Saturday, May 31, 2008


On the final lap in the Second District race (with brief SAF report)

The Times Standard is endorsing Jimmy Smith and Mark Lovelace. They will publish their Second District endorsement tomorrow.

Humboldt Herald is discussing the endorsements and the bloggers there are speculating as to the TS Second District endorsement. Hank Sims is "almost certainly" convinced it will be Clif.

The Eureka Report went with the conservatives all the way: Rodoni, Vevoda, and Plumley.


The TS decided to interview Johanna Rodoni after all. You can view the video here. You can read some excerpts here.


Clif was at the Summer Arts Festival today. I think he had a good time. I've been surprised by some of the individuals who have approached him to say that they're voting for him, but don't want to make a public deal out of it because they don't want to hurt Estelle's feelings. Personally, I think Estelle has the depth to understand that politics is not always about friendships. But as one of the public Clif supporters, I can testify to the occasional awkwardness. As I was waiting for the shuttle back to Redway (I don't understand why anyone would drive down and pay 20 dollars to park - I didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes either way), Estelle exited the shuttle to attend the festival.

On the SAF, I had a great time as well. The kids section was the best to date. And they've added Egyptian food to the mix. And May's Chinese is off to the side by itself away from the other food booths. If you want to skip the lines for a good plate of noodles (my daughter and son shared a plate, then later my daughter asked for another before she slept a long nap in my arms through all the music and commotion - she's obviously in a growth spurt). After some coaxing and her brave brother's example, she also dipped her hand into hot wax. She also did a flower.

Feet First and the ballet students put on an excellent show as usual. The Andeans played their music. And a great student Afro-rhythm band played their hearts out on the lawn stage. Didn't make it for any performances at the Solar Stage, though when I left him Clif was headed back there for a performance which interested him from a reading of the program.


Lot's more campaign related letters to the TS. Lots more to the ER.


The TS "election roundup" has more.


DNC Rules Committee

I just returned from the Summer Arts Festival to hear the final vote on seating the Michigan and Florida delegates. The Florida issue was easy to resolve - they will simply seat the chosen delegates and each will get a 1/2 vote (what the Republicans did).

Michigan was a little more complicated because Obama was not even on the ballot. The motion passed involved a reallocation of the delegates which essentially took 4 delegates away from Clinton. I wasn't around for the discussion so I don't know the formula that was used. Harold Ickes threw a fit on behalf of Hillary Clinton claiming that the committee was imposing its judgment over 600,000 voters. Apparently he believes that zero Democrats in Michigan would have voted for Obama. A number of Clinton supporters disrupted the meeting for the duration, taking a page from the Bush people in Florida in 2000.

Ickes left threatening to take the matter to the Credentials Committee at the convention, but none of the blathering heads are taking it seriously. By all accounts the "undecided" super delegates are going to put the matter to rest on Wednesday once all the voters have had their say.

Daily Kos covers the proceedings from a pro-Obama perspective. MYDD looks at it more favorably to Clinton.


Some campaign photos

I got these from Daily Kos. Cute kids. I hope they don't become casualties of the next generation of cynicism.

You can click on them to enlarge.

This one was accompanied by a caption which asked which figure in the photo was scarier - the guy with the hots for Hillary, or the SS guy who wants to kill the camera man.

Friday, May 30, 2008


Arcata's grow houses make the L.A. Times

In case anybody was concerned that Humboldt County might lose its reputation.

1000 out of 7500 homes?! Seriously?!

That explains the housing crisis. Zoning anyone?


Is anybody else around here without long distance service?

I've been unable to dial out of the 923 area all day. I finally negotiated the voice activated recording maze on Verizon's telephone service (through my cell phone as 800 numbers aren't working either). I really hate those things. Finally I got to the point where I had to listen to elevator music before a representative told me there's an "outage" in my area. They promise it'll be fixed by noon on Monday or they're going to send me something or another that I didn't quite follow.

Anyway, if you didn't know, that's what's going on.

Update: It's fixed. Now I don't have to try to scan the exhibits on my mediation brief to e-mail them!


Big Box development in the Second District

I didn't get to hear all of Thank Jah this morning, but I did hear one caller take issue with Sue's letter stating that Clif is the only candidate who opposes big box development. It is clearly the biggest difference between the positions of Clif and Estelle, and I would summarize each candidate's position as follows.

Clif - while certain big box developments may be appropriate for other communities, it is not appropriate for the Second District. The Second District is not large enough to metabolize such a development without serious negative alterations of the local economy. While Fortuna does mostly have the institutional power to make the decision on its own, it is an issue which affects the district and the county as a whole and a supervisor should take a public leadership role and participate in the discussion in behalf of the district and county, even if it means "stepping on some toes." Supports a mixed use plan for the PALCO land.

Estelle- doesn't oppose all big boxes and supports mixed use which may include a big box. Believes that it is ultimately Fortuna's decision to make. Has not offered any discussion of what role, if any, she would play in the discussion if elected supervisor.

Roger - it's Fortuna's business and nobody else's.

Johanna - ???

If I've misstated or left anything out of the positions, please let me know. And yes, I understand that you might disagree with a particular candidate's position on an issue and still support him/her. We can have two threads of discussion here - the issue itself and its significance for the Second District election. Personally, I believe it relates to larger issues of development of the county, the general plan, and questions of vision. We know that code enforcement issues are being linked to development issues, and very unusual alliances are being struck which could result in some odd realignments of local politics. You might ask why certain conservative forces seem to act as if they're more threatened by Clif than Estelle. It's certainly been evident in these threads.


The sign wars continue

Let's be clear. The signs are really just an ancillary issue to the election. Signs serve several purposes, which are rarely decisive.

1. They show you that a campaign is well organized (or not) which may or may not reflect on the candidate's ability to govern.

2. They imply (though don't necessarily indicated) endorsements of the property owners upon which the signs are located.

3. They contribute to visceral name recognition.

There may be other purposes, but campaigns are won and lost on the ability of the candidate him/herself to make an impression, his/her positions, and on substantial contact with voters.

That being said, the campaigns obviously take great pains to distribute the signs. In Fortuna, Clif and Roger have Main Street extensively covered, but once you turn the corner onto Kenmore, it's Rodoni row until you get to the south end where you find more Clif signs and an Estelle sign at the intersection before you return to the freeway. The 101 corridor up there having been dominated by Roger with some offset by Clif, Estelle's people decided to get into the act with what appear to be "guerrilla" signs placed on public property visible from the highway. She also has a sign on Rio Dell property to the west on the hillside.

On the downside, I noticed two businesses in Fortuna which had previously had Clif signs displayed have removed them, as well as one business in Rio Dell. I also noticed an Estelle sign on the ground in a yard on the main street in Rio Dell, which had probably been removed from another location.

Ron J. aired an All Sides Now yesterday complaining about Clif signs being stolen from his property. He blamed Estelle supporters, though with all due respect to Ron, there's no telling whether it was done by Roger supporters, or by people without a political motive at all. I doubt there is a political motive for the incoherent graffiti on signs from both campaigns in Redway. And all three campaigns have reported vandalism and disappearance of signs from the beginning.

As the Town Dandy notes, it's been a very clean campaign so far, with a few exceptions probably not sanctioned by the campaign leaderships themselves. We've got just a few more days in which the campaigns are probably going to remain focused on turnout of their bases.

Go Clif!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


If you get the chance...

Watch Keith Olbermann's interview with Scott McClellan. It's pretty remarkable. I haven't made up my mind on his sincerity, but he's putting on an excellent act if he isn't. I imagine it'll be available online at some point.

John Dean is commenting on McClellan next. I'm going to listen to it then head to bed.


New kid on the block

By e-mail:

Hi fellow bloggers.

We're new to the Humboldt County blog scene and realized that despite the ridiculous amount of media and blogs up here, no real news is discussed.

So we decided to provide the masses a way to get the right news, raw and unfiltered. That's right, our staff writers aren't afraid to tell it how it is, to rake muck, to point and prod and so forth.

Since we're new, we need help with promotion. So, we were wondering if you all would be willing to trade links on you respective blogs. Any help you can provide would do wonders for attracting poor unsuspecting readers to our site.

We look forward to talking trash with you all.

The Redwood Ridiculer


Among many runner-ups, the most moronic political moment of the year thus far

This post is for the benefit of those without cable television who've missed the latest in right wing noise machine melodrama. Another of those moments you just can't satire in any way that outdoes the real thing. Michelle Malkin isn't the brightest bulb on the tree in the first place, but as Ed Wood remarked after completing his masterpiece Plan 9 from Outer Space - "this is the one I'll be remembered for," - Michelle has carved her own niche.

See the scarf on Rachel Raye? That's a terror scarf. No really! Worthy of a threat of boycott. But what's truly amazing isn't the comment itself. We're talking about the woman who puts private phone numbers on her blog for millions of ditto heads to terrorize her targets of disdain. What's amazing is that Dunkin Donuts caved! That's right, the ad was pulled!

It's not like a boycott from me will make any difference. I haven't eaten one of their things since I was about 12. But I sure won't go out of my way now.

In the meantime, I think I'm going to buy a keffeyeh or two. You can buy them here.

Oh, and not that it means anything, but Raye wasn't actually wearing a keffeyeh. It was just a run-of-the-mill paisley scarf.

Addendum: Daniel Goldbloom writes about the real controversy of the ad.
On a side note, why is Rachael Ray even in Dunkin' Donuts ads in the first place? The fact that someone known as a chef would agree to promote Dunkin' Donuts is the real crime here. Then again, if Ms. Ray were promoting Tim Hortons, I'd probably be all for it.
Meanwhile, the Indy 500 may also be guilty of terror symbolism chic.

Malkin isn't the only blogger gunning for Raye. But maybe this is why Sen. McCain is avoiding Malkin like the plague.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


More election links and thoughts

Clif's My Word piece.


I thought Johanna was going to be invited to submit a My Word piece as well, but I can't find it. Maybe it'll be in tomorrow's edition.

Addendum (5/29): Johanna's piece is in today's paper. Also you can find statements from the Third District candidates.


The papers are full of campaign support letters.

For Clif: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

For Estelle: here, here, here, and here.

For Roger: here, here, here, and here.

Urging votes other than for Roger: here, here, here, and here.

For Jimmy: here.

For Mark: here, here, and here.

For Bryan: here and here.

For Measure C (McKinleyville): here.

Against Measure C: here.

Here's one for Mark, Jimmy, and Estelle in one - Addendum: didn't notice until Carol posted in the thread, this one is her's.

The Sohum weeklies are both loaded with letters. The RT doesn't have this weeks' up yet.


For anyone confused by the huge signs for both Clif and Estelle on Redwood Drive in Redway, the explanation is that the property is leased to two tenants each supporting a different candidate.


Clif will attend and meet people at the Summer Arts Festival on Saturday. I assume Estelle will be there as well.


I returned from Ukiah today. On my way down and up I saw lots of yes and no on B signs. The yes on B signs are homemade, almost hippiesque, no doubt intended to convey an image of poorly funded underdog status. But I'm told by people on both sides of the issue that they expect B to pass, whether it will be upheld in court. The question is whether the parts are severable, and I would assume that overturning Measure G may be severed from the provision limiting the number of 215 plants, but Measure B opponents argue otherwise.

The No on B effort made a huge error in sending out a glossy mailer with Sheriff Allman's mug on it, leading him to come out for Measure B. KC Meadows says that as much as $100,000 could be spent by CalNORML to defeat B with other mailers suggesting that Republicans and other cops oppose it. Meadows supports B, a position which contributed to her falling out with KZYX.


Jen Sullivan Brych of the SF Bay Guardian argues that Proposition 98 could deprive us of the next Kerouac. The argument has merit, but the irony is that unlike most of his fellow beat writers, Jack was a political conservative who probably would have voted for 98 hook, line, and sinker - at least as long as he was drunk, which unfortunately accounted for most of his latter years (including his time memorialized by the above-linked video).


A few news stories to discuss

I have to run to meet clients so I don't have time to link to stories, but here are a few items I'd like to discuss.

1. KTVU conducted a poll which indicates that for the first time in history the majority (albeit a slim one) of Californians support gay marriage. The poll is being disputed by marriage equality opponents who claim that San Francisco was oversampled. In the meantime, some legal experts are claiming that the proposed Constitutional amendment which may be on the ballot this November is inadequate to overturn the recent decision. I'll try to provide more details later on.

2. Hillary Clinton's RFK gaffe would probably have died down by now but for the context in which Secret Service has been providing extra detail for Obama since the beginning of his campaign as well as other references to the possibility of his assassination including a recent joke by Huckabee and another joke about it within the past couple of days by a Fox News commentator (suggesting that maybe if both Obama and Osama were killed it would be a good thing). And then there is the magazine cover I posted below. What's going on?

3. By now you know that Rob Barr has beaten out Mike Gravel for the Libertarian Party endorsement. The LP will be on the ballot in at least 48 states, and he appeals to the religious right who have been less than enchanted with McCain. Could Barr be McCain's Nader in a close election?

Addendum: Re the gay marriage poll, the same question has been tracked for over 30 years:

Field Poll (PDF). 5/17-26. Registered voters. MoE 3.2%

Do you approve or disapprove of California allowing homosexuals to marry members of their own sex and have regular marriage laws apply to them? (Same question asked every survey throughout the years)

Approve Disapprove
5/2008 51 42
2006 44 50
2004 44 50
2003 42 50
1997 38 56
1985 30 62
1977 28 59

Second addendum: And the beat goes on in New York.


Hey, I didn't say I'm quitting!

Yesterday my partner told my secretary that there is a rumor that I'm "quitting the blog." What I said was that I'm slowing down and evaluating. I'll let you know if I'm quitting.

My secretary would be overjoyed if I quit. She's tired of getting telephone calls complaining about it. So please contact me directly. The e-mail address ( can be reached through my profile.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The regionalism of politics, and the politics of regionalism

As I mentioned in a thread below, I drove to Dos Rios for the first time in my life today. I took the road from Laytonville which is mostly dirt. I wonder if it wouldn't have been quicker to drive down 101 to catch the Covelo highway north of Willits - considerably more distance but all pavement.

It's an easement case over water through a two inch pipe stretching for over two ridges to service my client's property above the Eel River, and road access. Long story, but it involved a great deal of walking up and down hills and through lots of poison oak which I'm probably going to rash up from. One of the valleys through which the water pipe runs is a massive perpetual slide. Solid grey clay exposed year after year with very little foliage. It's always moving and perpetually threatening the rail road tracks down by the water. The attorney on the other side of the dispute told me that there are 30 or 40 similar spots along the river.

He's a somewhat conservative fellow and when the topic of reviving the railroad came up he replied, "surely even the Democrats up there recognize a waste of money when it's staring them in the face!" He was somewhat incredulous when I told him that big time business Republicans were pushing the idea in conjunction with labor Democrats who have made the rail their single issue of this election cycle. His client brought up Goldman Sachs and somebody else in the party said, "remind me to check my mutual funds to make sure they aren't in the mix!"

We had a lot of time walking in between actual items to inspect, discuss, and photograph, so the small talk moved into other topics including the Eel River diversions, as we were watching what looked to me like a trickle before we are even in June. Apparently some of the business folk in Mendocino, and probably Sonoma County as well, view the proponents of restoration of Eel River flow to be a limited constituency. "The Indians want all of the water to run to the ocean," the attorney said. "It's about the steelhead. But Ukiah and Sonoma County need that water badly."

I can only attribute the understanding, or misunderstanding, about the the constituency of diversion opposition to the lack of any forceful communication from Humboldt County officials. Obviously there is a need for a regional summit involving all three counties (and perhaps Lake County as well).

Clif Clendenen has suggested as a model the Klamath River plan, which may yet unravel, but at least has the hope of success do to some comprehensive and inclusive discussion. I assume Estelle would support the concept as well. I don't know about Johanna. As it stands right now, even the more politically astute neighbors to the south, some of them anyway, don't even realize that Humboldt County has an interest in the discussion. That's not good.


Times Standard elections page

In case you haven't been there, the Time Standard has an election page with articles, candidate interviews, and even polls. Right now Roger, Plumley, and Smith are winning the polls by large margins with Times Standard online readers.

Of more interest are the audio versions of TS interviews of the candidates.

Addendum: Don't anybody fret over the results of those polls. I just cleared my cookies and voted twice. I forgot to mention that I was able to do the same on my previous poll, the results of which had differed dramatically from the earlier poll. These "polls" are ridiculously easy to manipulate.

Also, each time I tried to vote for Clif a box came up saying that I had to make a selection before voting. It wasn't accepting Clif votes. But then I voted for Mark in the 3rd District race and after that it would accept my Clif vote.

And it looks like the TS decided not to interview Johanna.

Monday, May 26, 2008


KMUD news Friday night

I just listened to it and it's full of important local stories. You can listen to it through KMUD's audio archives. The stories include:

1. California Appellate Court ruling that state limitations on medical marijuana represent an unconstitutional attempt to rewrite a voter-passed initiative (has to be done by the voters). This ruling may invalidate all or a portion of Mendocino County's Measure B (which by all accounts appears to be on its way to passing).

2. The Task Force on Code Enforcement met for the first time on Friday. Apparently it was open to the public, or at least the media, because Mintz has recorded excerpts. The next meeting is scheduled for June 6.

3. Financial disclosures in the Second District campaign. For the year Roger has raised $71,400. Estelle about 53,000. And Clif about 40,000. The story lists off the major donors for each campaign, and the major expenditures.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I'm going to be stepping back a little bit here

I'll continue to make the blog available and make general posts, but my participation in thread discussions is going to have to be more limited for the time being. I've several reasons for this, the most immediately profound being that I all of the sudden have a work load which necessitates that I give up time in other endeavors. I'm not going to cut into time for my family, nor sleep. And I have a great deal of work to do on my home which I've been neglecting for quite some time.

I also want to take some time to reflect on what I'm doing here and what I can do to change some patterns. So many excellent discussions have been derailed by nastiness, obsessive hijackings by certain posters with specific agendas, and the banality lent to the medium by the ability to publish without putting much thought into the writing. It's too easy to type and hit the publish button without serious reflection. I'm going to revisit the whole anonymity question as I'm really tired of reading posts which people would never make if they risk an actual in-person confrontation. While I think the "white sheet" analogy is melodramatic, it does make a salient point. The unaccountability factor pollutes the Internet discussions. I don't know what, if anything, I'm going to do about it, as past attempts to make adjustments have greatly reduced the vitality of the discussions - something revealed by comparison with those blogs which require signature.

Additionally, there is the downside of the accountability factor. I am held accountable for what I write and what others write here. I receive frantic and distressed phone calls and e-mails on a regular basis from people who feel that they or somebody has suffered losses of reputation based on anonymous comments (though I believe most people don't give unsupported anonymous claims the credence warranting the concern) made here. Much of my time here is spent baby-sitting, and there is little I can do short of shutting the thing down entirely to prevent those comments from appearing. I will remove posts when complaints are made (which are reasonable), but I can't be here 24/7. I dread making posts on the Reggae conflict because there are certain anonymous posters on both sides who simply can't, or won't, restrain themselves. If I could require signature for individual threads I would use that function regularly.

And then there is my own writing. There is a downside to the ease by which thought runs through fingertips and onto medium which could be read by hundreds in a matter of hours, and sometimes what seems innocuous to me ruins someone else's day. The ease by which an unintentional inference can be made, either by my lack of precision in prose, or by cherry-picking hypersensitivity or (sorry) lack of reading comprehension of the blogger, has been a source of stress. The ease also sometimes results in the disclosure of information which may be inappropriate, and the danger is that I took on this project in order to be candid about my thoughts. I don't like having to repress myself, but I have to do so or people get hurt. I'm finding that I have to check myself, or explain myself, more often with time. And I don't want my friends and acquaintances having to check themselves in conversations with me because they're afraid it might end up on the blog. This means, more reflection, and less posting.

I've been at this for two years now. It began as fun. It's not so much fun lately. I'm thinking I'm going to spend more of my free writing time in other mediums, something I've neglected for the past two years anyway.

Anyway, I'm taking some time to think about what I'm doing here and whether it's productive. I'll continue to make the general posts and monitor the discussions to keep the strictly chronological adults (who probably make an extreme minority of the actual posters) here. I'm going to take more time to consider what I'm writing, which means less spontaneity. And I have to consider some changes in my personal life which may necessitate less time here. I'll let you know how I've worked it out.

Addendum: Posted this before. Josh Lyman cruises the Internet.


Two posts from the Visible Hand

The latest is on Goldman Sachs intent to push the port/rail issue, which is probably the biggest elephant in the room of the local elections not getting much attention.

The other post notes the timber provisions of the massively convoluted farm bill just passed in congress. Enough pork to override the president's veto.

I have to read the posts and the linked articles later, and then I'll comment.


Summer Arts Festival next weekend


Utah Phillips, RIP

He died Friday night, peacefully it appears.

I'll post some more stuff later.


Some shots from the Kinetic Sculture Race

Via the KHUM Kinectic Sculpture Race blog.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Class act

Obama on Clinton's gaffe:
"I have learned that when you are campaigning for as many months as Senator Clinton and I have been campaigning, sometimes you get careless in terms of the statements that you make and I think that is what happened here. Senator Clinton says that she did not intend any offense by it and I will take her at her word on that," Obama told Radio Isla Puerto Rico.
For the first time in years I'll be happy with my presidential vote. Would that she had shown the same class with "bitter gate," Bill Ayers, and Rev. Wright.


Clif will be in Redway today

He'll be walking neighborhoods, but will also put in appearances at the Volunteer Fire Department Barbecue, and the KMUD block party. If you want to meet him, you can give me a call or plan to be at either event this afternoon.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Mercury in retrograde again?

The organization, Campaign for Children and Families, has very quickly eliminated the reference after getting some coverage on Olberman. The page no longer carries the passage. But there it was, in reference to the pending single-sex marriages in California after the "tyrannical ruling."
Ask your county clerk if they were a Nazi officer during WWII and had been ordered to gas the Jews, would they? At the Nuremberg trials, they would have been convicted of murder for following this immoral order.
Is it all part of the Quickening?


For those of you, like me, who've missed it...

Assassinate Gate.

It's only a flesh wound!

Addendum: Sharpshooters on the roof.

Second addendum: Bobby.

Third addendum: Racist attacks on Obama growing more heated.


Communism and the Illuminati

Over the past few years KMUD has received a few complaints about my show. My favorite went substantially as follows:
I won't be leaving my name because I don't want Mr. Kirk to have it. His show on the 911 conspiracy was very troubling. I used to leave your station on my radio 24 hours a day but now when his show comes on I turn it off, especially if my grandchildren are around. He once actually said that the Illuminati doesn't exist and that's way out there. You really need to enforce some standards! I don't know if he is a knowing Masonic agent, or simply one of their unwitting pawns. But we don't need him on our station.
Well, I'm wondering if that caller was Gene Owens, who wrote the the North Coast Journal this week about last week's NCJ story on communism in Humboldt County. The whole letter is a great read, but its crown jewel is this paragraph:
Two of the biggest lies of communism is that communism was created by a spontaneous uprising of the people; it was not! Communism was carefully created by international bankers, namely the Rothschilds. Communism was created May 1, 1776, by the Illuminati.
There's a lot going on in that paragraph!

Oh, and yes I do know that every time the word "Illuminati" appears on the Internet, they are alerted. How do I know that? Heh, heh.


We got two messages from the Rodoni Campaign tonight

On our message machine. First for me, then my wife. The woman read off a very long-winded schpiel, then called a few seconds later, obviously listening to the same outgoing message, and proceeded to read the same thing.

If they're calling me then they're not bothering to taking the time to narrow the list. They've either got immense resources to reach everybody, or somehow they have me categorized in their constituency. It's the first call I've ever received from his campaigns. If they're leaving messages at this point, are they going to follow up with GOTV next week?


McCain throws Hagee under that bus

He rejected him. But did he denounce him?

I forget which is stronger.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Redway community events - a full Saturday

South Fork High School presents "Our Town" at the Mateel tonight. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. Curtain at 7:30 p.m. Admission is $10.00. Shows tonight, tomorrow night, and Saturday night.


On Saturday while the KMUD Block Party is happening a few blocks away, the Redway Volunteer Fire Department is holding a Barbecue and Bake Sale from noon to 7:00 p.m. at the fire department on Empire. Music by Twango Macallan. They usually have a fire engine out for kids to climb on. Adults $12.00, kids and seniors $9.00, and kids under 5 free.

So you can have a full day in Redway without spending a cent on gasoline. You can have lunch at the Fire Department barbecue, walk over to the KMUD Block Party for dinner, enjoying the music at both, and then head up to the Mateel for some after-dinner theater.


The natural basis for solidarity - an illustration

Mother Nature says: "organize and demonstrate."

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well, let's see where the bloggers are at

Estelle Fennell, Clif Clendenen, Roger Rodoni - typed in for the word searches later.

Who will you vote for in the Second District race?
Clif Clendenen
Estelle Fennell
Roger Rodoni
Will not vote
Not a Second District resident but I want to vote anyway
Free polls from

A Fortuna man has a letter in today's Time Standard accusing the Rodoni campaign of deception. This letter in the ER suggests, but does not promise, that Johanna will be appointed if Roger wins.

And did the maroon background on the poll box just disappear for anyone else? If you can't read the yellow on white background just "select" the poll and scroll down with your mouse to read the choices.

Second addendum: The poll is even more skewed than natural, as nearly 60 of Roger's "votes" came in two short term bursts, meaning that somebody rigged the poll as Ernie Branscomb had discussed was possible during a previous poll. I probably won't post them anymore if somebody is going to take it seriously enough to play games like this. Only takes one to spoil the fun.


It's only a flesh wound, and the super delegates should exercise their independent judgment

The Byrds put it best.


Steps forward, steps backward

It'd been a good few days for gay rights basking in last week's California Supreme Court decision. But now we have a Head of State in Gambia threatening to kill any homosexual he finds in his country. He also want to crack down on drug dealers and thieves.


More local election news

Johanna's swearing in as covered by the Eureka Reporter and Times Standard.


The Times Standard has conducted interviews of the candidates and some of them are up at their special election news page, including audio versions. The paper is having an internal debate as to whether to interview Johanna, the point being that she is not a candidate.

On a side note on the same page, the TS will now be hosting Amy Goodman's syndicated column.


Candidate or not, KHUM will be interviewing Johanna tomorrow morning. The candidates have been interviewed and the interviews may be heard at the KHUM site. Estelle's took place this morning, but it is not yet available.


Lauren Oliver's letter in support of Clif is up at the Eureka Reporter. It was also published in the local papers this week.

The Humboldt Beacon has a Clif support letter up. My spell check isn't recognizing the word "orchardist," but it works for me.


Here's a letter supporting Rodoni, Plumley, and Vevoda. Here's another letter for Vevoda.


Odd thing about the Redwood Times. In the last few weeks they've published a slew of letters in support of Second District candidates in their hard edition, but the only one which has made it to the online edition is Anna's. If they're trying to avoid political controversy, they made an odd choice.


A (edit - "A" not "the" so as to undo the "disgusting" and "slavishly" repeated lie that Mark is the only progressive in the race) progressive candidate for the Third District race, Mark Lovelace, has a concert fundraiser scheduled for Saturday, May 24. From his website:
Benefit concert at the Jambalaya in Arcata. The Bayou Swamis (local Cajun Rock) and I Love Lace (a Mark Lovelace themed musical trio) will be playing. Later in the evening DJ Red will spin '80s dance music. The show starts at 9pm. Sliding scale donation $5 - 20. This is a 21+ event.

Heraldo has a post up about the Third District supervisor candidates debate of yesterday.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Beavers and Bluegrass

All the networks have called Kentucky for Clinton, by a wide margin. The early results don't look so bad, but half of Louisville has been counted and that's one of his few strong areas.


Oregon's polling doesn't close until 8:00 p.m., and as they are strictly mail-in the count could take days (it was days before Oregon was called for Kerry in 2004). Turn-out is looking very good, which is probably good news for Obama. Here's a detailed look at Oregon's political landscape for this primary.


Redstate, a conservative political blog, has some interesting projections up about the electoral-college landscape for November. They have McCain winning, but what I find interesting is that they have Indiana in play. But they also have Michigan going to McCain, which means it behooves Obama to encourage a settlement on the delegate question which doesn't disenfranchise Michigan's voters, even though he wasn't even on the ballot.


Addendum: Quote from Chris Rock - "Nobody ever heard of 'super delegates' until a black guy won the nomination."

And NBC just projected Obama the winner in Oregon, which means it's a comfortable margin. No returns yet, but you can track each county here. And according the exit polls, he did well with working class whites. In fact, he does fine with that vote everywhere outside of Appalachia.


Second addendum: The photo comes from Reuters with the following captioned explanation.
Myrtle Strong Enemy, 101, waits for US Democratic presidential candidate and US Senator Barack Obama, (D-IL), to speak in Crow Agency, Montana May 19, 2008. Strong Enemy is the oldest woman in the Crow Nation. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Third addendum: Obama is competitive in all of the counties reporting so far, even the rural counties.

And this blogger calculates that Senator Clinton would have to win 104.17 % of the remaining delegates to win. But she's not deterred by math.


Fourth addendum: McCain's media advisor Mark McKinnon kept his promise and resigned from McCain's campaign when Obama secured the win.

Back to Oregon, looking at Obama's results in the rural areas and his incredible support in the urban and green belt areas, barring a major Obama implosion between now and November he will probably take the state easily against McCain.


Fifth addendum: The Oregon returns are showing Obama taking the northeast part of the state. Indian country?


Johanna Rodoni sworn in

Heraldo has the story and a photo.


KMUD Block Party this Saturday


Sen. Kennedy diagnosed with malignant brain tumor

Not good.

Monday, May 19, 2008


How could I have forgotten?!!

Wasn't today a Mateel/Dimmick trial day? Please post any news.

Oh, and don't forget the adolescent sniping! It wouldn't be a Reggae thread without the sniping.

Addendum: Meanwhile, Bob Doran is reporting that Reggae on the River will be held at the Benbow on July 19, 2008. But as of this posting there's no mention at the Mateel site.


The Swift Boating of.... John McCain?

I suspect that some of these "flip flops" are taken out of context (though some of them clearly aren't). But these progressives learned from the best in 2004 (except that they aren't waiting for September). Somebody once said that lies make it half way around the world before the truth gets its boots on, and that was certainly the case with Kerry as it turned out that almost nothing in the Swift Boater campaign was supported by the military records (as revealed in page 7 articles of major papers months after the election).

Truth is, I don't like these types of composite videos where single statements are taken out of their full context, but this has been happening to Obama on major television on a regular basis for a couple of months now. Let McCain explain himself if he chooses. The "hundred years" comment is just the beginning, and he's already wigging out about it.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


75,000 in Portland

Obama just set a record for a campaign event.

Kos post (with video).

More photos.

And more.

So much for "limping" into the nomination.


J.J. Hall has passed on

Just opened two e-mails from reputable sources and it was reported on Agnes' radio show. I have no other details, except that one of the e-mails says it was a heart attack.

More as it comes.

For those who don't know, J.J. was the programmer for Da Coconut Wireless, the Hawaiian music show on Wednesday afternoons (edit - Tuesdays, thanks for the assist). His son Trevor was in my wife's class when she taught out in Whale Gulch.

Addendum: The photo comes from KMUD.


Election odds and ends

Redheaded Blackbelt, who has yet to decide as to her vote in the Second District race, has an amusing anecdote from her meeting with Clif on Friday afternoon.


If signs are any indication, Estelle has Sohum locked up. Almost every business with a sign up has one of hers. Redway Feed actually has signs for both Clif and Estelle, which I would take as support for democracy in general. Clif has maybe a third the number of signs (or locations anyway, as residents and businesses with Estelle signs tend to have two or even more signs up for good measure), and Roger has three signs up that I've seen. All of the Garberville voters will drive by one of them on their way to vote up by the DMV.


Clif has an ad up on the Starstream Cable TV guide station (channel 11), exposing his face to all 350 subscribers in the Garberville/Redway area.

He will also be walking both Garberville and Redway in the near future. Look for him at your doorstep.


Not many new letters to papers about the Second District race in the last few days, at least as far as what I can find online. Chris and Elaine Crawford are backing Roger. The ER published yet another pro-Roger letter. And here's another pro-Mark Lovelace letter. This one's not specific, but rails against local progressive "special interests."

Last week Barbara Truitt, Nate Madsen, and I all sent pro-Clif letters to the two Sohum papers. Nate and I even had similar themes. Almost makes us look organized, except that we actually hadn't conferred. Perhaps we woke up a sleeping giant of Estelle supporters for this week's papers. In any case, the election is just over two weeks away. If you want to get your two cents in on the June 3 election before it actually takes place, I believe Thursday is the deadline for both papers.

Meanwhile I have to trim my letter pretty much in half to get it into the dailies. I also sent mine to the Beacon, but I have no idea if it was published.


Heraldo's most recent thread on the Second District race is over a hundred posts now. It's veered from topic to topic. My favorite comment is yet another amusing anecdote dated May 17, time 7:46 p.m. by blogger named "Love this Neighborhood." Sums it up for a number of Clendenen supporters.

I hadn't noticed until recently that Heraldo has Clif's campaig logo in his side column (sharing a box with Mark Lovelace), which I would take to be an endorsement.


Clif will be interviewed on KHUM at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Estelle will be interviewed on Wednesday at the same time. Johanna will be interviewed on Thursday, same time. It appears that the interviews will be available at the KHUM site thereafter, as the interviews from the other district races have hyperlinks which I have not yet taken advantage of. Looks like you need RealPlayer (edit - Not. It was just my computer defaulting for RealPlayer).


The "no on 98" site has been revised. AARP is endorsing the no/yes 98/99 vote. League of Women Voters. A slew of lib causes and leaders. But surprising names on the no-on-98 list are Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and form Governor Pete Wilson. That's a pretty broad coalition. The conservative wing of that coalition goes its own way on 99, for reasons I'll go into in a post I'm working on.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Poll re propositions 98 and 99 - potential voters appear to be using their heads

I'll have more to say later. Here's an article on the poll.


Sen. Ted Kennedy hospitalized with seizures

It looks like he'll pull through.

Now let's have some predictable posts about his drinking or Chappaquiddick. Or maybe everyone can surprise me with some tact.

The photo comes from The Patriot Ledger.

Addendum: The three candidates on Kennedy:

Barack Obama: "I know a lot of you are interested in the situation with Senator Kennedy. I have been in contact with the family. Obviously they are in our thoughts and prayers – they I am sure will be releasing some sort of statement when they have a better assessment of what the situation is. You know, as I have said many times before, Ted Kennedy is a giant in American political history – he has done more for the health care of others than just about anybody in history and so we are going to be rooting for him and I insist on being optimistic about how it's going to turn out."

Hillary Clinton: "My thoughts and prayers are with Ted Kennedy and his family today. We all wish him well and a quick recovery."

John McCain: "I was very sorry to hear that Senator Kennedy has taken ill, and like millions of Americans, Cindy and I anxiously await word of his condition. Senator Kennedy's role in the U.S. Senate cannot be overstated. He is a legendary lawmaker, and I have the highest respect for him. When we have worked together, he has been a skillful, fair and generous partner. I consider it a great privilege to call him my friend. Cindy and I are praying for our friend, his wife, Vicki, and the Kennedy family."


Ann Coulter and the Perfected Jew

Friday, May 16, 2008


Diesel spill in Salmon Creek

It was on the KMUD news tonight.

About 1000 gallons of diesel reported spilled. Residents have been asked to withdraw their water lines. The area is Hacker Creek, at the base of Goat Rock at Elk Ridge. The source has been located - it was an above ground storage tank which lost the entirety of its contents. There is a clean-up underway. Nobody knows when the leak occurred or how long it will take to clean up. Maybe months.

The timing is ironic. Citizens Against Pot Pollution (or whatever "less antagonistic" name they choose) is meeting at Salmon Creek School on Tuesday evening. I'm not sure of the exact time, but I'm sure someone will post it in the thread.


Reminder - you can meet Clif Clendenen in Redway this afternoon

From 3 to 7, info here. Somebody in another thread asked where they can get a Clendenen sign. I have several in my car, but I'm sure we can dig one up for you if you visit the Truitts' tonight.

The last debate was held at the Carlotta Grange last night, but I don't think there'll be any media coverage. At this point it's all about who gets their base out to vote, and I bet there will be a high turnout as all three communities of supporters are highly motivated. I personally have absolutely no idea how it will turn out.

I'll post another straw poll later on, but all it will indicate is the leanings of people who come here.

Oh, and I've been getting mixed reviews of my letter to the editor (endorsing Clif) which I sent to both local papers and the Humboldt Beacon (don't know if it was published, or will be). The daily papers up in Eureka asked me to edit it to about half size, and I'm still working on that. The Redwood Times didn't post their endorsement letters online, but there were letters for all three candidates this week. Feel free to comment on any of the letters (yes, including Anna's) in this thread.

There are some letters at the Eureka Reporter. This one's for Clif. One for Roger/Johanna. One accusing the Rodoni campaign of a "bait and switch."

And here's one for Mark Lovelace in the Third District race, which I haven't yet covered. I am backing Mark, and I'll explain why in a future post.


Pastor Hagee: God sent the Nazis to chase the "spiritually dead" Jews into Israel

But don't blame him. He didn't write it. Jeremiah did.

This one has a similar theme, with some additional quotes including "there is no such thing as a Christian anti-semite."

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Endorsements for Roger Rodoni

May 13, 2008


The Building and Construction Trades Council of Humboldt and Del Norte Counties voted Tuesday to endorse Roger Rodoni’s candidacy for re-election as Humboldt County Supervisor in the Second District.

The Council believes that Roger had a realistic concept of the value of living wage jobs and was no stranger to hard work. He knew what it was like to get his hands dirty and had a real sense of issues facing all the constituents of his district, having been raised here in Humboldt County.

No one else running for supervisor in this district is more familiar with Roger’s beliefs and homegrown background, then his wife and partner, Johanna Rodoni.

Showing her courage by stepping into Roger’s shoes to carry on his work clearly demonstrates a resolve in representing the Second District constituency and reflects on the kind of leadership necessary in times of crisis or adversity.

This county faces some challenges ahead, and today, we came to a unanimous decision that Johanna is the person most capable of continuing that delicate balance of representing the district, while making choices to move our county forward by building economic stability.

To remain in this race Johanna Rodoni needs to carry the primary by 50% plus one, or face elimination.

Therefore, the Building and Construction Trades Council of Humboldt and Del Norte Counties urges your vote for Roger Rodoni for Second District Supervisor, with the hope that his wife, Johanna Rodoni will serve his term.

Sid Berg

President, Building and Construction Trades Council


David Borgeson
Business Representative
IBEW Local 551
840 E Street
Eureka, CA. 95501


I received confirmation from our business manager in Santa Rosa that you received the contribution from our PAC. As a resident of the 2nd District, I want to thank you for stepping in for all the people of the area represented by your late husband, and continuing the campaign on his behalf. It is encouraging to know that you intend to carry on with Roger’s work in his honor, and in his style. The working families of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 551 are pleased to help in your effort to carry this county forward and would be honored to be included on your list of supporters. Our deepest condolences for your loss, and looking forward to a victorious June 3rd.



History challenged conservatives redux

I don't even know how to describe this. We have a presidential candidate who didn't know about Iran-Contra. A press secretary who didn't know about the Bay of Pigs. This guy tops them all!


Universal marriage wins its day

The California Supreme Court ruled in favor of universal marriage. I'll read it more closely and comment when I have some time. Equality under the law wins - at least until November.

The photo is of participants in a post-decision celebration in the Castro of SF, and comes from the SF Chronicle article linked above.

Addendum: Geez! 172 pages of opinion. I may not get to it tonight.

Second addendum: Mayor Gavin Newsom's Petition to maintain marriage equality.


Another McCain "oops" and some spine from Democrats

So McCain dittoed Bush's comparison of Obama to Neville Chamberlain (a renowned conservative, but never mind) with the following remarkable quote:
“Yes, there have been appeasers in the past, and the president is exactly right, and one of them is Neville Chamberlain,'’ Mr. McCain told reporters on his campaign bus after a speech in Columbus, Ohio. “I believe that it’s not an accident that our hostages came home from Iran when President Reagan was president of the United States. He didn’t sit down in a negotiation with the religious extremists in Iran, he made it very clear that those hostages were coming home.'’
It might even be a zinger, but for the historical inaccuracy. McCain was maybe too distracted going to bat for Charles Keating to keep up on the Iran-Contra scandal. For those of you too young to remember, President Reagan basically sold arms to Iran in return for the release of hostages. All Obama wants to do is talk.

Addendum: Meanwhile, the Democrats are showing some life and unity for once. Even Joe Biden! "Malarkey" is a strong word you know.

Oh, and the house voted down the Iraq war funding bill.

Second addendum: John Kerry provides the grown-up view.

Third addendum: In 2006, McCain supported negotiations with Hamas.


Second District politics as usual

Several Fortuna businesses which had put up Clif Clendenen signs were threatened with boycotts from Rodoni supporters and have taken them down. This is a replay of last fall's Harbor Commissioner campaign. Please go out of your way to support the businesses who are braving these threats.

It won't make a huge difference in the election itself, but it is one more indication that the Second District needs a clean break from the old politics.

Addendum: I just spoke to Clif who really hadn't intended to make a big deal of this, at least not until he had more details. I personally believe that it's something that needs to be fleshed out immediately so that it doesn't happen again, but he just wants to stay focused on his campaign and perhaps discuss the matter in community fashion at a later time.

Apologies to the campaign for jumping the gun, but this to me is a very serious matter.


Kate Klein memorial

The following laminates will be available at the event. Click on them to enlarge.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


All Things Reconsidered - program note

Cristina B. and I will discuss election politics tomorrow night. We'll take on the local races as well as state and national. KMUD at 7:00 p.m.


Debate thread

The League of Women Voters is sticking to that horrible 1-minute-response format which doesn't allow for exchange between the candidates.

The first question: the biggest problem facing the BOS. Clif responded state and local budget shortfalls. Estelle said it's the general plan. My guess is that she's prepared to discuss it tonight.

7:17- So far the candidates agree on everything. The Richardson Grove upgrade first. And tribal government membership in HCOAG. Both would vote their conscience on issues.

General Plan - Clif repeats his A-/B+ line when asked for preference between the three plans. Estelle says the process has to be inclusive and believes it's premature to comment on the current proposals because the final plan's going to be different.

Major contributors - Estelle says her money comes only from individuals in the Second District. Clif mentions the Blue Lake Rancheria donation, and says the rest of his donations have been from ten to one thousand dollars.

Fortuna General plan re PALCO site - Clif supports mixed use of retail, industrial, and housing, emphasizing keeping the character of Fortuna. Estelle says it's Fortuna's business, but also supports mixed use and points out that Fortuna is divided on the issue. Clif chimed in to discuss the impact of development on the county as a whole. Estelle admits an "interface" but remains adamant that it's Fortuna business.

7:25 - Railroad - Estelle says it's too expensive. Brings up Eel River Canyon geological issues. Clif wants to keep right-of-way in single ownership to keep options open, but doesn't think it's feasible short term.

7:28 - Budget - Clif says we need to save in the good years, and cites Governor Schwarzenegger's plan favorably. Estelle takes the moment to disagree and oppose the Governor's cuts. Wants to be the "squeaky wheel interfacing with Sacramento."

Estelle wouldn't prioritize economic growth, environmental concerns, and social services one over another. Clif says economic development is the most important of the three, to pay for the other two.

7:31 - Clif restates his opposition to a big box in the Second District. Estelle says she doesn't understand the question, and repeats her argument that it's Fortuna's business.

Marijuana - Estelle supports Proposition 215. She says it's up to the voters whether to legalize it more. Brings up Obama's states rights argument. She says there are too many details to state a position. Clif says the emphasis should be on meth eradication. He supports decriminalization of marijuana. He calls for a community approach to diesel issues. Supports prop 215.

Eel River - Clif wants the dam removed. Small amount of power doesn't warrant damage to watershed. Estelle says it would be wonderful to have the water again. Says the dam would be difficult to remove because of mercury-laden silt. She will fight for Humboldt County's rights to Eel River water - every drop.

7:37 - Estelle says that citizen police oversight is a complicated issue. Supports the idea. Clif supports the idea.

Code enforcement - Clif emphasizes importance of oversight. Laments heavy-handed approach and mixing of civil and criminal enforcement. Says we have to address noncompliance with codes, but supports a gentler approach. Estelle elaborated on some of the abuses, and agrees re meshing of civil and criminal enforcement.

7:41 - Reggae issue. Estelle supports the whole community and laments the division. She remains a Mateel member. It's in court's hands. Clif says it's a community tragedy. Looks forward to speedy court resolution. Says that the Mateel is a powerful community force. Wants to find ways to avoid similar conflicts in the future.

Homeless - Clif doesn't want to have more services which draw homeless from other communities, but doesn't want to under serve the homeless. Wants to develop programs to identify particular needs. Estelle says it's complicated and emphasizes that some of them really need help. Emphasizes distinguishing between different factors of homelessness requiring different approaches.

Estelle says that an owner has the right to build on land (it was a dumb question). Clif agrees. Both agreed that there should be qualifications and restrictions. Clif cites Williamson Act as valid to preserve ag land.

Eel River flow - Clif wants a management plan like the one on the Klamath with coordination between agencies and interests. Estelle wants to stand up to Sonoma County's water agency, but acknowledges that communities down there now rely on the water.

Estelle supports mental health services for homeless and others. She sees the need day in and day out. Says that law enforcement doesn't want to be handling it. Suggests satellite offices. Clif agrees on the need for expansion, with constant reexamining of method of services. He's worried about cut-backs.

Prop 98/99 - Clif no/yes. Estelle no/no. Estelle doesn't like the limitations of 99 to occupier-owners (I'll discuss this later).

Public transportation - both pro.

Estelle brought up Tooby lawsuit in closing, arguing it was a waste of money.

Addendum: Heraldo's take on the debate.

Second addendum: Times Standard coverage. Eureka Reporter coverage (one error - Estelle worked for KMUD, not KHUM).


John Edwards to endorse Obama

Reportedly anyway. In about 20 minutes.

About time!

Addendum: Now maybe Edwards will take back his voice messages to Kerry after the latter endorsed Obama. Language caution - Edwards was obviously very upset.

Second addendum: It happened.

And yes dear readers, I know the above audio sequence is a joke.


Reminder - Second District Supervisor Candidates debate tonight

At 7:00 p.m. on Keet TV (channel 13). You can also live-stream at the KEET site.


Addendum: Today's Time Standard editorial addresses the dilemma and awkwardness of the Second District race. It was spurred by Johanna R.'s letter which appears on the same page, but it's not up online yet. What is curious about her letter is that it makes no promise that she will be offered the 2 year position should Roger's name win in June, nor that she would accept it if offered. The TS's reference to her as a "shadow candidate" is an understatement, or perhaps an overstatement if Johanna doesn't really want the position. It's really unclear. But maybe I'm not supposed to point this out. Am I being insensitive for doing so? Is any criticism of the campaign improper?


There is also an endorsement letter for Clif posted a few days ago, emphasizing his position with regard to Eel River water diversion.


Second addendum: the final campaign debate will be tomorrow. Another League of Women Voters live debate, Van Duzen Grange Hall, 5250 Highway 36, Carlotta, 7-8:30 p.m. No word on whether there will be any broadcast coverage.


Colbert at his best!

Satirizing Bill O'Reilly. It's a video, so don't bother if you're on dial up.

As for the original clip, Fox News' attorneys have already gotten to Youtube. Fortunately, Colbert's protected under the Fair Use Doctrine.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Settling in Siskiyou

My partner and I spent the past couple of days in Siskiyou County. We had a settlement conference which took two days and resulted in a very satisfactory settlement with parties which had been at each others' throats making very legitimate overtures of friendship by the time it was done. It took a very dedicated retiring judge, some very creative solutions, and some head-ache inspiring hard work. I can't always say this, not even when I win, but justice was done today. Truly.


We traveled to Yreka Sunday afternoon. It's a long haul. I'd never really been to Yreka other than stopping there for gas on my way to or from Washington State. I think I bought a candy bar there once.

Before Sunday I knew two things about Yreka.

1. Yreka Bakery spelled backwards is Yreka Bakery (unfortunately, the bakery is closed.

2. My partner's story on the way - years ago Jazz drummer Buddy Rich had a gig scheduled in Eureka. Rich was asleep on his bus when he woke up in unfamiliar surroundings. He asked the driver where they were and the driver responded that they were almost to their destination of Yreka. Rich reportedly had to be restrained as he screamed "not Yreka you idiot, YOUReka!!" They barely got to Eureka in time for the concert and Rich was spared homicide charges.

Actually, I still don't know that much about Yreka even today except that their courthouse has security screening after a shooting in the building last year. Some guy accused of sexual abuse shot his alleged victim in the leg then did himself in.

Beautiful country. One thing I noticed was an abundance of cell phone towers. Perhaps when you don't have many trees or buildings to obscure them they are just more apparent.


We adjourned the settlement discussions in court to reconvene this morning at our opposing attorneys' offices in Mt. Shasta, where we spent last night. I strongly recommend the Woodsman Hotel. The current owners have been there for a year and the main lobby is decorated by an assortment of Americana as well as game heads and furs.

Mt. Shasta is considered a "power point" in certain New Age traditions (can we still call it "new" if it has traditions?) and this weekend something called "the Wesak Festival" takes place in Mt. Shasta. I was speaking to the manager and apparently an organizer informed them that many of their guests will be "vegans and animal rights supporters." That means all the moose heads, bear rugs, and stuffed foxes are going into storage for the week.

Oh, and we had a great meal at a terrific family style Italian restaurant - Mike and Tony's, which reminded me of the old North Beach fare I've written so fondly about. Try the chicken parm.


I only spent a day there, but for some reason Mt. Shasta city is an island, not quite dominated by, but heavily influenced by young hippie types who wouldn't look out of place in Arcata. We needed lunch today and our clients introduced us to the Berryvale Grocery Store. But for the big glacier rock outside the front door, you might think you were in the Coop or Wildberries.

There's a junior college in nearby Weed, but I have no idea what is attracting young educated people there. Berryvale was full and busy. Delicious vegetarian (and not) food. I recommend the eggplant hoagie (with a spicy aoli!). They all look very healthy and maybe it's the skiing and outdoor activities which attract them. Maybe it's the power point. But Mt. Shasta is not the small town I remember from my brief visits as a child.

There are two bookstores in that small town. Two!

One of the locals did tell me that politics are very polarized in that town, between the hippies and other newbies and the old guard. Imagine that.


We may take a family trip over there in June for some summer sledding. It's gorgeous country. A little stark and empty for me to want to ever live there (couldn't be that far from the ocean anyway), but it looks like a great place to spend a few days.

I should mention that the development of ski resorts is a serious point of controversy there. There is a kind of uneasy alliance between "newbie" environmentalists and old guard who don't want their lifestyles changing. But they both face the prospect of a declining resources based economy while looking for something else to sustain it.


Most of the grasslands are used for cattle, but just north of Weed I witnessed some plowing of ground for some sort of crop. Does anybody know what actually grows up there?

If you're ever heading down I-5 to get onto 299, don't believe the first sign which directs you off the freeway promising the route to Weaverville. It lies. Wait until you are in Redding City limits then follow those signs.


The photo comes from the Woodsman site gallery, linked above.


The wages of torture?

The Pentagon quietly dismissed charges against the "20th Hijacker." No explanation, and in fact no notice to the defense which learned about it just yesterday. The AP article reports that torture, sorry, "harsh interrogation" had been alleged.

Will this become a campaign issue?


A couple of marijuana related notes

Thanks to Liz Davidson for bringing my attention to both.

Here is an article from yesterday's SF Chronicle on medical marijuana measures at the state level and presidential politics. It appears that no matter which candidate is elected, we may have a break in at least the intensity of federal enforcement. Obama is framing the issue as a states' rights matter.

Meanwhile at the local level Cristina has posted on what is being framed as the "diesel dope issue." The discussion began somewhere on Redheaded Blackbelt's blog (couldn't it with the time I have). I am informed that a group of Creekers is organizing around the issue (Citizens Against Pot Pollution, or CAPP), and it received some attention at last week's CLMP-sponsored Second District debate. The issue is of course more about diesel than dope, but the latter is responsible for the scale of the problem.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Code Enforcement Task Force update

The Supervisors meet tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. On the agenda will be Roger Rodoni's replacement on the task force (three guesses) and scheduling.

The Task Force will meet on May 23.


State Parks meeting in Mendo on Friday

A friend of mine forwarded this e-mail for posting:
Cynthia, this is very short notice, but if you know anyone in the area who could attend this meeting on Friday, it might be useful. There is an open comment period for items not on the agenda. It would also be interesting to see what is said about filling the vacancies left when Schwarzenegger refused to reappoint Shriver and Eastwood.
The e-mail refers to the Governor's canning of Clint Eastwood and his brother-in-law from the State Parks Commission over their opposition to the construction of a six-lane toll freeway through a popular state park in southern California.

The meeting will take place Friday, May 16, 2008 at 9:00 a.m. at the Fort Bragg Town Hall, 363 North Main Street, in Fort Bragg


The Truitts to host an open house for Clif Clendenen


We're hosting an open house for Clif Clendenen in our back yard on Friday, May 16th to give you a chance to learn why we so strongly endorse Clif. Come anytime between 3 and 7 to meet Clif, ask questions, and chat with your friends and neighbors. We'll provide snacks and refreshments, as well as activities for kids. Call for more information or directions to our house, 923-3894.

See you here, I hope!


3:00 TO 7:00 PM
Off Briceland Road past Dazey's Motorsports & Apple Lane


Sunday, May 11, 2008


Hillary Clinton on her qualifications



This is from Mike Buettner. Click on the photos to enlarge.

Hello Folks......If you haven't heard, it's been a well kept secret, there is a plan to construct a two million gallon water tank in Rohner Park. The tank is to be a backup for two other tanks ( Vancil and Stewart St) which apparently; are leaking. The city is in the process of moving on with this project. Seems there has been little community input because of lack of information. The enclosed pictures are from the site selected. The stakes mark the boundaries. The cup/yellow plastic bag marks the center...85 foot radius making it 170 foot diameter. There will be close to seventy trees cut down; some three feet in diameter. I don't think the pictures capture the beauty and serenity of the area. If you haven't been up that way check it out. There is a Public Workshop pertaining to the water tank issue on May 15th from 6:00 to 8:00 in the city council boardroom. City Council Meetings are the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month and public comments open the meeting. People have become aware of this topic and have voiced their concerns. Maybe you can tell your friends and spread the word. TANKS...........

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