1% is only figured into today's votes. If these are the early voting counts around the state, then Obama has a blow-out! I'm skeptical, and I wonder if these are votes concentrated around those three urban areas. If so, it should get much closer.


McCain's officially clinched the nomination with a four state sweep. Hucakbee is giving his concession speak right now.


The Ohio and Texas vote counting have to be the slowest this season!


CNN calls Ohio for Clinton. Obama really had to fire Goolesbee right away, and if there's any truth to the Canadian memo, he could actually lose the nomination. He lost some credibility and I think that was even more important than the "red phone" commercial.

Texas is still close and the three primary urban centers haven't reported all of their precincts yet. But today was Clinton's day. It's a new campaign. There's probably be some movement, but I bet Obama doesn't catch Clinton. He'll win more delegates because of the caucuses, but the media is already calling this day a big win for Clinton.


Kucinich is safe.


Addendum: Did the Clinton campaign touch up an Obama photo to make him look blacker?

Someone in the advertising industry says "it's no accident."

What's even more depressing than the fact of the manipulation itself is the proposition that it might actually have worked.


Geeks mourn the loss of the nerd Pope

I guess he finally rolled snake eyes with a minus 7 sword.


New endorsement for Obama

Tom Lehrer according to this blogger. Lehrer who "gave up satire the day Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize."

Lehrer had given up folk singing by the time I arrived at UC Santa Cruz in 1982. He was teaching some sort of musical theater class, having retired from math professorship (anybody remember his song for the quotient formula? Low d high less high d low and under the line square low must go..."). The blogger mentions that he's a private person, which comports with my one recollection of him. As the sun was going down some friends and I were walking the streets of Santa Cruz. He sat on the steps of the Louden Nelson Center staring into the sky to the west. We waved to him and he politely waved back with a "yes-it's-me-but-can't-I-just-enjoy-the-sunset-for-a-moment" kind of slightly pained half-smile. We obliged.

Some youtubes for you young-uns who might not know him but for an occasional play on the Dr. Demento Show.

Oh, I forgot the most important part:
Lehrer, who has become more private in his later years, was quoted by Weingarten in his blog, "I asked Lehrer if there was anything he'd like to add, in this chat, about the current president. After a bit of pause he said, 'Just tell the people that I am voting for Obama.'"
Now the people have been told.

The photo comes from his website.

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